Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What eyeshadow base do you use most often? How’s it working for you?

Temptalia's Answer.

MAC Soft Ochre paint pot! I love it!


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84 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What eyeshadow base do you use most often?

  1. Silvia

    Hi Christine,

    this is the moment 😉
    I use as a base: Eyeshadow Base from Artdeco.
    I don’t know if you have it in the US, but if you do – try it!!
    always wanted to share this, because this product has a great performance. It costs around 5€, 5ml. and lasts for 18 months. It is a creamy texture, light brown in color, which is not noticeable when applied.I just apply it with my fingertips and then do eyeshadow etc. The eyeshadow stays the whole day in place! Even after workout, shower and steam bath it is as in the morning.
    I really love this product!

  2. Silvia

    I also tried mac paint pots, but they don’t give me the same result. They last for a few hours, but then the color is moving. So I stick with the Artdeco product here. But I did not try the primer from Mac – there is one for the eyes right? Anyway, the artdeco is less expensive so I am happy.

  3. Jay

    Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It’s the only thing that really works nicely for me. I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying it!

  4. Kajsa

    UDPP, sometimes UDPP+MAC Painterly paint pot.

  5. Cat

    I have oily skin which means oily eyelids and when I discovered UDPP it solved all my crease. Now I moved on to Too Faced Shadow Insurance because the packaging just works better for me.

  6. Tracy

    UDPP – it works great. I’ve heard that people have an easier time blending with other products, but I don’t have any problems.

  7. Amanda

    Bare Study PP! I love the shimmer. Doubles as a highlighter. :)

  8. happybadfish

    I use two everyday.
    I first put down two faced shadow insurance, then on top I put a Mac paint.

    I just can’t skip one of them, I am addicted!

  9. Giannina

    Painterly Paint Pot

  10. Paige

    Urban Decay Primer Potion.
    Though I think the Mary Kay primer is much better.

    Paint Pots don’t work for me at all. Maybe I got a bad one but it goes on so dry and uneven on my eyelids.

  11. Helene

    Always Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance, if need som colour I use a Paint Pot on top.

  12. Akia

    MAC Painterly Paint Pot and MAC Bamboom Paint… I ran out of UDPP and just never bothered getting it again.

  13. Tina

    Urband Decay Primer Potion!

  14. Catherine

    Too Faced Shadow Insurance =)

  15. dani

    i use soft ochre, too! it’s such a pretty neutral color and you can use it with anything. ^_^

  16. lesleykat

    i go back and forth between soft ochre paint pot and two faced shadow insurance. it depends on what kind look i’m doing.

  17. kpenn

    Well, I am still mourning the loss of Guerlain’s old formula. Why they switched to this horrible dry pasty formula just blows my mind.

    I’ve been using UD Primer Potion lately. I don’t love it, but it’s doing the trick so far. I just find that it doesn’t cover as well as Guerlain’s used to; it’s also a little bit dryer.

  18. Heather

    I also use Mac Soft Ochre paint pot!

  19. laura

    bare canvas paint

  20. Xristina

    Too Faced Shadow Insurance or GOSH shadestick in Love That Brown or Love that Gold. They are really good and makes your makeup last ALL night – and they are cheap! :)

  21. Marta Fernandes

    I use MAC Prep+Prime Eye.

  22. Vness_12

    MAC Paint Pot in Painterly

  23. Cat

    It depends. I only have one paint pot (rubenesque) so when I am using a shadow with gold glitter or coloring, I put it on top of that and it looks gorgeous. But for other shadows I just put UDPP under it and it holds up nicely :]

  24. I’ve used a lot of bases over the years (shadows crease on me like CRAZY!) but I can’t live with out my Paint Pot in Bare Study!!

  25. Since I wear brown shadows daily, I use MAC Bare Study Paint Pot. I absolutely LOVE that color!

  26. Andrea

    MAC Soft Ochre paint pot!! I love it cause it’s creamy, really prevents creasing, and I can use it with any look!

  27. Rae

    UDPP, topped with NYX Milk — a white base REALLY makes colours pop!

  28. Rosie

    UDPP and often paired with NYX JEP’s.

  29. Cathy

    Too Faced shadow insurance and sometimes I will use Too Faced first base if I want more of a shimmery look…Love these! I wasnt impressed with UDPP.

  30. At the moment its Painterly Paint Pot by MAC. Sometimes I do switch over to the good old UDPP :)

  31. coco72

    First I used to wear MAC Paint in Bare Canvas, now Too Faced Shadow Insurance, for some looks MAC PRO Chromaline in Pure White

  32. Davina

    UDPP!! I have extremely oily eyelids and this is the only thing that will keep my eyeshadow on.

  33. Eunice

    Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Linen, or one of the Laura Mercier Creme Eye Colors.

  34. UDPP and MAC Painterly Paint Pot. Layered together it’s like glue! 😉

  35. Stefh

    Bare study, bare canvas paint,or UDPP Sin; they all work fine but have been meaning to try shadow insurance :)

  36. daphne

    After trying and being unimpressed with HIP paints, MAC shadesticks, UDPP, Too Faced SI (this one is a bit better than most), and Laura Mercier eye basics, I finally picked up MAC Painterly paint pot. That’s the one. Keeps everything vibrant and mostly prevents the fadeout problems I tend to have. Works best with keeping matte colors vibrant, shimmers still fade a bit, but all in all, best I’ve found.

  37. Sarah M

    I just use my under-eye concealer as my eye shadow base. I don’t have oily lids so this works really well for me personally. No fading, no creasing. :-)

  38. L

    UDPP and Victoria Secret cream eyeshadows or else it will crease.

  39. urban decay primer potion, stila smudgepot in kitten or victorias secret beauty rush cream shadows. they all work amazing for me & don’t crease even after 8+ hours. the only thing i notice is that the smudgepot don’t make my colors stay as vibrant all day long.. but somedays i don’t mind.

    i tried soft ochre paint pot, and it did nothing for me.. went on dry & uneven and my shadows creased within an hour! :(

  40. Sexy Sadie

    Artdeco Eye shadow base and Make Up Factory eye shadow base.

  41. i use my oil-free concealer and pressed powder over it .. and it works great!!

  42. amy

    MAC Paint Sublime Nature, it works great as it neutralizes the eye and makes eyeshadow stick. The colour also stays fairly true to colour. It also tones down very bright colours too. For pigments I like to use Medusa’s Makeup Stick it Primer, because I find that the waxy texture helps adhere the loose pigments more.

  43. can

    E.L.F. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer. UDPP used to be my HG, until I tried this. Not only is it easier to blend (slightly more watery than UDPP), it is only $3!! Oh yeah, and it works just as good as UDPP. UDPP will always be one of the best primers IMO, but it’s a tad too thick for my dry lids (accentuates flaky patches around my eyes), esp when I’ve been using the tube for a while. I bought 5, seriously. I’ve been using it for a month now at least, and yes I have oily lids naturally!

  44. Autumn

    Maybelline Dream Matte mousse foundation- cheap and works great! :)

  45. Ashley

    UDPP. It’s the only primer I’ve used that helps keep my eye makeup lasting from 7am to 3am the next day haha. I’ve never had issues with it blending – I find it’s really creamy and goes on without any issues. Maybe because my lids are oily?
    I find that it does absolutely nothing though when it comes to making my shadows more vibrant, whether it’s a MUFE shadow or a L’Oreal shadow, and anything in between. For vibrancy, I dab on some sheer cream eyeshadow all over my lid, and it works beautifully. Been doing that for 2-3 years :)

  46. tremorviolet

    I have really hooded eyes so I need a lot of help to stop creasing. I usually UDPP with a PP over it, usually either Soft Ochre (which is really to yellow for me) or Bare Study (too shimmery). My dream PP would be the color of Bare Study in a matte.

  47. NaNa

    Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance.

  48. MINDY


  49. Sass

    TFSI always with a paint pot or shadestick over it…mostly. I can’t go with just TFSI.

  50. Bridgette

    Urban Decay Potion Primer!

  51. scarlettholly

    I use bare canvas paint which is awesome. I don’t love the tube though because sometimes I squeeze it too hard! I got UDPP with the book of shadows so I’ll try that out soon.

  52. dolce aria

    Depends. For more “natural” looks, I use MAC paintpots in Painterly or Bare Study. THey look OK, but i wish they were pigmented a little bit paler, as their color really blends with my skin too much-my shadows would pop more if it was just a shaaade lighter. For brighter looks(particularly pinks), I either use a paintpot or cream eyecoler in a corresponding shade on the lower lid, blending into painterly below the brow bone. It really makes the shadows POP so much more for ones like blues, or pinks. I also sometimes use UD’s primer potion, where i don’t want the colored undertones coming through the eyeshadow.

    So, it all looks OK, but i’d love to find a really pale yet pigmented primer. UDPP has no color on me-i want something to even out the color of my lids(i have freckles on them-yeesh!) and painterly is just too close to my foundation to really pop or help contour anything.

  53. MsHielo

    Bare Escentuals Prime Time eyelid primer. Sometimes I use UDPP, but I’ve been leaning more towards the BE for everyday use.

  54. Alix

    Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer. A bit darker/yellower than ideal, but works much better for me than UDPP. What are these MAC Painterly Pots you speak of? Much intrigued…

  55. lovepotion18

    UDPP with MAC’s PP, usually soft ochre, painterly and constructivist.

  56. Katie

    UDPP + MAC Paint Pot (usually Painterly).

  57. Missy

    I use Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in “Sin” & e.l.f.’s concealer the teeny tiny one that cost a dollar. It was too light of a shade to put anywhere else so I just use it on my eye lids and sometimes on my lips lightly.

  58. I’m an NC 42 so use groundwork paintpot for neutral looks, Rubenesque for gold looks and TFSI… I do love all of them but I get the most use out of groundwork

  59. VetTechDivaTN

    I use Mac Bare Canvas Paint most days, but I sometimes use Mac Painterly Paint Pot.

  60. Mac bare study paintpot, my fave by far. I find it makes the e/s colors really intense. However, as it’s shimmery, I’m thinking of getting another paintpot (probably painterly) in a creamy color, for when I use matte or satin e/s.

  61. Nadine

    UDPP because I have extremely oily eyelids! I haven’t tried TFSI yet.

  62. Krystal

    UDPP most often right now. Tryin to finish it up in my project 10 pan.

  63. jollie

    Either Urban decay primer or too faced eyeshadow insurance, and when I need a pop of color, either MAC painterly pot or any of the NYX eye shadesticks.

  64. Erica

    FY Eye Benefit pretty much daily.(love it!) Sometimes, Soft orche paint pot or too faced shadow insurance.

  65. Emm

    I always use UDPP, since I have oily lids. But I also typically use a Paint Pot over it, color depends on what I plan on doing for my eye makeup though my staple is Soft Ochre.

  66. Teresa

    My first primer, which I still have and use, is MAC’s Paint in “Untitled”.
    Since then I have purchased UDPP. I really wanted to try it, as well as TFSI, Benefit’s F.Y.Eye-I’ll get to those someday! :)
    I still use Untitled but over UDPP (I guess it’s a habit-not sure if it’s wise, though :p)
    But on my long time list which I’ll be trying out soon are: MAC Paint Pots in Soft Ochre and Bare Study. They are so pretty! Glad to see a lot of people are liking them :)

  67. Scarlett

    UDPP, Lancome’s Aquatique, Mary Kay Primer—it really depends on what I grab…

  68. Leah

    MAC Soft Ochre paint pot. I’ve had it since October of last year and its only halfway gone now.

  69. Torie

    I use UDPP in sin. Love this color even by itself.

  70. Lauren

    TFSI and MAC’s soft ochre paint pot

  71. Saira

    I always use Mac paintpots as my eyeshadow bases. I use Painterly a lot but I also use Bare Study and some coloured paintpots (Rubenesque, Rollikin’, Greenstroke) when I want more colour impact or shimmer.

  72. kurisu

    UDPP with Benefit’s creaseless cream shadow/liner in Honey Bunny – love it!

    I haven’t tried paint pots, but Benefit’s cream shadow goes on as a dream, and works as a wonderful base!

  73. Cherie

    MAC soft ochre or bare study paint pot! I have lids prone to creasing and these products have changed my shadow life!! HG!

    Sometimes I spice it up and use the other ones I own… A rose coloured one (forget the name), blackground and delft (haven’t used the last two yet)

  74. UDPP but recently ordered Too Faced Shadow Insurance and will give MAC Paint Pot a try too…

  75. Daniela

    paint pots creased on me and udpp dried my lids like crazy!!!
    so i like the Estee Lauder stay in place eyeshadow base
    this stuff is great 15 bucks for 7ml EASY TO BLEND dries nude and works amazingly it moisturizes my lids and doesnt dry em
    also the smell doesnt make me GAG like udpp or paint pots(:
    ive been meaning to share this(:

  76. BIMPE


  77. Lynn

    I use Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance + Soft Ochre or Girl Friendly Paint Pot