Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What do you think is your best facial feature? What makes you enviable? Full, pouty pink lips? Long lashes? Doe eyes?

And everybody has SOMETHING they have to consider the best, so don’t give me any of that “But I don’t have one!” business! Me? I like my eyes! I like the color of them (hazel and green, looks like leopard print!) and the overall shape, too.

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58 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What do you think is your best facial feature?

  1. I like my eyes too :) Especially my lashes! And the fact that they’re not a single eye lid thingy like many Asian eyes. And my nose. LOL

    • Hey Julie! I am thankful everyday that I didn’t get a monolid either! Nothing wrong with them, but they are soooo much harder to apply makeup to!

  2. lisa

    I usually get complimented on my naturally long eyelashes so i have to say that of course:D

  3. cosine

    I love my eyes like crazy! I’m a Chinese in Singapore and because of my eyes, a lot of people either think I am Malay, Filipino, Indonesian, Eurasian or just a mix of different ethnicity or nationality. So my looks can be pretty versatile. And I love urs too! Its always nice to see the pics of ur tutorials! I love the angle u take those pics and I love the colour combination in your iris too! Mine is just brown… hmmm…

  4. Clover

    I love my full lips, and I always get compliments on my eyes and curly lashes.

  5. Tekoa

    My eyelashes. I’ve had salon people swear I was wearing mascara before getting a facial. Oh, and I have to get on the full lip bandwagon too.

    • Wow! Must be nice :) My mom cut my lashes as a baby because she believed if she trimmed them, they would grow longer. I am relieved that at least I have lashes, LOL.

  6. dee

    I like my eyes. No real reason, but my eyes do take make-up well.

  7. Kristen

    I like my eyelashes.

  8. my eyes, for sure. green and nicely shaped, IMO.

    i wish i could say my hair, but that’s not really a facial feature.

  9. Traci

    it’s crazy how we all love our eyes! i love mine aswell, along with my lips and teeth 😀

  10. George

    I have to say I love my eyes. They’re a wonderful hazel colour (leaning more towards green than brown), nice lashes (I look like I have mascara on without it), and I <3 the shape.
    I also like my lips because they have a natural lip liner look to them and they’re a lovely shape.

    • Hey George! Sounds like your eyes are a bit like mine :) Awesome! I’m jealous of your lovely shaped lips, though. I have always wanted a more defined pout!

  11. Tonee

    I’m going to hop on the wagon with the rest of you and say….my eyes! I like the shape, color (reddish brown) and there’s a lot of space to blend eye shadow/liner.

    • Ohh, reddish brown, pretty! Oh, man, having space, so good! I do my sister’s makeup from time to time, and she has sooo little space. I mean, she’s much smaller than me in every aspect, but wow!

  12. Crystal

    I would have to say my lips.. thanks mom and dad! My fiance makes me notice the little things about me that i never noticed, he loves the bridge of my nose and the freckle i have on the tip of my nose.. i mean i NEVER noticed those things about myself before lol.. he makes me love every feature about myself.

  13. I like my eyes the best. for a chinese i’m lucky to have a double eyelid and not so small size eye. I discover my eyes like late teens when i start wearing contacts!

  14. Tanya

    Men usually notice my eyes and compliment me on those. Make-up artists adore my cheek bones which are really sharp and defined. But my all time favorite feature is my smile :)

  15. Vera

    I love my eyes because of the shape, size, and my lashes. I’ve also grown to love my cheeks. =D

  16. Leigh

    I guess I’d have to say my high cheek bones- I got them from my Lithuanian (think Russian features) grandma. Aaand I’m going to have to say my hair, even though it’s not a facial feature lol, because I love it 😛

  17. Audrey

    I have a very small mouth and teeny tiny lips. My naturally dark pink lips are my favorite feature because I have never seen anyone else with a mouth so small! Technically it’s a birth defect but it makes me unique. :)

    However, I always tend to play up my eyes, even though my eyes are nothing special. I go bold with eye makeup but I leave my naturally colored lips naked.

  18. I, like most, prefer my eyes. The MAs always compliment them because they are a good shape and I personally love the colour, although it seems to change. They are either grey, blue or blue/green. :)

  19. Ashlee

    I like my eyes & lips.

    Anything but my nose LOL!

  20. Erin

    Usually, I get comments on my teeth. It’s amazing what thousands of dollars of orthodontics will do for you! I think my eyes are kind of hard to work on, because they don’t really seem to be oval or round or have any kind of curve, they just sorta do nothing- but I get compliments on my eyes sometimes. Drunks at the bar ask if I’m half Japanese. My boyfriend’s clients are mostly from Mexico or Latin America and they always see my picture on his desk and ask if I’m Chinese. I guess there must be something to make people think that.

  21. lala

    eyes, eye lashes ..cheeks, teeth, my smile

  22. Lindsay

    I love my high cheek bones, I get comments all the time on them now, when I was younger I would get called chipmunk!

  23. I used to HATE my lips as a child – they were super pouty and my family make fun of me all the time. But as I grew older, I started getting complements on my lips, I started to notice that they are full and flirty! One MUA also mentioned that she wanted to get her lips done to look like mine! HA!

    So I’ve finally learned to appreciate the one aspect of my face that caused me such torture as a kid.

    Now, if I could just do something about the chubby cheeks…

  24. toni

    I have full on apple cheeks. round and red. I think thats my best feature because not may people have cheeks like mine and little amount of people play them up like i do. rosey cheeks are my thing!

  25. cassondra

    its good to see soo many responses too quickly!
    anyways, i like my eye color. almost daily, i get compliments on my eye color from strangers. they ask if i’m wearing contacts and what brand because they’ve never seen such a blue! ? i find my eyes personally blue like everyone else’s, but i guess i’m used to it. lol.
    also, i like my eyeshape. i find it to be unique, like cat eyes. i also get compliments on the shape. MA’s, when they do my makeup, they always say to me, “ooh. i love your eyeshape. a lot of people would be jealous and with this shape, you compliment all of the eye makeup shapes.” or, something along those lines.
    i feel conceited saying this, but its true. lol. and its what makes me appreciate my eyes. =]

  26. I love how “optimistic” this question is.

    I would have to go with my eyes as well. I always get compliments on the color. They change – sometimes they are SUPER green, sometimes more goldish-green, sometimes hazel. I think the great thing about that is it makes for being very versatile with colors in eyemakeup.

    • I actually asked this kind of question many moons ago, and I had far too many responses saying they didn’t have one so I didn’t want anyone to cop out this time!

      Your eyes sound fantastic!

  27. victoria

    my eyes, it’s already nice but with makeup it looks even better. and my lips, they aren’t angelina jolie but they’re a good size and shape. i wish i didn’t have such a square face but people said it’s a good thing. i don’t know, so that you got more space to put more makeup?

  28. rabi

    I’m going to jump on the lip bandwagon, but I have to say, I’m really fond of my eyebrows. They have a nice natural arch, and are nice and full all the way through. When I keep them neat, they really make the rest of my features look great and pull the whole face in. Whoever said that the cheapest form of “reconstructing ” your face was maintaining your eyebrows was really on to something!