Friday, June 13th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What do you prefer to emphasize on your face? Do you go for big eyes? Eye shape? Bold lips?

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51 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What do you prefer to emphasize on your face?

  1. Stephanie D

    I always do dramatic eyes. I am a slave to my black liquid liner! Occasionally I will accentuate my lips, but sometimes I feel like it is too much with both, so I will tone down the colors I use on my eyes in those cases.

  2. Chica

    Lips for work as I have to wear quite neutral eyes. I don’t do anything too crazy just a red or plum colour.
    For a night out I like to make my eyes really dramatic, it’s a chance to play with all the eyeshadows I can’t use during the day! :)

  3. I always try to choose colour that bring out my eyecolour.

  4. Kella

    I try to focus on bronzer, blush, and hiliter. I always use a bright vibrant POOF of colour on my cheeks. It makes my eyes pop. So I guess I focus on my skin, try to conceal well, good foundation, etc.

  5. Kristen Elisabeth

    I usually try to focus on flawless skin. My skin isn’t always going to be like this, so I’m trying to take advantage of it.

  6. Definitely my eyes…I tend to do smokiness on eyes and a pinky nude on lips most of the time, but I have been adding color into my rotation!

  7. Laney

    eyes! i’m addicted to dark smokey eyes and light&glossy lips :] and i have full lips so i dont want to add even more attention to them

  8. shimmermoss

    eyes because i have no other choice.
    i have crappy skin and a very little mouth, but i have big brown eyes. so i draw the attention to my best feature lol!

  9. With having such a small face — can you say Beetlejuice? — I try to emphasize my eyes, but truly, everything is little on my face.

  10. Jessica

    I don’t think too much about emphasizing (or de-emphasizing) a feature. I do like to play with eyes most of the time though. A MA once told me I didn’t really need eyeshadow at all because my eye shape was pretty. What a nice woman. Hehe.

  11. Vee

    My eyes – which are a nice shade of greeny blue, but I also have lips that I get alot of compliments on! I’m not good with lipstick though…. :(

  12. dee

    I like to emphasize my eyes. People always say they’re nice, so I always line them(be it with liquid liner or kohl) and put on mascara.

  13. lala

    my eyes…are my best feature :)

  14. Bianca

    Big eyes, I try to make them look as big as possible or as dramatic as I can. I sometimes play up the lips. But for most of the time eyes are my favorite thing to emphasize.

  15. OH MAN TOUGH ONE REALLY!!I think on my EYES!I love to do smoky eyes(with tailed liner for sure) it cud be any colour and i always end up with a Red lips.Really i dont know y but whenever iam just bout to pick a colour its just has to be red or gorgeous pink.Lol D


  16. Dee

    EYES! mine are almond shaped and i always get compliments when i dress them up!

  17. DaniMae

    Definitely my eyes. My lips are large, luscious, and naturally pigmented; so I don’t need to do much with them. I love to play with eye color, so I emphasize them.

  18. grace

    while i don’t use much color on my eyes, i experiment a lot with my eyeliner skills to make them look bigger. it also gives the illusion of naturally bigger eyes, without looking like i put on too much make up. 😀

  19. Lauren

    Definitely the eyes!

  20. I like to go for big eyes!

  21. M1st4eva

    I’m blessed and thankful to have long lashes, so I can’t live without mascara to emphasize them.

  22. HeavenLeiBlu

    I already have big eyes and lips, so I used to emphasize lips all the time, since I was afraid of colors other than neutrals on the eye- plus is was just easier and faster. Now that I’ve had a breakthrough with that fear, I just alternate between them.

  23. fanntabulous

    Enhancing my eyes because my lashes are short and straight, eyes are small and tired… they just don’t look pretty without the help. What a difference eye makeup makes! I look awake and alive. LOL . This includes the eyebrows since they’re sparse. Especially my right brow where I had minor surgery on awhile ago. If there was one thing I need to do, the brows is my priority. I wish mine were ‘thicker’ like yours … Meaning, my brow hairs are fine.