Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What do you do when you get into a makeup rut? Skip makeup for awhile? Ask friends for new combos?

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48 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What do you do when you get into a makeup rut?

  1. Kensie

    look for inspiration.

  2. kobri

    I choose colours that I haven’t used in while at random and combine them on my hand to get inspired or I challenge myself to try a colour in a new way and put it over swatches of every base I have on the backs of my hands to see what “new” colours I can make out of it.

  3. Calico

    Look at magazine pictures.
    I haul out some crappy product that it packed away cos i hated it, and try and make it work with my current collection.
    This usually sparks alot of creativity in me, and although i may not LOOK so different, I know i changed a technique or a colour, and invariably i start using my current things differently, and then carry on using them from there. (not necessarily with the old product, its more of a catalyst)
    *If that makes sense*

  4. Nicole

    I buy just one new product and try to find another look with it.

  5. Jenny

    I call it a day and hope tomorrow’s a good day for makeup, lol =)

  6. Zsofi

    read Temptalia :-)

  7. gio

    I look at magazine pictures and bauty blogs for inspiration.

  8. meg

    I go to temptalia!
    I look at pictures in your makeup forum.

  9. Zoila

    look at magazines… try to make my own version of celebrity make up looks.. it’s fun

  10. Ariele

    Watch tutorials on youtube or browse the tutorial/fotd threads on makeup up forums.

  11. I look online for new ideas :)

  12. Go online,like everyone here. :)


  13. DaniMae

    I leave it alone until I come across a muse. It gives the ideas and creativity time to simmer. When I do pick up a brush it’s great because I have so many looks to try.

  14. I like to go online and get inspired by other people who like makeup. Your site is good for inspiration. :) There are also some great website forums out there that have tutorials that inspire me as well. Or, I might look at one of my women’s magazines.

  15. Pquanda

    I go through my entire collection and remind myself of how much makeup I have and then go pick up stuff I didnt care for before.

  16. Pquanda

    pick up stuff meaning, that eyeshadow I havent used in months.

  17. Tania

    I hardley get stuck in a rut cuz my skin, hair, and life all change. Being a MAC addict helps too since there’s always new stuff!

  18. Natalie

    With all the new MAC lines coming out every month, it’s hard to be in a rut lol! But I usually go on YouTube and makeup blogging sites to look for different combos of colors I already own.

  19. Stephanie D

    I ask my son or friends what color I should wear the next day. They usually suggest a look I wore before that they liked. I often lay awake in the night thinking about what colors to wear the next day…it’s a problem! I have to wear black to work, but I can wear a color underneath so I usuallly match some part of my eyeshadow to my clothes or just do some crazy stuff. I love Drag Queen makeup (yes!), it is so interesting to me, but I obviously tone it down a bit! I will wear any color eyeshadow so I usually try not to repeat the same color a week. If I really want to change it up I do bold pink or red lips and a more subtle eye color.

  20. claudia m.

    Go to Sephora. they have so much stuff I always snap out of it.

  21. Pauline

    I play with my makeup and usually come up with combos that I would never have thought of before :)

  22. I try to find inspiration somewhere to try something new.. Or I go to the counters and get makeovers to see what other people would do. Its all about playing around. Sometimes good things happen! I recently was inspiried by a Prescriptives ad and went to re-create the look. I did it with NARS colors though!

  23. Alice

    It sounds almost ridiculous but I look around the house for inspiration, even if it’s as something as silly as looking at the Pringles can hahaha. I actually had Cheddar Cheese Pringles in the house and have been wanting to play around with an orangey look now. So that’s where I get my inspiration…from my house I mean, not Pringles cans hehe =]

  24. angela

    alice, that’s so weird! i ate cheetos at lunch today and the orange powder on my fingers made me think of BRIGHT orange eyeshadow! now i gotta think of an orange-complementary outfit for work tomorrow :)

    i also usually look online, or in magazines (i love INSTYLE and glamour) for inspiration as well.

  25. When I get into a makeup rut, I go on a no-buy and have a “stash rediscovery” phase where I go through my drawers of goodies until I find something that I thought was long forgotten, fall in love with it all over again, and well…I’m out of the rut!