Friday, October 5th, 2007

What do you do to relax? How do you wind down after a long day?

I used to play with makeup, actually! Now, I watch trash TV to wind down after I come home from law school, but sometimes I play with makeup to have a little fun, too.

P.S. – What do you have planned for this weekend? It’s fall recess for me, so it’s a four-day weekend. The boyfriend and I are heading to Monterey to visit the aquarium and have dinner (it’s our two-year anniversary!) on Monday.

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38 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What do you do to relax?

  1. i just broke up with my boyfriend (3.5 years……..), so this weekend i’m laying low, hanging out with my BFF on Sunday night (no work monday!!) and scouring the planet for the Henri Bendel MAC lippies :)

  2. tanya

    For a nice relaxing weekend I love to hit the farmers market Sat morning, do some DIY crafting (I am currently taking a semester of sewing classes), go kick around the soccer ball with my son, do some reading, and maybe a little stumbling. Weekdays are hard to find relaxing time between – soccer practice, homework (mine and my fourth grader son), making dinner and general mom stuff…I usually don’t do much to unwind until after 9pm. Gave up TV several years ago but finally decided to get a set up so we can watch DVD’s which is nice. I find TV/cable to be counter productive to relaxing with all the bad news and junk that is on every channel. I always light some nice candles which calms my mood on a stressful day and a nice bath with lots of yummy products is the best :) Last weekend my SO and I visited SF (we are about 2 1/2 hours from the Bay)for the Folsom Street Fair which was “interesting”.

    Sorry to hear about the breakup Courtney :( Hope you are able to treat yourself extra nice this weekend (facial, mani/pedi, bake brownies, chick flicks).

    • awwww thank you!! i think this might call for a haircut and color LOL!! next weekend is all girl time too!!

    • I love the farmer’s market! I always forget about it, but it’s so fun to go and mill around. Plus, I love fruit!

      Sounds like you manage to squeeze some fun into the hecticness, Tanya :)

  3. zoe

    im off to london for the weekend!

  4. Jam

    =( i live in dubai so we have a 2 week long holiday next week for eid ( a muslim celebration LoL ) so im going to paris to chill out :p go to the giant sephora and stock up =p

  5. Carrie

    I knit, watch movies, play with makeup, paint pictures, and read fashion magazines and beauty blogs 😛

    I also make music, and this weekend I’m to try to write a bunch of songs!

  6. glamqueen

    working with your hands can be so relaxing, especially the slow crafts like knitting and embroidering! I also sew clothes to unwind, if I’m really stressed out I take a hot bath with some nice, aromatic stuff in it, and preferably a lot of bubbles, lol! I use makeup to perk myself up and take me through the day feeling fab :p!

  7. Walk…. Watch movies & drink Merlot with hubby.

  8. Skyler

    I’m heavily into cooking and baking, so I do that frequently when I want to relax. I love make-up, obviously, so I’m usually cruising mac_cosmetics on LJ, various beauty blogs (this one being my favourite!), or experimenting with my own collection. I love DIY crafting of all kinds, and I also web design on a regular basis so I usually make new sites or tend to my current ones when I have free time. He lives quite far but I like relaxing with the boyfriend whenever I can, and we’ll either go out to things like art festivals or chill at home watching episodes of Dexter, The First 48 or Intervention. I’m a huge cinephile so watching DVDs is something I do every weekend with or without friends! Aaaand there is always the zoo or a park or the Toronto beaches; I love animals and nature. :)

    As for this weekend, it’s the Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada so we’re just having a small family dinner and my boyfriend is coming along. on Sunday we’ll probably head to the park to feed the duckies.

    • Oh, Skyler, can you come cook and bake for me? I’m not so great at cooking, though mostly because I’m lazy!

      Looks like your weekends are never empty!

      Happy Thanksgiving 😀

      • Skyler

        Why, of course! You know I would. 😉 I’d make you delicious cupcakes with the MAC logo on ’em too. Ohyes. I don’t see it as laziness, really. Cooking and baking are a LOT of work! I never realized just how much until I actually got into the ‘craft.’ I can totally understand why most people can’t be bothered. You do get faster with practice, but with baking especially, you have to be precise and accurate every time… so even after a while, it still takes a lot of time and effort. 😛 I still get frustrated from time to time.

        And thank you! :)

        • Ohh, pretty… and delicious! I really wish I could catch the cooking bug 😉 I don’t mind baking so much, at least not all the time.

          Props to you though :)

  9. Watch TV, Surf the net, read my favorite beauty blogs (this one def included)

    This weekend’s my fiance’s birthday, plus I have a killer midterm on Monday, so a mix of studying, and celebrating.:)

  10. Aww, Happy anniversary!

    Hmm, to relax I drink Chamomile tea and think about debate the finer points in pop culture, like whether Bret Michael’s would’ve been better off with Heather.

  11. listening to some Mozart always winds me down. Classical music is very soothing

  12. I know! Can you imagine, it would so dangerous…

    “Christine, get your ass over here! I Love NY 2 is on! You can do your reading tomorrow!”

    Have you seen the “Shot of Love” promos on MTV? Now that looks trashaaaaaay!

    I hope you are having fun on your mini-vacation!

    • I knowww! It would be awful. Rock of Love reunion on Sunday, right? Oh, I hope so!

      Yes, I saw them! I was like, “Whoa, um, RIP OFF MUCH?” You gonna watch it?

  13. Madeleine

    Here it is my favourite.
    Nobody at home.Even more…nobody in town(meaning everybody rather out of town, lol),to get up at 7:30 a.m. so a day is long(er) and do…..whatever my heart desires on my own basis.Walk,read,watch TV and other favourite stuff on VHS or DVD,eat,drink dry wine….sleep,walk…listening to European radio stations. husband is a concert pianist,we do have a grand piano at home,he plays( practisis) Chopin,Mozart,List and…Rahmaninov,Grieg….and as long as I do not have to listen to it I am almost relaxed 😆

    • Sounds like a really good time! I spent many years learning to play piano, actually. I would love to have a concert pianist at my disposal, haha 😉

  14. Janis

    To unwind I sip a glass of wine while listening to my favorite music or watching DVDs with my husband. I also love videogames so I play a lot of games on my Nintendo Wii and DS if I want to relax :) And of course I play with make-up–a lot.

  15. Zsofi

    Maybe it is a bit too late,but Congrats on the anniversary 😀 we will bw 2.5 years on dec. 18 :-DDDD

  16. Dora

    Go for a walk as often as you can. Nature is a great universal stress reliever, one that is close to everyone.
    At work you can watch nature relaxation videos (here).