Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What caught your eye from MAC Style Warrior? What would you get if you had your way? What will you likely get?

Temptalia's Answer.

Everything!! 😉

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62 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What caught your eye from MAC Style Warrior?

  1. Brave Bronze l/s and the Liberated l/g!

    • kara

      i bought brave new bronze ls & Liberated LG last night.. i LOVE them both together!!! i’m NOT a ls wearer & this is perfect…it’s only 8:50AM & i’ve already gotten compliments on it! i’ll be buying back ups i like it that much. the MA at the store said to try goldyrocks over brave new bronze but i dont have it & it was sold out..

      • Trix

        I really don’t do the lip glosses as much either, BUT have goldyrock and LOVE it. Simple sheer with a hint of glitter. Very subtle and flirty. Call around you local department stores to see if you can’t find it.

  2. Adam

    Liberated and Gold Rebel Lipglasses and bright future Eyeshadow.
    sunsational lipstick looks pretty nice to!

  3. kelly

    I agree with Christine! This collection is totally my style and I plan to haul big time ( as I did in Cult of Cherry and Neo SciFi last year)!!!

    • reesa

      I truly agree. Love this collection and will hopefully bring home lots of it (I also hauled large with COC and Neo-Sci Fi) :-)

  4. Sanita

    Brave New Bronze, Tribalist l/s, Bright Future, Soft Force e/s and On A Mission BPB.

  5. Brave New Bronze lippie & the violet fire nail lacquer will be mine! =)

  6. Saira

    Definitely Vibrant Grape eyeshadow (I love purple eyeshadows!)! I’ve also seen a bright gold eyeshadow in the collection (can’t remember what it’s called) so looking forward to checking that one out too.

  7. I’d get all of the eyeshadows, and one or two each of the lipsticks and glosses. If I actually had my way, I’d probably buy one of everything in my colour!

  8. Rita

    Lipsticks mostly. I usually get eyeshadows and lipglosses, but this time I’ll get 2-3 lipsticks, perhaps 2 lipglasses, the eyeshadows and a blush. And it is high time to get some WARM colours! I noticed this morning that my lips stuff is mostly pink, which is not good for a warm girl. So I’m really looking forward to these summer colours!

  9. Mikki

    Actually… a lot.

    Purple Rite & Sunsational l/s
    Gold Rebel l/g
    Bright Future, Tempting, Night Maneuvers & Vibrant Grape e/s
    On A Mission & Eversun b/p/b

  10. Sarah

    Haha! I’d easily say everything too.
    But, being the sensible girl that I am I;d severely restrict myself to the two bronzers, a lusterdrop or two (those are so my thing) mercenary nail polish (your swatch sold me) and two lipsticks with the leapord print – brave new bronze and sunsational.

    all your swatches are beautiful, i’m feeling a little faint at the sight of those gleaming beauties. amazing, truly amazing stuff.

  11. Tea

    I’d get all of the eyeshadows, and one or two each of the lipsticks and glosses. If I actually had my way, I’d probably buy one of everything in my colour!

  12. reesa

    I love almost everything in this collection. I’ll definitely swatch this collection at the store to check for wearability for me. I’m hoping these look good on me: Purple Rite, Sunsational, Liberated, Gold Rebel, Bright Future, Night Maneuvers, Vibrant Grape, On A Mission, and maybe one of the lustre drops — can’t remember the name at the moment :-)

    Thanks so much, Christine!

  13. coco72

    I loved Bright Future e/s the first time I saw it. I don´t have any yellow eye shadow and I need this. I`ve got Vibrant grape from MAC PRO, but it´s a good chance to get it. You and everyone need Vibrant Grape

  14. Caitlin

    I’m not sure If I’ll get anything from this collection. I do like Bright future and tempting though. Most of the colors I don’t think I could actually wear considering I’m so white the only way I could be paler is if I was albino. I stay that white all year around so most of the stuff in this collection is wayyy to dark for me or would make me look sunburned ><. Maybe I’ll be lucky and one summer pale will be the “in” thing.

  15. Nathalie

    It’s a very eye catching collection seen like that on the screen: I’ll visit my counter when it get launched in France. I’m keeping cold headed though because with MAC I’ve been used to be very careful between what I see in pics and what I see in reality when I visit my counter!

  16. Dee

    I bought bright future and tempting. I’ll probably go back the main opening day and really try out the lippies.

  17. Maybe vibrant grape, or brave new bronze, simply because of the colours, and not so much the packaging which I ain’t crazy about. But I haven’t been crazy about the last few MAC releases since Sugarsweet, so I might give this a miss too.

  18. Anitacska

    I really didn’t think I would get anything at all, but I do really like the look of the purple and gold lipsticks and lipglasses, the yellow e/s, and possibly the beauty powder blushes and one or two lustre drops. Don’t like the dark brown l/s and l/g and I’m not a bronzer or nailpolish person, so I definitely don’t want those.

  19. binnie

    the packaging of the whole collection and the e/s colours and the lip glosses

  20. Cassykins

    The Soft Force and Tempting shadows are kind of pretty, but not must-haves. I honestly hate hate HATE the packaging (I like animal print in moderation, but these look cheesy to me) Maybe when/if they got to my CCO, I’ll pick up some stuff.

  21. Dea

    tempting and vibrant grape <3

  22. Nicole15

    Definitely getting Bright Future & Vibrant Grape. I really want Brave New Bronze, Purple Rite & Soft Force, but those 3 will have to be swatched on myself first before I can make a final decision. I am feeling positive that I will get all 5 of my wants from this collection. Will check out beauty powders, but not sure on those yet.

  23. Luda

    Judging from the swatches:

    Purple Rite
    Bright Future
    Vibrant Grape
    Scatterrays or Impassioned or Bronzescape

    But I’ll bet once I see everything in person I’m gonna buy more (or less)

  24. inuchan

    that Purple Rite beauty oooooooh *O*

  25. auroragyps

    I’d love to get the Gold Rebel LG. First time I saw a picture of it, it reminded me of UD’s old Rebel lipgunk. That’s actually kind of funny too, since I bought my one and only MAC cosmetic, Meltdown lipstick, to go with the gunk. :)

  26. Cat

    What didnt catch my eye??? I am trying to be good but I really like bright future, maybe night maneuvers, brave new bronze, sunsational, gold rebel, and the lustre drops.

  27. cloudburst

    Honestly, I will probably get close to everything:

    all the lippies (perhaps not Purple Rite)
    all the lipglasses
    the shadows minus Vibrant Grape & maybe Night Maneuvers (seems chalky in the swatch)
    Impassioned Solar Bit
    Pink Rebel Lustre Drops
    the two BPB’s

    I think I will skip the polishes as I have recently OD’d on OPI…

  28. everything except lustre drops and bronzers…coz i dont use them…n wud not be using in future aswell….

  29. The previous version of Purple Rite.. Now? Nothing! :)

  30. tremorviolet

    I went to the pre-sale party last night and got:

    Bright Future e/s (gorgeous yellow)
    Vibrant Grape e/s (a little hard to build but so pretty)
    Night Manouvers e/s (didn’t already have a cool dark brown)
    Soft Force e/s (swatched next to Femm-Fi and I think it’s different enough, it’s less pink)
    Purple Rite l/s (very wearable purple)
    Sunsational l/s (looks great with Purple Rite or just on it’s own, looks so summery)
    Pink Rebel lustre drops (I’m undecided about these but decided to try them, I think this may be alittle too pink for me)

    The blushes and the bronzes didn’t appeal to me at all.

  31. Everything, Brave New Bronze, Purple Rite, Sunsational, Gold rebel, Fierce and Fabulous, Bright Future, Vibrant Grape, Night Manuevers, Bronze Hero Luster Drops, On a Misson, Eversun, and Solar Riche.

  32. Megan

    I plan on getting…gold rebel l/s bright future and vibrant grape e/s and on a mission bpb…I might check out fierce and fabulous l/g and purple rite l/s.

  33. Ilaria

    I need the lustre drops!

  34. Angie

    Here’s my list:
    Brave new Bronze l/s, Purple Rite l/s, Fierce & Fabulous l/g, soft force, bright future, and vibrant grape e/s.

    I’m hoping I stick to it when I pick up my stuff on Friday!

  35. Ally

    Pretty much everything but the first thing I wanted was bright future and still do. Now it’s a long list :)

  36. Luv J

    wow.. hard to say.. obviously, if I had my way, it would be EVERYTHING :) This collection really caught my eye. I really love the Brave New Bronze lippie..

  37. kat

    Fortunately, nothing catches my eye in this collection! Also, I’m really undecided about the packaging… but I think I like the e/s :) Oh well yay for my wallet!

  38. DanielleO

    The eyeshadows – I don’t have colors like it (except for Tempting and that other dark taupy color)

  39. YaYa

    The things I’m interested in are Brave New Bronze, Tempting, Purple Rite, Bronzescape, and Impassioned.

    I’d have to swatch them all to know what I’d get for sure. But I’d probably reduce it to one or two must-haves.

    Are the solar bits like pigments? And what are lustre drops for?
    Sorry if you already answered these questions.

  40. Rachel

    I think I’m in the minority here..but I’m not all that into this trend from what I’ve seen thus far. What probably interests me the most from this collection are the beauty powder blushes…mostly because they are my favorite blush formula that MAC makes.

  41. ali

    im interested in fierce and fabulous, liberated, and gold rebel l/g + night maneuvers and tempting e/s… but ill probably only end up with one e/s and two l/g, depending on how they look after i get to swatch them

  42. niknik

    Brave New Bronze
    Gold Rebel
    Vibrant Grape

  43. I want it all!!!!!!!!!

  44. All the eyeshadows, more than likely.
    Purple Rite
    Brave New Bronze [maybe]
    And either Gold Rebel or Liberated.

  45. cmferrets

    mmmm probably eveerything – both BPB, both BP, all 4 e/s except tempting, 4 l/g and 4 l/s – depending on if they look good on my lips. i think purple rite might be too dark , but may look awesome under the very bronzy l/g. maybe 1-2 nailpolishes (purple and gold)- have to swatch them on my nails, i dont know about the solar bits or lustre drops? i heard about the solar bits that mac put out last year – alot of people didnt like them .

  46. Katie

    Last night, I got Bright Future, On A Mission, and Fierce & Fabulous. Bright Future is very close to Bright Sunshine, but a bit darker. On A Mission is a very natural shade on me-it’s got a warmness to it that works on my skintone, and the plum isn’t too bad, plus it’s very easily buildable. F&F is gorgeous-definitely glad I got it.

    If I had my way, I’d get Vibrant Grape, all the Lustre Drops, Eversun, Solar Riche, a thing or two of Solar Bits, the rest of the lipglasses, Purple Rite, and Sunsational. The collection has a lot of things that would work really well with the rest of my collection.

  47. Heather

    Sunsational and Brave New Bronze Lipstick, Gold Rebel Lipglass, and Bronze Hero Lustre Drops. I like Mercenary and Peaceable nail varnishes but I don’t wear nail polish so I’ll have to skip those.

  48. probably get brave new bronze, purple rite, vibrant grape and bright future. curious about the lustre drops as well.

  49. Carrie

    Brave New Bronze and Gold Rebel, but seeing the Sunsational lip swatch changed everything. I’m dying to try it now!

  50. the lipsticks, polishes, and lustre drops

  51. Teresa

    Haha! Good answer, Christine! 😉
    I LOVE Brave New Bronze, Sunsational, Purple Rite, Peaceable, Bright Future, Soft Force, Tempting (still!), Night Maneuvers, Vibrant Grape, Bronzescape, Impassioned, Scatterrays, Liberated (maybe), Gold Rebel…& the Lustre Drops are nice :)

  52. ANNE

    I already have v.grape and tempting so I will buy.
    1. Bright future
    2. mercenary np
    3. Bronzescape
    4. maybe night man….e/s

  53. amani

    everything!!!,esp the lippies and eyeshadow in bright future

  54. Jennifer

    Nothing interests me about Style Warrior….packaging sucks…honestly :/

  55. Mary Ann

    the lustre drops…

  56. Jackie

    EVERYTHING!!! but i’ll probably only pick up a couple e/s, eversun blush, 2 of the lipsticks and lip glosses, and maybe a beauty powder not sure yet.

  57. Hm, did you get the iridescent shimmer powder or any of the tanning mousses? I wasn’t so sure about those…

    I got:

    Bright Future e/s
    Vibrant Grape e/s
    Tempting e/s
    Gold Rebel l/g
    Liberated l/g
    Fierce & Fabulous l/g
    Brave New Bronze l/s
    Purple Rite l/s
    Sunsational l/s
    Solar Riche bronzing powder
    On A Mission BPB
    EverSun BPB

    Uhm… I think that’s it? Most of the collection lol. EEEK.

  58. Martha

    I want everything!!!! But I cant really afford this right now, and just my luck I got a ticket =[