Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What beauty product helps you to relax? Do any of you use a beauty product to help you relax? How does it help?

I actually love cleansing and putting a night cream on my face when I’m feeling stressed. A dirty face is just ew, and I get a little happy feeling all clean again. I also find Lush’s massage bars are great (when a massage is included, ha!) for feeling pampered and lovely again.

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34 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What beauty product helps you to relax?

  1. i would say toner… weird i know haha.. but i love the refreshing and cooling feeling of it.

  2. lala

    I would say when I’m in the shower …I have a few liquid body washes I use…but then I also use this bar of soap (sometimes their different *runs out*), but the one that I’m currently using has ..coconut, papaya and vanilla beans in it..the soap is so texturized exfoliate your skin at the same time..that relaxes me…

  3. lala

    I’m sorry I just have to ask this question :(..I notice alot of people not getting the “layin ‘low” or “girl friendly” p/p (pro store shoppers)..I was wonder whats your real opinion on it…is it worth getting …is it something out there thats better??…is it because of the finish (i believe both are satin) one wants them??

  4. taj

    A little bit of flowery scent.

  5. Tekoa

    For me its MAC perfume M2. It smells like a powdery vanilla sugar cookie, which is right up my alley. And MAC makeup remover wipes… if I was a kitten I’d purr when I smelled it.

  6. Lindsay

    Lush Dreamtime Temple Balm, you are supposed to put it on your temples and other pressure points to relax you but I just rub it right under my nose and it knocks me out cold! Its great as I am a terrible sleeper!

  7. Tanya

    Anything LUSH – massage bars, soaps, or bath products :) I also like putting on a mask then resting while it does it work.

  8. Ana

    The amazing Strawberry body exfoliant from The Body Shop. It smells delicious!

  9. Madeleine

    A glass of chilled (almost frozen,but not froze)very dry wine on my own bed,surrounded by peace by quiet will do it.After that shower and a nap.

    • Madeleine

      Hmmm…I’ve had such a long day today and while working I really wanted to do something,but I couldn’t (I didn’t have a product).Right after I came back home I exfoliated my hands with product called “a minute manicure”.What a pleasure,what a relax!
      It certainly answers the question :)

    • Thanks for the ideas, Madeleine! The minute manicure, love the concept!

  10. Lydia

    I like cleansing my face and putting mosturizer on too. I’m gonna go do it right now! haha

  11. Shefali

    The smell of my baby’s bath wash is so relaxing to me. Is that considered a beauty product? LOL…The bath washes smell so innocent and just take to me a happy place with no worries in the world.

  12. Skyler

    I think I’d have to agree with you, Christine. Taking care of my face is a big de-stresser for me because I -hate- when it feels dirty, oily, etc. I love exfoliating and using clay face masks. Anything from The Body Shop relaxes me as well. Their scents are not overpowering and I loooove all of their products, especially their body butters and body scrubs. I also love LUSH’s massage bars! My boyfriend got me one for Christmas (isn’t he well trained?! ;)). And nothing beats a cold fruit smoothie and a good book. Mmmmm…

    • Me, too. I can’t stand it when my face feels yucky! Good boyfriend 😀 Mine owes me a full body massage come Valentine’s Day. I am counting down the hours, lol!

  13. Tonee

    I like soaking in a bath tub with a couple of LUSH bath bombs (Tisty Tosty/Golden Slumbers) or Crabtree and Evelyn (Lavender/Evelyn Rose) gel. Until recently I had a jar of Neal’s Yard rose balm – I would apply this and place a warm over my face while I was in the tub and this was absolutely heavenly! Need to get another jar of that rose balm!

  14. I like to remove all of my makeup and cleanse and tone my face. 😀 =^.^=

  15. victoria

    pampering myself with philosophy’s amazing grace products. i know it doesn’t last a long time but i don’t mind applying and sniffing it over and over again.

  16. Lydia

    I like the amazing grace stuff too… so does my boyfriend haha

  17. I love body washes and scented lotions to relax before bed