Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What are your thoughts on MAC’s Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection? Are you (or did you already!) going to buy anything? What? If not, what turned you off?

Temptalia's Answer.

Of course I’m going to buy! I gotta review it, yeah? :) At least, that’s the justification I use!


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41 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What are your thoughts on MAC’s Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection?

  1. Nance

    Yup buying… I love MAC schadows 😀

    Saving up for atleast one of the Quads

  2. i’m only interested in both of the blushes..

  3. Diabla

    I’m only inerested in checking “The Perfect Cheek” in store.

  4. Cat

    omg i’m realling loving the quads….cant wait for your review.

  5. hi

    I want the glosses and the quads, but I really can’t afford anything right now. I’ll wait until the LE stuff comes off the shelves (two or three months tops) and into CCO’s. :)

  6. BrownEyes

    Here’s my list for now:
    Crest the Wave
    Off the Page
    Violet Trance
    Obviously Orange
    Artistic License
    New Spirit

  7. Rita

    I’m waiting for your review! I have already ordered Photo Realisn Quad and Off the Page e/s, and I will probably get also the Perfect Cheek and a couple of liners. However, I can’t deside on the lip stuff, and I’m not able to see them ‘in person’ either.

  8. margot

    I love the liners, such beautiful colours and I want to check out a couple of the e/s. And I’ll probably buy two lipglasses

  9. Roxanne

    I’m saving up for the 3 quads, I really want a purple and a green quad so this might be my chance to get one!

  10. Emm

    I really want the purple and green quads. I am anxiously waiting for your review first!

  11. The whole concept of collaborating wth three different artists and then seeing fall as per their vision is a very cool idea…i liked it..:)

    I ordered one quad. Photorealism, though i think i shud have not..:)

  12. sprut

    I ordered the purple quad and on display lipgloss. I might go back and get the green quad as the colors swatched look really pretty but I don’t know yet.

  13. i already bought on display based on ur review alone. probably wasnt the smartest thing to do since our lips arnt the same color but u didnt fail me w/ lychee luxe so i figured id be fine.

  14. Ali

    I may just get some of the pigments. I really wanted the glitters, but since they’re not eye-safe I really don’t have much of a use for them. The pigments are such pretty fall colors. The only reason I’m not sure is because I’m getting like 8 things from Style Black. :)

  15. Noemie

    Only thing I’m getting is OFF THE PAGE eyeshadow. I’ve been waiting patiently for Firespot to be repremoted, but this eyeshadow is way better (IMO)!

  16. Dee

    Haven’t got anything yet. I go on friday for a eye/lip situation(not really a make-over but i don’t know what to call it) and I’ll scope things out then. Thinking about buying a glitter even though I know they’re not eyesafe. I’ll have to really really think about that one…

  17. Michelle

    I looked at the eye quads from the Richard Phillps collection — the purple and green quad both have great looks — they look wearable and not over the top (which for me is a good thing :))
    I have my appt. scheduled for this weekend to get my makeup done with one of the looks . . . can’t wait!!

  18. Luda

    Looking at the pictures I love everything but, as alwyas, it’s a different story when I see them in person. Hopefully the things that cought my eye wont dissapoint me.

  19. Sass

    I’m loving Off the Wall e/s. Love it!

  20. Angela

    I will pick up a pigment and a glitter, but that’s it. The collection looks nice, but I have tons of mu already and I didn’t see much that caught my eye.

  21. Kristine

    Basically, I bought everything from the collection except the glitters and the lippies. I ordered them online yesterday and got it in the mail this morning (overnight shipping…can’t wait much?!). I love them all, however ‘The Perfect Cheek’ Blush was really pale for me (I’m an NC40 right now)…however it gives a very nice glow to my cheeks. And I think it’s a good blush when I’m just at home or just running some errands like going to grocery shops. I am going to go at the MAC store on the weekend though to check out the lippies….

  22. I am more excited about the Style Black collection and D Squared, still I will check this out in person and see if I like anything. I love technakohls but I would rarely use the bright colors, so I would rather save my money and achieve a similar looks using shadow as a liner.

  23. Jen

    I am so in love with it – especially the quads and the lip color. LOVE. I got the Lipglass in On Display and I want to wear it everyday.

  24. Christy

    This will be a small haul for the size of the collection. I’m planning on getting Notable blush, Haunting eyeshadow, Crest the Wave eyeshadow and Off the Radar eyeshadow. I’ll check out the rest, but I think I have similar ones.

  25. AA

    I got my stuff last friday and I’m loving all of it!
    Here’s what I got:

    -Purple and Pink Pigment
    -All the eye liners
    -1 blush

    Sorry…2 lazy to get the names for you guys.

  26. Alexis

    I am passing this time around and highly anticipating the Style Black collection!

  27. Cherie

    I’m so excited for this collection. I have my appointment this Saturday with my MUA. I plan on getting the green quad, haunting & violet e/s and strike a pose l/s. I might get purple shower and maira’s mood if they look good in person. I will be doing B2M to get one e/s so that’s better on my wallet. :)

  28. Kaylabella

    I just ordered Push the Edge, I wanted more, but the wallet wont allow. I’ll just have to live vicariously through everyone else!

  29. I ordered Photorealism Quad and Push the Edge pigment so far. I’m trying to save up so I can get more from this collection. This collection is awesome! I’m only going for the hot items that are going to be sold out quick first.

  30. Carrie

    I only got a few things, but I did a big MAC haul of perms last week.
    I got:
    Photo Realism Quad
    Full Body l/s
    Personal Taste l/g
    On Display l/g

    I’m considering The Perfect Cheek, Hold the Pose, and Cocomotion Pigment for later. We’ll see, I still want the Tone Grey Quad and some Creemesheen Dazzleglasses in September!

  31. Nicole

    I ordered Photo Realism and In The Gallery Quad. I can’t wait till the collection will be released in my country.

  32. lynn

    i want to check out the lipsticks, the lusture ones. not really interested in anything else

  33. Natalia

    I am hooked in this collection because these are my types of colors =D I want to buy a lot more tho(due to low money) but will see:

    -Notoriety or Photo Realism Quads(I want both)
    -Brash Bold
    -Push the Edge
    -Heritage Rouge, but want all 4 =(
    -Crest of Wave
    -Off the Page
    -Maira’s Magic
    -Violet Trance
    -Purple Shower(maybe)
    (also want 2 technakhole liners as well)

  34. Mel

    I told myself this is the MAX of what I can buy:

    Haunting e/s (My current favorite thing are bright turqouise/aqua eyeshadow paired with a dulled down hot pink. Drool.)
    The green and blue technakohls
    Brash and Bold pigment (If it looks good in store. I’m thinking that’ll be cool foiled onto the lid.)

    Looking forward to your review, Christine!

  35. stephanie

    going to see it live tomorrow! interested in the lipsticks. not too much into the shadows as my CCO has tons and i am on a budget right now.

  36. Natalie

    I ordered Photorealism quad. I already have Heritage Rouge & Cocomotion pigments and Technikohls look interesting, but I already have the similar shades in UD 24/7 or Shu.

  37. Caroline

    I’ve been really looking forward to this collection. I plan on getting Haunting, Violet Trance, the Photo-Realism quad, and the lipstick in Front Lit. I might get The Perfect Cheek, but looking at swatches it looks so pale I don’t think it’d do anything for me.

  38. Saira

    Is Hold the Pose lipstick a duplicate or similar to Naked Paris L/S from the Euristocratics II collection?

  39. GucciGirl1229

    I am intereseted in wayyyy to many things!

    I want:
    Notable blush
    Crest The Wave
    Off The Page
    Maira’s Mood
    The green and blue liner
    All 4 lipglosses (this may change after I get in the store)
    The green quad (I have a lot of green shadows so this one is maybe)
    Cocomotion, gold and fuschia pigments.