Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What are you planning to get from MAC’s Brunette, Blonde, and Redhead? Everything? Skipping? What has you excited?

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51 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What are you planning to get from MAC’s Brunette, Blonde, and Redhead?

  1. Iz

    im on and off about a few things but I am defintely getting the redhead msf!!

  2. Hannah

    I am getting the Fi-femme eyeshadow, one l/g and one MSF.

  3. Leora

    I am getting the redhead msf, all the redhead eyeshadows and Henna from the brunette collection.
    Are the collections coming out tomorrow or Friday, I am so confused?

    • I think they’re coming out in STORES on Thursday, and ONLINE on Friday.

      It annoys me that they changed the online date for the sale, but whatever. I’ll take what I can get.

    • Should be Thursday for in-store. I believe the Friday launch is for online, and of course, there are some stores who haven’t received their shipments–so you may want to call ahead!

  4. * Brushes #165, #214, and #226
    * Redhead Mineralize Skinfinish
    * Blonde Mineralize Skinfinish
    * B-Babe lipstick
    * Live and Dye lipgloss

    • Actually, adding to my list because I just viewed your swatches! O_O

      * Brunette MSF
      * Marquise d’ Lipstick
      * What A Do Lipstick
      * All’s Fair Lipstick
      * Soft Wave Lipgloss

  5. IZzySA

    I think it was Thursday for online.. but who knows? They keep changing dates. I want the Blonde MSF, the BBabe lippie, Redhead MSF, and the Fi Fi fo Fum ES.. good hunting!

  6. Brooke

    well a lot more after seeing your swatches LOL and probably even more than that after you post the lip swatches!! I didn’t even want any lipglasses til I saw your pics, now I’m doomed!!

  7. Sandy

    This is really hard for me :( I want to get a lot of stuff but I’m on a budget so….this is my list for now:

    Marquis D’ l/s
    All’s Fair l/s
    Strawberry Blonde l/g
    Live and Dye l/g
    Soft Wave l/g
    214 brush

    I’m passing on the MSF and I have enough highlighting powders already. The eyeshadows don’t interest me at all. It’s all about the lips with this collection!

  8. grace

    pretty much everything haha. i loveee this collection and after seeing what a dissapointment hello kitty is i will be able to get more.

    all 3 brushes
    all 3 MSFs
    Evening Aura
    Strawberry Blonde
    Red Devil
    Marquise D’

  9. Nothing, I am just not that in to MAC. I refuse to buy eyeshadow that gets all over my face when I am trying to put it on my eyes. Their eyeshadows just have way way to much fall out for me to even consider. That is why I love my Chanel!

  10. meagan

    Thanks for your swatches Christine! I am planning on:
    All’s Fair
    Strawberry Blonde
    Henna and maybe one other e/s
    Blonde MSF

    So excited!

  11. Carrie

    Redhead MSF..possibly the Blonde, too
    100 Strokes
    Deep Shade or Top Knot…not sure..but i like dark e/s
    Red Devil l/g

    maybe Blowdry l/s, Live and Dye l/g

  12. Evelyn

    Blond MSF and if it shows SIGNIFICANT difference, then Redhead MSF too
    nothing else!

  13. Brooke

    I haven’t purchased anything from MAC in a year, but I’m very attracted to Red Devil l/g. Although, it does look an awful lot like a slimshine I have. The slimshine was one of the few that was cut when they made them perm, though.

  14. April M.

    100 Strokes
    French Cuff
    Henna [might hold off & pick up sump. olive later on if they are close enough]
    & maybe strawberry blonde & red devil l/g
    I just noticed I’m getting all 3 redhead e/s. I’m really limiting myself w/ this collection, the latest HK promo images are…..Yay!! speechless….

  15. Izek

    Thank you for the swatches! I’ll be getting for sure:
    Strawberry Blonde
    Femme Fi
    maybe: Flip, 100 Strokes and Quick Tease… but I still have to wait one whole month for this launch (greetings from Poland ;)) so this list may change once I see some FOTDs starring these products.

  16. Nicole

    I will focus on the lipsticks and decide which of the four colors I like most. Marquise d

  17. Reesa

    I haven’t really settled on what exactly I’m going to pick up, but it will be some of the following:

    Brunette MSF
    Live & Dye
    Strawberry Blonde
    Soft Wave
    Red Devil
    All’s Fair
    What A Do

  18. DaniMae

    Knight e/s
    Henna e/s
    Deep Shade e/s
    Femme Fi e/s [possibly]

    Red Devil l/g
    Strawberry Blonde l/g
    Soft Wave l/g

    All’s Fair

    I’m so excited for this collection!

  19. Hmm

    Henna e/s
    French Cuff e/s
    Redhead Msf

    That’s all cuz I haven’t got a chance to try them!
    Love your swatches.

  20. Shayla

    Probably nothing, unless it’s still around at the beginning of February. I told myself I wouldn’t spend any money till then…

  21. Julia

    Probably skipping, because (a) it annoys me that they changed the release date to not coincide with the sale, and (b) not that much interests me. I find the brunette stuff to be boring, and not really geared toward my skintone. I thought I might pick up Henna, but I saw a comparison swatch to Sumptuous Olive, and it’s too close.

  22. Brunette MSF
    Redhead MSF
    Live and Dye L/G
    Peroxide L/G
    Marquise d

  23. Audrey

    If money were no object, I would get the following:

    Blonde MSF
    B-Babe l/s
    Peroxide l/g
    Pincurl e/s
    #226 Brush

    With my husband out of work though, I doubt I will be able to get anything right away. Maybe not even at all…

  24. Anitacska

    I’m a brunette, but mostly interested in the blonde and redhead stuff. Definitely the MSFs, and some l/s and l/g (Chignon, All’s fair, B-babe, Quicktease, Peroxide, Strawberry blonde, Live and dye), but I need to see them in person first. Not interested in the e/s or the other stuff.

  25. KaylaK

    I am skipping the eyeshadows since none of them seem to excite me that much AND I have colors I can use that are just like them. I am picking up lipcolors and MSF’s though. My list is: B-Babe, Strawberry Blonde, Live & Dye, Peroxide, and Redhead and Blonde MSF. Although this could become a little less once I see it in person.

  26. abi

    almost everything for Redhead, LOL…i’m just so excited by the idea! hope when I actually shop that I’m more selective…

  27. DevilishDoll

    Well, if I could afford it all, I would get…

    B-Babe Lipstick

  28. cloudburst

    Umm, pretty much everything –

    all 3 msf’s
    3 new brushes
    Henna, Flip, Pincurl & French cuff shadows
    all the lipglasses
    and all the lipsticks save B-Babe, which looks too frosty for me

    I hope to narrow the list down when I see everything in person.

  29. Julia

    I’ve narrowed it down as well as I could:

    Red Devil lipglass
    Henna eyeshadow
    100 Strokes eyeshadow
    the redhead MSF
    226 brush

    I may be tempted by the 214 and the lipsticks once I actually see them, but I hope not.

  30. Kendra

    I’m getting the whole Brunette collection,because i am a brunette:) and also cause i love the collection.

  31. details

    I saw everything in the LA pro store…
    Henna is an EXACT dupe for sumptous olive – so don’t worry if you miss out.
    The darkest shadows in each collection – BBR are all chalky dusty and gross.
    I don’t care for mac lip glosses.

    MSF’s are pretty – Lipsticks are ok.

    I didn’t buy anything – I was surprised – I thought I was going to buy 200 bucks worth of stuff. This collection is so over hyped. But is theoretically much more my style – than say Hello Kitty. Oh well, I saved some $$

  32. Jenny

    I’m planning on getting everything from the redhead collection except French Cuff and 100 Strokes

  33. Andrea

    Definitely Femme-Fi, and one of the MSF’s. I just can’t decide between Brunette and Redhead. Maybe the 165 brush, but I’ll have to see it in person :)

  34. Renata

    I have kind of an odd question, I’m sort of a MAC makeup newbie. I am thinking of getting the Redhead MSF, but I don’t exactly understand what it’s used for. Is it a blush/highlighter? I’ve never used such a thing, and I see on the website there’s other MSF that’s for all over the face, so I don’t quite understand what to use it for.

    • They can be a blush OR highlighter! Depending on your skin tone and how pigmented the MSF is, you can use it as either or both :)

      Many people do highlight their cheeks, forehead, bridge of the nose, and chin. :)

  35. Cody

    I’m going to use B2M for three of the following four: Strawberry Blonde l/g, Quick Tease l/g, Red Devil l/g and Femme-Fi e/s.

    I’m also debating how long I can go without groceries to justify getting the brushes!

  36. Dr

    Definitely the redhead MSF, blowdry l/s, and french cuff e/s … still undecided about flip since I may have a similar color

  37. Shyan

    Blonde MSF and Rehead MSF

    Red Devil lipglass. I want more but hey I’m only 13. Its tough. :(

  38. Blonde MSF
    100 Strokes

    Maybe Pin-Curl or Femme-Fi. I really liked it in the neo-sci fi collection but never bought it. I’m holding out on Knight I’m finally gonna get Deep Truth instead it looks pretty similar but Deep Truth looks prettier.

  39. Brenda

    Chignon l/s
    Red Devil l/g
    Quick Tease l/g
    Strawberry Blonde l/g
    Femme fi e/s
    Flip e/s
    100 Strokes e/s
    French Cuff e/s
    Redhead MSF
    165 brush
    226 brush

    I was planning to get Henna, but I’ve seen it swatched side by side with Sumptuous Olive and they’re almost EXACTLY alike.

  40. kat

    Red Devil is really catching my eye. I also want to check out the redhead MSF. Even though you gave swatches, I really have to check the products myself before I can decide! I don’t really care for dark shadows, but I will check all of the light and medium tone ones!

  41. Stacey

    All 3 brushes, all 3 MSFs, Henna e/s, Flip e/s, 100 Strokes e/s, Pincurl e/s, Blowdry l/s, *maybe* B-babe and Marquis d’ l/s depending on how they look on me, *maybe* Red Devil l/g.. I just never can use up a l/g before it goes bad.
    This could change drastically when I swatch them all in person though. But the brushes and MSFs are a definite :)

  42. claudine

    peroxide lipglass
    live and dye lipglass and b babe lipstick

  43. Most all of the Brunette Collection – I’m passing on the MSF, the brow stuff, and the eyeliner, and possibly Deep Shade. And probably a few things from Redhead – Marquis D’ and Flip, and Teddy.