Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

What 5-10 eyeshadows should every beauty addict own? What 5-10 eyeshadows (any brand) does everyone need to have in their collection?

Some of the shadows I’m always using are: Carbon (matte black), Espresso (deep matte brown), Goldmine (true gold), Bronze (warm chocolately brown), Ricepaper (shimmery neutral highlight), Stars ‘n Rockets (shimemry purple-magenta), Sumptuous Olive (olive green), Shimmermoss (shimmery teal), Juxt (light frosty green), and Gorgeous Gold (gold with green undertones).

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35 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What 5-10 eyeshadows should every beauty addict own?

  1. I love ur choices and agree with them!:)
    1. Definitely a matte black like carbon
    2. A gold – goldmine is my choice also
    3. Also a more champagney white gold/ shimmery vanilla too
    4. And a warmer light gold for highlight (eyes or top of cheeks)
    5. Gunmetal grey
    6. Something that makes your eyecolor really pop!
    7. A good matte brown that can also double as liner or brow filler
    8. Silver/whitish highlighting color (no glitter just a frost/ mild shimmer)
    9. Shimmery black for a nice smoky night time pop
    10. nude matte for those days when u dont want to wear as much or want a cleaner more understated look.

  2. tanya

    My choices are obviously all MAC –
    Shroom – perfect highlight color and its a satin finish.
    If not Shroom then maybe Hush.
    Hush – highlight color with a peachy’ish (or maybe peachy/pink) undertone, frost finish.
    Soba – satin finish semi matte medium brown, I double it as eyebrow fill as well. Very versitile color.
    All That Glitters – natural highlight color but darker than a highlight, with a lot of punch as far as the shimmer goes.

    I think those are some good very basic choices to start out with, any colors beyond that should be played with and the perfect shades to compliment the buyer should be fine tuned with the help of a friend/make-up artist/sales person.

  3. Kate

    My go-to shadows are:
    1. Greensmoke (used wet)
    2. Soba
    3. Plumage
    4. Aria (from Sultress quad – Raquel Welch)
    5. Waternymph – so fun and bright!
    6. Thunder
    7. Mulch
    8. Ricepaper
    9. Shroom
    10. Vanilla

  4. Sumptuous olive – Must for Brown eyes!!!!!!
    White Avalanche
    Bright Sunshine (pro)
    Silver Ring

    pssst-OMG I plan on buying Goldmine for sure now, I was thinking about it but now 2 of you added it to your musthave list-so that seals the deal for me. Thanks Chicas!

  5. k8ie-lou

    1. teal pigment
    2.kitchmas pigment
    3. good highlighter like shroom/phloof
    4. satin taupe
    5. knight divine
    6. go bananas
    7. paradisco
    8. golden olive pigment
    9. big t
    10. old gold pigment…

    i KNOW this is a eye shadow thread but my all time fave lip gloss has to be me macs tinted lip glass in underage – i just adore it!!!!!!!!

  6. Kim

    Wow…this one is hard. All Mac (of course). I’m going through a bit of a plum phase right now, so my list is skewed toward that!
    1. Shale
    2. Vex
    3. Naked pigment
    4. Jest
    5. Signed/Sealed
    6. Thunder
    7. Satin Taupe
    8. Soba
    9. French Grey
    10. Shadowy Lady

  7. Allison

    My choices are all M.A.C…of course LOL…

    1. Sunday best/phloof for great highlighting
    2. Carbon/Black Tied for the classic smoky eye…also doubles as a liner.
    3. Contrast an intense purplish blue whith flecks of blue shimmer
    4. Trax- burgundy plum flecked with bronze shimmer.
    5. Beauty Marked – A deep blackend red with a sparkle/twilight effect.

  8. Allison

    OOps I hit add comment before I could finish..I think these fires out here are messing with my brain 😉
    6. Club – a muted reddish brown duochrome with green opalescent shimmer
    7. Gesso- Vivid white(matte)
    8. RicePaper- soft peachy gold with shimmer
    9. Amber Lights- Golden Peachy-brown with shimmer
    10. Humid- Intense vivid green with shimmer

  9. if i MUST choose……..

    1. Honesty (nice gold shimmer)
    2. Magic Dust (for highlighting)
    3. Satellite Dreams (my favorite purple!)
    4. Black Tied (essential for smokey looks)
    5. Antiqued (great bronzey-brown)
    6. Swimming (greeeeeeeen!)
    7. Satin Taupe (perfect neutral)
    8. Bare Study paint pot (the. perfect. base.)
    9. Thunder (purpely-blue prettiness!!)
    10. Beauty Marked (see what Allison said above)

    i didn’t even bother trying to think about pigments…..they are a whole other story!

  10. Janis

    These are the colors that I always reach out for in my palettes..I find that these colors go well with any color you mix then with:

    1. Black Tied/Carbon
    2. Bronze
    3. Amber Lights
    4. Ricepaper/Shroom — for highlight
    5. Humid
    6. Steamy/Shimmermoss
    7. Deep Truth
    8. Parfait Amour
    9. Goldmine
    10. Silver Ring

    • I reach for a lot of these regularly, too! I always want to use Silver Ring, but I end up using Silver pigment, lol. I bought Silver Ring so I wouldn’t use up all of the pigment I have left!

  11. Cyn

    If you like doing basic makeup for others:

    1. Naked Lunch (highlight for pinky skin)
    2. Ricepaper (highlight for golden skin)
    3. Brun (liner/brow filler)
    4. Copperplate (crease/brow filler for lighter brows)
    5. Cosmic (blue eyes)
    6. plumage (brown eyes)
    7. signed, sealed (green)
    8. typographic (dark crease)

    My faves

    1. Nylon
    2. Brun
    3. Prussian
    4. Signed sealed
    5. Romping
    6. Jeweltone

  12. My favorite MAC eyeshadows:

    1. Honesty
    2. Mulch
    3. Greensmoke
    4. Shroom
    5. Goldmine
    6. Patina
    7. Carbon/Black Tied
    8. Club
    9. Ricepaper
    10. Woodwinked

    There are so many lovely shades to choose from but I guess these are the ones that I always go back to!

  13. Chyla

    It’s so hard to choose any grouping when there are SO many & I may have repeats from others’ posts but here go mine:

    1. Carbon (Matte)
    2. Gorgeous Gold (Veluxe Pearl)
    3. Dazzlelight (Veluxe Pearl)
    4. Antiqued (Veluxe Pearl)
    5. Shroom (Satin)
    6. Deep Truth (Frost)
    7. Satin Taupe (Frost)
    8. Freshwater (Veluxe Pearl)
    9. Swish (Frost)
    10. Texture (Velvet)

    • I know, it IS hard, but you know there are some faves you always go back to.

      I can see you like your blues! I love the variety in your list :) I’m also a VP fan.

      • Chyla

        Yeah, I read somewhere that if you’ve got brown eyes, the best eye shadow color to play up your brown eyes is blue so that’s kinda’ my go-to color 😉

        Hahahaa… Yeah, I really love those VP’s!!! I love how smooth they go on & the color pay-off!

  14. Zsofi

    i think the most basic eyeshadow hues are:

    1.:a real black,like Carbon
    2.:a real whtite,like Crystal Avalanche
    3.:a light pink,like Pink Source
    4.:a darker pink,like Star Violet
    5.:a fuchsia, like Passionate
    6.:a purple,like Floral Fantasy
    7.:a light blue,like Moon’s Reflection
    8.:a vibrant blue,like Freshwater
    9.:a jewel tone,like Shimmermoss
    10.:a real green,like Wondergrass
    11.:a lemon ,like Chrome Yellow.

    if i can say some more….

    12.:a military green,like Humid
    13.:a beige,like Goldmine
    14.:a brown,like Tempting
    15.:an orange like—->Orange

    this would be the very basic collection for me 😀

  15. hmmm wat a difficult question (all by mac lol)

    i choose ..
    a matte black like carbon is so essential
    a grey like print
    silver ring

    i wud also like to extend that list to include bamboo and soft brown … oh and woodwinked too. all the above shades can create almost any neutral look. bamboo and soft brown are great for effortless days …