Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

Is there any color eyeshadow you won’t wear? I know your favorites, but what about a shade you don’t dare to wear?

Temptalia's Answer.

Certain shades of yellow just look wonky on me — like Chrome Yellow!



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110 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Is there any color eyeshadow you won’t wear?

  1. Summer

    Pinks because I have so much redness under my eyes but I still wear them but it’s very rare for me to do so. If I do wear pinks, I have to wear a good concealer.

  2. sab

    green. it just looks… yuck on my skintone.

  3. kelly

    Pure black: I am fair and it just looks wrong on me…
    Blue: I have MAC’s Deep Truth in my 15-pan untouched since I bought a month ago-just screams 80s to me…

  4. Sandy

    Greens. Not really a fan of the color to be honest.

  5. Miss_M

    Dark colors like cobalt, black and darkbrown, yellow, orange, red, bright fuchia and really light pastels are colors that don’t flatter me one bit.

  6. Stefanie Anja

    I generally use dark colours in my crease only, never on my lid, cause I’m so white it would look too goth otherwise.
    I also avoid lining my upper lid for the same reason.
    But other than that, there’s no one colour I avoid completely. :)
    I think you can make anything work for any skinktone. It just takes more skill and creativity for some colours.

  7. francesca

    Lavender, pale pink, pale green… pastels in general.

  8. maycon

    reds, oranges, pale baby pinks, baby blues, light golds or a super yellow gold, any light color i don’t like… just light silver i enjoy…

  9. Jeci

    Red, definetly :)

  10. Pinks and pastels. I love colorful eyeshadows but I can never seem to properly pull off pink. and those pastel shades! ugh

  11. ashbash

    Its not that I won’t wear it but I don’t have white eyeshadow. I don’t think I would wear plain or matte orange or red

  12. JO

    yellow orange and red i am a bit iffy on…i will probably find they suit me coz most things seem 2 suit me lol. But it scares me lol

  13. JO

    oh and black scares me 2 lol but trying 2 get a bit braver

  14. littlemissmagic

    warm antique golds, rusty bronzes don’t look good on my nc20 asian skin/features.. the colours also don’t go well with my clothes and style either.

  15. Milaxx

    silver, I’m dark and it just makes me look ashy

  16. Red and possibly yellow (haven’t really tried it though tbh!)

  17. Shontay

    matte browns make me look dead because I’m about a nc50/nw45. Res seems scary,but I may try it one day.

  18. Manda

    I usually dont touch blue.. unless its navy.. I feel too 80s like when I do lighter blues

  19. Hannae

    Blue and red… looks just really weird on me.

  20. sprut

    pinks and reds don’t really work on me.

  21. Rita

    I like colourful e/s, but they must not be too bright or clear (like basic colours), nor mainly too dark (black or grey) or too light, and no blue-blues for me.

  22. Saira

    Probably cooler toned browns. I used to avoid wearing brown eyeshadows, as they tended to look dirty and muddy on my eyelids. I went to the Mac counter, though, as I wanted to try wearing some browns that would suit me and the make-up artists said that I would suit browns with warm undertones (yellow/red undertones in the shade) and that the browns I had been wearing were probably more cool-toned (more blue/grey in the shade) and too cool for my colouring. I’m really happy, as I took her advice and tried some warm browns (Woodwinked, Tempting, Texture) and finally have found browns to suit me! Yaay!

  23. Evelyn

    yellowwws im asian so my skintone is already yellow haha

  24. Pastels do me no justice. I’m an earth-tone, primary or jewel-toned-wearing girl!

  25. Dee

    I’m sure there are certain shades, but no, there’s no color in general that I won’t wear.

  26. Blues, yellows, and orangeish shades like Melon pigment or Rubenesque paint pot look really bad on my skin tone.

  27. Michelle

    Yellow and orange

  28. Julia

    white and yellow and orange!

  29. colors like moth brown…they make me look bruised..
    fushian other reds look good on me if some MUA uses it..whn i use it by my self…i look HORRIBLE..:)

  30. Wilcoa

    I don’t think there is any color I *won’t* wear, but I do tend to stay away from blues since I tend to look dead or too colorful when I do.

  31. Aire

    Dark Greens like Humid look aweful on me. Also, white e/s, carbon es, and paradisco es, pale pinks/coral es colors.

  32. reesa

    I love blues, but they just look horrible on me, as do some purples.

  33. Pinks and reds – I’ll wear them just to play with the color, but I wouldn’t go out with them on or anything. There’s just too much pink in my skin already for it to look at all good. :-(

  34. jess

    Reds and vivid pinks. I have a lot of red and pink in my skin, and it makes me look like something out of a horror movie.

  35. sej

    Neon colors. I love wearing all colors, but I just can’t do the neon brights.

  36. Eve

    Bright yellow/bright pink/orange/pure black.

  37. lisa

    Pinks i can never get it to work for me!

  38. inuchan

    no red or black for me!

  39. Anitacska

    Red, orange, black, dark brown, and generally very dark colours. Also very light colours only look okay if I wear them under the browbone to highlight, not on my lid.

  40. Brenda

    generally pastels wash me out waaay too much until mid august when i’m tanned

  41. tremorviolet

    Pretty much all blues, they clash with my eyes and look too garish on my fair skin. Even teals look bad. I have to be careful with greens: I love olives but they can make me look bruised.

  42. There isnโ€™t a single shade or color that I wonโ€™t wear and I make every attempt at making them look good. Except neutrals because they bore me to tears, I wear those when I want to look more masculine that day and not like a coloring book.

    • Whitney

      I agree with your first sentence… I am lucky because most colors work well with my hair, eye and skin color – or I make it work with other colors. I won’t wear just white or just silver (idol yes) – but if I use other complimentary colors with them the that is a different story.

  43. ..amy..

    I wasn’t sure id ever use my chrome yellow or orange but on youtube makeupbyrenren has a video for tiger eyes and the colors sooo work and are fun to wear …the only thing id hate to wear are crewam shadows don’t care how creaseless they claim to be

  44. AA

    I can’t think of any color that hasn’t worked for me. The only colors I don’t buy much of are pastel pinks and blues, they’re boring!

  45. I used to steer clear of blues but slowly I am working on integrating them… I find if I pair with a neautral or just use as a liner it seems to work better for me… and be more day time friendly

  46. Luda

    Orange – no matter how hard i blend, no matter what i pair it with – it just doesn’t work

  47. Eyeshadows are my favourite things and I love to play up my eyes. There really isn’t a colour that I wouldn’t wear, I’d wear them all and I’d even wear them all together!!!
    I love statement eyeshadow!

  48. Nicole15

    I tend to stay away from reds & true oranges. They make my eyes look very sick. i can do a bronzy or corally orange like Mythology but not anything more orange than Rule.

  49. red, coz my skin is already kinda red, I also only wear orange in the crease, never on the lid

  50. Tekoa

    Nope! There isn’t a shade yet I will not wear. Saying that, Chrome Yellow is hard to pull off and if I use it, its only in small amounts.

  51. mlou

    warmer shades of any color. Wish I could, because there are many. Look either bloody or bruised.

    red-toned purples (cranberry,warm plums) or pinks, yellow greens, orange, warm browns/bronze.

    Thank goodness for neutrals!

  52. Michelle

    I won’t wear a flat orange matte shadow like MAC’s orange, I wouldn’t wear passionate’s color family, or chrome yellow. I typically don’t wear greens either, bought humid and it gets no love. I won’t do a dark color on the lid as someone else mentioned earlier. I use those at the outer V.

  53. Michelle

    Did it not post? :(

    I won’t wear any of the flat bright colors- chrome yellow- orange, bitter, passionate, etc. I also haven’t touched humid much. I also don’t wear a whole lots of blues at all, although i am thinking of getting tilt.

  54. Nicole

    I don’t like yellow, gold orange, red and pinks and some more colors with an warm and golden and red undertone. It looks like I’ve cried all day long.

  55. Aubree

    True blues. If i used it in small amounts, i can make it work. Otherwise..I look awful. :[

  56. margot

    Bright yellows. It makes me look weird. Golds go on okay, but pure yellows nope
    Blacl also. I have a really fair skin and black makes me look dead and nasty.

  57. Nic

    Nope. I haven’t yet encountered a color that I couldn’t make work somehow. :)

  58. cloudburst

    Anything really chalky with a strong white base – and pure white shadow…awful.

  59. Sarah

    Definitely not cool shades. Purples, blues, frosty pinks make me look ill and as some people say – like we’ve been punched in the eye.

    I generally have fair skin (rocking a killer tan right now though, hehe), hazel eyes and dark hair – despite this – i steer away from cools. Warms are ingenious in helping me in my very strategic masking of dark circles. I <3warm tones.

  60. Shealyn

    yellow, orange and red. i can wear cool-toned golds, but yellow makes me look ill.

  61. lina

    yellow…i can wear bright future but i cannot pull off chrome yellow….i’m nc42 and asian and it makes me look diseased lol

  62. aradhana

    it’s not usually the colours that are a problem…often the texture…i can’t usually do pastel shades on my darker skintone but sometimes with the right formula they do work.

    at the mac counter i tend to steer away from the whole range of paler shades…so don’t have any shroom, or nylon or mylar etc…

    but sometimes it just takes a little something to take one out of the comfort zone. i was pleasantly surprised with ‘whistle’! looking at it in the pan, and even swatched on my hand i wasn’t particularly excited and thought it would end up too pale and ashy….but i LOVE it! it’s an awesome natural looking highlight colour for me, and i never would have guessed.

  63. aradhana

    for people who tend to stay away from certain shades (like pink or magenta) that make them look like they’ve been crying or never sleep, sometimes i find a bit of black or navy liner helps to separate the colour from the eye….

  64. YaYa

    Blue and yellow ๐Ÿ˜€

  65. Terry

    Green and yellow, because they look awful on my medium-olive skin.

  66. Abbey

    Yellows and oranges. I do wear Red though, everyone seems so afraid of that color! I like it because my style is a spin off punk and it work with that and my NW20 skin.

  67. Straight up yellow, orange, bright green, blue, red! Altho I like many colors that are mixed with a BIT of these colors..

  68. Jenna

    I can’t rock the pink eyeshadow! It just makes me look sickly and strange.

  69. Mikki

    Pink and too orangy eyeshadows look horrible on me, it’s like I have been crying all night

  70. Ali

    reds, oranges, yellows, pastels.

  71. Kristina

    Yellows.. any shade just makes it seem like I have hepatitis.

  72. Tami

    I am pretty open to any color shadow but if it looks chalky it’s a definite no-go for me. I bought a drug store palette of a popular brand a few months back. The colors were beautiful in the package but looked like I swiped colored chalk on my lids:-(

  73. Kaylabella

    reds, oranges, and pastels. not that big of a fan.

  74. MC

    Blues are hard for me. Grey-blue looks good, teal looks good, but plain old sky blue, I usually just don’t like. I’m fair so I only use a bit of black–usually stick to a dark grey.

  75. Christy

    White and red. Red just seems so odd to wear for eyeshadow. Pure white, not a creamy white, just doesn’t work with my skintone.

  76. claudia

    blues, because I feel like someone punched me on the eye !

  77. Carmen

    yellows do not flatter me – I have yellowish skin tones (NC25-30. Also certain browns, but if they have some shimmer, I can usually pull them off.

  78. Tiera

    Red… I just can’t do it! It makes me look ill! I tried to love Danger Zone, I really did!

  79. Kelsey

    I am a very fair blue/grey eyed blonde[natural] hair. Blues look TERRIBLE on my skin tone. I have tryed all kinds of blues, they just look so bad. Also, I really cannot pull of any kind of dark colors, I look sick with them. ><
    Hoepfully I can pull off both these shades in summer. lol.

  80. Julie

    I think it mostly depends on what shade of colour it is.
    Some naturally wouldn’t look good on me, but I can’t think of any on the top of my head!
    Maybe yellow?

  81. Jody

    Definitely pinks, for some reason I end up looking like the devil. I cant wear bronzey colors either like Woodwinked, I am wondering if this would work if I had the right combo because everyone seems to love it. I am pretty fair with brown eyes/brown hair.

  82. niknik

    I’m still a little hesitant to wear blue/green eyeshadow

  83. Yaya

    Blue, yellow, and pink!
    Like above poster said, I feel pink makes my eyes look like I have an eye infection or something, or really dry skin.

    I’ve had the NARS Rated R palette for a years now and never used it… not sure why I ever bought it.

  84. Donna

    Pinks can look weird on me if it is a pale pink. I have to add burgundy,brown or navy to get it to look right.

  85. kimberly v

    nope! i work every color! even if its just on a corner or liner but i love em all! i love chrome yellow together w/gorgeous gold and its beautiful!

  86. Shereen

    RED! It just doesn’t look right on me, no matter how I try to use it.

  87. Angel

    Bright blues. All the beauty books out there tell me it’s my perfect shade, but nope, just makes my already small eyes disappear.

  88. Jennifer

    Maroon/ rust/ red/ plummy-pink. Makes my eyes red and beat-up looking.

  89. Mary

    Red- makes my eyes look sooo irritated!

  90. Rachel

    My skin color is a pale yellow..so yellow and yellow/greens look pretty gross on me. No contrast. I look like death warmed over. Not a good look.

  91. Melissa

    i WONT wear red.. i’m afraid of it cuz i heard it’s bad for the eyes? & i jus think it’s not flattering on me cuz i’m so light. :/

    • hi

      There *are* some pigments used to make red products that are bad for the skin, but the pores and cells in the eye area are so small, it’s much harder for those potentially irritating pigments to affect your lids. For example: I tried to use my reddish pink balm from The Body Shop on my cheeks as a dewy cream blush, but my mom advised em not to because red and pink pigments that are alright for your lips (and eyes) do a number on your facial skin. Just use red/pink products where they’re supposed to go! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  92. Daisy

    Anything Orange or with an orange tone in it (so bronzes and coppers are out too) They make me look like I’m ill or am having a huge allergic reaction.

  93. nope! I use different colors all the time and Chrome yellow makes me look browner, but I love it! haha :)_

  94. Melia

    I refuse to wear earthy browns….I’m not into browns at all. I have maybe 2 browns in my stash and every time I’ve used then to try and make them work, I feel that they just don’t wow me (or make me feel really weird). Another color I’m a bit skeptical of trying is red. It would have to be cool-toned for me to try it out, but I wouldn’t say no to it.

  95. Still haven’t crossed the Chrome Yellow hurdle, but I’m up for trying any other colour :)

  96. I don’t think there’s a colour I would never wear…
    It’s a bit hard for me to wear MAC Tilt (and similar colours) since it’s so close to my eye colour but I’ll wear it as long as it’s mixed with something else ๐Ÿ˜‰

  97. I think yellow and red.

  98. HoneyBrown1976

    Reds, certain yellows, and oranges.

    Maybe it’s a age thing (I’m 32) or maybe it’s the colors themselves.

  99. Andrea

    Weirdly, I can’t wear the warm pinks that are so flattering for most people. They make me look ill!!!

  100. I actually don’t think there is such a color!