Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Is there a look you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t? What’s keeping you from trying it? What kind of look is it?

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72 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Is there a look you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t?

  1. Hey Cristine,

    No Cristine,i dont think so.I’ve tried every look i luved and im satisfied from every look :)


  2. Sanayhs

    I’m willing to give anything a shot. Though, some days I want to do something somewhat eccentric, but really can’t because work would frown at me for it.

  3. Γ‰milie

    Yes, there are some looks I have avoided, mainly the pinup-like ones (with very flashy red lipstick and a small black liner). I’ve tried a very flashy red lipstick once, and I ended up looking much too overdone for my age, 19. So now, I avoid anything too dark for my lips. I’ll wait a few years…

  4. I’m with Emilie on the pinup looks. I love the look but the red lips look not so cute on me!

    • Sanayhs

      Try a red lip that’s a bit more sheer? It could tone it down and make it more friendly. :)

  5. ayat

    I think I have tried just about any look I wanted!!!

  6. ceecee

    green and gold, teal and – I don’t know what will look good with teal, i’m brown skinned (think kelly rowland type complexion) any suggestions are welcomed :)
    but the main reason I haven’t tried them yet is I haven’t taken the time to find the right shade, i am slowly building up my collection.

    • OMG, teal can look so good with… SO MANY COLORS! Have you tried a black smoky teal look? How about teal and gold? Blue and teal? Beige and teal….

      Can you tell I think teal goes with a lot?

  7. Jenny

    I have to agree with the others.. I adore the pinup look, it’s so classic but I can’t pull it off. The red lips don’t look right on me :(

    • Aww, Jenny! You know, I bet that it’s more that you’re not used to seeing yourself with such a bold color! I think red lips look funny on me, too, but everyone else thinks I’m crazy for thinking that!

  8. Like all the others posted before me, I adore the Dita Von Teese look like this – but I can’t pull a red l/s too well. :(

  9. Meg

    I am with you ladies!the red lips is a look Iwould love to try.
    I love how it looks on others, but not sure I could pull it off.

  10. Erin

    Instead of red red, I think you fraidy ladies need to try Viva Glam VI. It’s the perfect terracotta red, a little sparkly, not the average bright red matte Gwen Stefani look. I think it might change some of your minds!

    Ceecee, I think bright colors look so flattering on darker skintones! I used gold on a friend who is very dark the other day and I was so jealous of the contrast.

  11. Yup, I am with everyone else on the red lips thing. I can pull off a muted dark muave though. With true red I feel like my lips are entering the room three feet in front of me! I used to wear a lot of just neutral eye looks, but lately because of your blog, I have been venturing out of my comfort zone and trying colors…and getting lots of compliments!

    • LOL, that is a hilarious explanation, and yet it’s true. Red lips DO draw the eye πŸ˜‰

      I’m so glad you’ve found color to be wearable afterall!

  12. Oh dear, I totally agree with everyone about a red lip, I don’t think I could pull it off at all! However, I’m taking your advice, Christine, and am off to experiment with some seeing as I have quite a few lying around! πŸ˜€

    • When it comes to red lips and not being totally comfortable with them, I’ve found these tips to be helpful:

      1) Blot with tissue or kiss the back of your hand to lessen the intensity
      2) Experiment with the undertone (blue-based, yellow-based, orange-based, etc.!)
      3) Go deeper, go for a darker red or berry red

      • Ooooh, thanks for the tips! I have deep berry red that looks quite appealing!

        • Even though I own like a dozen red lipsticks, my favorites are the ones with some berry to them. Like New York Apple, Red No. 5… I also love Queen’s Sin from Antiquitease. My favorite red, I think, ha.

          Let me know how it works out, Emmie!!

          • Sanayhs

            My favourite reds are Russian Red and Classic Dame… πŸ˜€ I’m hardly scared of colour, though. I think that sheerer tones could certainly help ease people into bolder lip colours – and that Temptalia should definitely have a challenge of some sort getting people to try red lips/the pinup look. πŸ˜€

  13. Tonee

    I want to try out a “bronze/nude” look – something like what Jennifer Lopez has on usually. I have been hesitant because I don’t own a single bronzing product and don’t really want to buy one because I am pretty sure I will use it just once!

    • Sanayhs

      This sounds like the kind of thing where you need to go to your favourite makeup store/counter and have them try bronzer on you. That way, you get to try without the buy!

      • Tonee

        I’ve done this – but never had the complete look I want as described above. I wore either red, plum or copper lipstick when I tried out bronzer in the store. I guess the solution would be for me to wear a light beige or nude lipstick before going to the store!

  14. If you asked me that a few weeks ago, I would have said ‘smokey eyes.’ But, I’ve finally achieved it. Yay!

  15. Maybe something really really bold. I never do bold lips cause I feel self concious. lol I always do bold eyes.

    • Heather

      Same here. And when I did really bold lips one day, I got some negative reaction: like “woah….bright lipstick” followed by a funny look. I felt stupid :-(

    • You can sooo do bold lips! If you’re doing bold eyes, I KNOW you can do bold lips!

  16. Quynh

    I really wanna do like..crazy stuff like crazy placement and bright colors w/liner and stuff…but I can’t ever figure out what to do or how to do it w/o a tutorial.

    • Just have fun and experiment πŸ˜› Or look at pictures online and be like “hm, I like this” and then make it your own!

  17. Charlotte

    I’m kinda shocked that everyone else won’t wear red lipstick. I have at least 30! I’ve always loved it.
    For me it’s… Marilyn Monroe eyeliner, or cat’s eyes or pretty much any eyeliner shapes. I’m not very good with eyeliner shapes at all. Well I’ve never tried, but I assume I suck. I don’t wear eyeliner on the top normally because it’s not really flattering to my eyes.

    • LOL, wow! I love red lipstick, though I admit I don’t wear it very much. I think it’s because I tend to go heavy on eyes, I don’t have time to do heavy lips!

      You know, patience, Blacktrack fluidline, and a 266 brush will get you that cat eye.

  18. Sandy

    I yet have to try a rainbow eye. I have done rainbow eye with yellow/orange/fushia…but i want to try one with more colors, maybe mix some green and blue in there πŸ˜‰

  19. emily

    i used to want to try red lips but i tried it der a few weeks back and i was delited with the result!!! now hmmm i wanna try … green maybe, on d eyes of course or navy blue.

  20. claudia m.

    The red lips, I got the Marylin mole above my lips and think I look like a hooker because of it.
    Also (not together of course) hot pink or red eyeshadow w/ smokey black eyeliner…too cool!
    I would have absolutely NO place to wear that to. =)

  21. Heather

    I love wearing Red lips, but I love eye color more, and I know it’s faux pas to wear bright/dark on both. Also wearing red lips is hard to keep up because it fades or bleeds so easily! I’m a teacher, so I’m talking all day, and it’s just really hard to maintain.

    • It’s *generally* a faux pas to do both, but I’ve seen people do both (hell, I’ve done both!) and it’s worked out, too.

  22. I’ve tried nearly every look I’ve wanted to, playing with makeup is a stress-reliever for me sometimes. :)
    But I don’t have the nerve to wear anything really different out in public! Lately I’ve been sort of forcing myself to try different looks to work, and while I’ve gotten quite a few compliments I still feel sort of paranoid that I’ll look like a freak. :(

    • That’s fantastic, Bonnie! I’m so happy to hear that you at least play around with it πŸ˜€

      Don’t think you look like a freak! Be happy and confident!

  23. Janis

    I’ve always wanted to try the peacock eye but haven’t gotten to it yet…just don’t know what occasions call for this look….also the cat’s eye! My eyes doesn’t seem to suit this look coz my eyelids aren’t seen so much so I think it will look a bit weird and also my hands are to shaky to do precise lining!

  24. Sanayhs

    Anyone up for a crazy bold lip should definitely try Love Knot lustreglass over Russian Red lipstick. Oh, oh yes.

  25. Tracy

    I too have never tried a red lipstick that looks good on me. I have fair skin with pinkish undertones and some freckles, and it usually looks silly and clownish to me. What shades of red flatter my skin tone? help Christine! lol

    I typically don’t stray far from sheer nudes or peachy colors when it comes to lips, because I think my lips have a nice shade naturally. Gloss is usually enough, but I’d love to find that *perfect* lip color that would brighten up my face a little more. Not necessarily red, I’m talking more of an everyday wearable color.

    Any suggestions, ladies?

    • You should see what reds weren’t looking good on you – were they orange-based, blue-based, pink-based?

      I find corals are good for color, but nothing over-the-top. Beigey pinks are good, too!

  26. Arika BH

    i know it’s a “don’t” but i want to do the smokey eye/ red lip combo. probably a clubbing look. where else would a nice girl wear a look like that? lately though ive been taking beauty inspiration from MIA, the british rapper. she is so gorgeous and dark. she rocks the craziest boldest color. i’ve been wearing a lot of bold eye makeup. the thing is with bold eye makeup i keep it minimal everywhere else. i can be wearing fuschia eye pigment but i hate pink blush. pink blush makes me feel too made up. go figure.

  27. omg you girls gotta try the pin up look… i personally love it! the classy look the betty page look. i use black liquid liner on top lashes,i add some falsies…red lipstick and wah! lah!! :)

  28. Natalie

    Hmm well I’ve never done a bright lip. I’m thinking I may try to do a hot pink or orange for the summer. I really like bronzer so I was thinking that a bright pink would show up nicely against a tan.

  29. Sally

    A nude lip…. I always thought it would look strange on me…