Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

If you had $500 to spend on beauty RIGHT now, what would you get? Share your list of goodies!

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113 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – If you had $500 to spend on beauty RIGHT now, what would you get?

  1. Guinevere

    all brushes I would love to have.. many permanent eyeshadows, paint pots, fluidlines and stuff I don’t buy cause I prefer the limited staff and think all the time I can still buy that normal product range

  2. im gonna buy mac brushes, smashbox photo finish light primer, 6 blushes of sonic chic (i already have pleasantry, gentle and merrily–i want to get all 9 of them!)..

  3. i am going to get a kick-a** train case to hold all my stash! more brushes and pigments.

    • Hi Sophia,

      LOL!! Do you have your eye on any particular one?

      • Not really… I figure I would never spend $100 more on a box anyways.. But I think the MAC ones are super awesome! :)

        Brushes, I want to get more face brushes, esp those for blushes and contouring. And pigments, I am lemming Steel Blue, Vanilla, Naked, etc.. my current collection is only 4 (Jardin Aires, Glided Green, Your Ladyship & Lark About)

        • Hi Sophia,

          I could never justify the MAC traincase myself! SOOO pricey. I’d love to get it as a gift, but you know, I don’t even feel comfortable asking for it.

  4. Nell

    many permanent MAC items (e.g. Painterly pp, Bronze e/s)
    Dior quints /Fall 08
    Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP+ serum (a current lemming)

  5. Parveen

    I already have all the makeup I could want… I would get some more chanel brushes, and a few Mac
    with the remaining money I would invest it into skincare products from either la Praire or Naturisse ( dunno how to spell it cant be assed to check lol)
    a eye cream, and a lightening radiant cream

    Lol wait leave the brushes..the creams would easily come up to 500 lol

  6. chuarmk

    All on MAC ElectroFlash & Sonic Chic and some MAC eye brushes.

  7. Chica

    Hmm £250… all the MAC blushcremes because I’m so in love with Blossoming.
    That would probably take me up to my limit lol but if not some UD 24/7 liners, because i’m in love with the black one I have.

  8. shimmermoss

    – i would get a couple of foundations i have samples of. i don’t have to decide anymore!
    – a huge traincase (mine isn’t enough!)
    – prep+prime
    – 188 brush
    – an angled shader brush
    – some fluidlines
    – amber lights, handwritten, passionate, plum dressing, chrome yellow, etc (shadows i want to have, but i know i wouldn’t use very much)
    and the rest i save it for sonic chic (we don’t have it yet!) and i’ll buy merrily, gentle, gleeful, nuance.
    thank you for the money!

  9. GREAT question, Christine! I’d rush off to Saks and get some La Mer and that uber-expensive Armani fragrance I’ve been eying. :) I might even skip the La Mer and go over to the Bond No. 9 counter and pick up that bottle of Chinatown I’ve been lemming for… for forever!

  10. wow this is something i think (dream) about alot! i’d get the following:

    alot more MAC — blushes, lipglass, eyeshadows, everything i’ve been wanting to get and held off on!

    some Chanel — glossimers, blushes, foundation

    about 10 Lancome Bifacils makeup remover (can’t live without it)

    some Kerastase products

    and whatever else i see in MAC or Sephora that makes me happy :)

  11. Suzi

    I would buy HALF (and spend my own $500 on the other half) of a TRIA personal laser hair removal system. Permanent hair removal, cheaper than laser hair removal Centers and in the privacy of my own home. :)
    Will be on sale to the public this fall, though you can purchase it through dermatologists offices currently. $1000 for never having to shave my underarms, legs or bikini line again? Bargain!

    • Rubi

      I hadn’t heard of this, I NEED one! Need to google it so I know more. Have you already tried it?

      • Suzi

        Have not tried it. If you Google TRIA Laser Hair Removal, you should find some links. Sounds very promising and if your hair is too pale or skin too dark the laser will not activate, so they have built several safety features in so the at home user will be safe and the device used properly. Sounds very promising!

    • Hi Suzi,

      I’ve heard about this! It’s a lot to plunk down, but if you have the $ and it works, go for it!

      • Rubi

        I have to use VEET, nothing else works for me. I am mexican and therfore a tiny little fuzzball. I joke that I am half feline, lol. Between my waxing obsession and the Veet, I would probably save money in less than a year.

  12. Ross1977

    I’d buy many chanel nail polishes, all the permanent mac eyeshadows, all mac brushes and a huge beauty case :-)

  13. Sandy

    I would get me all Dior quints I can get 😉

  14. All the MAC LE items that I’ve missed, don’t matter how expensive they are.Lotta, tons of MAC LE’s.

    And … Some Dior, some Guerlain LE editions, Chanel glossers and nail polishes, newest collections, Bobbi Brown…And some Urban Decay & Benefit.

    Well, that’s all.I don’t spend money to facials, except some delicious body creams and Lush =)

  15. I’d run and get some extravagant face moisturizer (like la mer or darphin) and probably stock up on eyeshadows and stuff i wouldn’t normally buy.

    • Hi Froogal,

      LOL, La Mer and Darphin would take most of your money! So pricey!

      • Oh yes, i know! There’s no other way I would ever spend that much money on creams!

        Argh. Your question makes me wish I had an extra stash of cash lying around!! haha

        Love your site, btw!!

  16. Aitana

    So many items…. espetially Chanel brushes!

  17. Nana

    I would get myself some permanent MAC e/s, NARS e/s, eye and face brushes from MAC and Shu Uemura, some Shu Uemura skin care product, then a nice Chanel quad and some Chanel blushes.

  18. Elle

    I’d finish off the rest of the Sonic Chic collection, the Starflash products (actually picked some eyeshadows up last night at Nordstrom’s…they are RIDICULOUSLY awesome and I’m fighting the urge to buy all of them…and I have to go back for more of those liners!), some brushes (I’m eyeing the MAC 188 but not sure if I “need” it), Lush products (I love their solid shampoos and the Buffy bar), the new Lancome collection, the Too Faced smokey eye set, and all of the products I love from the Dr. Hauschka line. That stuff is expensive, IMO.

  19. AmyLou

    I too, would think about getting beauty treatments versus actual products. . . like book 6 months worth of facials and body scrubs, LOL.

    I’d probably invest in a home airbrush tanning system, and I liked a previous posters idea about getting hair removal tools.

    I’d buy some awesomely expensive skincare creams.

    Stock up on everything I’ve ever wanted at Sephora, including some brushes, LOL.

  20. Asta

    I’d get some brushes (new concealer brush, some eye floofs, liner and lip). Then I’d grab all the perfumes I’ve been lusting after. A full bottle of Bond No 9 Chinatown, Keiko Mecheri Ume, Andy Tauer Incense Rose, Indult Isravaya or Flowerbomb or Montale Vanilla Extasy (I can’t decide yet). That’s probably all I can afford but there are at least five other bottles I want.

  21. meg

    All MAC items
    Brushes, foundation, Starflash,lipstick

  22. Kristina

    I would spend it all at MAC! And I wouldn’t give it a second thought. Brushes, blushes, paint pots, shadows, etc. A little of this, a little of that!

  23. I think I would try to set up a better organization system. Or maybe try to hook myself up with a vanity of some sort. So that would probably take up most of the money. If I wouldn’t do that, I would just have a field day in Sephora, and pick up all the stuff that I want, but never got! A bunch of NARS eyeshadows, Make Up Forever stuff, Urban Decay eyeshadows, Benefit stuff…I would load it down! And then travel on over to MAC and see what else I could get. Oh, and Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliners, I love those things!

  24. Nicole

    500 Dollars? I think, I stock up my MAC Collections with new brushes, lipsticks, eye shadows and a make-up lesson with an artist, who tells me, how to make me up.

  25. DJ

    In my dreamlife I would spend it on one bottle of Roja Dove perfume, but I would still need an extra $200 to buy it…(yes, it is outrageously expensive).

  26. victoria

    first, i would get some expensive skincare like clarisonic or kate somerville because these are so expensive but i’ve heard so many good things about them. then i would get mac face brushes because again, those are pretty pricey. i would love to get the 136 and 182. anything left, i would get my mac staples because mac comes out with something new all the time but i always return to my basic favorites.

  27. MIss J

    I just spent $300 at a MAC pro store… and it was way too easy!! With an additional $500 I think I would grab a few more brushes, a few of the pro e/s, I just got BioGreen and I LOVE it… I’d grab a few more pallets and two or three lipglasses.. Some mascara and more mixing medium… I love the studio Mist foundation.. some of that too… some fluid line, some Kohl Powers… hahaha I’m like a kid in a candy store.

  28. Tekoa

    I’d probably get everything I want from the Starflash/Lustre Twins launch. I’d try to save $200 to try that horribly expensive hair dryer you reviewed previously. If there was any money left, the last thing I’d get is cat treats for Luna.

    • Hi Tekoa,

      LOL! I think there may be a Conair (or a brand equivalent) one that’s supposed to do a pretty good job for maybe $50 or so.

  29. Laney

    Huge sizes of Ojon Shampoo & Conditioner
    Ojon Dry Shampoo
    MAC faces brushes-181, probably
    Anastasia Brow Kit
    8 Starflash Shadows
    More Mineralized blushes

    There are like 800 other things, but that’s AT least $500 right there!

  30. HeavenLeiBlu

    more brushes, a new HUGE traincase, and if I have enoug leftover, a couple more Mineralized blushes and the neutral palette from Coastal Scents.

  31. Monica

    Brushes, eyeshadows, pigments, blushes.. yummi.. IDK.. probably the colors that I dont have and all the starflash collection!

  32. Kristine

    Oh my… I would probably toss out any cheap/old/hardly used makeup I have lying around and repurchase everything!

  33. Brittany

    oh man, i’d go and buy soooo many mac eye shadows and pigments! i’d also wanna go to a spa and get a nice massage, maybe a mani and pedi. haha, i so wish i had $500 to spend on beauty right now 😛

  34. Helen Toy

    i would get more eyeshadows even though i have sooo many already. it’s an addiction!

  35. Helen Toy


    have you tried nyx shadows? do u like them?

    • Hi Helen,

      I have tried them, and I find they are good for their price. I don’t use them, because I have plenty of other makeup, though.

  36. von

    clarisonic face brush and cleanser set, brushes, MAC, Urban Decay, Smashbox, and nars products

  37. Erin/slipnslide

    I would get a train case, probably some sort of organizer (and maybe while we’re talking magic we could magically put more space in the bathroom, between me and the hubby we be crampin’, yo!), loads of brushes (the kind that would be nice but you normally can live without), a bunch of pro colors and mixing mediums and blushes and pigments. Wow! I guess I would get a lot. Oh, and some cool lashes- because lets face it, I rarely wear them so I don’t usually bother to spend money on them.

  38. Amanda

    I’d get the 187, MAC Paints, Luna Creme Base, and some shadows from the Star Flash collection, more Sonic Chic blushes and some good, expensive face creams.

  39. Kandice

    Hmmm…I already get my nails and toes done every two weeks, so that’s already covered. My hair is pretty decent and my BFF is a hairstylist and will do whatever I want for only $20 (she loves me!) and I buy my haircare products online for a huge discount. I also just bought a ten drawer cart and new traincase so I’m all set in the organization department. I would probably stock up on my Big Sexy Hair hairsprays and shampoos though. Basically, I would spend the money on makeup. Here’s my list:

    1. 2 Bottles of Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Harder Hairspray ($10.19 each) and 2 bottles each of the Big Volume Shampoo and Conditioner ($7.19 each) for a total of about $40.
    2. NARS blush in Orgasm (have been wanting this for ages)-$25
    3. Urban Decay 24-7 eyeliners (Zero, Gunmetal, Stash, Rockstar, and Covet) $16 each for a total of $80
    4. Dolce & Gabbanna The One fragrance (I think it’s around $80 or so)
    Total so far= $145

    Now onto the MAC items:
    4. MAC 182- $45
    5. MAC 252- $29
    6. 4 15-pan eyeshadow palettes and 1 blush palette ($15 each or so, I believe)- $75
    7. Eight eyeshadows (perhaps Starflash)

    Man, $500 goes quick!!

  40. whitnee

    Electrolysis on my eyebrows.

  41. Theresa

    500 bucks sure aint enough!!
    But, what i’ll do straight away with cash is to buy a facial package. my current one’s expiring you see :(((

    these days, i tend to focus more on skincare than makeup. i’d figure, with better skin, one would only need less makeup.

  42. marsina

    hair stuff-cut, color, new appliances–flat iron, dryer, hot rollers, and the rest on MAC gift cards because I’m waiting until the new case comes out in October and I’m holding off on depotting until the new palettes with the clear lids come out. Everything else MAC I buy on a regular basis, I could always use more brushes but they’d just be backups. If I had to spend the money immediately, I’d have to take a trip to Vegas, since that’s my closest pro store, and shopping online just isn’t the same.

    • whitnee

      they’re going to have clear lids?? awesome!

    • Valerie

      And to say I just got my first palette :(

      • whitnee

        i know i already have 3, what a waste because i would totally rebuy them if the lids were clear. i have a difficult time telling them apart. at least i figured out i could take the mac sticker off of the box that says ‘blush’ to identify which one is blush but the two eyeshadow ones i’m at a loss. i know some people put labels on their lid though, with little dot stickers, which i think would block the view somewhat through the clear lid AND not be very attractive…but i think i would prefer a clear lid, or having a choice would be even better!

    • Hi Marsina,

      I think I have to agree with you and get a sweet new hair cut, too!

  43. anshu7

    i would buy mac brushes for sure and a couple of mac 187s.hmmm apart from tht??cnt really think of anything maybe save it for future lemmings..i am so boring!i wud probably head off to prescriptives and have everything cutom blended for me

  44. Valerie

    I’d go to the MAC store with my “shopping basket” list that’s on there website and spend it ALL! Maybe more too. lol

  45. Fie

    Hmm…. Just buy some MAC mineralized blushes, the 181 brush, spend the rest of the money on a spa trip..and I’d probably still have some money left. Haha.

  46. MAC lipglass, dazzleglass, eyeshadows…
    basically any MAC stuff I could get my hands on that suits my fancy & the budget =)

  47. neysa

    the new star flash line i love it

  48. Nathalie

    I would buy almost everything from Mac Cosmetics, but the brushes have my first vote. The eyeshadows are next and all their other wonderful products.

  49. danielle

    -i would get all the brushes that i don’t have already.
    -many of the permanent eyeshadows (again the ones that i don’t have already).
    -the electroflash duos that i didn’t get.
    -solar white e/s.
    -smashbox cosmetics.
    -UD eyeliners.
    -another train case by sephora. (my first one is all filled up).
    -paint pots.

    and many more…..=P