Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

If you could create your own MAC Collection, what would it be? What would you call it? What would be the theme? What would be in it?

Question courtesy of Nell!

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83 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – If you could create your own MAC Collection, what would it be?

  1. Kristen Elisabeth

    Tons of bright colors… all frosts…

  2. deepblue

    Palettes for eyes and lips with Swarovski Crystals outside on the box and with glitter shadows inside the eye palette and dazzleglass-like lipcoulours in the lip-colour palette!

  3. OOOOOOH i wanna play!!

    i’d do either a collection of NEW (read: different shades) MSF’s, or a purple themed eyeshadow collection/palette. yaay!!

  4. Gurl, you read my mind, I have just wished somebody ask something like this to me.I have few ideas.

    1 – Thomas Wylde X MAC

    Thomas Wylde’s traditional skull design all over MAC’s packaging.It will includes Dazzleglasses,lipsticks in bright, pop-themed colors, a eyeshadow quad with all over skulls on it, new shades of blushers and Richmetal new highlighter colors like light burgundy – even more shimmery colours!

    2 – Grek Mythology Collection

    A MAC packaging with a crack-antique effect on it, well, if we can dream free, I will add a palette with Aphrodit print on it, the palette will be gold, includes green and purple eyeshadows and coral lippies.Also, it will be a very sheer bronze colored powder and some lipsticks and eye stuff.

    3 – Cheeky Collection

    Why?Because I am adoring blushes.This collection is about a new product type: tints and stains in variety of colours.

    4 – Lippy Collection

    A variety of new Lipgelee colours- Mac should not care about them for a long time but I think they deserve a new collection. In bright oranges, light pinks and dark peaches.

    5 – Viva Glam ‘Gold’ Edition

    Maybe for Holiday season, I wish we’ll see a new viva glam colour, in a gold case, with combining eyeshadow colors (all VPs) in gold undertones, a shimmery face dust packaged in gold, with a new celeb in campaign.

    Also a HUGE range of nail polishes in dark velvety colors.

  5. Zsofi

    i would create lots lots lots of new pigments and also make it possible to buy pro pigments in more shops :-)

  6. Mae

    lol I was gonna put mine haha but everyone already mentioned bright colors LOL

    Like bright random colors like in the UD Deluxe palette. Call it Club Diva or something LOL

  7. Mariah Carey or Kylie Minoque, maybe =)

  8. Parveen

    mine wont be as detailed as kristens

    But I would wish ever since mac started making cosmetics i could have 3 of each. One for me… and one for my sister (i dont like to share lol) and the other one in my makeup hall of fame. I would die just looking at all this limited edition things

    that includes pro stuff 2.. I would literally dedicate a huge room to my makeup… with mirrors lights and vanity tables and everything..

    Just thinking about making me so excited

  9. Zoila

    I’d call it Zoila or maybe “Zoy” (nickname my family and friends call me..)
    The theme would be.. 60’s or 70’s
    and it would have really funky packaging with beautiful flowers (sunflowers, etc.), peace signs, the whole deal.. haha

    The eyeshadows would be gorgeous pastels!

  10. Nell

    One collection would be called “Golden Eye”, it would include:

    two MSF´s called Heart of Gold and Gold Finger
    two pigments called Stake my Claim and Gold Rush
    two quads in Light Golds and Dark Golds
    lipsticks called Ounce, Mine, Nugget and Inlay
    lipglosses called Ray of Light, Dark Side, Improper Copper and Brazen Bronze

    And I´d like a designer collaboration collection with Burberry Prorsum´s Designer Christopher Bailey, the packaging would be in the classic Burberry plaid, there would be lots of paint pots and blushes and beauty powders (imagine the compacts, aaaaahhh!)as well as the usual l/, l/g and e/s array.

    Okay, now I´m spent…

  11. Tammy

    Louis Vuitton !!!

    Imagine ???

    I’m thinking a classic theme with the brown and gold LV packaging with a pallette of golds and neutrals….

    As well as the bright colored theme with the white and rainbow packaging witha pallette of brights and pastels…

    Sunds Oh So Fabulous!!!

  12. Vee

    I’m do an Icon collection for Grace Kelly or Rita Hayworth, complete with glam, 40’s style packaging. A great red lip colour, a smokey eye palette, and a blot powder – just to name a few.

  13. Julia

    Mine would be called “well lined” and would be a collection of liquidlasts, fluidlines, and eye kohls. They would be really pigmented bright colors, and also some with glitter. Think of an entire collection as bright as royal wink fl! 😀

  14. Nicole

    I name my own collection “Nicolishious” including

    2 e/s Quads: (one Quad with neutral colous like Shroom, Ricepaper, Patina, Satin Taupe and one with bright colors like Phloof, Juxt, Tilt and a midtone grey für smokey eyes all Frosh finishes)
    4 glaze lippis (like N3, Pleasureseeker, Pink (my first MAC lippi ever) and a midtone pink for formal appointments)
    2 Glosses or Gelees a more peachy-brown undertone and a pink undertone
    2 light paint pots (one with cool shimmer (for the night) and one without (for daytime)
    3 nailpolishes (bright blue, cool mid-tone brown (with changes in shimmer) and a sheer one with silvery glitter in it.
    1 Plushlash Mascara
    2 Beauty Powders and a Blot Powder and a Glitter Powder (like Stardust in a mini size)
    and a set of 5 Brushes (incl. 187, 217, 219, 224 and 239)

    The packaging would be a bright rich blue with light soap-bubbles.
    Thats it.

  15. Tekoa

    I’d do a World Wildlife Fund theamed collection. Half of the sales would go towards saving endangered animals and their habitats. The eyeshadow/lipstick/lipglosses would have animal prints like tiger, snake, or whatever. On the paint pots/blushes there would be an inked on panda (the symbol of the WWF.) Everything would have environmentally themed names like “Misty Forest” or “Red Panda.”

  16. Eva

    I´d still love a MAC l.a.m.b. collection…the packaging would be leopard or cheetah..and the colours would be inspired by Gwen Stefani´s signature look (black liner, neutral and gold eyeshadows, different shades of red lipsticks and pink/neutral glosses, bronzers and muted pink blushes with the l.a.m.b. – logo edged in).

    • I’d love to see a big launch of red lipsticks!

      • Eva

        Strange that MAC (or any other large cosmetic company) hasn´t already done this – at least not that I know of?!
        Red lips never go out of style and it´s the lipstick´s 125 th birthday, for Pete´s sake!

  17. shimmermoss

    i don’t know if it’s been done, but i’d like to see an old movies collection. e/s quads inspired by 30’s, 40’s movies (not the make up in them, but inspired by the theme) like gone with the wind, casablanca, wizard of oz, etc…
    and i support the grace kelly collection that vee mentioned. i adore her!

  18. becca

    Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle, sparklesparklesparkle. No actual glitter, just everything incredibly sparkly and shimmery. With deep blood red packaging, or dark blue infused with shimmer.

  19. Andrea

    FREE!!! There are so many people who browse the counters who just can’t afford the pricey MAC shadows. If I was rich (and a MAC creator) I would make mini palletes for people who would like a little MAC in their collection…dont ask me how this would work though haha

  20. Deepblue, Tammy, Wee, Eva’s collections were really beautiful… I have some more ideas:

    1 – Las Vegas Collection

    Inspired by Las Vegas’s eye-catching lights, this collection will make you look like a hot Vegas chick.Nude lipglossers, eyeliners, gold and sparkly eyeshadows covered with packaging that flashy lights on it.

    2 – Africana Collection

    A palette covered with straw mat and includes earthy, matte collections like coral, cocoa, berry, sand etc, and MSf blushers in colors that looks good on darker skin.

    3 – House of Holland X MAC

    Let’s think…Traditional MAC lipsticks, bronzers, paint pots…But slogans (mottos) on them, like HOH’s creative -and funny- slogans, but not for fashion, for makeup.And colors will be eye-popping and funny.

    4 – Juicy Couture X MAC

    It will be unique and cool.Plumping lipglasses, baby blue, gold, muted bronze and sheer pink eyeshadows, bronze colored blushers and a bronzer, with traditional Juicy Couture logo over them.

    And some new product ideas…

    Sheer lippies that not gives a color, just a hue of coloring light.Also a great minty smell and taste.GlitPots, a paint pot textured multi-use glittery cream thing.Gel Blush, like Nars multiples but in a sheerer way- easy to handle and use, in a stick form.Bronze Balm for add a fake tan to the body, in cream texture.

  21. Lexi

    I would love an adorable Hello Kitty or Harajuku themed collection, with adorable bright colors for the eyes, lips, etc. And fun designs on the packaging, of course. 😉

  22. kobri

    Hmm so many ideas!

    I would do a Waterlily Collection- Sheer water colour pigments blue/grey/green/lilac (like mutiny, lovely lily etc. and duochrome VPs like a naval blue with green duochrome, and lipcolours themed on tropical flowers.

    The Rainbow Connection- Rainbow coloured pigments that are eye safe, each tone could have a bright and a pastel/muted shade.

  23. cloudburst

    One idea – I would do a neo-Gothic collection for fall. It would be rich, burnished colours like Cranberry, Woodwinked and Contrast, but with a lighter & neutral shades mixed in so everyone could wear it. I would do liquid eyeliners in deep metallics, like the eye kohls Orpheus, Mystery & Raven etc. As well as dark red & burgundy luster lipsticks & glosses, as well as light & med nude/beige colours. To top it off the collection would have deep burgundy, forest green, metallic navy blue and deep bronze coloured mascaras. And a deep amber & rose based perfume (think Stella by Stella McCartney).

  24. Ashley

    I would love to see an 80s collection! Bright ridiculous colours and bold packaging!

  25. JackA.

    I’d love to see a collaboration with either Marilyn Manson or M.I.A. I could see the latter being alot like the Fafi collabo, only with stronger, more vibrant tones.

    For the M.I.A. collection, there would definently have to be 2 quads, one for each of her albums.

    Arular would feature more warm, fiery shades, while Kala would be the cooler toned quad. Slimshines would be a must-a lollipop red lippie called ’10 Dollar’ would rock-as well as some new MSF’s. A portion of the proceeds would have to benefit a charity of M.I.A.’s choosing.

    As for a Manson collabo, I see uber goth vamp meets 70’s OTT glam shimmer. Some new eyeshadows, nail varnishes, mattenes, and the return of Lightscapade.

  26. Amanda

    I know I’m crazy but…I LOVE Veluxes!! So any collection I’d dream up would have to be full of Veluxe e/s in tons of bold colors, along with a few neutrals that could be all different finishes…and then I prefer full-coverage lipsticks so I’d have to bring back some Mattenes and then have neutral and shades of red lipsticks in Matte, Satin, Amplified, and even a Lustre or two 😉

  27. karen

    actually this morning I was thinking if MAC can have a mini-collection which contain smaller size of eyeshadow. I knew MAC is a pro-brand,and there are lots of professional artist fans. but for me, as a normal makeup-lover, I own lots of color, and can never used up any of them. so instead to have different shape of eyeshadow or blush, as I saw in the color form collection, I prefer to have some mini size color. they will be very cute.

  28. Becky

    Hehe, we just did this on MUA..
    a Greatest Hits collex: MAC’s most rare/hft/cult items, including MSFS, moth brown, french grey….

    and my own: harry potter!

    Slytherin: Emerald green with fine silver shimmer
    Gryffindor: Scarlet with fine gold shimmer
    Ravenclaw: Bronze with blue duochrome
    Hufflepuff: Black that flashes gold

    McGonagall: Mid-tone mauve with fine white shimmer
    Hermione: baby pink with light pink shimmer
    Pansy: deep red with gold shimmer
    Cho: mid-warm pink with gold and silver shimmer

    Voldemort: Deep purple-red that flashes purpley/blue
    Dumbledore: Light pinky-brown nude
    Harry: Midtone blue-pink
    Ron: Bold orange-red with gold shimmer

    Avada Kedavra: Bright lime green
    Incendio: Red bronze with orange duochrome
    Wingardium Leviosa (sp?!): white that flashes green and gold
    Expelliarmus (sp?) Soft gold with shimmer
    Accio: Dark teal based black with teal shimmer
    Alohomora: Dark dark bronze

    Kohl Power:
    Flitwick:Black with bright turquoise shimmer
    Snape: Black with bright emerald green shimmer
    Umbridge: Black with bright purple shimmer

    Duo MSF eyeshadows:
    Hedwig:light dove grey and darker charcoal with gold and green veining
    Crookshanks: cool taupe and darker taupey brown with silver and purple veining
    Scabbers: light warm peach tinged gold and darker gold bronze with blue and yellow veining

    Polyjuice: dark black-brown with silver shimmer
    Sleeping: Spiky bright purple
    Felix Felicious: Bright clean green/blue

    Unicorn: Light baby pink with subtle silver shimmer
    Hippogriff: medium warm pink

    Had fun doing it! Some of the names don’t relate to the color however…
    Thanks for looking

  29. Haydee

    I would also go with a movie theme…..
    Which Pink Lady are you? Movie Grease -Sandy, Rizzo,Frenchy and Jan
    Which Romantic Leading Starlet are you? Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn-Gone With the Wind Vivien Leigh, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Marilyn Monroe-Casablanca Ingrid Bergman
    Which Sex In the City female are you? Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte.
    These collection will have SO MUCH EYE CANDY you will definitely get diabetes!

  30. Selene

    it would be a completely girly collection. (:

    with a floral package.
    and the eye shadows would all be neutral colors like champagnes and taupes in a velux finish.
    there would be cream blush in baby pinks and soft apricot colors.
    and the lipstick colors would be really fun fusia/hot pink colors.

  31. Skyler

    I’m a really big fan of past eras/time periods… and I know I said this last time when you asked this question, but I’d definitely have a Shakespeare collection! No doubt. A Marie Antoinette collection. A Victorian collection. A Renaissance collection. I’m drooling just thinking about them. One I’ve been dreaming of forever is an Egyptian collection. Since it was the time period where make-up first appeared and it conjures up images of gold, blue, purple, black… OMG, it would be a STUNNING collection.

    I’d also like to see Kat Von D X Mac. I know she did one with Sephora but I’d like to have her shades in the high-quality, highly-pigmented MAC formula. I know a lot of people don’t like her, for whatever reason, but she is such an amazing artist (this woman is a serious ink artist; they look like photographs!) and I LOVE her make-up.

    Oo, and how about a Pride collection to celebrate Pride Week around the world?! That’d be neat. A true red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple… some pigments and lip products with rainbow sheens or rainbow pearl. Ohyes. I’m going to Pride tomorrow and I feel that you can substitute tons of colours and create lots of different looking rainbows with MAC colours, but I want a collection that is specifically for true rainbow colours. Ya know? And I love the idea of rainbow sheens/sparkles/duochromes/pearls/etc.

  32. Tarina Tarantino needs to team up with MAC STAT! She used to be a MAC artist so she really really needs to lol. I know that it would be so fabulous. Maybe pure neons, hints of swarovski crystal, etc.

    My other idea is cupcake themed, with the eyeshadow pots opening exactly how they do now, but they look like cupcakes instead. Cream-filled lipsticks which are sheer but have an opaque white cream center that mixes to make pretty pastel lips. Glitter creams called sprinkle-pots. A nailpolish with glitter vial attached to the handle/lid. A new finish for eyeshadows that is halfway between a matte and a pearl, a matte with a very very subtle sheen. The brights would be pastels and then dark chocolate browns and caramel inspired colors to offset the intense colors.