Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

How truthful do you think magazine reviews are? Are you a cynic who believes they were paid reviews, or do you delight in getting a professional opinion to help you decide what’s worth getting and what’s not?

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18 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – How truthful do you think magazine reviews are?

  1. I believe that in my favorite magazines such as Allure, they give an honest opinion in reviews.

  2. Tekoa

    I don’t believe a word of it. On one page is a positive review about “X red lipstick” and on the opposite is an advertisement from the brand that sells the lipstick. I see a biase towards picking products from companies that place advertisements. I guess I’m a cynic who sees them as paid reviews. *lol* That’s why I trust this place. :)

  3. naomi

    I have bought products because of magazine reviews and fine that many are not what they make them out to be. You cant trust what people say now days. Even in make up alley I notice sometimes reviewers always shoot down various products and give props to a certain brand (in most of the reviews they have given.)
    Ex. I don’t like this MAC …. it is just hype. My shiseido is much better. And they keep doing this. Thats why I am glad we have reviewers like Temptalia and Pursebuzz!

    • I’m glad you’ve found some reliable sources! I never like it when people are biased to their own favorite brand – if MAC makes something I’m not in love with, I’ll be the first to say so!

  4. Anna

    I have never read a negative review in a magazine and don’t believe that there are that many good products…That and the fact that I know beauty editors get paid from the company to endorse the products…it makes sense to never write a negative if you want the product to sell…i learn nothing from beauty magazines and that is why i LOVE your website

    • That’s true, Anna! I’m not a huge fan of negative reviews myself, though. I haven’t run into very many products that deserve one, though, lol!

      Thank you!

  5. I think now that there are beauty blogs and sites like Makeup Alley, I don’t need to know whether or not the beauty mags are giving honest reviews. I look to them for latest products, tips, and other fun info. But for honest reviews, I keep coming back to sites like yours! :)

  6. lisa

    I think they are biased which is exactly why i love your site so much because i find that you are honest and if u don’t like something like a certain mac brush etc u say it. Most magazines speak wonders of products that they themselves are being paid to advertise for.

  7. Tanya

    I don’t believe beauty magazines on anything they write, not reviews, not the hottest new things, not how I should lose 5 lbs and then I will be happy…no thanks. There is one magazine that has three reviews of some type of beauty product in each edition and its the only beauty reviews I believe to be truthful. Its Bust magazine :)

    I turned to this site because I have faith in peer reviews and from what I have learned of our wonderful webmistress I trust her reviews as well. I try to seek out those who I feel have similar taste and will give their reviews extra credence above a new or newer poster.

    • I’ll have to check out Bust Magazine, Tanya. I know I’ve heard of it and probably seen it on stands, too.

      I personally love peer reviews, too!

      Thank you :)

  8. Kate

    I don’t believe a word beauty magazines write. The biggest lie in each issue is the list of products used on the cover model. It’s just a paid advertisement! Also, they always favorable review certain skincare products but I can take one look at the picture, see that it’s held in a jar and know that no matter how good the product is, the fact that it’s not in a air-tight, darkened pump and instead in a jar, each time that jar gets unscrewed, light and air will decompose any of the beneficial ingredients. It gets me so annoyed!!

  9. If editors of magazines give opinions on products I believe it is just to try to shape our thinking in order to make their corporate sponsors happy. Especially the mu artist interviews, I mean really, they tell you they are the mu artist to the stars, yeah like about 500 others and everyone of them has a different opinion.