Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

How often do you clean your brushes? Daily, everyday? Do you do daily cleanings and then deep cleanings? What do you use?

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81 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – How often do you clean your brushes?

  1. dee

    Once a week. Right now I’m using these make-up remover cloths that I got from the beauty supply. I like them ok, but I only use them because they were out of liquid the last time I was there.

  2. I clean twice in a week,I think its really important.Mmmm the procedure..by turning it upside down and with Johnsons Baby shampoo,i find it very mild so it keeps my brush bristles soft.


  3. Chloe

    I try to clean them once a week. I use the MAC brush cleanser but I’ve never really used anything else so I have nothing to compare it to. I have no complaints though, their formula is great and gets them really clean and soft!

    • How long does it take brushes to dry after using MAC’s Brush Cleanser?

      • Laura Ruse

        i normally clean my brushes before every new look so as not to contaminate my shadows 😀 (if i’m doing a look with similar colours, i tend to be lazy… lol)

        BUT onto your question…
        if i clean my eye brushes before i do my foundation, by the time i’m done… the brushes are totally dry.

  4. i try to do it once a week, but latley it’s been every other week cause my jobs are keeping me super busy

  5. Nell

    I clean them about once to twice a week, like Zainy I use Johnsons Baby Shampoo :)

  6. victoria

    I clean my daily or every other day with the MAC brush cleanser. I also deep-clean them once a week or once every other week with shampoo – I just use Suave shampoo…it’s cheap and works great!!

  7. I clean them every other day. I don’t have the cleansing wipes so I have to deep clean them every time I know I’m gonna use different colors. (Which is every day.) I clean them at night and they are usually dry in the morning.

  8. Ok, I feel really bad after reading all these comments! I’m luck if I ever remember to clean my brushes:( I’m definitely going to go home and clean them tonight!

    I have the MAC brush cleaner, but it never seems to get them very clean. Am I using it wrong?

  9. I use Sephora brush cleaner once a week. But, I have to admit sometimes I go more than week, although I try not to!

  10. traca

    once a week with merle norman brush cleaner

  11. Myra

    I clean mine maybe 3 times a week, I just clean them like I would clean a paint brush, I use my facial wash or shampoo, I put a little in a cup with warm water, throw all my brush in it and swirl them around, then rise and squeeze the water out and then let them air dry, it takes me about 10 minutes, I get all my brushes done, at once and I do it before I go to bed at night.

  12. Kell

    Because I’m on basically bedrest, I’m not getting my brushes too dirty bc I can’t go out, therefore don’t always wear makeup. So I clean mine once a week.

  13. Ariele

    Every few days, I’ll clean them with MAC Brush Cleanser in a water solution. If I need to use a brush that has a different color on it that I don’t have a dupe of, I’ll spot clean with straight MAC Brush Cleanser. Then, every couple of weeks, I will deep cleanse with baby shampoo.

  14. Sanayhs

    I use a wipe for a quick daily clean as I put on makeup, and then deep clean with baby shampoo roughly once a week.

  15. Jackie

    I maybe clean my brushes once a week with brush cleanser, and then deep clean with baby shampoo once a month. But if I use a really dark shadow, I will clean them after that.

  16. I usually clean my brushes every day with a brush cleaner (I got a homemade recipe from Enkore on YouTube) and then deep clean with Johnson’s Baby shampoo either every week, or so…What I usually do is buy a really cheap pack of washclothes from Walmart (18 for like $2) and keep one on my make up table, squirt some brush cleaner on it and and wipe my brushes after I use them in the morning…that gets all the color off so I can use them again easily. Then on the weekend (usually Sunday) deep clean all of them so they are ready for the next week.

    • What’s the homemade recipe? I hate watching videos, lol, I’m terrible. I’m a text person!

      • Ok, the recipe for homemade brush cleaner (courtesy of Enkore on YouTube)
        1 cup distilled or purified water
        1/4 cup alcohol (try to get the 91% kind, dries faster)
        1/2 Tablespoon dish soap (Palmolive is the BEST)
        1/2 Tablespoon moisturizing shampoo
        1 Tablespoon LIQUID leave in conditioner

        Gently mix it all together (too vigorous and it gets all foamed up). Then pour into clean bottle of your choice, I use one of those flip cap bottles…
        I squirt a little bit out on one of my washclothes, and just brush my brushes back and forth. Since it has alcohol in it, they dry pretty quickly. I can even use the same brush for a different color almost right away!

  17. Every day with brush cleaner, once a month with baby shampoo!

  18. Lou

    I deep clean my eye brushes and face brushes really after every use or every other use… I might get myself some MAC Brush Cleanser for everyday so I can make it a once a week deep clean instead.

    I use a tiny bit of my foaming cleanser and warm water, I need to invest in some baby shampoo but I won’t buy Johnson’s because I’m trying to find a cruelty-free brand. If anyone knows of one, I’d love to know! :)

    For my lip brushes, I put a few dots of vegetable oil on a paper towel and wipe the bristles until no more color shows up.

    • Oh, wow! Do you use your brushes everyday or is it not so often?

      • Lou

        I use my eye brushes everyday, hence why I need some brush cleanser! hehe but they hold up well! my face brushes I’m only using maybe twice a week because I’m only using my No.7 tinted moisturizer at the moment.

        • Got it 😀 I try to clean mine once a week, but it’ll depend on if I use them a lot. If it’s just once or twice that week, I might skip!

  19. Jen

    I clean them daily with Mac brush cleaner and once a month with Bare Minerals Brush Shampoo.

  20. Jennifer

    I do a quick clean daily by swiping them on a Pampers baby wipe to get the residue off. I do a deep clean once to twice a week with baby shampoo.

  21. I try to clean them every day but sometimes I just forget. It’s tuesday and I’m yet to clean them!

  22. Jennifer

    I clean my concealer/foundation/eyeliner brushes every time I use them, my shadow brushes every time I change colors (I tend to wear a similar range of neutrals during the week, so there’s no real need to keep washing them when I’m just going to whack the same color back on), my loose powder and blush brushes every week or so, again, because I just use the same colors.

  23. Alicia

    I clean my eye brushes after every use with the brush cleanser, then deep clean the eye and face brushes with my shampoo (Pantene) every 2 weeks or so.

  24. claudine

    daily after use with MAC’s Brush Cleanser
    and 1 every 3 weeks with shampoo

  25. Mil

    i have sensitive eyes so i clean my brushes after every use with the mac brush cleanser and then on sundays with pantene baby shapoo.For those who can’t get them clean try to use a soft sponge,wet it,put a bit of ur shampoo on it and sweep ur brushes gently over it from side to side and u will find it foam up and white clean.then rince.

  26. Mil

    Hi Christine, it dries up depending on where u place them. My makeup top is at my window and the sun normally beats in though not directly.so everything is dry by the time i get back from work.

  27. Mary

    I clean my twice a week…. ever since Tyra did that show on whats REALLY inside your makeup bags! haha
    & funny enough.
    I use Bath & Body Works Anti-bacterial Fomaing Handsoap!
    It foams nice, it’s antibacterial and its gentle on my brushes! and it dries pretty quick too!

  28. Mary

    Feel Free to!
    It’s awesome!!!

  29. Morna

    I clean my foundation brushes after every use, with whatever shampoo I use on my own hair!…But eyeshadow brushes………um……does quickly swiping them against a bit of tissue count??!?!? Thing is, with my 239, I use mostly neutral colours, and sometimes greens, blues and purples.
    I use a different brush for applying balck eyeshadow…I actually use a doe-foot brush for black!…..yes…mega cheapo of me, but i find that it works pretty well. I got one of those doe-fot sample brushes from MAC, and they work pretty well on the eyelids! For me, anyway…..

  30. lina

    I stopped using Clinique, so I use the clinique facial soap to wash them lol. Sometimes I use the MAC cleanser if I’m feeling lazy…
    Some brushes I clean every week, some once a month (bad, I know!)

  31. cloudburst

    Definetly not as much as I should – but my brush collection is huge and it takes me a good 45 mintues to clean them all. I only ever use them on clean skin, and I don’t wear makeup everyday and I don’t use foundation.