Friday, March 14th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

How many lipsticks do you own? Not gloss, lacquers, chapsticks–lipsticks only!

I’m too lazy to do an actual count at the moment, but my guesstimate is around 60!

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81 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – How many lipsticks do you own?

  1. Oh really easy, I only have two and I rarely use them… I’m just too lazy to check my lips, if I have to do any touchups, which means it just looks crazy after half an hour…

  2. claudine

    6 mac lipsticks (delish, sandy b., ramblin rose, 2 fun n sexy, not so innocent)
    2 mac lustre pro longwears (luv-4-ever)
    4 prrr lipglasses (run out fast)
    2 sugar trance lipglasses
    2 enchantress lipglasses
    1 nice buzz plushglass
    1 mac lip moisturizer spf 15 (pot)
    1 clear lipglass (tube)
    but my collection is growing especially with heatherette lol

  3. Briodmun

    I have way too many.. stubs and all, i’d say between 95-100.
    What can i say, i love colour :).

  4. Ariele

    I’d say around 30.

  5. dawn

    I lost count some time ago. Lipsticks, glosses etc. used to be my vice until I became obsessed with other mediums(shadows, blushes, glitter etc.). I have approximately 50 lipsticks/glosses total, give or take a few. Can never have too much lipstick.

  6. dee

    one :)

    I bought it last halloween. I don’t wear it that much though, maybe once every two weeks.

    • Oh, wow, which one is it?

      • dee

        It’s MAC Rebel.

        When I bought it, I also got Vino lipliner, and Decorative Lustreglass. The overall effect was a dark, vampy purple, plum.

        Rebel on it’s own is almost a dark fuschia on me, though, which is nice, but not what I usually wear on the day to day. I’ll usually mellow it with a lighter lipglass.

  7. Fie

    The exact count for my lipstick is….43.

    42 from MAC and 1 from Lancome. Haha.

  8. annie

    I too have well over 100 (just lipsticks — not counting glosses, etc.) and I just counted what’s in my purse….no lie, I have 15 lipsticks in my purse. Every pocket has one or two, my cosmetic bag has 8 and I found a few more at the bottom.

  9. I have about 20 … I just did a purge so I need to buy more. My absolute faves are the Clinique Butter Shines … love them!

  10. jillyb

    Oh heavens– maybe 3 shoe boxes full. I am addicted to all lip products but love lipstick, it lasts so much longer than gloss alone. But gloss goes great on top. I’m always looking for the perfect color, and then I find it. Until the next one comes along.

  11. bec

    only 12!
    all from various brands

  12. Nell

    I have about 150 or so, I cannot bear to count them, because then I would maybe have to admit that too much money went into my makeup stash.
    (btw my lipgloss collection is even larger!)

  13. Erin

    Holy crap! I own three: Viva Glam VI, Apres Sol, and N collection 4N.

  14. Wow, that’s many!

    I just started to get an lipstick-addiction so I only have 4. 2 mac & 2 EDM.

  15. Kathleena

    1 Lipstick- MAC Sweetie
    2 Lipglasses- Entice and Lovechild
    2 Lusterglasses- Beaux and Star Nova

  16. Jules

    MAC Hug me
    MAC Viva Glam 2 and 5
    I’m more of a gloss girl. I find they fall off my lips. Am I doing something wrong?

  17. Erin

    I love Beaux Lustreglass! All time favorite.

  18. chuarmk

    I think about 40 lipsticks.

    Etude House-5pc
    Beauty Credit-1pc

  19. Chica

    About 25-30 – I have 4 in my handbag.
    I chuck them out after about 12-18 months, if I didn’t it would probably be closer to 100.
    I have about 5 glosses, i’m not a huge fan of the hair sticking to my face look :o)

  20. Tanya

    I would guess I have about 20 lipsticks :) all MAC…almost all pinks…one or two reds and a couple nude’s that I would say have pink undertones. Oh yea I have think I got one or two peach type colors as well…just havent really worn them yet.

    No browns or purple colors…look icky on me.

  21. Lydia

    I only have 2! I like lipglosses so much more!

  22. Aleks

    I have to agree with Lydia, lipglosses are my thing, too. I think I have around three lipsticks. ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. Maggie

    Around 140. Numbers like this remind me I have a problem!!

  24. claudia

    15, but I don’t use them on a regular basis…

  25. reecespieces928

    i have 4 lipsticks. ALOT of lipgloss.. maybe 25?

  26. Madeleine

    Around 70.All MAC.
    Plus 4 Chanel.
    Do I have a problem? I do not see that as a problem.A-men.

  27. Not as many as some of you other readers! Only 5 at the moment…
    2 MAC (Lovelorn, Creme de la femme)
    2 Clinique (Glazed Rose, Fresh Watermelon)
    1 Benefit (Frenched)

  28. Heather

    I have close to 40 of just lipsticks – and all but maybe like 5 are from MAC and Chanel. But my lip gloss collection HUGELY overpowers the lipsticks…probably at least 4 to 1! :-) Awesome question – thanks for asking!

    • What’s your favorite Chanel lipstick? How many Chanel vs. MAC do you have?!

      • Heather

        My favorite Chanel lipstick is hands-down “Sirocco” (I have one in my purse and one in my bathroom at all times) – you should check out that shade when you get a chance! My second favs are probably Perplex and Copa Cabana. As far as how many… I just counted and they’re almost tied – Chanel: 18, MAC: 21 :-)

  29. Charlotte

    I have about 80 actual tubes of lipstick and 6 lipstick palettes. I have almost exclusively reds, bright pinks, corals, and cool berry shades. I should really mix it up more…

  30. NOUNA


  31. Sanayhs

    I have about 20 lipsticks that I can find (oh, and one pre-made palette). Included are a mere 5 MAC (Russian red, flash-n-dash, utterly frivolous, grenadine slimshine and classic dame mattene). Lipglosses not included.

    I adore lipsticks, but can’t wear many of them. I have weird body chemistry that really screws up most lip colours on me. For example? The grenadine slimshine turns a fairly neutral pink on me, not that much off from my lipcolour. Too many lipsticks turn purple on me and, much as I love the colour, it’s not so hot on my lips.

    • lol, that you can find ๐Ÿ˜€ That made me giggle! I can see you loev bold colors. Wow, that’s so odd that lipsticks change so differently on you! Have you tried using a primer or base?

      • Sanayhs

        Yep. It helps, but doesn’t totally stop it. I absolutely adore bold colours – and somehow, pretty much every colour looks good on me! (I just don’t dig purple lips) My roommate hates me for it. ๐Ÿ˜€

        I have crazy weird body chemistry. I react really differently than other people to a lot of things. Ah, well, it means powders are good friends of mine. :)

  32. Carolina

    Ah, I only have one! A Chanel Rouge Allure in Desirable, that I bought for 2 simple reasons: because it’s a classic, and because it had a very clever open/close system that appealed to the geek in me. I rarely use it.

  33. Let’s see…

    Dubonnet, MAC Red, Frenzy, Blankety, Hue, Lustering, Not So Innocent (Fafi), Profusion, Sophisto, Plumful, Fast Lane, Screenqueen (Raquel Welch), Rocker…I think that’s it…

  34. Linda

    I’m not so much of a Lipstick fan but I do own:

    All MAC of course LOL
    * Culturebloom
    * Danse
    * Pink Maribu
    * Vivacious
    * Hug Me
    * Long Stem Rose Slimshine
    * Sweet & Single
    * Plink!

  35. until about four months ago or so like 3 but now i own about 20+ i get onto makeup kicks where i will buy a lot of one category haha