Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

How does your weekend makeup differ from your weekday makeup? No difference? Do you do anything differently?

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17 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – How does your weekend makeup differ from your weekday makeup?

  1. Virginia

    It is much lighter and natural. I often spend the weekends (at least sundays) at home, so I’m usually wearing little (foundation, blush, maybe some mascara and nude eyeshadow)to no makeup. I really enjoy a casual, low-maintenance look on weekends.

  2. Anett

    on weekends i do really heavy smokey looks or “out there” looks. i try to practice looks i see from you tube that i can’t wear to work so i wear it on the weekend. sometimes i figure out a way to scale it down so i can wear it to work

  3. viv

    they definitely differ. weekdays means school = either no make up, or very simple & neutral with a pop of colour (i can’t live without colour!) and weekends means i can go all out and do whatever i want depending on the occasion! fun times :)

  4. No, it just depends on where I am going! x

  5. Nicky

    I wear very litte (only concealer/foundation/mascara) to nothing, or I try some different looks.

  6. Anitacska

    Doesn’t differ too much, I tend to wear make up even if I don’t go anywhere, and I normally only go to take the children to school and to the shops during the week as well, so I figure I might as well wear make up at all times. If I was waiting to wear it only when I go out someplace nice, I would hardly ever wear any. 😉

  7. grace

    yep on week days i do a lot of volunteering and i go to school so i do all neutrals.

    weekends i do more greens blues purples

  8. it would def be my lower lid! weekdays I don’t put anything on them, but on weekend, it would def be full eye make up xD

  9. ivonne

    i don’t wear ANY make up on the weekdays, but on the weekends i go all out!

  10. It depends on where I’m going or how I feel.

  11. lisa

    weekdays is usually a neutral natural look and on weekends id usually go with a smokey eye and nude lips or a more neutral eye and a colorfull lip color.

  12. vennessa

    Well I am always very dramatic with my style as I am goth so my everyday makeup doesn’t really differ from my weekend makeup. Maybe sometimes it is a little darker but usually it is always dark and dramatic.

  13. miss qq

    Weekdays – boring, neutrals. I wish I have more freedom with the looks but I have to be office appropriate.

    Weekends – brights, dramatic, full eye makeup. :)

  14. neepoh

    it depends what my plans are. sometimes i go all out and sometimes it’s my time to try new products and/or different combinations. if im not feeling too creative, i enjoy the lightness of my makeup during the weekend.

  15. Phoebe

    Very different for me! Weekdays is school, so we have a no make-up rule, and my general routine is simply concealer, blot powder, mascara and a swipe of gloss. On the weekends i wear anything! Generally a full face both days just because i need to get it out of my system at least once a week!

  16. Chanel

    It depends on my schedule. I work retail so i work during the days,night and weekends.

    -If I work days I do liquid eyeliner and mascara.
    -If I work nights [without sleeping till an hour before my shift =P] I have neutrals of pastels with eyeliners and mascara.
    -If I don’t work at all, I do bright makeup, dramatic..anything different.