Saturday, August 9th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

How do you get your lip color to stay on? Do you have a special technique? Do you just keep reapplying throughout the day?

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18 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – How do you get your lip color to stay on?

  1. meg

    I use MAC prep and prime lip.

  2. Lingping

    ID Bare Minerals lip primer! works like a charm

  3. Monica

    I dab a little concealer, although now with the Lustre Twins I don’t have to anymore!

  4. Bex

    Mac lip erase all the way – its fab!

  5. marsina

    If I’m wearing a pro longwear, I just put some MAC brow finisher in clear just outside my lipline. Otherwise, I start with Prep & Prime Lip, fill in my lips with Sublime Culture, build up the lip color using a 228 or 231 brush, go back with a darker/brighter liner to match the lip color, a little more lip color, sometimes gloss which then it cuts down the lasting time of all that work I just did but a girl needs some shine.
    Usually I just need to touch up the gloss every few hours and maybe add a little bit of lip color after several hours.

  6. Asta

    I usually just go over my lips with foundation if I’m wearing it. I don’t mind reapplying lip gloss, but I like my lipstick to stay. I’ll eventually pick up a primer, but it’s not number one on my list.

  7. DJ

    haven’t really tried primer, but I do like to use lip liner underneath my lipstick so that as the lipstick wears off, there is no ‘ring’. Getting to the point (and age) where I will need to find some kind of primer, though :( any suggestions?

  8. lala

    foundation if I know I wont be able to retouch for a while..other than that I don’t mind retouching :)

  9. nikki

    how do you guys eat with any lip product on? i can’t deal with it and i wipe off before i eat otherwise i feel myself trying to avoid touching my lips to anything.

  10. Lainy

    Good tip for drinking with lipstick on is to lick the part of the glass you are going to take a drink from. It stops it transferring there, but like you for food I either wear some serious long-wear-scrub-off lippie or I go without.

    I tried using UDPP on my lips before the lipstick and that worked but not for as long as I’d like. Mac prep and prime lip doesn’t enhave longevity at all for me.

  11. Briodmun

    Priming the lips, adding a few thin layers of lipstick with a lip brush, making sure it sets into the lips.. lip pencil.. certain formulations of lipstick and gloss… dusting over the lips with a matching blush/eye colour to help set.. all sorts of techniques really.

  12. Lil

    Two words: lip liner

  13. Jennifer

    If I really need lip color to stay, I’ll use a Pro Longwear. Otherwise, I don’t mind touching up. I do find that sticky lipglosses last longer than non-sticky ones, though.

  14. Jenna

    Use a sticky lipgloss, blot, and apply your lipstick 😀

  15. I don’t! Once my lipcolors go off, I either reapply or just don’t bother. I am not a very lip color girl.

    • Lori

      i totally agree sophia! I’ll put it on in the morning or after my morning latte but then when its off, its like *meh* maybe I’ll put at least some gloss on the lips, or nadda. i mean being busy for a full day of work, the lipstick on or off my lips doesn’t really register with me.

      but its my last makeup hurdle i’d say. i started off with doing only e/s, then did foundation, then blush (all in diff stages, to me i didn’t need it all, but now i always wear something on the eyes and cheeks.

      lips just hasn’t made that *status* for me.

  16. janessa

    i usually use this product from benefit. it comes in a blue bottle. it works foR ANYTHING THAT LINES..eyeliner, mascara and lips!! it works really well and it lasts pratically the whole day :)