Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

How do you budget for your beauty? Do give yourself goals before you can make a purchase (like get an A on a paper)? Set limits? Make lists?

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23 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – How do you budget for your beauty?

  1. If I’m going for a big haul, I won’t go without a list. Unless it’s a situation where I’m just going to pick up something specific, I make lists. That helps me to see what I want and compare it to what I have. This is great to cut down on the dupes, so I can get different items (when I’m not replacing something).

  2. Nicky

    I do make a list from what I ‘need’, but i do it like ‘Mascara’, not a brand or what kinda mascara I should buy. And if I dont need anything but just really love it, i do have to get an A (or at least a B) or something.

  3. Emma

    i am young and i dont make a lot of money from doing chores, so i make a list of what i want from mac or sephora and then i save up for it. also, after I have a big test or essay, my mom will buy me something. last week a got an MSF in soft and gentle

  4. Nicole

    I make a list in my mind. And before I buy something I check forums, blogs, swatches and then I decice, whether I need the product or not. Then I check it out at the counter and buy it or leave it there. That system works pretty good for me.

  5. gypsydancermacaholoc

    I don’t and I REALLY need to start! I don’t even know where to begin because I have a tendency to be an impulse shopper. Hoping to pick up some tips from other people in this thread. I’ve tried making lists but my lists are always so long that they get me in more trouble.

    • Sometimes I’ll set a limit. Like if I go to the mall, I can ONLY spend $X amount. Or I’ll bring the boy around if I can manage it. He usually keeps me in check!

  6. iliang

    I also check swatches from different bloggers before I buy anything. I have been splurging a lot lately (one great collection after the other) that I am giving myself a budget..maybe after the Sephora F&F and MAC chill collection I will be done..

  7. MACPixie55

    When I’m working, I usually go in with a list, but when I’m at University during the year, every mark over 80 earns a MAC! Luckily my boyfriend spoils me often.

  8. claudia

    i don’t really budget. most of my purchases are spur-of-the-moment, but i do have to think about repurchasing staple items, like foundation, concealer, moisturizer and primer. i have enough color to last a lifetime!

  9. I don’t budget and buy WAY too much all the time. I cannot help it, I get bored so easily I feel as though I *need* everything new! :-) Seriously though, I need to start setting limits and stick to them and try and not be sucked into the pretty colors and packaging!

  10. dee

    I don’t. It ends up being at least 40 dollars a month, but it never seems like a lot because I get things piece by piece. I try to thing what do I really really need or really really want and I definitely never buy without trying it on. That’s helped me be smart about what I buy, but there’s no actual budget.

  11. louie

    absolutely bad. with the prices here in dubai, my last spending spree was a leather brush belt with 14 piece good quality brush sets (and they’re not mac) for freakin 271 dollars! and what more, its on a 40% discount! but this will be my last buy, i hope.

  12. “Budget”? What is that? Never heard of! LOL!!