Friday, October 19th, 2007

How about a fun survey to pass along your Friday? Just copy and paste the survey, add your answers, and post it in the comment section!

Favorite Retailer:
Least Favorite Beauty Product:
What was the last eye product you bought:

Name: Christine
Favorite Retailer: Oh, my! Nordstrom’s to drool over.
Least Favorite Beauty Product: Liquid liner (allergic reactions up the wazoo!).
What was the last eye product you bought: The pigments from Antiquitease.

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43 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – How about a fun survey to pass along your Friday?

  1. Name: Saniya
    Favorite Retailer: Saks Fifth Avenue
    Least Favorite Beauty Product: Liquid liner, irritates my contacts
    What was the last eye product you bought: Antiquitease Mineralize e/s duos

  2. Tekoa

    Name: Tekoa
    Favorite Retailer:the M.A.C. store *lol*
    Least Favorite Beauty Product:Liquid eyeliner. It takes forever to put on!
    What was the last eye product you bought: Antiuitease mineral shadows Family Silver and Silversmith. Also eyegell Uppity.

  3. Kate

    Name: Kate
    Favorite Retailer: The Soho MAC store
    Least Favorite Beauty Product: Danse lipstick – I hate MAC’s frost formula. I should just B2M it.
    What was the last eye product you bought: Shiseido Mascara Base – it holds a curl through the most rainy, windy, humid weather and makes my lashes look insanely lush.

    • Aww, no love for frosts? I think some of my favorite lippies are frost finishes, actually! That’s too bad you aren’t feelin’ it.

      Will look into this magical mascara base!

  4. Name: Lilan

    Favorite Retailer: Nordstorm

    Least Favorite Beauty Product: Philosophy’s Sugar Cookie lip gloss. It’s really heavy upon application, tastes really sweet (i know, it’s called sugar cookie, but c’mon!), and it’s really sticky! :(

    What was the last eye product you bought: Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliners in Chocolate Shimmer Ink for day and Black for the basics! It’s really AWESOME, go check it out!!

    • Hey Lilan! Don’t you love Nordstrom? I love their shoes…

      Aww! I think I tried a gloss similar to that and it was ridiculously sticky! I mean, I love me some tacky lipglass, but it was too much!

      Oh, those sound really pretty. I just got a few BB products in the mail yesterday!

  5. Ultimate

    Name: Adrienne

    Favorite Retailer: Sephora. I could spend a DAY in there

    Least Favorite Beauty Product: Liquid Liner. I wanted to join in on the fun, but for the life of me, I just can’t do it right!

    Last Eye Product I Bought: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Where was this all my life?

    • Hey Adrienne! I totally agree – Sephora could be a day long field trip (maybe even weekend long). I never stop by as to not tempt myself further, ha.

      Oh, a UDPP fan, yay! (I’m not a fan, but I have no beef with it either.)

  6. Dee

    Name: Diahna
    Favorite Retailer:Target
    Least Favorite Beauty Product:HIP eyeshadow duo, the blue was way ashier than I thought it would be
    What was the last eye product you bought: Covergirl mascara and a green eyeliner from Sephora

  7. zoe

    Favorite Retailer: Bon marche , the beauty area is great(so is the rest of it:

  8. Jeni

    Name: Jennifer
    Favorite Retailer: Banana Republic
    Least Favorite Beauty Product: MAC Oil Control Lotion it made me break out!
    Last Eye Product I Bought:Antiquitease Pigment Sweet Sienna soo purdy!

  9. tanya

    Name: Tanya
    Favorite Retailer: any small indi shop that doesn’t sell products that everyone else and their mom is wearing, I HATE THE MALL. The only reason I visit it is to hit the MAC store…the blond, Paris wanna-bes freak me out, as does any store selling a size 00.

    Least Favorite Beauty Product: I LOVE liquid eyeliner but since I am almost blind in one eye, I can only apply it on one eye…once in a while if I am really jonesing for the look I will talk my partner into putting it on for me…after a couple of years he has gotten pretty decent at it. So its more of a love/hate relationship with liquid liner.

    What was the last eye product you bought: Swimming, Humid and Golden Olive – I am going to my 15 year High School reunion this weekend and am wearing a dark green dress so I am going to follow on of the green tuts/examples you have and see what I can come up with.

    • Hey Tanya! Awww, that’s awful that you’re blind in one eye – my grandma just recently went blind, and my mom is mostly blind in one of her eyes, too.

      Have fun at the reunion!! :)

  10. Lori

    Name: Lori
    Favorite Retailer: The Bay MAC counter
    Least Favorite Beauty Product: Joining the liquid eyeliner dislike-club! I don’t know, to me it looks funny, eyes feel drier and my contacts hate ’em, and to me it looks weird-dry compared to a pencil.

  11. Jam

    Name: Jamila
    Favorite Retailer: Harvey Nichols , Dubai
    Least Favorite Beauty Product:yep its liquid eyeliner.
    Last Eye Product I Bought: MMmm some giorgio armani eye pallette… i think.

  12. Cristine

    Name: Cristine
    Favorite Retailer: MAC
    Least Favorite Beauty Product: Foundation
    What was the last eye product you bought: Eyeshadow duo in Family Silver.

  13. Chloe

    Name: Chloe
    Favorite Retailer: MAC, Nordstrom
    Least Favorite Beauty Product: Extremely sticky lip gloss
    What was the last eye product you bought: Diorshow Blackout mascara and was wondering…where has it been all my life??? I LOVE IT!!!

    • I think a lot of people are with you on sticky lip gloss. I like the level of tackiness in MAC lipglass, but I’m kind of weird ๐Ÿ˜€

      Ohh, another fan of DiorShow, what a surprise!!

  14. Katie

    Name: Katie

    Favorite Retailer: Nordstrom (It has a little bit of everything I love!)

    Least Favorite Beauty Product: I have to go with liquid liner as well. That is why I love MAC fluidline so much because it looks like liquid liner but is so much easier to control!

    What was the last eye product you bought: MAC McQueen eye shadows and Otherworldly Paint Pot. Still trying to decide what to get from Antiquitease!

  15. Audrey

    Name: Audrey
    Favorite Retailer: Sephora – I could spend hours playing with brushes, dabbling in perfumes, playing with cute palettes
    Least Favorite Beauty Product: False eyelashes – impossible for me to apply
    Last Eye Product: MAC Paint in Untitled, 252 brush, various eyeshadows to use at a homecoming dance makeover tonight!

  16. Janis

    Name: Janis
    Favorite retailer: Sephora! Macy’s. Faces and Sogo in Hong Kong
    Least Favorite Beauty Product: Cream blushes…they just never look right on me :)
    What was the last eye product you bought: From MAC –Smoke Signals stuff…from Sephora — 2 Dior Quints (Beige Massai and Sunset Cafe) and Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara

    • What’s Faces and Sogo? Tell me more!

      • Janis

        Faces is a store in HK that sells all the make-up brands you can think of…from MAC, Benefit to the much more obscure Asian brands. And if go to one of the kiosks there the MAs will give you a makeover for free! Sogo on the other hand is a department store in HK that has like around 9 floors of retail bliss! The lowest level is purely for shoes which to me is paradise and there’s another floor that’s all make-up (all the brands you can think of are there). I usually spend the whole day in these places when I’m there.

  17. Rabi

    Name: Rabi
    Favorite retailer: Sephora! MAC! Nordstroms…
    Least Favorite Beauty Product: cream concealer…always looks pasty and obvious
    What was the last eye product you bought: Dark eyes cream from Philosophy and Inky Liquidlast liner from MAC…

  18. Chyla

    Hahahahaa… More of a Monday survey for me ๐Ÿ˜›

    NAME: Chyla
    FAVORITE RETAILER: Nordstrom’s… And Target! Gotta’ love Target!!!
    LEAST FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCT: False eyelashes… I love how dramatic they are & can put them on for other people but am completely hopeless when putting them on myself :(
    WHAT WAS THE LAST EYE PRODUCT YOU BOUGHT YOURSELF: I think it was the stuff that I purchased from MAC’s McQueen collection-Pagan, Pharaoh & Handwritten… Oh, and the 224 brush ๐Ÿ˜›

  19. hannika

    ok here we go…

    Name: Hannika
    Favorite Retailer: dare i put down MAC?
    Least Favorite Beauty Product: foundation that cakes on; and you can see it in ppls faces that its too much or they’re trying to cover acne problems
    What was the last eye product you bought: Royal Assets in Warm and Metallic Eyes and the Heirlooms Eye Brushes (thanks to your wonderful suggestions of course :P)

    i will be buying the Finery Collection in Coral and Plum Lips this week; as well as the Gold Stroke pigment and Blacktrack fluidline

  20. Noelle

    Name: Noelle
    Favorite Retailer: Lush cosmetics or MAC (no way to decide)
    Least Favorite Beauty Product: creme eyeshadow… unless you have a great base, it looks horrible
    What was the last eye product you bought: Technakohl Liner from MAC in Jade Way