Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Have you ever used an eyeshadow as a blush? If you did, what did you use? Did it turn out well?

I definitely have!  I’ve used some iridescent kind of shadows, like say Nanogold, on cheeks to highlight, or even Da Bling for a light pink blush!

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61 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Have you ever used an eyeshadow as a blush?

  1. Mimibrowneyes

    yup! i used wedge e/s once as a sub for emote blush :) it doesnt show up well on my eyelids so i prolly will use it more as a contour powder lol

  2. claudine

    yes sometimes i use post haste (matte2) eyeshadow as a blush works great :)

  3. Nell

    I use neutral pink as a blush, it is great! Today I also tried girl friendly pp as a cream blush underneath it – perfect!!!

  4. jes

    i use sushi flower on the apples of my cheeks, then i use my bella il fiore roller ball eyeshadow in jailhouse rock [a rosy apricot] to highlight. it’s especially great during the summer because my skin gets really dark (i have french, hawaiian, and native american blood in me!) so it goes really well with my skin tone!

  5. Briodmun

    Yup, i know i have done with both mac/upper end eyeshadows and drugstore branded ones. The results are always fab. Great when you want a very different approach to both texture and colour (i believe i have even used mac’s yogurt as a highlighter).
    Saying that, i’ve been known to use blush as eyeshadow, so that can work both ways :).

  6. Tina

    Embark on cheek bones

  7. Robin

    Yes, I’ve used MAC pink frost (or pink shimmer) on my cheeks before…

  8. yep. before it became a blush, raizin was an eyeshadow. lol

  9. For sure I have. And I often use eyeshadow as a highlighter especially on darker skin tones …

  10. Sophia

    Definitely! I usually use Vanilla as a cheek highlighter. It works very well!

  11. Jenny

    I use Pink Venus when I want a pink shimmer on the cheeks!

  12. Tekoa

    Never! I suppose I haven’t thought outside the box like that before. *lol*

  13. Erin

    I just used a little bit of highlighter from a smashbox brick to highlight the bone between my eye and cheek today!

  14. Hey Cristine,

    Yup often i use blush as eyeshadow it always turn beautiful,even though i have almost every colour in blushes but im a matching freak like ya!!!


  15. Erin

    While we are on the subject of shadows (when aren’t we though, really!), Christine, have you got Romp yet? You were saying months ago you didn’t know why you didn’t have it. Just wondering since it’s one of my favorites.

  16. Tonee

    Not usually – since I hardly use the blush products I already have! But a few years ago, I used a very light (and I do mean VERY light) dusting of Gold Mode on the cheek bone/temple area, on top of a beige-golden blush and it looked good. Never tried it much after that – I prefer a subtle, matte look and this certainly wasn’t one!

  17. Ariele Phillips

    I love Lovestone m/e/s as a blush! Its beautiful when used with a light hand & the 187.

  18. Ashlee

    I always do. Since eyeshadow and blushs are just about the same, I dont see any reason to buy both. There has been about 2 times that Ive bought actual blush and thats because it was on sale.

  19. I’ve used Engaging MES before, and used Fusion Gold Metal-X as a highlighter yesterday :)

  20. Ruby

    I’ve also used some darker shadows for sculpting. ^_^

  21. Stephanie

    No, but sometimes I use blush for eyeshadow!

  22. May

    NYX Cherry eyeshadow! Need a very light hand with this one, though.

  23. It’s funny you asked this today, because I actually used Blush as EyeShadow!! LOL. I used Fashion Frenzy as my accent color with a lighter pink shadow, and it looks great! LOL. So I guess it works both ways!

  24. Amanda Osterberg

    Phloof! It’s a great highlighter for me.

  25. Liz

    Yes! I use passionate as a blush and phloof! as a highlight quite regularly~

  26. Lentaya

    I’ve used coppering and i loved the warm glowy-ness it gave me.

  27. Andrea

    No but I use blush as a crease color all the time. Especially Nars Zen blush and Benefit Dallas blush. Gives a polished, no makeup look. A little MAC Beig-ing all over and a swipe of blush in the crease.

  28. Think I used blusher as eyeshadow once…long time ago. I’m not a red person!

  29. Nic

    I used Star Violet (MAC) on my cheeks. Wow, I never thought it looked so natural.

  30. Angelica

    Billy B. did my make-up using Scott Barnes Cashmere e/s on my eyes and on my cheeks as a contour. It looked amazing.

  31. Marta

    I’m a fan of expensive pink as a blush!