Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

Do you wear one lip product or do you prefer to mix multiple products? Why/why not?

Temptalia's Answer.

I rarely wear just one. I just find I like mixing and matching lipsticks and glosses together 😉

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39 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you wear one lip product or do you prefer to mix multiple products?

  1. I only use one lipproduct, my favorit right now is MAC slimshine “Gentle simmer”, just a lovley coral with gold shimmer in.

  2. i only use one because when it comes to touching up throughout the day Id find it embarassing to pull out a mirror and 4 products!

    My Current product is Long Stemmed Rose!

  3. Haha , Tali … those are exactly my thoughts too.
    Sometimes I melt my old , nearly finished lipsticks in a palette. This way I only have to pull out two things : retactable brush & palette. Works just great ^^

  4. Anitacska

    I usually only use one. Lipstick or gloss. I don’t do gloss over lipstick. The only time I do is with the longlasting lipsticks (Lipfinity, etc.) that need clear gloss over them otherwise my lips feel like paper. :)

  5. Ever since I discovered you COULD wear gloss over lipstick I’ve been doing it. That doesn’t mean that eventually during the day I end up touching up with just gloss, or lipstick. It just means that going out the door it’s both together.

  6. bec

    I usually use two lipsticks and a gloss or two over the lipstick/s to achieve the colour I desire. One lipstick is just not enough for me!

  7. Kristina

    I always mix and match lipsticks with glosses. Lipstick just by itself seems incomplete for me.
    Sometimes when I feel like it I use different lipstick shades to add some dimension to my lips.

  8. I love mixing lipsticks & glosses.

  9. Cassykins

    While I have mixed and matched, I usually only use one. Besides the fact that I would be embarrassed (as others have brought up) to pull out 5 products for a touch up, but also nothing lasts on my lips. I just suck at wearing lip… stuff. I bought some Chromeglasses from my CCO a few weeks ago and they seem to be lasting longer than other things, though, and the color is enough that I don’t need anything else.

  10. Nars

    It depends on what kind of look I’m trying to achieve, or what kind of lipstick I’m wearing, I guess. Sometimes just a sweep of Marquise D’ would complete the look, while I may use Sock Hop on top of Fleshpot to pull off a different look. I do prefer mixing though, because it gives countless ways to create my own lip color!

  11. HoneyBrown1976

    I usually wear one lip product; however, I do mix glosses from time to time.

  12. kimberly

    I wish I could find just one lipstick so I did not have to mix. Right now I’m mixing La Praire violette, Channel Montego with a little gloss.

  13. Natalie

    I usually mix and match in the morning (lipstick & glosses), but only touch up with gloss later in the day. For me, lipstick alone is too drying and glosses are not pigmented enough, so mix and match is a must.

  14. Nathalie

    I never mix. Mostly due to the fact that unlike eye make up, lip make up need several re-applying during the day. So it’s either lipglass or lipstick, my preference going to lipglasses.

  15. Jennifer

    If I wear lipstick, I mix it up. For everyday, I usually just wear a gloss

  16. Kaylabella

    I usually just do a gloss, but when I do wear a lipstick I wear a gloss over it.

  17. lesleykat

    i have FOUR products on my lips at this very moment:
    sephora nude lip liner
    chapstick original
    kat von D lipstick in A GO-GO
    makeup forever gloss in 2

    yes. layer it up, baby!

  18. Emm

    I usually mix. Like a lipstick and a gloss. Though I don’t reapply both just the gloss.

  19. I like to do both! Sometimes I will wear just lipstick or lipgloss then other times I will mix them together!

  20. DanielleO

    usually mix… lipstick + gloss,
    or lipstain + lipstick/tinted lip balm

    but today just lipgloss (milani)

  21. I use lipsticks to create some colour, then gloss it over cause i love the shine~ plus it keeps my lips hydrated longer~

  22. I like the idea of using more than 1 but in reality, I am lazy as hell so I rarely do! :)

  23. Aire

    It depends on the product. Sometimes I only do one product, but most of the time I do 2-3 products (lipliner, lipstick, lip gloss). Sometimes I use two lipsticks (1 on the inner lip, 1 on the outer lip).

  24. queenmarie

    I always wear lipstick with gloss over it (primer first though, LGeller lip spackle). Spirited is always my gloss of choice–I’ve gone through tube after tube of this fabulous neutral gloss. I change up my l/s but it’s something neutral too, like High tea, Entwined, Embraceable, Jubilee, or Blankety….. I think this makes for such a pretty neutral lip.

  25. CeeBee

    I usually put gloss on over a lipstick.
    But I recently found some awesome matte lipsticks (they’re rose scented and not drying) and gloss just looks a bit odd over them. If it’s a really pigmented gloss though, then I can wear it on its own but most often I mix and match to suit myself.

  26. Sasha

    Definitely prefer to layer lip products. But like a couple other people mentioned, it can be a hassle to reapply throughout the day, so I usually just touch up with gloss.

  27. penelope

    i love mixing and mashing

  28. Dawn

    I prefer one color lipstick or gloss. However if I want a lipstick to shine or stand out I’ll put some gloss on top of it.

  29. fiaspice

    I only wear one (unless you count lipcoat as a second product). I’m not really knowlegable in make up yet to be confident about mixing them.

  30. katkat

    whatever looks good, sometimes i like to mix and match the colors (cause you never know, combos are fun cause you might find something really cool!), and sometimes, a color can look good just by itself

  31. Rio

    I only wear one. I don’t like messing with trying to reapply it when it wears off.

  32. It varies for me, I usually wear one lip product. If a lipstick isn’t giving me the effect I want it to have, I’ll add something else with it, like a gloss or liner. :)

  33. Aleia

    For years, the one thing I lived by is a touch of Victoria’s Secret, Beauty rush clear minty lip gloss with MAC C-thru lipgloss. The VS make the gloss less sticky and helps to apply much better. Yes, I usually mix!

  34. Lisa

    I always wear lipstick and lipgloss. It varies to which one I put on first.

  35. About three months ago, I realized that applying my lipglass then my lipstick (works especially well with NARS) makes the color/gloss combo look perfect and last longer. So, now def. two if I have the time.

  36. Kathy

    I use 3 products: Softlips (or a little bit of Pink Fish), lipstick, and gloss : )

  37. Jessuca Autumn

    I love mixing lip products together! I’ve been doing it since I started wearing makeup- sometimes you can create a really cool color :)

  38. I usually like mixing colors together depending on what llok i’m wearing, lipstick mixed with gloss just looks better sometimes I even mix glosses it just gives a look more umph and polish! 😀

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