Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

Do you track how much you spend on beauty? Down to the penny? Prefer not to know?

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27 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you track how much you spend on beauty?

  1. Manda

    I don’t.. haha I try not to think about it because I don’t want to know.. it would shock me and probably embarass me haha I’d feel vain but I’m not really, i just lovvvvvvvvve colors and shimmerrrr. haha sigh, addiction at its finest.

    • Macfan1966

      I absolutely agree with you. If I would track what I have spent from January 2nd to today, I think I have reached to about $900 – give or take.

  2. Lily

    not really, but when I do buy beauty products I tend to go “okay this is how much I’m going to spend” and spend that budget I set. so I don’t go overboard lol but I don’t really track how much I spend. my splurges comes and goes haha

  3. I like to use the Diary function on Makeupalley.com. More to keep track of the dates I bought stuff than the price but it’s still handy.

  4. Anitacska

    I’d rather not know, lol. I have added up my monthly ebay spending before and it shocked me, but also that’s not the only place I buy make up from, so the total is probably more I’d care to admit. 😉

  5. KaylaK

    Last year I knew how much I was spending at least, but I would buy stuff that I really didn’t need or something I wanted to try. This year I am going to budget and only buy things I *really* like, or something unique that I do not have already.

  6. Dee

    NOOOOOO! If I did that, I know I’d have to slow down and not buy as much.

  7. DJ

    absolutely not, that would mean facing up to the fact that I have a problem. Head in the sand :)

  8. Claudia M.

    I was just thinking that yesterday as I walked past Sephora “if I knew how much money I spent there, I’d probably call myself a dumb bit**.” It’s ridiculous!!! =O
    Maybe I should keep tally of it all this year to keep beauty expenses down? I know mac’s having their sale right now, but I can’t think of one reasonable purchase.

  9. Kirsten

    hahah i would NOT wanna know! i could have probably afforded a pony by now 😉

  10. Lingping

    Like many of you I would not like to know, because it would mean that I would have to start budgeting my makeup addiction :)

  11. vicki

    Does any addict want to know how much they spend on their drug of choice?!

  12. Kathleen

    Gee…for the past year I have spent so much I want to cry. It’s my new addiction and I am an university student…can you believe that? Now that MAC is having this 25% sale…..to be honest….I can’t let this sale go, so I kinda went crazy. (blush)

  13. Reesa

    well, i set a monthly budget for my makeup *habit*, but i rarely stick to it – lol! honestly, there are some months that i go ridiculously over (like last month and probably this month!). and there are months that i don’t buy much…so that’s my justification. 😀

  14. LOL. I never thought about it, but like others mentioned… I really don’t want to know.

    It’s not that bad, honest =o)

  15. DaniMae

    Nope! If I did that, I’d die of remorse and guilt. I’d rather just look good and enjoy my goodies.

  16. kat

    Hmm yeah I definately know everything I buy and how much I spend on it. I’m not surprised most pepple don’t, though! haha!

  17. MYXA

    I would spend $50 in a GOOD month. However, usually I spend from $100 to $200. In my defense, I gotta say that this includes ALL beauty spending: so, make-up, skincare, manicures, pedicures, hairproducts, and haircuts.

    What about you, Christine?

  18. MYXA

    Oh, and with a MAC sale, January would probably NOT be one of my GOOD months. :)

  19. cloudburst

    I don’t really keep track, but I should because I know I spend a ridiculous amount. I would say at a minimum I probably spend $200 a month. Months where there are big launches I definetly spend more.

  20. Rio

    I have a monthly budget, but it is generalized. I can see what I spend in each category if I look, but I don’t really care, as makeup fits into my fun money. It only becomes an issue if I have spent my monthly fun money too early and can’t do anything else.

  21. Julia.

    I do! I have a spreadsheet and everything. Haha! Nerd :)

  22. Lisa from Dallas

    No, I prefer not too. I feel guilty enough not knowing the exact amount.

  23. Sarah

    Rio, you said it all.

    i stick to reasonable monthly budgets too.
    i also write lists of products i’m dying to get and stick to buying them, and obviously with more priority given to limited editions. wheee!
    although there are exceptions like when off on travels, i’d buy more stuff for fun and for special occasions i’d treat myself a little more than usual etc. why on earth not, eh? :)