Sunday, January 6th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you re-apply your makeup to go out at night? Assuming you already did your makeup for the day, do you bother to change it for night time?  Will you completely remove and start anew or do you add something to the existing day time look for night?

I usually re-do my makeup if I’m going out an my day time look is pretty minimal/boring. If my normal look was already bold, then I’ll tend to stick with that!

P.S. – How is everyone’s weekend going? Anybody do something fun? I hope you all did!

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36 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you re-apply your makeup to go out at night?

  1. M.

    I almost always take it off and reapply. It does depend on where I’m going, though.

  2. Camilla

    i usually do, especially if i change clothes – i always want make up to match with my outfit like if i wear gray dress then i put silver eyeshadows etc and for everyday im choosin very natural make up, not too heavy and rather in neutral colors

  3. Anna

    99% of the time I take it off and reapply. I usually wear alot more at night than during the day especially if I’m having a big night out. I usually try and match my eyeshadows to what I’m wearing too, so a change of outfit will usually require a change of make up

    Plus my day make up has mostly worn off by early evening so I have to reapply anyway!

  4. Tonee

    I always reapply my make up if I am going out at night. I have oily skin and most of what I applied in the morning has worn off by around 5pm anyway! I switch to a different foundation as well, since what I wear during the day has SPF. I also wear darker shades of blush and eye shadow, and I don’t like layering these shades over what I had on during the day.

    • What foundation do you use at night, Tonee? I’ve lucked out that despite having SPF, I still photograph okay.

      • Tonee

        I use either MAC Face and Body or Laura Mercier Oil-free liquid foundation. I look terrible if I am photographed using flash – ugh!! Natural daylight is fine but flashes simply drain me of color and I look a very weird shade of white. Not good at all :(

        • Oh, yay, I have Face & Body! I’ve been using that more lately. I don’t mind if my foundation doesn’t have SPF, since I insist my moisturize has it, so I’m already covered, lol.

          Yes, the dreaded ghost face as a result of SPF! At least you’re aware of it though, so many aren’t!

  5. YES-I redo it completely. like to be freshface =)

  6. Claudine

    i redo it completely too…..ive got very oily skin and i wanna feel fresh when im going out hehe

  7. Kristen

    I always like to redo my makeup. I’ve tried to do touch ups, but it’s really just not the same. Plus, I tend to match my face to my clothing, and that usually changes as well. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

  8. Shefali

    If I’m coming home before I go out, I redo it. If I’m already out, I add a touch of blush, some blot powder and fresh lipliner and lipstick. I keep this stuff in my purse at all times. I also put on a little more perfume :)

    Boring weekend…I worked all day Saturday while my husband took our 1 year old to Chuck E Cheese. So bummed I missed that, apparently they had a great time :( I’m going to be working again all day today.

    • That sounds like the perfect way to touch up, Shefali! I need to carry a few more products in my purse, I think 😉

      Ohh, Chuck E Cheese, I used to love that place. I hope work wasn’t too boring!

  9. I totally have to reapply my makeup to go out at night. My face makeup at least. I use UDPP and it is very effective for me, so my eye makeup doesn’t budge. I have very oily skin though that melts my foundation and blush by mid-afternoon/evening. So I do need to wash my face and reapply. I have yet to find an oil control solution that works for me.

  10. Skyler

    Ever since I started uses bases and primers, I’ve had to re-apply less and less. It’s awesome. However, I definitely touch-up when I’m going out, especially if it’s after work. I usually shower again if I’m going out though, so it’s more likely I have to start from scratch anyway. *lol* But if I’m not going home first, yes, I re-apply. Throughout the day though, rarely! :)

  11. Franny

    i usually clean my face and start with a new make up because i loooove going for lots of color when i go out and its always so much fun and so relaxing and i just like to do that on a clean face, especially the mascara part, i dont think there are very good results if your mascara is already a few hours old and you put another layer on top

    • Sounds lke you have a really good time just getting ready to go out 😀

      Yes, I agree about mascara, it’s a pain to put on more after it has dried!

  12. Leigh

    I usually take it all off and re-apply, just so it looks fresh (plus I have really dry skin so I have to exfoliate before I re-do it). Kind of a pain but oh well, it looks good! 😛

  13. Courtney

    I just add to whatever I’m already wearing – darken it up, do a more glam lip, refresh my powder and concealer.

  14. Beda

    Hi! Well, I prefer to take it all off and then apply it again. I need to feel my face fresh. But if for some reason I can´t do that, then I reapply some blush, eyeshadow and of course, lipstick. Then I end up my look with some MAC Fix+ Spritz. That spritz is really great.

    Weekend? Well, today is a national holiday in my country –Puerto Rico– we are celebrating 3 Kings Day (religious meaning & another excuse for kids to get a second round of presents) so I spent the day with my family + my hubby´s family + friends. Many people in the house! LOL.

    • I’m glad you like Fix+! I haven’t fallen in love, but I do have a bottle of it laying around that I use from time to time.

      Ohh, lucky kids! I’m glad you had such a fun time celebrating, though 😀

  15. Tanya

    Oh girly girls, did you miss me? I missed the site :) hehehehe

    We drove 6 hours in the pouring rain to visit Solvang which is a Danish/American city near So Cal. to see the mission here. My son is doing his 4th grade mission report so it was a nice excuse to get out of town before school gets back from Xmas vacation. Its raining here but I am loving eating danish licorish and shopping the silly gift shops. Oh and the mission was groovy too, a really cool example of California history.

    hehehe enough about me and my weekend, back to make-up, all our great love.

    I don’t usually do a whole face clean-up and re-do. I am all about easy and fast, so I normally will just dust a bit of blush and glitter powder on. Some eye shadow and maybe just a little mascara on the very tips of my lashes. Lipstick and gloss, and out the door for me. If I were doing a full on girls night out I might do a face cleaning and a complete re-do BUT uhmmmm being a stay at home mommy, I don’t do much partying anymore :(

    Love all you girly girls and can’t wait until I am back home and can check the site daily.

    • Aww!! I haven’t been to Solvang in forever, but what an awesome way to spend the weekend! I’m sure your son adored it. :) I remember I did my mission project on San Juan Bautista – am I showing my age? Ha!

      Safe driving!!

  16. Janis

    I don’t usually put eyeliner for my daytime make-up and I use very neautral/light colors. If I do end up going out the same night, I would go heavy on the eyeliner and mascara and use a darker lipstick.

  17. zainy


    Definitely,Cristine!!This is wot every girl do and cant leave our faces to go all like without makeup,or not to refresh it.

    I think its very important,for me i feel like im sick and dull without it,it gives me a fresh feeling,