Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you prefer gloss alone or over lipstick? Are you all about sheer, glossy lips? Super opaque glossy lips? Need lipstick before you get your gloss on?

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53 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you prefer gloss alone or over lipstick?

  1. Susanne

    I wear it alone every day! I love lipgloss!

  2. I love to wear it on lipstick,i so like COMPLETE.I wear it everyday,i love my glosses!


  3. dee

    I’ve been stuck in this lipstick then lipgloss phase for the last month, but all before that I was a pure lipgloss girl, no extras needed. I start my day with lipliner(Vino or Chestnut) nude lipstick, and Bare Necessity dazzleglass. After that, I’ll probably only reapply the dazzleglass or use my spring bean lustreglass.

  4. I usually use two different lipglosses to get my look…I want to try to wear lipgloss over lipstick but…

  5. Sanayhs

    I like both. I also really love highly pigmented glosses. Mmmm… ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Shefali

    I’m good either way…depends on the look I want or how much makeup I feel like wearing that day :)

  7. Kristina

    I prefer lip gloss alone. I love wearing lipstick as well, but lately I’ve been hooked on my Dazzleglass in Money, Honey and Bare Necessity, and I won’t go anywhere without one or the other!

  8. kimberly

    i perfer it alone just cause it is easier. now when it comes to a more polished look i will always wear it on top of lipstick.

    mostly i just wear my lipstick matte

  9. DaniMae

    I used to prefer wearing them separately until Dazzle Glass came out. I love to experiment with gloss over color now!

  10. I do both. When I’m affecting an overall look, it’s usually gloss over lipstick. If I’m not trying as hard, it’s just gloss.

  11. MissTiss

    My first time chiming in here…Love the site.

    I was a gloss girl exclusively, but I love some of the new MAC lipsticks and am trying those. I prefer my gloss alone because I hate to contaminate it with lipstick…ya know?

    How are you girls getting around this? I dont want lipstick in my dazzleglass. Know what I mean?

    • Shefali

      You can use a lipbrush somehow, if you can get it into the gloss tube. Maybe a really thin brush. Then you can always clean it.

    • Hey hun!

      Usually just a lip brush OR you can buy disposable lipgloss wands/applicators :) Kind of like disposable mascara wands? Only for lipgloss!

  12. Kathleena

    I love to wear gloss alone, but I prefer that it is not too sheer, but has a hint of color to it.

  13. natasha

    i did lipstick ONLY up until dec last year when i bought red romp and saw how lipglass can transform the lipstick and the overall look.

    i’m now a lipglass/lustreglass whore. self-professed and not abashed to admit it!

  14. lisa

    I’m a lipgloss girl all the way!

  15. Kate

    I prefer lipstick so if I do wear gloss, it’s almost always over lipstick.

  16. Nell

    I wear gloss alone or over lipstick, but I never wear l/s alone, that wouldnยดt be moisturizing enough for me.

    • That’s where I stand, too, Nell! I feel so weird with lipstick alone. I might do a matte lipstick alone, but I usually opt for gloss.

  17. Jennifer

    Sometimes I wear it alone, sometimes over lipstick, it really depends on the colors and the occasion, to be honest!

  18. I really don’t know! It has only been about 6 months since I got my first lipstick so I am still trying things out, but gloss on its own is so much easier :p

    • LOL. I find that gloss always leaves a ring, whereas lipstick fades better. But I rarely wear lipstick on its own, so it doesn’t matter, ha!

  19. Bianca

    IF I’m in a hurry I only wear lipgloss and also if I want a not so done look, but if I have the time and want a more defined look I will wear lipstick and just in the middle of my upper and lower lips a dab of gloss to make them look fuller.

  20. viv

    i always wear a balm before anything else… but just gloss with balm is fine as well. i only have one lipstick… this nude brown. sometimes i layer that with gloss aswell

  21. Stephanie

    I admit that I wear it all. I am a big gloss wearer though. Plushglass, Lusterglass, Lipglass, and of course now Dazzleglass. I love them all.

  22. Honestly, before I started getting on beauty blogs recently, I never wore them together. They seemed like too much, and I don’t want to feel like I have a layer of frosting on my lips!

    I always heard from ladies at beauty counters that you could/should wear gloss over lipstick, and I figured it was just to sell me more product.

    But from the blogs I’ve seen, especially yours Christine, wearing a gloss (preferably one that doesn’t exactly match the lipstick shade below) can make lips look gorgeous! Some of the combos you come up with are to die for! And you can get colors you always wanted but places never sold!

    Now I’m a total fan! And I try to try new combos all the time. I notice that Mac often makes their lipglosses and lipsticks match in new releases, but I like is MUCH better when they aren’t meant to match! It much more dimensional!

  23. Cristina

    It depends on the shade. Some glosses are too sheer for my liking, so I mix it with lipstick. Mixing lipstick with gloss is fun!

  24. claudine

    normally i wear gloss over lipstick (lustre or dazzleglasses and sheerer lipglasses) but i wear my prrr lipglass alone or with a lipliner since its more pigmented
    i dont really wear lipstick alone (dry lips)

  25. I usually just wear lip gloss alone.