Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you have a signature scent? Is there just that one perfume you wear often enough?

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42 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you have a signature scent?

  1. Eva

    Mine is “Gucci Rush 2″. I have worn it since it came out and I have yet to find another perfume that I like that much.

  2. Mine used to be escada pacific paradise. then d&g the one came out so that’s what i’ve been using now.

  3. My signature scent for the first 25 years of my life was Nina Ricci’s L’Air du Temps – which I still absolutely adore. I’m super picky about fragrance and get headaches from perfume easily, so after years of looking for another one to mix it all up, I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that Burberry’s London was a perfect fit.

  4. Amanda

    Davidoff Cool Water for me. I own more ‘grown up’ fragrances, but my then boyfriend bought it for me when I was a teenager and I’ve worn it for everything since – first date with my husband, engagement party, wedding, honeymoon, birthdays, christmases. My husband loves it even though an ex originally got it for me, so I always wear it for the special things, sort of a tradition.
    I mix it up on a daily basis though, wearing the same one everyday would be like wearing the same lippy everyday, after a while it would just get so boring.

  5. Laurel

    Mine is Ralph Lauren Blue. It’s definitely my signature scent and whenever I give someone a hug they go, “ooooh you smell good!” :)

  6. Fie

    Thierry Mugler’s Innocent. I love that perfume so much. But I have to wait till my other perfumes to run out before I can purchase the big bottle.

  7. Tina

    Prada Prada…

  8. Chanel Allure Sensual is definitely my signature scent. I stray away but always seem to find my way back to it!

  9. Jen

    Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

    A guy passing me on the street even stopped to ask if that’s what it was the other day.

  10. Chrystie

    Burberry Brit Red :) I just adore the red bottle too.

  11. Brooke

    There are far too many good smells out there to limit myself to just one!

    In high school, I wore Clinique Happy every day for a few years, but that got boring.

  12. Annie

    Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Extreme. I wear that one and Vanille Abricot. People I don’t know tell me how good I smell!

  13. Katherine

    I have a few. I really love B&BW “Blushing Cherry Blossom” but it’s not available in stores at the moment (it’s one of the only B&BW scents that doesn’t give me an instant headache). Perfume-wise, it’s usually Dior Miss Cherie or Vera Wang Princess.

  14. chrissy

    Pleasures by Estee Lauder…cause I’ve proven that it makes men go gaga!

  15. Hanae Mori Butterfly. :) Looove.

  16. Tiara

    J’adore!!! It’s the only thing for me!!

  17. Maren

    Kenneth Cole “Black” since it came out. Before I used the old Shiseido “Zen” for years, but unfortunately they discontinued it.

  18. Carrie

    No, not really. There are three that I rotate between: Hanae Mori, the Beat, and Tom Ford Moss Breches (which is so expensive, I just have a sample from Bergdorf’s that I use :P). I also like KenzoAmour and would like to add that to my rotation!

  19. lisa

    First it was Jadore by dior and Red delicious by dkny but just recently i got a sample of chance by channel with a purchase from nordstrom and i fell in love with it! I had to go get the big bottle and now it’s my new fave. I have however have bought a few xmas coffrets from different brands so i may find a few new faves when i try them out.

  20. Yes! Jo Malone Grapefruit! It is the best.

  21. Calvin Klein Euphoria is my favorite. Its wonderful. But at work I wear something a bit lighter, usually Lacoste Dream of Pink or Ralph Lauren Romance

  22. Morgan

    Mine is Gucci Rush. I have worn it for 7 years now. Everytime I wear it people ask,”What ARE you wearing?” I love to try new scents, but always fall back to the one that “turns heads”. haha

  23. Rachel

    Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb :) I know people either LOVE it or they absolutely hate it, but I think it’s the sexiest scent ever. My boyfriend goes insane when he smells it on me.. I definitely think it’s one of those perfumes that just works with my “body chemistry”.. I’ve been wearing it since it came out and haven’t loooked back.

  24. Rio

    Oh, gosh no. I have a collection. I am a perfume junkie! I almost never wear the same perfume two days in a row, unless it is brand new. I have somewhere around 30 different perfumes with matching body wash.

    My boyfriend wishes I would wear strawberry everyday though! 😛

  25. Shefali

    For me lately it’s fresh’s Strawberry Flowers. It’s divine and totally me!

    • Rabi

      I just bought this and I love it!! My signature scent is Jo Malone’s Amber and Lavender, but I constantly try new ones. This new scent from Fresh, mixed with Privet Sun by Hampton Bloom, is a nice green and fresh alternative to the darkness of the amber.

  26. Ciara

    My signature scent is Euphoria from Calvin Klein
    It’s a sweet, enchanting scent, and it lasts all day long.
    The perfume is not to heavy, not to floral .. Just perfect!

  27. Heather

    Vera Wang Princess and Burberry Brit

  28. Hannah

    Gucci rush is looove, but i also love the Armani one… in the white bottle… can’t remember the name, but they don’t make it anymore… bought like 2 bottles of it.. still have them :)

  29. kayla

    absolutely! i have many perfums and switch a day every now and then, but mostly, burberry london. If my man ever smells it on someone else, it just reminds him of me.

  30. maddie

    i love Victorias secret- Very Sexy Hot and Aqualina Pink Sugar

  31. PAOLA

    i love love lolita lempicka…the purple and gold apple…it lasts all day and smells so good…it’s that smell that makes you go damn something smells good…oh wait it’s me haha

  32. Nicole

    Truth by Calvin Klein, thats my signature scent.

  33. mahalia

    my signature scent is chanel no.5 i am only 17 and i fell in love with it at 15. many people think it’s grown up…. like a grandma. lol. when i wear it i feel luxurious and grand. i cant wait to wear it with my little black dress (popularized by chanel) this weekend!

  34. Reesa

    Amazing Grace by Philosophy.

  35. Fabiola

    Chance by Chanel. So me!

  36. Macaddict

    I am a fragrance collector and I love and have way too many to just pick one! I guess you could say that my signature scent is different every day because I rarely wear the same one 2 days in a row. In the fall-winter, I like heavier and more woody-musky scents and in the spring-summer, more fruity-light and fresh ones.

  37. Monica

    i absolutely love love LOVE rock ‘n rose by valetino.

    but i recently bought one of the variations of vicky’s pink line…the “fruity & bright” one..and i love it. although it doesn’t smell fruity at all (which is good cause i hate fruity scents), it smells more like cotton candy to me.

  38. inuchan


    L’Eau par Kenzo.

    Since 1997. :)