Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you have a distinctive beauty style? What would you classify it as? (e.g. colorful, classic, minimal, wild, vintage, etc.)

I would like to have a distinctive beauty style that makes me “polished,” but someone who is willing to have fun with color, too.

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23 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you have a distinctive beauty style?

  1. Briodmun

    Mine would have to be the best of all…. Random. I’ll try anything because i have the confidence and the good looks to pull it off.

  2. inu

    i’d say i am a beauty-in-gasses lol !!!

    I wear glasses and I have a rather pale skin… So i generally go easy on the colors,I prefer pale, shimmering tones :) I do not dare blod colors, but I feel confident with my glasses and natural/shimmering colors :)

    Minimal/classic, with a tad of glitters for me I guess :)

  3. Hello Cristine,

    I can pull all kinda looks very beautifully,but i personally like WILD MAKEUP,like PURE ARABIC LOOKS!!


  4. Erin

    I would say my style is quite like a chameleon. Sometimes I get glammed up and sometimes I look prissy in a cardigan with neutral or subdued eyes. Usually I wear my bold black chunky glasses with wide temples, which is very “me”. That probably makes my makeup less noticeable, but I still do it up proper when I have the chance. Sometimes I wear contacts, but since I have astigmatism it sort of hurts my eyes to wear contact lenses.

  5. Hmmmm I would say my style is eclectic. I always change it up, everyday is a new day to try something new. I never go too crazy as I am in my 30s and that doesn’t look cool anymore …

  6. Nell

    I try to look polished and pulled together, I want people to compliment me and not my makeup, so I always go for subtlety.

  7. Chica

    I try and keep it toned down for work – black liner and pink lipstick and jazz up the colours for the weekend, i love wearing bright eyeshadow but I try to keep it neutral for work so i don’t scare my poor sleep-deprived colleagues :o)
    I go crazy when I’m clubbing – it’s the only time my brighter Urban Decay and Barry M get to be taken out and played with!

  8. JackA.

    I’ve definently got a very dark, romantic with a definite edge to what I do. I utilize some bright colors to accent here and there, but I’m generally fall style all year round lol.

  9. Erin

    Polished is my ultimate goal, absolutely. If I can’t do it polished, it’s not worth it at all!

  10. Tanya

    for years mine was pin-up, retro girly girl :) I use to wax my brows and pencil them in, always red lips and lots of top liner. Now…I am trying to stay away from an image that pigeon holes me….I want to be versitile and able to do any look that I choose and I think I am able to do so :)

    LOL come the week after next though…it will be a lot harder to pull off conservative…I am getting pink highlights in my hair :) I am soooooo excited!!

    • Oh, man, I don’t think I could ever wax my brows. I’d never be able to make them identical, LOL.

      You have to send me a pic via email of your new hair, Tanya!

  11. Torias

    Polished is the goal !! I think most of the time I am successful but I do like color and I have to becareful to keep it in check for work – mostly because i work amoungst the pale and colorless-lol Sorry but in my office building lots of the ladies are 55+ and sometimes i think just any thing besides brown shadow is shocking to them;) so in that way maybe my style is wild..