Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

Do you feel like you can have too much makeup? Can you never have enough?

Temptalia's Answer.

Yes, and no. Most of us don’t need makeup in the true sense of the word, so it’s really something fun, creative, etc. It’s a hobby. It’s like collecting stamps–of course you want them all!

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48 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you feel like you can have too much makeup?

  1. jennifer

    My fiance thinks I have more makeup than necessary but I don’t think I could ever have too much. That’s crazy talk. :)

  2. sam :)

    i completely agree with you
    makeup is a hobby and an art form
    so of course everyones going to want to buy everything and thats ok
    for people who just use a little makeup every day like mascara or a little face powder
    they might have to say to much is to much

  3. Virginia

    Oh yes, definitely…I often feel like I have too much makeup and I rarely buy new pieces nowadays. I try to be pragmatic with my makeup, too – a color might be pretty, but if I know I’ll never wear it, I try to resist. For me, makeup is made to be used and I hate to have things lying around collecting dust.

  4. MizzMACDiva

    It’s an art and a hobby! You couldn’t say it any better. I feel like I have allot, but never enough.

  5. Yes but I always want more!

  6. Eleanor

    I definitely feel like I have too much and I have about 10% of your entire collection. I also feel that my makeup should be used up at some stage. But right now, I feel I have more than I can use up in my life time. However, it does not stop me from getting new makeup. I have personally made the decision to buy what I want this year and be more selective next year. That should put me at about 20% of what you have Christine, thereby doubling my current collection.

  7. YES, you can have TOO much. I think sometimes we make rash decisions, and end up purchasing things on a whim. I have done that many times… i only use a couple of things out of my whole collection… for example, i only use 2 blushes in rotation when i have 7. i ended up giving out the rest to my mom…

    i don’t think you can have too many skincare products though. with makeup, i think the basics are the best. a good foundation, concealer, blush, neutral eyeshadow palette, BB gel eyeliner, and a good lipstick/lipgloss.

  8. Emm

    Yes and No. It depends on why you have it. If you want different look and like to change up your make up you can never have enough. But if you are a makeup minimalist then of course. I have a lot but I love the variety I have so.. And if I feel I am not using a product I will give it to someone who would like it and use it.

  9. Sarah

    Can never have enough! :)

  10. Kayc

    Both yes and no. There are some people who collect vast amounts of make up but barely uses any of them. In that case, that person has way too much make up. On the other hand, I view makeup collection as a hobby and its application as an art. In that case, you can never have too much make up. As long as you budget and buy the items you know you will be using either regularly or from time to time then I think that you’re getting your money’s worth out of the products. Just don’t let yourself go into debt because of collecting make up.

  11. Natalie

    I have nearly 100 of eyeshadows and 60 lipsticks, just MAC products alone. I know I have too much makeup, but at least I use them! Some people collect paintings and enjoy looking at them. I collect makeups and enjoy looking at them as well as putting them on my face :)

  12. I never feel that! I love to indulge in everything I’ve got, love love love it! MOOORE! And I use it all!

  13. melanie

    Only when products I haven’t used a lot go bad.

  14. smugbear

    NEVER lol

  15. Taj

    NEVER when I am at a makeup counter, but when I have to tidy up my collection, I always wish I had not purchased that much. The brands keep on producing products of new formula and improving the ease of application really gives me the urge to keep on buying more and more new makeup.

  16. Cat

    My fiance thinks I have too much but I dont agree. I love it…its my hobby, outlet to let me be creative.

  17. Vee

    I have so many items I never use! So yes, when I’m spending my money on stuff that’s just going to collect dust… though they’ve be useful in swapping for items I can’t get here. :)

  18. Nicole15

    My husband would say yes, you can definitely have to much but my response to him is that i collect make-up like he does sports stuff. Make-up is art & a way of self-expression. The only time i feel like i have too much is when i look at the section of my train case filled with the make-up i only bothered with once and don’t really like. Then i feel like i went overboard, but that happens rarely as i used almost everything, love it all & am always wanting more.

  19. Janelle

    I pity the fool that says I have too much makeup!

  20. Sasha

    My boyfriend has never actually said it, but I’m pretty sure he thinks I have too much makeup, especially when he makes estimates of how much I spend on it in a month/year! Of course, I would prefer he didn’t know how much I truly spend lol (unless we get married, that’s a different story). But he has no place to talk, because his hobbies are much more expensive than mine (guns, motorcycles, etc.) and I get to use mine every day, even multiple times a day, whereas he enjoys his less often.

    I think that with anything, you can have “too much”; however, “too much” is relative: 25 lipsticks to me, an avid makeup enthusiast and daily user, is not the same as 25 lipsticks to my stepmother, who only wears makeup on special occasions (and even then it’s only black eyeliner and red lipstick).

    • Leah

      I couldn’t have said it better myself! I know my bf thinks my collection is over the top but it’s a relatively inexpensive joy that I actually use and experiment with!

  21. It’s kind of like my hobby and indulgence. Most pple can never fathom why I need yet another blusher, or lippy.

  22. HoneyBrown1976

    I have too many lip glosses; but, I can’t stop collecting them! I would feel bad if they’d go bad before I finished them.

  23. Anitacska

    I have too much make up, I admit, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting more, lol. :)

  24. Brooke F

    The only imperfect thing about the collecting analogy is that lip products will go bad eventually – I have so many that I’ve had a rule for the last year that I’m not allowed to buy more. Eyeshadow and other powder products though, aren’t going to turn rancid one day, so I don’t feel bad about adding another one to my stash.

  25. Coffee

    Heck no! Its my vice and I fully indulge in it—hey, it’s better than crack! LOL. But, I will say I need to start using what I have more…start waking up earlier to fully paint my face!

  26. KaylaK

    I don’t necessarily think I have a lot of makeup. I use everything that I have and I am in the process of using things up now from certain brands that I don’t buy from anymore. As long as I keep rotating through what I have I’ll probably have almost 75% of my stuff used up by the end of this year lol. Blush would probably be the one thing that may take me longer to use up though..

  27. Zsofi

    Great question 😀

    no,i will never-ever have enough,or too much makeup 😀

    this is my addiction,luckily not unhealthy :-)

    and its also art,its never enough of art 😀

    and all these nice new collections 😀

  28. Allison

    i have plenty of makeup, and i love playing with it and trying new products! i think the thing with makeup that can make having a “lot” seem silly to some is that you can see how much has actually been used. i think most people think of makeup to be used until the container is empty, but how many of us wear our clothes until they’re worn out with holes everywhere? not me haha! new seasons = new clothes, so why not with makeup!! =)

  29. Ruth

    As Liberace said, “TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING IS WONDERFUL” I agree, as far as makeup is concerned, the more the merrier !!!!!!!!

  30. Jenna

    ummm…it is nothing like collecting stamps…stamps are $42 cents.
    yes you can have too much makeup.
    just like you can have too many shoes etc.

  31. geri

    I can’t answer that question!

  32. Lucy

    Yes I do have way too much. When I look at my receipts from buying everything I thought I needed, I feel sick. But it doesn’t stop me. I don’t charge anything and I use my cash card only. I buy everything online. It’s so exciting buying from new collections. I’m very influenced by blogs and YouTube. I just love color and playing with my makeup. I hate when a lipstick gets rancid. Excuse to buy another. I have over 60 lipsticks. Lots of eyeshadows and the rest to go with it. I wasn’t tempted by these latest Mac duos. The next collections will be hard to resist. I guess I’m just a makeup addict and I have a lot of company.

  33. mars

    I still don’t have all the eyeshadows I’d like even though I’ve got 9 pro palettes, 6 partially full quads for the overflow and 10-11 Mineralize eye shadow duos. I’ll be buying most of the next few collections from MAC and adding a few from Lancome that I’m crossing my fingers will fit in my palettes, and I still don’t have nearly enough pigments. Anytime I find a brand that fits my pro palettes I manage to find a few that I like. I’ll keep buying eyecolors until I get to the point that I never feel like “this look would be perfect if I only had ___ eyshadow color” or I can walk through a cosmetic display and find a color I just can’t duplicate.
    Lipglosses I have to many that I don’t really love but I’ve been grabbing them and wearing them a lot just to use them up.

  34. Elizabeth Ventura

    I always say if it makes me Happy its worth having. Now my husband says I don

  35. cloudburst

    Yes, definitely – when you have so much that you couldn’t use it all in one lifetime! That being said, it dosen’t stop me from collecting more. I know I have too much but I’m okay with that.

  36. Rio

    No, but I also just started to really buy makeup not too long ago. I’ve always loved makeup, but I have a bit more money now than I used to, so I can get better and more stuff. I did have a lot of makeup I didn’t use because it was cheap crap, but I threw out all the bad stuff. Now I use everything at least occasionally!

  37. Mary Ann

    If you enjoy makeup & you don’t care about the financial burdens (lol) then it doesn’t matter how much makeup you have!

  38. Nathalie

    Even with more money by the past, I never made any orgy of make up. I really really love make up but firmly refuse to buy stuff I will absolutely never wear (because it doesn’t fit my style or skin tone) and that I get just because I found them pretty in the tube. I’m not a professional so why would I buy and buy stuff I’m not even sure to love at the end? Plus lots of skin problems prevent me to buy anything I find appealing. So I am very reasonable and prefer to be super creative with (relatively) few (high end stuff). I try to be happy with few and wouldn’t like to become too greedy, barely using and being obliged to trash rancid items. Also a huge collection would give me a weird feeling of strangeness because I need to perfectly tame everything I own. I have my classics that I routinely buy again and again under different forms and also some more occasional items to change of style. And you know what? I love to finish a lipstick, a lipgloss, an eyeshadow or a khol. It’s a feeling of efficiency I really like. Like “it was bought because it was useful and not because it was a caprice”. Seeing an eyeshadow that stay in my traincase during years doesn’t please me and the more days pass, the more those kind of item lose their appeal (I unfortunately have a couple of them). In definitive, although I adore make up, my attitude toward all this is not the one of a collector but the one of someone who use it as many little tools to control my image and my style. So yes, I feel like someone who could eventually have too much make up. All this said, I adore checking the collection of girls who have a huge make up collection. It sincerely fascinates me.

  39. Yvette

    I don’t think I have too much Makeup..I have several different brands in my collections and I use all of them for different things. I’m a Freelance Artist and I use certain makeup for clients only and my makeup for my personal use.

  40. Mikki

    You can NEVER have too much.