Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you ever leave the house without makeup on? Are you often sporting the totally natural look that is you? Do you have to have a coat of mascara or a touch of lipgloss?

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74 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you ever leave the house without makeup on?

  1. Ashlee

    All most everytime I go out now. I’m down to wearing makeup 2 or so days out of the week :(

  2. Jenny

    The only time I remember going au natural was months ago when I headed out to blockbuster with my boyfriend. When we were in the store, he stopped and stared at me and asked if I had any makeup on. I said no and he said “Wow! You look so pretty.” He’s a sweetheart, but I highly doubt I looked fab w/o makeup.

    I battled acne ever since I was 12 till about the beginning of this year (I’m now 24). I’ve been using a different acne solution and it’s worked wonders, an absolute God send!! Even though my skin is clear, I’m still very self conscious. I *need* at least my mineral foundation and mascara to function properly in public, haha =)

    • What’s the acne solution that has finally cleared up your skin, Jenny? Share!

      I am sure he meant it, too :)

    • Valerie

      I’d like to know for my sister she hates it, I’d tell her I have this really big pimple on my cheek and she’d say “Have you look at my face?” So it would be a big help for her and me.


      • Jenny

        I’ve tried everything to clear up my acne, including prescription stuff.. but it would work for a month, then stop working period. I mean, I had bad acne.. like, I had new pimples everyday. Anyhow, I went to Costco with my mom and she had a coupon for AcneFree (I think they sell it at WalMart too), so I gave it a go. I saw results in TWO days (no new pimples forming), it was super exciting. Within a week and a half to 2 weeks, my face was clear. Four months later, I get compliments from people telling me my skin looks really good.. that has NEVER happened to me before and it feels kind of weird, but a good weird. =)

        I really hope this helps Valerie!

  3. Kelsey

    I’ve only worn makeup probably 15 times in the past 5 months. Pretty impressive but I’ve learned to love my skin and like my natural look. However, I’ve just had no where to go and so I haven’t needed any. I love not wearing makeup b/c I hate taking it off!

  4. I need to put mascara on, if not I look like have noe eyes at all. It is pretty freaking.

    • lol, Sadie! There was a girl in high school who had no brows, and yet nobody said anything. I still have no idea why she didn’t have brows!

  5. Tonee

    I always wear sunscreen or tinted moisturizer when I go out, plus eyeliner and lipstick at least. The only time I don’t ever wear make up is when I am sick and see a doctor!

    • I should invest in a tinted moisturizer. Hmm…

      LOL, I wore makeup to the derm once, I was like oh, yeah… probably shouldn’t have!

      • Nell

        Haha, that´s why I always postpone my derm visit – I can´t stand the idea to go there without makeup.

  6. MEG

    as much as I love makeup ,I also love haveing a clean fresh face with nothing on it.

  7. Sanayhs

    I regularly go out with zero makeup on. :)

  8. Chica

    If i’m just taking the rubbish out or going to the local shop or something then yes, all the time :o) I very rarely don’t wear make up for work though and i’ve never gone on a night out without it on.

    • I think there may have been a few instances where I’ve gone out at night with no makeup, but I can’t think of any, lol! I usually will wear foundation if I’m going out at night myself.

  9. I only wear make up to my night job(bartender) the rest of the week i use a eyelash curler and thats it.

  10. viv

    If I’m wearing my glasses then I can stay away from eye make up but if I’m wearing contacts then I need make up to hide the dark circles!! Though most of the time I still add a touch of black eyeliner no matter what. Lip balm is a must must must for all the time, and lip gloss when I have time/remember too. Lipstick when I’m bothered. Full face make up for big occasions or parties.

    • Oh man, I have glasses that I wear sometimes, and I hate how they cover up my eye makeup and make my eyes look so funny :( Give me some tips!

  11. Hey Cristine,

    Yes Christine i do leave house sometimes with out any makeup,It perfectly alrite with me,But i always apply sunscreen b4 i leave,Tada rum pum,THE END! 😀

  12. Sometimes I leave the house without makeup on! :)

  13. Tina

    I leave the house most days with just my eyebrows done and eyeliner (black) on my waterline. I find that eyebrows do wonders for your face.

  14. Sandy

    yes, if I’m spending too much time outdoors or going to the beach. In which case I’d only wear sun block and lipbalm.

  15. DaniMae

    If there’s anything that I just NEED to have on, it’s chap stick. I can’t stand the look and feed of dry, cracked lips :( I keep a few chap sticks or glosses in my purse, baby bag, and in the car.

    Now that I’m working again I wear a full face most days, but when I’m just at home I usually just wear chap stick and maybe some mascara.

  16. DaniMae


    Sorry about that.

  17. Millie

    i always wear make-up when i go out. maybe a bit of powder foundation and lipstick when i feel lazy. i have a reputation to uphold, lol.

  18. Vanessa

    Yeah i do sometimes.
    But not many times.

  19. Nell

    Recently I´ve skipped foundation, since my skin is in a good phase, but totally without makeup – never!
    Powder,concealer, blush, mascara and lipgloss are the bare minimum. I wish I could get away without it, but I look like death…

  20. It’s VERY rare. This doesn’t happen much at all. And when I do, I feel ugly, whether or not I actually am.

    Yeah, I’d rather wear makeup.

  21. Sarah

    I can never go out without foundation. For some reason I started getting really bad acne, so now I need a lot of cover up. So, at least foundation. Sometimes more, but most days I’m too tired.

  22. grace

    yesss i do for early morning classes. although now that i am really into m/u i am doing this less often.

  23. Does only wearing eyeliner and a bit of TLC count as no make up? Thats about as close as I get to going fresh faced, but I don’t wear very much in the summer months anyway.

  24. Beverly Vinson

    I do sometimes, but you know what is the worst?

    The day that you are tired and don’t put makeup on because you don’t have time or you feel too cruddy to want to put it on, you ALWAYS run into someone you know (usually from years earlier), and think DANG IT!! I WISH I WOULD HAVE PUT SOME MAKEUP ON!!!!

    That has happened to me at least 2-3 times so far in my life……so aggravating.

    LOL Cheers!

  25. Laurice

    id say that majority of the week i usually just throw on tinted moisturizer, lipgloss and eyeliner. and maybe 2-3 days ill have a full face if im going out with friends or if i somewhere to go. but usually just for school and running around on campus its just those 3 things.

  26. Sweety Heart

    On the weekends, I’ll usually put on a full face of makeup. On the weekdays, I usually don’t have the time.

  27. leslie

    I never leave home w/out make-up on.not too much stuff on,just enough to look a little polished. I even put make-up on in the middle of severe labor pains! The nurse couldn’t believe i had on make-up:)

  28. Davina

    i’d love to be able to wear no makeup out, but i have severe dark circles under my eyes & on my eyelids and i look like the walking dead without a little concealer!
    the last time i went out of the house without a stitch of makeup on was to get a MAC makeover for Fafi and i think i scared the MUA so much that she piled on the makeup about 3 inches thick, ha! (yes, it looked absolutely horrible…!)

  29. Arika BH

    NO. there’s this great quote by dita von teese, she has this theory that the day you don’t make an effort is the day you will run into your ex or your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend! so i always do mascara, bronzer, lipgloss, and i fill in my brows as my minimum.

    • It’s so very true, I swear it is. Well, unless you start going out ALL the time without makeup, but if you regularly do it… yep, you’ll run into someone you wanted to look good for!

  30. Eileen

    Almost everyday I do. Now that summer is here and classes are I’ll probably do mine more often.

  31. HeavenLeiBlu

    Ha, of course! I hardly ever go without lip gloss, though.

  32. karen

    ya, as much as I can. I mean there is no much time left after my work.

  33. taj

    I have to wear at least sometinted moisturizer to cover up my severe acne scar, and then I need some blush to brighten up the face otherwise my face would look flat and dead. This is minimal if I have to go a few blocks away from home.

  34. Lynette

    I love going without make up. It’s not something I really think about. I like my face, my cheeks naturally have a little bit of red in them, just like blush. For some reason I always look like I have liner/mascara on. It works for me! :)

  35. gabby

    no, at least foundation!!!