Friday, February 1st, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you do touch-ups throughout the day? Or do you just pray it all holds together? Are you the “once I’m done, I’m done” kind of person, or do you prefer to double-check to make sure everything is good during the day and fix anything that’s amiss?

Touch-ups? Next to never! I might touch-up or re-do my lips, but you will not see me fixing my face or eyeshadow whatsoever!

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60 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you do touch-ups throughout the day?

  1. Zsofi

    i touch up my lipgloss very often 😀 and sometimes i powder my face,when it gets shiny. nothing more 😀 i never fix my eyeshadow,i don’t even need to,MAC stays put forever 😀 sometimes Dior is good,too. but it doesn’t have the MAC color intensity.

  2. Nell

    I touch up my lips and powder my face, maybe reapply concealer around my nose, the eyes are good all day. Sometimes I refresh my blush, too. All of this because I am a bit of a controlfreak, not because it is strictly necessary.

  3. Beda

    I have to touch up through the day, I have very oily skin. I remove oil with tissue or blotting paper (it´s that how it´s called?), then I use MAC´s Blot powder. Also, since I am almost always using lipgloss, I have to reapply like 4 hours later or after having a meal. It´s horrible to see someone having traces of lipgloss around their lips, looks like they ate something really greasy, yuck.

  4. claudine

    i use macs blot powder
    and touch up my lips (lipglass) and my waterline (smolder eyekhol)

  5. ilovecheese

    I definitely need to wash my face halfway through the day – as it gets super oily around the nose and forehead, but I don’t retouch my eyes – they stay put even after I use regular face cleanser. I also need to regloss my lips at least 3-4 times a day as I “eat” up any lipstick/gloss/stain despite using foundation to make it stay!

  6. Lingping

    The only thing that gets touched up is the lipstick/gloss, and there’s a lot less need for that since I got the ID bare escentuals lip primer. Once the face is done, it’s done! I end up throwing away makeup that doesn’t stay put all day since I can’t stand touching up :)

  7. claudia

    i RARELY do any touch-ups! i might reapply lipgloss *one* time throughout the day, and if my skin is *really* oily, i might blot.

  8. Tonee

    I use MAC Blot powder to get rid of shiny spots and also touch up lipstick after meals. That’s about it.

  9. Erin

    I might throw some powder on, but even if my lipstick wears off I rarely put any back on.

  10. Tanya

    I touch up lippies though out the day and if I’m feeling the need I might touch up my mascara…I usually forget about the blotting papers…even though I own like 4 packages.

  11. Lydia

    I only touch up my lipgloss… I never bring anything else with me!

  12. n.fiona

    Truthfully? No, not really. Unless I’m dressed to kill for a Christmas party or something. I usually have blot powder ready. Lipglass just in case. I don’t have to worry about eye because UDPP or Paint Pots I use does the job for me!

  13. Davina

    definitely lipstick/lipgloss, i’m constantly eating off my color by unnecessary snacking. 😛
    other than that, my makeup stays put except for my liner on my waterline, so i like to carry a kohl pencil for touch-ups only if i’m out on the town. would love to solve that one though!

  14. Cristina

    shadow, powder, and lips. =)
    I am always in the mirror i bought some travel brushes just for my eyeshadow.
    I work behind a bar so people are always looking at me so I always like to look fresh.
    It helps tips too.

  15. Tekoa

    I need to retouch my face about twice a day. My skin is uber oily. Probably going to continue my Levulan treatments soon. Everything else stays put well.

  16. Aleks

    Yup, unfortunately. I suppose we’d all love it if we didn’t have to do any touch-ups. I always carry a powder, lipgloss, eyeshadow(s) with me and sometimes even a blush, too.

  17. I am constantly reapplying my lips. Other than that, maybe a quick sweep of pressed powder, but that’s about it.

  18. Once I am done I don’t really touch up. I might reapply my lip product or products but usually the most I do is blot…if that.

  19. Erin

    Cristina- have you tried using a black paint or paint pot or fluidline or another liquid liner instead?

  20. Lydia

    I like the black eyeline from Smashbox that comes in the little pot and you use a little brush to put it on. It stays on all day!

  21. Sara

    i redo my lipstick and/or gloss randomly throughout the day. i usually use one of those oil blotting papers at some point because my face gets pretty shiny. if i did my makeup in the morning for school/work and im going out that night, ill usually go over the shadow a bit just to brighten up the colors a little more.

    so yeah. i do. lol!!

  22. I have a couple items with me just in case but in the bluest moon do I ever reach for them. As long as I have some Lip Conditioner, I don’t really care if the rest falls apart, hah.

  23. melissa

    I used to touch up my eyes, lips, and eyeliner. I hated doinbg it so much that I just gave up on makeup. I have recently discovered MAC and I am very happy. Mac eyeshadows last pretty much all day. I still have trouble with lipstick and gloss, they don’t even last an hour on my lips and it gets annoying. I am still in search of a good long lasting lip product and until then I don’t wear anything on my lips.

  24. I used to carry almost all the products I’d used to create my look in case I needed a touch up. I found out that I don’t ever really touch up anything but maybe put a little extra lip product on or MAC Blot Powder. So now that’s pretty much all I bring/use as a touch up, oh and maybe a little concealer too… just in case.

  25. yes! i need to i have oily skin too bad

  26. Danapotter

    For me, I only touch up my lipgloss, but not anything else.

  27. um not really during the day because im v v v low maitenance i dont wear a lotta make up during the day … i often forget. but at nite i NEVER leave home without my concealer, gloss, lipstick and black smoulder kohl. never ever ever. make up just slides in hot clubs and before u know it u are leaving a club at 3am looking like a spotty panda bear lol!!! so yeah at night touch ups are mandatory!!

  28. monica

    I don’t really touch up my make up
    except for lipgloss

  29. Allison

    I blot and maybe reapply lipstick once after lunch but that’s it