Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you DIY any of your beauty products? Make your own masks? Create your own pigments?

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48 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you DIY any of your beauty products?

  1. Well, I make my own mixing medium, 3 parts water, 1 part glycerin…and sometimes I will mix lipglosses or mineral powders to get the right shade…and I do that with nail polish too. But I think everyone does that, lol.

  2. Jennifer

    I’ve been known to mix lipsticks and glosses when I can’t get the perfect color… I occasionally make some DIY face and hair masks (avocado, or honey, things like that) and body scrubs. In general, though, I’m too lazy to be bothered – I just buy it premade. :-/

  3. Ping.

    haha i sort of did something once. my foundation cake fall and broke into many pieces. so i jsut pour everything into a case and grind/ mashed everything into fine powder and used it as a loose powder!

  4. DaniMae

    I DIY a lot of things.

    mixing medium
    lip glosses
    brush cleaner

    I also made myself some pallets with empty CD cases and school glue.

    • Calico

      BRILLIANT! :) Thanks – any more info – I cant get pallets in my country, and that would be see through… i love this idea!
      Did they crack?

      • whitney

        if you go on and search EnKoreMakeup, he has a lot of crafty tutorials for making your own pallets with cd cases and makeup storage stuff

      • DaniMae

        Nope! No cracking at all. All of my shadows are in perfect condition after depotting. I used a rather simple method, compared to tuts that I’ve seen anyway.

        You can message me for more information if you’d like:

    • Aww, love the empty CD cases as palettes idea. So cute! I’d love to see pics if you have them!

  5. Briodmun

    The usual makeup items – glosses, brush cleaner, pigments, nail polish, lipsticks, mixing medium etc etc. But i also make my own palettes out of metal tins/cases (pencil cases, tobacco tins, etc) by depotting things and adding magnetic tape to the bottom so i can move things about. This method is great cause i dont need to use metal pans – i can use platic lids or something to put my homemade things into :).

  6. claudia m.

    Awesome tips! I might try making a palette. I’ve only made body scrubs and lipbalms… Just yesterday I was pondering making my own make up

  7. Kat

    I make my own mixing medium, and occasianally do my own asprin face masks/scrubs if I’m having a bad spot day/week/month/year :-)

  8. Calico

    Oh i just saw the other pallet post ! Brilliant! YAY!

  9. jesstooimpress

    chris did u check out the tendertones yet? I’m dieing for swatches !

  10. Shefali

    I make my own mixing medium and make my own lipglosses by blending things together.

  11. I make my own mixing medium, and have thought about using the aspirin mask thing. But that’s about it! I’m just so busy!

  12. viv

    Pigments!!! I don’t press them though… I mean, I like eyeshadows as they are in the pan. but it’s always fun with powdery pigments. I have 2 ways of dealing with pigments… either I mix the ones I already have to create a new colour. Or I scrape (gently, with a rounded plastic scoop type of thing) the surface of eyeshadows and tap the powder off and mix them together to create colours. I have to do the latter with care though cuz I don’t wanna ruin my e/s. :)

    • I pressed like 30 once, and I wasn’t impressed. I prefer mine loose and then with mixing medium, lol!

      I haven’t gotten creative and mixed them loose yet, though. Any good combos?

  13. Jennifer

    I make my own lip exfoliator. I use grapeseed and/or jojoba oil (both available in the beauty area of health food stores, even Whole Foods). I take a pinch of sugar and mix in the oil until it is sort of a crumbly paste, apply to the lips, rub gently for several minutes, and rinse away. The sugar crystals buff away the dry skin and the oils moisturize. (Jojoba is ‘specially moisturizing, and grapeseed oil has a TON of antioxidants in it.)

  14. No. Jennifer that lip exfoliator sounds good though!

  15. HeavenLeiBlu

    I DIY for a lot of things-

    *Mixing Medium

    *using micas/oxides alone or blending them for use as pigments

    *mixing ready-made MAC pigments

    *custom bath salts/scrubs

    *mixing my oil cleansing blend

    *I’ve been making facial masks since I was a kid, LOL

    *body butters

    *body oil blends

    *hair pomade/dressing

    *leave in conditioner


    *hair gel

    *bath bombs

    *hair ties/ponytail holders

    Geez, I just exhausted myself typing that. Now I know why I feel like there’s never enough time- I’m DIYing all that stuff! LMAO

  16. Sara

    mixing medium!

  17. Caitlin

    Coconut oil hairmasks
    Salt and bicarb soda bath salts/scrubs
    Basically I try to use what’s in the pantry when I can 😀
    I also buy tea tree oil and a big bottle of plain sorbolene/glycerin (mineral-oil free). Dump the tea tree oil into that, and you have a cheaaaaap body lotion perfect for my oily crappy skin that’s gentle enough for my face :)

    • Wow! I didn’t know you could do tea tree oil + glycerin for a body lotion. Do you dilute the tea tree oil at all? What are the proportions?

  18. Agnes

    i mix foundations,mix powders,mix glosses,whatever!

  19. amelia

    The only mixing I do is my TM. I mix Revlon Colorstay Active with whatever moisturizer I have on hand & a dab of highlight (usually Revlon Skinlights liquid in Natural Light). I hate the feel of any heaviness at all in my base so this evens me out a bit & gives me a great glow

  20. cloudburst

    Full fat plain yogurt makes a great moisturizing/soothing mask. Especially for sunburns. Also hair conditioner is a great substitute for shaving gel.