Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

Do you coordinate your makeup with the season? Do you opt for brighter makeup in the summer? Darker colors in the fall?

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33 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you coordinate your makeup with the season?

  1. I will love to win the palette, because Mac colors are said to be very stable and pigmented, besides I don’t have a Mac palette and this color combination looks terrific.

  2. I will love to win the palette, because Mac colors are said to be very stable and pigmented, this color combination looks terrific.

  3. No, I just seem to wear bright colours all around! =P

  4. Lingping

    I generally like bright colors, but makeup also follows my mood, which tends to be both lighter and brighter in spring and summer :)

  5. I think I do kind of coordinate my make up to the season…but I don’t plan to! It happens unconsciously, I guess. I seem to wear more smokey eyes and dark colors during the winters and during spring/summer, I’ll pull out my blues, greens, purples, pinks and any other color one can imagine :)

  6. no.. i just put on whatever looks good doesn’t matter if it’s in season or not.

  7. that tends to be the theme. like i like to wear frosty looks in the winter, dark looks in the fall, and brights in the spring and summer.

  8. haley

    I would say that my makeup is influenced by the season rather than dictated. For example, I’m much more likely to wear a color like sumptuous olive in the fall than in the spring, but if I’ve got an outfit that calls for a dark antiqued tarnished green in spring, I’ll go for it, no questions about the seasonality asked.

  9. I coordinate my nail polish colors and sometimes my lipstick colors with the season, but I tend to wear bright eyeshadow all year around. I wear eyeglasses so I’m constantly trying to make my eyes pop more.

  10. Not really actually. I just co-ordinate my makeup with what I’m wearing (e.g. if I’m wearing a bright green top I’ll tone down my makeup or wear lesser colors, if I’m wearing a black top I’ll spice up the colors on my makeup etc) but not really according to the season. I don’t follow the fall trends etc.

  11. Annie

    It depends on where I am going. I have recently experimented with an awesome blue-green/ purple eye with blue-green eyeliner on top and purple eyeliner on bottom and it is a fun look for shopping or going out to dinner with friends. For school, I opt for a neutral brown eye if I am wearing colors, but when I wear black or white, I tend to like to wear color on my eyes. This website has definitely helped me with my makeup skills! I love to experiment with new looks. I used to just put black eyeliner on top and mascara; it looked very dead. I love for new looks to help brighten up my face and my outfits! :)

  12. Liz

    I don’t really choose different palettes for different seasons, but I do change colors based on whether or not I have a tan. For me tan = warmer colors, no tan = cooler colors, and of course my tinted moisturizer changes colors.

  13. It really depends. I think I more find myself buying/coordinating makeup with my hair color more than seasons. Which is why I’m having to buy neutrals for a change.

    Hair went from hot pink w/ electric blue streaks to a very ‘normal’ deep auburn so now I’m doing more soft tone colors rather than chrome yellow and contrast and bitter…

  14. Macaddict

    I don’t follow the seasons but rather, my mood. It also depends of the style and colors of clothes I’m wearing. I will say that by the time spring and summer come, I wear more pink lipsticks but it does not affect my e/s.

  15. hi

    In the cold seasons I would say that I wear redder lips, and then in the warmer ones I tend to do more of a pink lip. My eyes pretty much stay the same: smokey brown, although I tend to make it more of a bronzy smokey eye in the warmer seasons. I like to experiment with color on holidays – this valentine’s day, I wore and pink and purple smokey eye!

  16. Anitacska

    I think I probably do because I tend to wear lighter/brighter coloured clothes in the spring/summer and I co-ordinate my e/s to what I’m wearing. But other than that, I don’t follow any trends.

  17. Lip color, yes but when it comes to overall makeup I don’t think it’s necessary to have different shades according to seasons, switch it up now and then. Variation is always a good thing.

  18. maddie

    well not really tho i usu will not wear orangy lipstick in the fall/winter months OR reds in the spring or summer ( unless atire demands it lol)
    eyeshadows are usu purples, browns pinks anytime and anything really bright is for the warm months.. it all depends on how i feel :-)

  19. HoneyBrown1976

    I wear more natural looks during the summer (e.g. pink lips) as opposed to the colder seasons.

  20. carriespooner

    I don’t like darker colors in the summer. I drag out my Mac Lure/bait colors in the summer. Love them

  21. Ceci

    Hell to the no! LOL…I put on whatever I like whenever. That might mean a dark lipstick here and there regardless if it’s summer or winter.

  22. Kella

    No, but if I have a tan, my makeup changes. :) I bronze my face all up and use much brighter colours on my lips.

  23. Megan

    Not really. If anything I coordinate my makeup with my outfits. I like to wear makeup that will complement the colors in my outfit.

  24. Karla

    I exsperiment a lot. I have a boring all black wardrobe for school… so I like bright makeup. I think my makeup is like a moodring for me though, because you can tell when i’m in a bad mood. I’ll wear dark makeup or none at all. Good mood equals bright and/or pretty and i’ll put more effort into it. I don’t go by season because i’m not allowed to tan so i’m always ivory white. Hopefully I don’t fry in N.carolina this summer…lol

  25. Tierra

    to tell you the truth I try to wear less makeup during the summer and look for more spf15 products, but i can say i like to wear tropical eye colors and easter egg colours during the spring/summer holidays and when im out at night. other than that i go kinda natural with a swipe of light coloured lipglass.

  26. Arika BH

    I do only because I like my makeup to go with my clothes, and I wear darker clothes in the winter.

  27. Ann

    Yes. In the winter I wear darker lipsticks and glosses, while in the summer I tend to lean towards sheer lipsticks or just gloss.

  28. Kind of. Maybe. No. Yes? I mostly do bright colors no matter what the season, but I also do different things based on what time of year it is. Ugh, I just can’t make up my mind today.

  29. Jessica

    For the most part I don’t really coordinate my makeup with the seasons. Since I wear mostly neutral looks I only add warmth for the summer. For example fall/winter I mostly wear Satin Taupe/All that glitters in the summer I wear soba/shroom.

  30. I like to switch it up all the time!

  31. Roslyn

    Sometimes, but not always.

  32. izabela

    Usually if I am not lazy I like to (: