Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you carry a makeup bag in your purse? Why/why not? What’s the size? How crammed is it?

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63 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you carry a makeup bag in your purse?

  1. Carolina

    Since I rarely use make up, I don’t carry a make up bag in my purse. I may take the gloss along, but that’s it. Even when I do wear make up to go out, I rather spend my time dancing than touching up my lipstick, which I would need to do after every drink.
    If it’s a really special ocasion, then I may bother to touch up, mainly at weddings were the thing lasts the whole day long… I’m just lazy, I guess. :)

  2. ayat

    No I don’t, I only carry the lipgloss or lipstick I have on that day and sometimes a powder puff with some loose powder in it!!

  3. Nell

    Yes, I do.
    In it I carry a small tube of moisturizer, concealer, pressed powder, blush, neutral eyeshadow quad, mascara and the lipstick/gloss combo of the day.

  4. I have a 10 inch wide utility bag that I use as a m/u bag, and it is usually full, LOL. It has gloss, combs, pressed powder, perfume vial, toothbrush, e/s, lipstick, kohlstick, blotting films and some pain meds usually! It usually fits in all but one of my purses.

  5. Vee

    Nope, my cosmetics just roll around loose in my Kathy Van Zeeland!

  6. I have a “first aid kit” in my purse, it’s +/- 12x9x6 cm. You might find it amazing, but it has:
    – a small packet of babywhipes (for make-up emergencies)
    – mini handsoap leaves
    – cuticle scissors
    – mini nailfile and buffer
    – bandaids
    – asperin
    – a small Dior lip palette
    – a mini Chanel Inimitable mascara
    – 2 Urban Decay colours (sin and goddess)
    – a small mirror
    – Badger evolving balm (wrinkle, shrinkle and crinkle care)
    – a Neutrogena lip boost tube
    – a mini Clinique continuous rescue antioxidant moisturizer. I even have a flashlight, glowsticks, a swiss army knife and handcream floating loose in my bag.

  7. Carrie

    Kinda similar to CCee, I think! I have a 6″x6″ pouch in which I always carry
    – tube of neosporin ointment (for hangnails, ugh!)
    – PF Organic Wear pressed powder
    – Tendertones in Purring
    – retractable lip brush
    – Mygrastick (essential oils for treating headaches)
    – tweezers
    – mirror
    – hand sanitizer (great for when I go to the MAC counter!)
    – a few samples of moisturizers
    – whatever lip gloss I’m wearing
    – Perk mocha latte lip balm
    – mini Clinique high impact mascara

    yes, it all fits, with room to spare!

  8. Chloe

    I started off with just one Bobbi Brown train case but my makeup collection expanded very quickly after that. Since I end up applying my makeup at work every morning, I take EVERYTHING with me. I usually carry a tote that was given to us at work to carry our “work” but I carry all my makeup!! LOL. I take all my 6 15-palettes with me daily to work. I have a ton of brushes, bronzes, loose powders, blushes, and liners that make that trip with me every single day. I’ve been really wanting to condense my travel collection but I haven’t found the perfect case or the will power to leave any item behind!!!

  9. Ping.

    yes i do .. haha
    usually how cramped the bag would be depend on how long would i be out and how much makeup i had. but most of the time it have a tube of vaseline lipgloss and kiehl lipgloss and concealer! thats all hahaha

  10. Erin

    I sure nuff do!! LOL

    I usually carry:

    powder (pressed)
    lip stuff (whether lipglass or lipstick or both)

    Actually, I dont even have to carry half of the stuff that I do but I always think, “What if I need to touchup?” So I do anyway. And the makeup bag is cute too, lol!

  11. Carolyn

    Nope. Unless I’m at a formal event, but the last time that happened was almost 2 months ago at a dinner sponsored by my boyfriend’s hockey team.

    Typically I carry blotting papers or translucent powder, and then the slew of lip products that are always lingering at the bottom of my purse.

  12. sarah

    I had bought this cute little bag from Sephora idk if they still have some but it is made with all silver shiny sequins on it; I love it! they came in all different colors. Anyways, I always keep my studio fix powder, blush, a mini blush/powder brush, smolder eyeliner, and whichever lip combo I am wearing that day I have in there a lip liner, lipstick, and lipgloss! :-)

  13. Renata

    I just carry a bag with the items i used for the make up of the day, except for the eye shadow, that i never reapply.

    my makeup bag is not very big, my lipstick, powder, blush and their brushes fit perfectly in it.

  14. Hey Cristine,

    Oh yes i do carry makeup bag in my purse depending upon the size.With this i wud like to go with Nell,She says it all.Its very important for me,very imp.But i never carry foundation stick or mascara once applied in a day ,enough.I also carry a little perfume bottle,it weird i know but i carry(LOL).

    No Cristine never it is crambled,iam always carefull never careless!!


  15. HeavenLeiBlu

    Of course! It’s kinda small, and hardly ever crammed. I keep a mascara or two, a NARS Multiple, a lipstick, a lipglass(or gloss) or two, sometimes an eyeshadow duo. A mini manicure kit, and a moisturizer with SPF. Oh, and a lipliner, eyeliner, and fragrance.

  16. Tanya

    Yep I carry a cute little make-up bag in my purse :) I made it myself!! In it I always carry –

    A mirror
    pill holder with – vicodin, ibprofen and an emergency valium
    a mini sample of hand lotion
    blotting papers
    a mini nail file
    mini floss
    two lip glosses and two lipsticks
    an organic fem hygine product

  17. I have a little one but I don’t carry much seeing as I don’t reapply any make up during the day. Inside mine I have my blot powder, vaseline and TLC in fuchsia fix. A lipglass or lipstick if I’m using them.

  18. K

    I do carry a small Sephora make-up bag that I don’t think is sold in the stores anymore, which is a shame because it’s tiny yet holds a LOT! (It’s black, sturdy sateen with a small silver piece engraved with the Sephora Professional logo.)

    In it I carry a compact mirror, dental floss, a mini hand sanitizer, Softlips lip balm in Strawberry Sorbet, MAC Viva Glam VI lipglass, Visine, a mini Swiss Army knife, Maybelline Cool Effect Cooling Shadow/Liner in On the Rocks, a pill container, Avon blotting papers, a few tampons and extra hair ties.

    I still have additional lip balms, lip glosses and hand cream floating loosely in my purse.

  19. I use an old Coach wristlet as my cosmetics bag in my purse. I carry:small mirror, loose powder, blk eyeliner, neutral lip liner, and whatever lipstick/lipglass I am wearing that day. I never carry eye shadow!

  20. Fie

    I do carry makeup in my bag (powder and lipstick/gloss) but not in a specific makeup bag though.

  21. Betsy

    Yep, I have a small clinique makeup bag, that’s basically filled with my everyday uses (eyeliner, powder, sheer lipstick) plus some moisturizer (can’t live without it!) and tweezers, qtips and makeup remover.





  24. claudine

    i carry my small mac fafi make up bag with me with studio finish concealer, studio fix powder, lipstick and lipglass, an eyekohl and sometimes a single shadow or a quad :)

  25. jess

    I use a little mini bag from Dungaree Dolly with some pressed powder, chapstick, lip gloss and sometimes a lipliner.

  26. Tonee

    I carry around a MAC canvas bag with me all the time. It holds the following:

    Pressed Blot powder compact
    About three lipsticks
    Lip gloss
    Pack of Q-tips
    Small (sample size) tube of moisturizer

    Since I have oily skin, I always carry a powder compact with me. I touch up my lipstick about twice a day. I carry the Q-tips to remove eye liner smudges etc. I had a make up back in high school as well. Old habits die hard 😉

  27. dee

    I probably should, huh. No, I don’t carry a bag, but I do have blot powder a lipstick and a lipgloss that I carry with me at all times.

  28. Usually. I like to touch up my lips at work :) I guess its a good idea to carry around powder too but I never do.

  29. glamaryz

    Yes i do….
    Hello Kitty mirror.
    My blush (the one that im using that day)
    Hand Sanitizer

  30. Amy

    I have a little Dior bag that I got as a gift (it’s about the size of a pencil bag) and in it I just keep what i need:
    Q-tips, hairpins, and hairties (which i keep in an empty starbucks gum tin 😛 )
    blotting paper &/or compact
    and whatever lipgloss/ lipstick i have on
    eye drops

    o and Tide to go !!

  31. nicole

    Yes because I need to touch up after P.E.. its about the size of a normal pencil case (seeing as it is one) and takes up barely any space at all, but i manage to shove everything inside perfectly =)