Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Are you a big fan of bronzer? Or do you always skip it? Do you love it only for certain seasons? Or do you not have a clue how to use it?

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85 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Are you a big fan of bronzer?

  1. claudine

    big big bronzer fan here
    i use macs bronzing powder in golden everyday otherwise i look like a ghost

    and i love the sally hansen airbrush leg spray in summer and macs skinsheen i use that on the arms with the great brush they sold with the collection (everything over a self tanner…i dont uv tan)

  2. claudine

    ps. i go through one mac bronzing powder every 3 weeks oh my lol

  3. I never really have been, and when they have put it on me . . eh . . I think I like blush more even though I really don’t use that either to tell you the truth.

    • Aw, not a blush fan, Molly? I couldn’t make it without it, LOL, but when I first started, I never used it. I think it was pretty much the LAST thing I got into (eyes first, then lips, finally the face).

  4. Jelissa

    I live in Europe , where winters are cold and summers hot so I think it would be rather stupid to walk around with a fake tan during winter. I try to make the most out of what mother nature gives me , so I embrace each season … with a crapload of make-up , but hey ^^ That’s merely the advantage of being a girl.

    So … (lots of) bronzer as soon as the sun comes peeking through the clouds , a nice faux-porcelain skin in winter – yey for a nice stash of foundations.

  5. Hey Cristine,

    Im not a very big fan of Bronzers like girls here ASU MIGHT ALSO KNOW,sometimes its ok…MMM,BUT…Frankly speaking its makes me DULL and it seems that my personality is kinda BORE. :(


    • Hey Zainy! If it’s not for you, it’s not for you! I rarely use bronzer myself – I’m pretty tan as is, so I feel like it doesn’t DO a whole lot for me.

  6. Lovelove bronzers! I’m using Tarte Park Avenue Princess which is the perfect bronzer for me! It’s got some finely milled shimmer but imparts the perfect glow. LOVE :) !

  7. Jenny

    Hmm.. I have MAC’s bronzer, but mind you, I have had it for a few years now and didn’t hit the pan! I don’t have a particular reason for not liking it.. I guess I just prefer blush and MSF over it anyday!!

  8. Kristen Elisabeth

    I personally love bronzers. I use MAC’s golden bronzing powder almost everyday. Sometimes I just use concealer under my eyes and bronzer as my foundation/powder. I use it to contour, I use it to make me look darker… love it.

  9. Shayla

    I love the shimmery look of bronzer (which is appealing to me more and more since I’m now a little tanned), but I a) don’t know how to use it, and b) don’t know what a good brand is to use!

    • That’s great :) I’m not a huge bronzer fan, but I find that Dior’s SkinShimmer in Amber Diamond is kind of like a bronzer/highlight, and I love that!

  10. claudia m.

    I’m already a medium/olive/tan skin tone, so I don’t wear bronzers, only blush. I feel like I look like I’ve got eyeshadow over my whole face (too shimmery for my taste), plus I have super sensitive skin anyway =(

  11. trojanchick99

    I’m an NC 35/40 and love bronzer. I like to wear it as a blush with a bit of blush over the top. Right now, I’m rocking Refined Golden and it’s beautiful.

  12. viv

    I prefer bronzer over blush, but I use both :)

    • Ohh, very cool to see someone who loves bronzer over blush! Where do you use bronzer? Everywhere or only certain areas?

      • viv

        Mainly under cheek bones and jaw lines for contouring… if i have time/can be bothered then sometimes the nose too (side of nose area – not sure what to call it! :P) and during the summer I sometimes dust some lightly over some parts of the body that are paler to hide the difference. I’m not a huge fan of fake tans.. I like the real deal and I normally get them during the summer! πŸ˜€

        • I totally know the area you mean :) I tan up so quick in the summer, what about you? I spent less than a few hours swimming, and I was at my summer tan level (despite wearing SPF!).

  13. MEG

    At first I wasn’t.
    Now that I know how to apply a bronzer correctly,
    I love it!!

  14. grace

    bronzer is an everday product for me! i loveee it. my rimmel natural bronzer is the first product i have ever hit pan on. From MAC I love Warmed MSF over my bronzer to add shimmer!

  15. Nadia

    Hi Christine.
    I’ve been a fan of your website for awhile. Love bronzer and blush. Absolutely love Sunny Disposition by Origins paired with a sweep of Torrid by Nars.

  16. kimberly

    i wear bronzer almost everyday. i have tried sooo many and i finally found that perfect one for me a couple of years ago. it is Laura Geller Bronze-n-Brighten. it appeals to all skin tones. i 3> it.

  17. Hi Christine,
    I’m a big fan! I usually use it instead of blush. I like the one from Bare Minerals. When I use blush too though I look like a clown because I’m so pale.

  18. I was actually thinking of buying some last night when I was out at the store. I’ve never used it and don’t really know how.

    Someday, I’ll figure it out.

    • That’s kind of how I am, Trisha. I know people who use it all over the face, to contour, just on cheeks… bronzer is confusing stuff!

  19. MEG

    I was taught by my local MA : D
    she taught me the “make a 3 method”
    I just started a thread in the forums about
    other methods that people use.

  20. Carrie

    I wear bronzer almost every day. Yeah, the “3” method! I know this sounds dumb, but I’m proud of myself for “discovering” this on my own. I have kind of a flat, round face, and I noticed a while ago that dusting a light bronzer around the edges of my face (but under my cheekbones, not on top) and under my chin gave my face more dimension. It just looks better, without looking at all “bronzed” (I’m really pale).

  21. Shefali

    I don’t get the point of bronzer so I never use it. Maybe someone can explain it to me. What I don’t get is why you would make your face one color while the rest of your body is another. Or does everyone match the bronzer to the tan they’ve got on their skin?…don’t get it. Plus every single color I’ve ever tried looks orange on me. If anyone can expand on this, I would be really happy :)

    • Glosslizard

      Hi Shefali!

      I think the main point of bronzers is not to make your face all one color, but to highlight the contours where the sun would naturally hit.

      I had the same problem with orange bronzers (see my post below) until I started using a bronzer with some pink tones. I *highly* recommend the Guerlain pearly bronzer in Orient Sun, but it’s pretty pricey. A couple of others that I’ve had good luck with are Too Faced Snow Bunny bronzer and BeneFit “10” (swirl the bronzer together with the pearly pink highlight shade to tone down the bronzing effect).

      Hope that helps! :)

    • I think a lot of people tan up on the body more then the face OR they can get away with a bit of a deeper color on the face, too.

  22. Glosslizard

    I never used to use bronzer (pale skin + cool tone = bronzers look faaaaake!) until I recently tried and bought Guerlain’s LE Terracotta pearly bronzer in Orient Sun (light bronze with a rosy undertone)! Now I use it pretty much every day! A little sweep along the outer contours of my face (yeah, that 3 again!) gives a pretty glow and slight sheen to my skin! It makes any look that I do with warm tones (golds, corals, etc.) look much more together, and I feel a little less gothic! Not that I don’t have my goth days too…. :)

  23. Jennifer

    I’m on the paler side of NC15, with dark hair, and I have yet to find a bronzer that doesn’t make me look orange or just dirty, but it’s not really one of my top priorities in life (or even in makeup). I’ve learned to embrace the whiteness and the “English rose” look :-p

    • That’s too bad, Jennifer! Even though you’er lovin’ your porcelain skin, it would still be a nice option to have on the table, I bet!

  24. AmyLou

    If I’m short on time or want a more natural face, I always go to bronzer before blush. I tend to have pinky cheeks anyway, so with lightweight foundation, I don’t even really need blush all the time.

    I never used it until a Mary Kay MUA used it on me before my wedding. Then, she showed all the bridesmaids how to use it–OMG, we alllll looked about 200x better!! It was amazing to see the difference.

    I found my HG bronzer/blush combo–NARS Orgasm blush with Laguna bronzer–it’s a duo palette. Expensive, but seriously, I don’t need anything else!

    I hit my nose, under my cheekbones, and a light dust of the forehead. . . then blend, blend, blend!!

    I wear it all year round. HUGE FAN!

  25. Jennifer

    I usually use blush but only do bronzer sometimes… I’m pretty light-skinned, so when I do my face with bronzer, the rest of me looks white and all of me looks silly :) Although, in the summer, I use it for special occasions with a body bronzer too.

  26. Arika BH

    im addicted to bronzer. i prefer it to blush. if you apply it right it makes your face look thinner, and healthy! blush just makes my face look wider. a little brozer on the temples and cheek hollows looks fabulous on any skin color!

  27. Skyler

    Nope. I’ve never even worn one, nor do I want/need to. I’m NC15 (or lighter) so it’s kind of impossible for someone as pale as me. I suppose I could use one if it was light enough but honestly, anything brown-toned or even slightly dark looks fake on my skin and stands out too much even if applied lightly. I have the same problem with blush. I literally just tap my blush with my brush once or twice and that’s all I need before it looks overdone. Oy. So yeah, bronzers definitely aren’t for me. :\

    • It seems like the fair ladies like yourself are alternately loving and skipping bronzer. Such an interesting discussion.

      At least you never have a problem when it comes to finding pigmented blushes πŸ˜‰

  28. toni

    stupid questipn…but do mopst people use either on or the other. i always use a pink blush just on the apples and then bronze my “sun spots”

    • I think plenty of people use both! I think more feel comfortable using it on cheeks (like a blush) rather than elsewhere, though.

  29. jesstooimpress

    I where bronzer everyday sadly I have a tanning addiction and I fearrrrrrr being pale ! But I use it all over, I also am in love with eversun beauty powder.. Alot of the mac bronzers I have.. Have glitter in them.. I need to find a matte one. I hit the darker one from sci fi & it wasn’t as shimmery

    • Matte bronzers are great – I like GlowFusion’s bronzers, personally! Pricey but nice. Also Guerlain’s Terracotta line is fab.

  30. Michelle

    I was shown by an MA last week how to use it, but I looked like such a different person afterward it was kinda silly. I did like it a little bit, it was like I had been in the sun and didn’t even burn first. πŸ˜€ I was considering purchasing a bronzer. The big compact by smashbox caught my eye, but I am still thinking. It’s so big, and expensive, I think it ‘s for all over your body. Anybody know what I am talking about? It’s at Sephora, I think it’s part of their new summer collection.It’s 55 dollars. Yikes.

  31. Sash

    I don’t use them that much. I have a natural tan.
    BUT, that’s not important. What’s important is that…TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

    YAY ME!

  32. Annie

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my Tarte Bronzer!!! In Park Ave. Princess.. ALWAYS on my face..

  33. Nell

    IΒ΄ve yet to find a bronzer that doesnΒ΄t make me look like a pumpkin or a grilled chicken πŸ˜‰
    IΒ΄m too fair (NC15), so IΒ΄ll have to embrace that and stick with blush.

  34. Sanayhs

    I sometimes use a touch of bronzer so I don’t look like a corpse. I love my blush, too, but I like to use the bronzer to give a hint of colour to my forehead, nose and chin. I don’t want to look like a porcelain doll!

  35. Kella

    I use bronzer every day. Because my skin is so so so light, and I like solid coverage with foundation….. my skin looks super flat after I put my sff&em on.. so then I use bronzer to give my face depth. Then I put a nice bit of colour using blush right on the apples of my cheeks. Makeup does not look the same without blush. I’m naturally extremely rosey, but since I use full-coverage, you can’t tell. So it looks like “me” when I use blush. I’m not a fan of blush first then bronzer; it changes the colour of the blush too much.

  36. Candace117

    I use Soleil Tan de Chanel bronzer when I’m not as tan, in a peachy shade with a touch of shimmer…and MAC when i’m a little more brown. I got the Neo Sci Fi Refined Golden (wanted an orange compact, haha) and it’s perfect. Then again I am a California girl born and bred, so I love a golden skin look while I enhance my highlights. I touch some pink blush on the cheeks, I find that using bronzer enhances the type of eye looks I enjoy most to be shown best next to a tan.

  37. jesstooimpress

    chris do you no know any good mac blushs for tanned skin, seeing I’ve been going tanning.. I need to get Into blushs I have margin, eversun, hipness which I’ve never used.. And some fafi and heatherette beauty powders

  38. Flo

    I wear bronzer everyday, topped with Nars Blushh
    Perfectt SunKissed Look :)

  39. Nell

    This post instilled a newfound passion for bronzer in me. I have been experimenting with Eversun Beauty Powder Blush, Smooth Harmony Beauty Powder and Refined Golden Bronzing Powder and IΒ΄m getting better. Doing the California Surfer Girl look now, hehe!