Thursday, July 24th, 2008

For our next giveaway in our Summer of Fun Giveaways, who doesn’t love pink and beauty? We’re looking for a PRINCIPESSA…

  • Principessa Candelina
  • Principessa Pouf
  • Principessa Bacio Me Lip Balm
  • Principessa Bagno Bliss
  • Principessa Cattiva Diva
  • Principessa Dolche Dreams
  • Principessa Fresh Fiore

This prize package is worth $60.00! To enter to win, simply leave a comment telling me what makes you beautiful, and make sure to use an accurate e-mail address (this is how we contact you if you win!) by July 25th, 9PM PST. Remember, there are ways to increase your chances to win, so make sure you find out how (and read additional rules).

Good luck!

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63 thoughts on “Temptalia’s Summer of Fun #014: Principessa

  1. Victoria P

    What makes me beautiful? Being happy :)

  2. Beautiful…let’s see, my confindence and my big brown eyes!

  3. Ashley H

    I’d say my bubbly personality, long hair & blue eyes ! & all of the amazing makeup looks I’ve learned how to do from Temptalia =]

  4. My smile makes me beautiful. Because no matter what’s going on, if my hair is crazy or I have a zit, I just flash my smile and i’m on top of the world!

  5. Sanayhs

    Personality! And decent genetics from my parents, at least appearance wise. 😀

  6. Aeyrah

    Who you’re with!

  7. Liz

    What makes me beautiful?
    My three year old son telling me “oh, Mommy, you look splendid!”
    Gotta love it!

  8. Being beautiful to me is a being a mother and wife. No matter how sick I get or unglamorous I look, my daughter and husband will still love me.

  9. Asta

    My smile is what makes me beautiful, whether I’m wearing makeup or not. Having a great attitude (especially in my profession) will get you through the day!

  10. What makes me Beautiful??My Sweet hubby love makes me more beautiful than i am.His 1 look of love makes me beautiful more than a princess!! :) P.S:’I miss him’


  11. Sandy

    My confidence is what makes me beautiful. The older I get, the more confident I feel about my looks, job, love life,…. That makes me feel better on the inside and it shows on the outside.

  12. Mariah

    What makes me beautiful???

    Looking at my daughter’s eyes and wonder how someone so beautiful came from me!!!!

  13. Bei

    Beauty comes from the head…

    So I tell myself 100 times a day that “I am beautiful”!!! MuuWaahahaha… 😀

  14. I think black-lined eyes and a shimmering blush (plus a smile) make me beautiful.

  15. Dannette

    I think what makes me beautiful is the confidence I have grown in myself. I am a tall girl — and not really skinny. I was always kind of shunned throughout highschool and never gave much care about how I looked. When I started college, I began to see girl, women, even men just like me — they were beautiful with or without makeup.. and it was because they believed in themselves regardless of what anyone else thought. Now I have applied that to myself and am proud to be who I am — and feel that much more beautiful every day. :)

  16. Inky

    what makes me beautiful is my unique sense of style 😉

  17. mj

    I feel like my big pregnant belly makes me beautiful.

  18. Jessca

    What makes me beautiful is my cute round face and my gray blue eyes, i think i most beautiful when around my boyfriend:)he makes me feel like i am like gold:)

  19. Kensie

    My inner spirit and happiness is what makes me beautiful. I feel that my dorky qualities radiate and make me unique and being an individual is what makes one beautiful and not just another pretty face walking down the street. Quirkiness is beautiful.
    Okay, now I’m just rambling…. 😛

  20. Marie

    What I think makes me beautiful is accepting myself for who I am as I get older and that beauty is really what’s on the inside. Makeup just enhances it all! 😉

  21. I think what makes me beautiful are the good things I do. And my eyes lol :)

  22. They say that what counts it’s on the inside…Well,if that is the truth I think I’m very beaurtiful…But anyway,I’ll keep checking my make-up in the mirror,ok?LOL…:)

  23. bunny

    My personality and self-confidence makes me beautiful! :)

  24. Florence

    My eyes ^_^

  25. Brittany

    Hmm…I’d say my green eyes make me beautiful. And knowing that my boyfriend thinks I’m beautiful, makes me feel beautiful too!

  26. Michele

    What makes me beautiful is what makes every woman beautiful…being unique! And embracing what makes you different! Confidence and a smile always helps too!

  27. What makes me beautiful? Knowing that I am living for another day to enjoy my life — and fill it with makeup, music and travel, of course. =)

  28. i was widowed after a year and a half of marital bliss but i was left with a beautiful, smart and caring daughter whom i love so much. so what makes me beautiful? it must be the overflowing love i have for my only child, the happiness i feel because of her and the strength and wisdom i gained because of all the trials i went through, i guess these are the things that truly make me beautiful.

  29. E

    Well I get compliments on my “beautiful smile” and “piercing eyes”… but they never would have shown through without love. The love between my fiance and me gives me a reason to smile and the strength to pierce and tear through the biggest of problems. It makes me beautiful because it gives me confidence, that no matter what happens I’ll always have a shoulder to lean on =)

  30. My kids make me beautiful. Every time I see their beautiful, smiling faces, I feel beautiful too.

  31. Lauren

    What makes me beautiful is when I’m able to make others around me happy. When we are all laughing, we are all beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful than a sincere smile!

  32. marsina

    Loving the fact that I’m in my mid 30’s and voluptuous makes me beautiful. Appreciating what I have been blessed with over the years which includes 2 gorgeous children, amazing friends and a boyfriend who loves every incarnation of me. Feeling beautiful every day whether I’m MAC’d out in sky high heels or schlumping around the grocery store barefaced in my sweats. Sharing my passion for being the most beautiful person you can be with my customers, nothing makes me happier than when they look in the mirror and go “WOW, I look gorgeous!” when all I did was add a little makeup. I consider my job making the world a more beautiful positive place one woman at a time!
    [email protected]

  33. Cordelia

    My charisma, definitely. Also my indefinable ethnicity and my big brass.. uh.. attitude. :)

  34. Debby

    a warm and sunny day! It gives me a good mood so i’m smiling the whole day, it give me a tan, and i can wear my pretty summer dress.

  35. elaine

    Smiling, being a good listener, and laughing a lot! Not appearing cocky, but knowing you are an amazing person. Putting other people before yourself and caring about others makes me, and anybody else, beautiful.

    Physically, a good skin care routine. Making sure theres nothing crusty/chapped anywhere. A sexy smokey eye, lashes, natural looking foundation, glossy natural lips always makes me feel beautiful :)

    But a beautiful exterior with a nasty attitude is veryy ugly!!

  36. Brenda

    I think I’m beautiful but I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way. Some on the outside, some on the inside, and some both! I believe everyone should see themselves as beautiful when they look in the mirror and embrace their flaws instead of hating them because no one else will ever be exactly like them, everyone is unique.

  37. Helen Toy

    what makes me beautiful is my clear skin. it shows that i care a lot about cleanliness and hygiene.


  38. Daantje

    WOW!! Loads of beautiful women here!!

    What makes me beautiful is smiling. Lots of things to smile about and lots of ways to smile.

    Keep on smiling everyone!!

    Love, Daantje

  39. What makes me beautiful is my personality and confidence towards everything that surrounds me in life.No matter what i face in life, I always do my best to overcome my obstacles.Plus, I’ve learn that in life your really your own competition.

  40. tricia c

    Just being me, myself exactly the way i am and not changing anything to please anyone else.

  41. M1st4eva

    Oops, forgot to add.

    What makes me beautiful is my desire to make people smile. It’s humbling to know you’ve made a person feel that much better in that moment.

  42. Jools

    I think what makes me beautiful is the fact I’m modest and always go out of my own way just to cheer someone up/check up on them to see if they’re coping okay. What makes me beautiful is my never changing, helpful soul and I’m very shy and modest when it comes to taking compliments. Without my personality, I’d have nothing – not even art, because art derives from a good personality and imagination :)

  43. KyaLyn

    Love and a good smile.

  44. Brittany K

    My attitude..and well, my fabulous hair! :)

  45. Jackie Preston

    I feel beauty starts within. I am beautiful because I have learn how to live well. I have learn to deal with pressure, depression, and stress by learning to be good to myself by meditation, prayer, eating well, regular exercise, and finding humor in most things. Once I have dealt with my self within, I exfoliate regularly my whole body, I use sunscreen, and I use moisturizers head to toe. Then all I need then is a light coat of makeup and whoa! I am beautiful!
    I feel so beautiful, because I feel healthy, well keep-ed, and just fabulous.

  46. Elizabeth M.

    What makes me beautiful is my faith. It shines through in my life and makes me a kinder, more compassionate and loving person.

  47. Mathusha

    What makes me beautiful- a lot of things. The charisma that drives me to strive for success, and the satisfaction of trying. My personality; I love people, and with that motto and sense of living, people will tend to love you back. It fills the gap of the greatest beauty of all, happiness. I also feel that my confidence makes me beautiful. After all, with confidence you can reach for the stars, regardless of what it may be you are trying to conquer, love, beauty, or faith. That’s what makes ME beautiful!

  48. Blushing…Smiling…This is not my eyes, or hair, or face makes me beautiful.Only feeling good makes me as good as I feel.

  49. Janet F

    Finding something to laugh about every day makes me beautiful.

  50. Leeanne

    My smooth, acne-free skin makes me beautiful! 😀

  51. Kristen

    I had a struggle with quitting smoking. When I did quit, I used my smoking money to start investing in makeup and clothes that would start to make me feel beautiful on the outside as I was starting to feel on the inside. I think perseverance in knowing that I can do anything I want if I just work at it and put my mind to it, makes me feel strong and boosts my confidence and in turn, my beauty then radiates from within those thoughts.

  52. delimared

    What makes me beautiful? Feeling up beat & positive with help of a ell made up face, beautiful clothes & shoes & blown hair. There. Cheers.