Monday, July 28th, 2008

For July, the challenge is to wear PINK. Check out our past challenge takers and the first ones to take it.

See five lovely pink-themed looks! !

Zsofi shares three pink looks! In the first one, she used Fuchsia lip pencil, Fuchsia pigment, Dior Pink shadow, Kitschmas pigment, and Dior Lollipop gloss. In the second look, she used Manhattan Pink Duo shadow with gray liner. In the third look, she used Fuchsia Dior shadow, Dark Blue Chanel pencil, Cornflower pigment, and Chanel #13 Gloss.

Miss Fred takes small steps towards color! She used N.Y.C. lipstick in “Rose Petal” and used an eyeliner brush from e.l.f. to line the bottom of her eyes. She then put on Wet ‘n’ Wild eyeliner in Midnight Black, and Full ‘n’ Soft mascara.

Lydia is stunning with this baby pink look!

Nana is gorgeous with this combo! She used Red Earth eye primer, Naked pigments all over, Da Bling, NARS Surabaya e/s duo (right hand side, Chestnut), Vanilla as higlight, Blacktrack for upper lash line, NARS Bali for eyebrow, and Zoomlash black for eyelash.

Yvette does this lovely sunset kind of eye! She used “udpp, inner eye: baby petals (from heatherette s/e), rose in the middle (pro color), outter corner vip with a hint of casette (both from heatherette s/e/), symmetry in the crease (pro color), be-jeing shade stick first applied then topped with vanilla pigment in tear duct and brow bone bone areas. eyeliner on top lid is macroviolet, on waterlines top and bottom lilac (rimmel eye liners), prep + prime eye lashes and then applied plush lash in plush black.”

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36 thoughts on “Temptalia’s Pink Eyes Challenge – Zsofi, Miss Fred, Lydia, Nana, and Yvette Show Us Why Pink Rocks!

  1. Heather

    I love Yvette’s look! Her blush is awesome too :-) The contouring gives her face great shape.

  2. Mari

    Hey I know that girl! (Yvette) She is a well known freelance make-up artist in our neighborhood! (Chi-town) How cool is that! Her work is awesome! Love the look Yvette!! That symmettry just added the “finishing touch” Muy lindo ;)…………………..

    • Agnes

      WOW! Great job, Yvette!! As always a perfect 10 :) I also know Yvette and she has done my make-up on numerous occasions. What would I do without her??? :)

      • Yvette

        LOL Thank you vey much Agnes!!!! Can’t wait for the next outting that you will have next!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Yvette

      Hey Mari!! Thanks!!! it was a spur of the moment last minute look! =) Gracias!

  3. Mari

    Hey Yvette what color lippie did you use? :)

    • Yvette

      I used whirl liner with an ulta brand nude liner as a base then lollipop lovin (from heatherettes s/e) with viva glam 6 special edition lipglass!

  4. Zsofi

    oh,so glad to my looks are here :-DDDD
    how You like them Ladies????
    i want Your opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Tekoa

      Your makeup application is impeccable. However, I do have a suggestion. The contrast between your hair and eyebows appears unnatural. My fav picture of you is the third one where your natutal roots are showing. I think you look the most youthful and natural there.

      • Zsofi

        Thank You Tekoa :-) Yes,i always have this hesitation with my brows,in an old post here i ask everyone which is better
        What You suggest would be better: coloring my hair back to natural brown or coloring my brows blonde/brown again?

        • bec

          I think you should colour your brows a few shades darker than your hair as I agree with what Tekoa said. The contrast is rather great but if you address that, it will definitely look more natural.

          The looks are lovely :) but the metallic gloss on the third pic isn’t too flattering. I think the pink gloss and natural lips look a lot better. Which gloss are you wearing in your first pic? Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss? I’ve tried to find a lollipop shade but there doesn’t seem to be any! I love that shade of pink :)

          • Zsofi

            Oh Dear bec.i am afraid this lipgloss is too “old”,i mean its an older collectin from CHANEL,the Lรฉvres Scintillantes line,No.36, Lollipop.
            in my country however i saw it at some countres recently if i remember right….
            Hope You can get it…..
            i used to collect this line of lipglosses,i stilรฉl think this is the best product by CHANEL.

            The metallic gloss is very old :-)
            it was just the last drops for that pic :-)
            so i am more emotionally connected with that gloss :-)
            it was my first ever beauty product at age 13 ๐Ÿ˜€

            Thanks for the advice on my brows,i will try to find the best color!!!!

            and thanks for taking Your time and writing Your opinion :-)

        • Tekoa

          If you love blond hair, I say stick with it. Just match your eyebrows to your hair, only about two shades darker. Some of my friends have dyed their eyebrows as opposed to using makeup when the contrast between natural and altered colours are great. Natural hair colour, altered hair colour…tis all good. Just don’t dye your eyebrows with head hair dye. The warning lables say its a bad idea in bold letters. So they must be serious. 0_o

          • Zsofi

            yes,i love my blonde hair color,i like myself so much better since i am blonde….
            You also color Your hair Tekoa? Or You stay a natural hair color Lady?
            i should get a dye for brows. I will try my best :-)

          • Tekoa

            I like colouring my hair. Since I’m on a student budget, I dye it twoish shades darker than its naturally dark shade. For a season last year it was black-brown with blue and green throughout. Looked beautiful, but $200 a month? Yech.

          • Zsofi

            Oh ,that sounds gorgeous :-) Blue and green,i like it.
            i am a student,too,so i have to watch what i buy :-)
            but the good part of it is,that i never buy something i dont need or wont use :-)

    • Yvette

      Hey Zsofi, I love the 3rd look!! LOVE the blue liner!!

  5. Ariana

    Great job all! I especially love Yvette’s look! Eyes look amazing, and your lips are FAB, I am super jealous!

  6. Ooo thanks for putting me up on here! Woo hoo Im from Chi Town too! lol

  7. macfreak

    Ohh lovely look ladies! Yvette’s is my FAVE! How did you blend the last two colors? Zsofi, I LOVE the second look! :)

  8. Anna

    Zsofi – how about blending?

  9. Nell

    Thanks for these, good work!

  10. HeavenLeiBlu

    Oooh la la, Yvette!

  11. Jools

    I love how Zsofi’s pinks REALLY stand out! ๐Ÿ˜€ I don’t know how to describe it, but haha they look fab, even if it isn’t blended in and that ;] looks great!!

    Absolutely beautiful looks!!

    • Zsofi

      Thank You Jools ๐Ÿ˜€ Yes,the look i was going for here was a “contrast” kind of look :-)
      Your comment made me happy :-DDDD

  12. Stephanie D

    Everyone’s looks are great. Yvette definitely stands out.

    Zsofi- I love the blue liner on the bottom in your last look. It really defines your eyes! I do like the blonde, but I think the brown against your skin looks better for your skin tone. Putting some lowlights in your hair would give you some more dimension so it doesn’t look like one color all over. I like the color of your brows, but maybe you could shape them a little more to balance them out.

    • Zsofi

      Thanks for Your opinion Stephanie :-)
      i am glad You like the blue liner :-) i am also satisfied with it :-) yes,my skin is very light,but in the summer i can get a nice tan if i try :-) some family memebers say to me i should get back to my nata brown hair… ho knows,it may happen :-) Lowlights is a good idea!
      my eyebrow shape is a constant “battle” between me and my Mom :-DDDD
      Luckily changing my brow color is a lot more easier than hair color… :-) changing hair color is difficult,since my hair is very long… :-)
      anyway,thanks for Your comment!!!!

    • Yvette

      Thanks for the compliment!! =)

  13. Monica

    Beautiful looks girls! Specially Yvette.. I like how you mixed a little bit of coral color into it!