Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Your skin tone/coloring:
  • Favorite high-end brand?
  • Favorite budget-friendly brand?
  • Least favorite brand?

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88 thoughts on “Survey Says… September 4th, 2013

  1. amy

    light medium/ neutral skin tone. As far as fave high-end makeup goes, I guess that Tarte is one of the top contenders. i also love MAC but I guess that’s not really considered “high-end”. I can’t afford all the super fancy shmancy stuff so that’s about as fancy as i get. :) My overall fave budget brand is NYX. I think my least favorite brand is Cover Girl,

  2. ElKay

    ■Your skin tone/coloring: NW-25
    ■Favorite high-end brand? Chanel and Nars
    ■Favorite budget-friendly brand? Depends on the product – Blush is Milani and Eye makeup is Maybelline
    ■Least favorite brand? I’m sorry Christine but I feel like Guerlain is overpriced and I have never been happy with my purchase. I own the Meteorites in Teint Beige, Madame Rougit Blush
    and Ecrin 4 Eyeshadow Palette in Les Perles. I do not love any of them.

  3. Your skin tone/coloring: Fair and neutral/ cool, black hair, blue eyes

    Favorite high-end brand? So hard to choose!! I love the diversity of colour from Nars, but in terms of quality, I’d give the edge to Guerlain and Armani. I don’t think I could choose between the two of them. For skin care, the list is totally different. I’m currently in love with Nuxe, Korres and Skyn Iceland.

    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Marcelle. They do some very good quality makeup and skin care that’s cruelty-free and hypo-allergenic at drug store prices. Also, for skin care only, Balea. They have a wide variety of products, but I especially love their masks, which are available here for $1.99 or 3/ $5.00.

    Least favorite brand? Smashbox. I have never been impressed with a product I’ve tried of theirs, with the exception of a now discontinued lipstick I got as a GWP. Cheaper brands do the same products better and brands that charge the same money blow them out of the water.

  4. Your skin tone/coloring:

    Favorite high-end brand?
    A year ago I would’ve said Burberry, but I don’t know what’s going on with them… They don’t really offer any new products anymore (Nordstrom is kinda running out of stock on most products) and the ones they do launch are not very good quality, i.e. the Splash palettes. I heard they changed the manufacturer, so here’s hoping that the amazing quality cosmetics I got used to will continue to be offered.
    Nowadays, my favorite brand is Guerlain. I have yet to buy a product from them I didn’t absolutely love. I love the packaging, the scent, the quality, everything :).

    Favorite budget-friendly brand?
    That’s a tough for me, because I don’t use many products from the drugstore. I do use some, but I couldn’t say that a specific brand is my favorite because I might use only one or two products from their line, e.g. I love Jordana Best Lash mascara, but I haven’t tried anything else from the brand; I love Wet ‘N’ Wild Megalast nail polishes, but that’s all I use from the brand, etc.

    Least favorite brand?
    That would be MAC… I have a few MAC products (a couple of paint pots, three or four eyeliners, a few eyeshadows), but what turned me off the brand is their horrible marketing techniques. Releasing all those LE collections with products that are so terrible in quality, makes me think of the brand as a big conveyor belt, spewing out bad products every week with the sole purpose of making money, completely ignoring their customers and having no concern whatsoever with the poor quality products they offer.

    • I totally feel you on the MAC comment. Luckily for us we have Temptalia to warn us of the ohgodnos! We now buy at our own risk!

    • I’ve read that Burberry is relaunching completely (they got a new manufacturer) and opening up freestanding stores. Most, if not all, the old products will be back, along with some new ones.

      • I cannot wait for them to have a rebirth lol. I am so looking forward to the nail polishes! I really adore all my Burberry products :).
        Freestanding stores sounds amazing. I really hope they’ll open one in Atlanta, GA because right now the closest Nordstrom store that has a Burberry counter is in Chicago, 10h away!

    • I have a lot of MAC products that I really love. I probably have more MAC than any other single brand but I agree with you so much about the LE stuff and customer treatment. I get this image too of these folks all saying “Hey, it’s crap but so what? If it’s LE, those suckers will be climbing over one another to buy it and who cares if it sells out before most of the people who want it can get it? Oh – and those great LE products that people want to see again….let’s just NOT make those available!” Like you, I really feel that they don’t have a lot of respect for their own customers.

  5. Your skin tone/coloring: Very fair MAC NW10

    Favorite high-end brand? Bobbi Brown and UD are tied.

    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Maybelline

    Least favorite brand? Lancome…ugh…

    • I haven’t purchased anything from Lancome in probably 20 years. Not quite sure why – again, I think I just “got away” from the brand. I’m curious to know what’s bad about them though. They don’t seem to have made anyone’s “favourite high end” list as far as I can see.

  6. Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, mostly neutral. MAC NW13
    Favorite high-end brand? I’m always impressed with Tarte. NARS is also one of my top favorites. I lust over basically everything in their product range.
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Maybelline-they have so many things that I use all the time.
    Least favorite brand? Everything I’ve tried from Almay has been disappointing. I’m always on the fence about Revlon. When I like one of their products, I am crazy about it, but when they have product fails, it seems like they really fail.

  7. Luz

    Hey Christine can you make a dupe list for the Bobbi Brown rich chocolate eye palette ? I’m really into brown-chocolate shades but It’s really expensive and I’m not sure if it’s worth it. Thank you I love your page:D

    • I have the rich chocolate palette and I adore it. I have literally been using it every day, which I NEVER do. I thought I would have dupes for it in my other collections, but I don’t really. The only two comparable ones would be Bone to MAC’s Brule. I’m sure there are others that are similar in MAC, Bobbi, and others, but not ones I have. Overall I’m REALLY impressed! My favorite from Bobbi in a long time.

  8. Your skin tone/coloring: NC20

    Favorite high-end brand? Burberry, Chanel, Guerlain, and Tom Ford

    Favorite budget-friendly brand? MAC

    Least favorite brand? Benefit and Stila

  9. Your skin tone/coloring: Light-medium (NW20-25)

    Favorite high-end brand? I want to say Guerlain or Burberry because of the overall great quality, but the scent ruins the brands as a whole for me, so I guess I’ll go with Rouge Bunny Rouge.

    Favorite budget-friendly brand? MAC. I personally find MAC budged-friendly (although I know a lot of people would disagree).

    Least favorite brand? NYX! I have absolutely HATED every single NYX product that I’ve tried.

  10. Chiara

    Your skin tone/coloring: Dark brunette, hazel eyes, chanel beige 10
    Favorite high-end brand? Chanel
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Bourjois
    Least favorite brand? Clinique

  11. Laurel

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light/Medium neutral leaning ever so slightly warm MUFE 125 YSL B30 Chanel B30.. Dark Brown hair, amber eyes

    Favorite high-end brand? I’m giong to say Benefit, just because I could make a whole face from that brand and have each item be HG. I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but they’ve been a hit with me for over 10 years!

    Favorite budget-friendly brand? I like all the drugstore brands, but I’m not really in love with any of them. I think each has their strong point. I think Revlon does the best face products and lip products, but Maybelline does the best concealers and eyeliners, while Milani does the best cheek products.

    Least favorite brand? Budget: Covergirl-nothing wows me. HE: Illamasqua-I don’t get the hype. And Kat Von D because I refuse to support her and I hate that I like her liquid liner (thankfully Tarte’s is identical so I never have to buy her’s again)

    • I don’t know very much about Kat Von D so, just curious, why do you refuse to support her?

      • I’m curious too! What’s with Kat Von D? All I know is that she’s a tattoo artist.

        • Halle

          You know Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband? Yeah, well, Kat Von Dee was the “other woman.” Plus, she’s just done some nasty things to other people and I really don’t think she has many morals (like being the “other woman”). That’s why I don’t like her and my mom and I refuse to buy from her, but I don’t know why the author of the comment doesn’t like her…This is just my opinion :)

  12. joyce

    Skintone/coloring: Light/Medium

    Favorite high-end brand: Dior. I love their lip products most, but they’re a strong brand overall.

    Favorite budget-friendly brand: Clinique for mid-range, Revlon for drugstore.

    Least favorite brand: MAC. I don’t wear much eye makeup, so while their color range is impressive it’s not a draw for me. Their face makeup breaks me out and the lip colors leave my lips parched.

  13. My skin tone: fair with neutral undertone
    My favorite high end brand: Make up forever
    Favorite budget brand: Revlon
    Least favorite brand: Stila, I just don’t get it!

  14. Magdalena

    I’m an NC15. Lately, I’ve become completely infatuated with Guerlain (I blame you, Christine! ;-)).
    My favourite budget brand would probably be Swedish brand IsaDora, and my least favourite brands are Max Factor and Clinique (whose skincare does horrible things to my skin).

  15. Your skin tone/coloring: NC05

    Favorite high-end brand: Hourglass, Illamasqua, Urban Decay, and MUFE. (you know product that are worth the prices.)

    Favorite budget-friendly brand: Wet N Wild, Annabelle, NYX, NYC, and Milani

    Least favorite brand: A lot of drugstore brands products wise.

    Favorite brands in General: OCC, Inglot, Suparpill, Lime Crime, Fyrinnae, and the all Natural Face.

  16. Your skin tone/coloring: fair / light, cool with pink undertones; brunette, hazel eyes;

    Favorite high-end brand? Can’t pick just one: Chanel and Guerlain, but have yet to try out some Tom Ford;

    Favorite budget-friendly brand? The Balm;

    Least favorite brand? Most products from Too Faced and Clinique are just plain bad!

    • Stephanie tp

      I used to say the same about too faced… But I’m actually loving their stuff lately, like their endless summer Bronzer, those plumping lipstick things and the better than sex mascara, my only problem with it is it’s not water proof :(

      Instead of posting separate;
      Coloring: NW10; MUFE 110
      Favorite High-End Makeup Brand: NARS, MAC for lipstick, UD
      Favorite drugstore brand: I don’t really like drugstore makeup, but I may have to say NYX
      Least Favorite Brand: Smashbox is so horrible, every powder product I’ve had crumbles, their primers are overpriced and terrible. Their foundations suck too, especially that halo powder.. Hydrating my butt! I also don’t like cover girl there is not one product I like and their lipsticks taste horrible.

  17. My favourite high-end brands are Mac, Benefit, & Urban Decay. Most budget friendly and favourite of mine is Maybelline. Least favorite brand is….hmmmm I really don’t know! I’m not the hugest fan of Covergirl.

  18. xamyx

    Skintone/Coloring: Fairly light, neutral; dark-featured.

    High-end: NARS, with Kat von D & Urban Decay tied for a close second.

    Budget-friendly: Revlon & Rimmel for lips, L’Oreal for eyes (although the lip products are great, too).

    Least favorite brand: …MAC. I don’t like the lipstick, at all. Everything else is okay, but not much can’t be found elsewhere, and on the rare occasion a unique product/shade is released, it’s nearly impossible to procure, which is a major turn-off for me as a consumer (which is ironic, since this is done to build hype, LOL). It just makes me feel disrespected as a consumer. Also, since M.A.C. stands for Makeup Art Cosmetics, that implies it was developed for makeup artists, which are inherently professionals; so why is there a “pro” line, which is superior in quality, and is less accessible to the general consumer, to whom the general offerings are (for the most part) mediocre? Again, this indicates a lack of respect, that they assume the general public is clueless. As many times as I’m tempted by a MAC counter, I just can’t bring myself to actually support the brand. I was actually planning a Pro haul, but my conscience just won’t allow me too.

    • I think what they meant by MAC as “Makeup, Art, Cosmetics” is that their line should not just be merely perceived as “makeup and cosmetics” but as tools that would be used to create art, not “these are for makeup artists only.” The PRO line, on the other hand, probably was made as the counterpart for makeup artists and professionals, as you had previously mentioned.

      These are all just my hunches, though. I’m pretty biased because I love MAC, lol.

  19. Skintone/colouring: Fair, cool toned
    Favourite high end brand: Oh geez…bearing in mind that I don’t have access to Tom Ford, Burberry or Metier de Beaute, I think I’ll actually say it’s a toss up between MAC (if that’s high end), Guerlain and Hourglass.
    Favourite budget brand: Probably Wet n Wild because they have products I like in almost every category from eyes to cheeks to lips
    Least favourite brand: oddly enough, maybe Estee Lauder just because I really moved away from the brand decades ago and now, because I’ve got so much other “stuff”, I haven’t moved back (though there is one blush I’m sort of coveting).

    I guess the message in all this for me is that there is no one brand that does it all for me, whether high end or low. I love being able to pick and choose between brands for the products I like.

  20. ■Your skin tone/coloring: C3/NC20
    ■Favorite high-end brand? Guerlain AND Tom Ford
    ■Favorite budget-friendly brand? Wet and Wild!
    ■Least favorite brand? Bare Minerals

  21. Bianca

    My skin is fair and warm toned, NC15 in MAC terms :)

    Favorite High End Brand: Changes all the time, but I’m really loving Giorgio Armani and Dolce&Gabbana right now!

    Favorite Budget-Friendly Brand: Probably Bourjois

    Least Favorite Brand: Really hard to say, because I alwasy go trough phases… I don’t really have much stuff from Lancome, Estee Lauder or Bobbi Brown, I don’t hate them but they don’t tempt me as much as other do :)

  22. Your skin tone/coloring: medium warm

    Favorite high-end brand? Dior

    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Bourjois

    Least favorite brand? NYC

  23. Super pale with neutral undertones, red hair brown eyes
    favorite high end brand, NARS, Estee Lauder, but it changes sometimes..
    favorite budget brand, NYX
    Least Favorite, thats hard to say, I wouldnt say there are brands I dont like, just brands that I have no interest in, ELF for example.

  24. Catherine

    Your skin tone/coloring: Warm/Golden undertones/Medium-dark
    Favorite high-end brand? Chanel
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Rimmel
    Least favorite brand? Not sure. Clinique? Their products have never worked for me.

  25. yellowlantern

    Favorite high-end brand? Between Urban Decay and Giorgio Armani
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Maybelline or Revlon
    Least favorite brand? IDK maybe Covergirl most of what they make is bad quality/just doesn’t work for me. Or Laura Mercier because the brand is kind of ho-hum in quality and I don’t feel like they’re innovators in terms of formulas or colors or anything.

  26. Daniela

    Your skin tone/coloring: fair/neutral undertones
    Favorite high-end brand? Nars and Urban Decay
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Sleek
    Least favorite brand? Dior. Everything I’ve tried from Dior has been a disappointment :(

  27. Your skin tone/coloring:
    pale, blue and yellow tones

    Favorite high-end brand?
    depends on the product. lipstick: mac and ysl, eyeshadows: urban decay, lipgloss: buxom and urban decay, blush: nars

    Favorite budget-friendly brand?
    overall wet n wild (eyeliner and matte lipsticks) and nyx (lipliners/lipstick), but i also like elf’s blushes, some of revlon’s lip products, and some of maybelline’s lip products

    Least favorite brand?
    depends on the product but.. i keep trying and trying nars’ lip products and they are just really hard to like. i can’t believe the price of the jumbo lip pencils because there is so much waste and i think they’re extremely mediocre (tried one and returned it two days later). i have also heard bad things about their glosses :\

  28. Your skin tone/coloring: NW15-20 or something
    Favorite high-end brand? YSL, Dior, NARS. Can’t decide which!
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Probably Revlon.
    Least favorite brand? Mario Badescu! My skin does not agree with their products (sadly)

  29. Veronica

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, cooler toned. NW10 winter, NW/C15 summer.
    Favorite high-end brand? Based on the counters I find myself lingering at the most, I’d probably say NARS or Chanel.
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Maybelline
    Least favorite brand? I don’t have any particular brand that I dislike, but I’ve never been particularly impressed with anything from Covergirl.

  30. ◾Your skin tone/coloring: NW 45
    ◾Favorite high-end brand? NARS, SMASHBOX
    ◾Favorite budget-friendly brand? Sleek and Wet & Wild
    ◾Least favorite brand? ELF

  31. CeeBee

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light/medium with warm yellow undertones.

    Favorite high-end brand? Guerlain!

    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Jordana – the new lip balm stains and eyeshadow pencils are amazing – Prolong Purple is a bang on dupe for MAC Designer Purple but in a chunky e-s pencil. LOVE!

    Least favorite brand? Eh, Revlon, is never as good as I expect.

  32. JudiC

    Skin tone : light-medium NW20
    Favorite High End: Nars, Urban Decay
    Favorite Budget Friendly: L’oreal
    Least Favorite: Cover Girl and Dior

  33. Charlotte

    ■Your skin tone/coloring: very fair, NC15
    ■Favorite high-end brand? MAC, Makeup Forever and Tarte
    ■Favorite budget-friendly brand? Milani, NYX and Revlon
    ■Least favorite brand? NYC, Almay, and Neautrogena

  34. sabitha

    skin tone – tan/wheatish brown
    favorite high end brand – Nars
    favorite budget friendly brand – Revlon/Maybelline
    least favorite brand – none so far…

  35. A. Mar

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair-Light/Neutral

    Favorite high-end brand? For me, it tends to vary depending on product type. On the whole, I love Illamasqua’s color range. I’m forever a sucker for their blushes in particular. There are not many brands I desire so many different products from but Illamasqua is one I know I’ll long want something from. Not everyone is a fan but they satisfy my oddities.

    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Maybelline. Quite a number of gems in that brand!

    Least favorite brand? ELF. There are many reasons but it’s the only brand as a whole that I can say I dislike.

  36. Lauren

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair
    Favorite High End Brand: Make Up Forever or MAC I love to play around with colors and they both have a wonderful range to work with
    Budget friendly: No doubt about it NYX everything they do is wonderful!
    Least favorite Brand: Benefit while they have some nice blushes and good cream eyeshadow everything else is completely crap and your basically paying for the pretty packaging.

  37. ■Your skin tone/coloring: Warm/Fair
    ■Favorite high-end brand? Chanel
    ■Favorite budget-friendly brand? Revlon
    ■Least favorite brand? Urban Decay ( don’t hate me, I’m old. Too shimmery for me)

  38. KaseyCannuck

    Your skin tone/coloring: NW20-25

    Favorite high-end brand? Urban Decay. Their eyeliners are my HG, and their shadows are among my favourites.

    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Maybelline. Their Color Tattoos and mascara are my daily go-to’s. I’m also loving some Indie brands like Fyrinnae and Meow Cosmetics, whose prices qualify as budget-friendly.

    Least favorite brand? MAC. All brands have hits and misses, and one persons HG can be another persons epic fail because makeup is personal and body chemistry affects how it performs. I picked MAC because of their never-ending LE collections, most of which contain products that aren’t worth buying. It seems like its okay to throw crappy formulations into a palette because they will always sell out, and that’s what it’s all about. Other companies do far fewer yearly collections and have outstanding products. MAC’s quality just seems, well, lazy, like it doesn’t matter anymore.

  39. Cat G

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light with yellow undertones
    Favorite high-end brand? Guerlain
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? L’Oreal or Milan or Maybelline!
    Least favorite brand? Covergirl :<

  40. Elle

    Your skin tone/coloring: Porcelain (NC 15 or lighter)

    * Favorite high-end brand? Tom Ford
    * Favorite middle-range brand? Benefit
    * Favorite budget-friendly brand? NYX
    * Least favorite high-end brand? Lancome
    * Least favorite middle-range brand? Stila
    * Least favorite budget brand? NYC

  41. Georgia girl

    light medium/ neutral skin tone.
    High end: edward bess
    Budget: L’Oreal infallible line

  42. zainab

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, warm/neutral slight olive tones, medium brown hair.
    Favorite high-end brand? Tough call, NARS probably, I don’t own enough truly high end products and NARS is mid to high end here.
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Rimmel, the only ‘drugstore’ brand I regularly purchase from.
    Least favorite brand? I dislike Benefit’s cheesy, impractical packaging to the point that I have avoided buying the products. Of brands I’ve used a bit more probably Napoleon Perdis, I should like it better because it is an Australian mid end brand (we don’t have a lot) but everything I’ve tried has been pretty lacklustre and the packaging and aesthetic is always cheaper looking than the products themselves.

  43. Nikki

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC50
    Favorite high-end brand? MUFE
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? NYX
    Least favorite brand? The first one that comes to mind is Benefit. As a woman with dark skin, I wish they offered more products that are women of color friendly.

  44. Stacey

    Your skin tone/coloring: Very fair but neutral to warm skin and light brown hair and eyes
    Favorite high-end brand? Unfortunately too many: Hourglass, Tarte and UD
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Revlon and Maybelline
    Least favorite brand? Physician’s Formula and Elf

  45. * Your skin tone/coloring:
    N25 — weird undertone that I often just too lazy to classify as anything other than “neutral”.

    * Favorite high-end brand?
    Hands down, Guerlain.

    * Favorite budget-friendly brand?
    Essence cosmetics — Pretty much the only brand I’m willing to pay for full price in Australia. Other than that, Bourjois (wish they’d return to the US market), Femme Fatale Cosmetics, Darling Girl Cosmetics, Fyrinnae, and many other awesome indie and mainstream brands alike.

    * Least favorite brand?
    Glittersniffer, Lime Crime, Bitchslap Cosmetics, and others with similarly shady business practices.

  46. Brittney

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC15
    Favorite high-end brand? Urban Decay and MAC…I think those would maybe be more mid-priced but they’re both at the upper end of my beauty budget lol. I know a lot of people hate MAC because of all of their limited edition collections, but their foundation is the only kind that just works really well for me. Also, I love some of their blush. And Urban Decay is the only brand I use for eyeliner and eyeshadow. Also, their new lipstick is pretty amazing. I also love Chanel for certain things when I decide to splurge a little more on makeup.
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? I don’t know that I have a favorite. I think drugstore brands would be considered the budget friendly brands, but I don’t really use them. I’ve never had much luck with any of them so I really only buy Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara and thats it.
    Least favorite brand? I can’t say I have a least favorite brand. There’s a lot of brands I don’t buy from either because of their price point or they just don’t appeal to me. I will say makeup wise I’m usually more disappointed by Clinique. I used their foundation when I was younger and it was fine. They have a good price point so I’ve tried them again and it just doesn’t seem to work as well for me. But I don’t overall dislike the brand.

  47. Lauren

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC30
    Favorite high-end brand? Urban Decay. I want to acquire more Urban Decay. I only have eyeshadow, eyeliners, mascara, and cream blush. I love a lot of Tarte products,although I really don’t like how they slap BB on everything (other brands do it too but Tarte is the worst offender IMO) and make all sorts of crazy, overblown advertising claims (maracuja oil isn’t “magic” and there’s nothing special about Amazonian clay) about their ingredients, so I can’t pick Tarte.
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Revlon.
    Least favorite brand? ELF, Cover Girl, Almay

  48. Skintone/colouring: NARS Siberia (Sheer Glow)/Illamasqua 115 or Skin Base 2. Brunette, grey eyes (w/ring of brown around the pupil).

    Favourite high-end brand: NARS, Illamasqua, Urban Decay, and I’m starting to get into Becca.

    Favourite budget-friendly brand: Revlon, Makeup Geek, NYX

    Least favourite brand: CoverGirl. I don’t know why I’m turned off by them, but I am.

  49. Your skin tone/coloring: Light Tan ? (Translates into Nars Barcelona)
    Favorite high-end brand? Lorac. Hands down.
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Revlon. I’m always impressed by the superb quality of their products!
    Least favorite brand? Bare Minerals. I’m sorry but every time I bought from them, it always reeked of chemicals or that it was expired.

  50. Your skin tone/coloring: NC42, warm.
    Favorite high-end brand? Bobbi brown and MAC (don’t have access to tom ford, nars, urban decay in mumbai)
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? maybelline.
    Least favorite brand? revlon.

  51. Daria

    Skintone: Fair/neutral
    Favorite HE Brand: Shiseido, Chanel
    Favorite Budget-friendly Brand: Catrice, Rimmel
    Least Favorite Brand: Guerlain, Benefit

  52. Your skin tone/coloring: MAC NC30-35

    Favorite high-end brand?
    I’d say MAC because importing taxes line MAC up with some of the higher-end brands here in MNL (the $15 MAC lipstick sells at $22 and up, depending on the dollar exchange rate!) but it retails as mid-range for most of the world. So, my answers for this would be.. NARS, Benefit, and Urban Decay (if this is considered high-end for the beauty world). I believe I have yet to try more products from other higher-end brands such as Chanel and Bobbi Brown before I get to call them favorites. :)

    Favorite budget-friendly brand?
    I guess The Body Shop and The Face Shop (a Korean brand) comes to mind since I bought from them a lot back when I was in high school, but to be honest.. I haven’t bought from budget-friendly brands ever since MAC was introduced to me (which was in 2010, right when I entered college). They just don’t and can’t compare! 😀

    Least favorite brand?
    Etude House (another Korean brand) and NYX! I’m not sure if they had changed formulations, but I tried some of their products 3-4 years back, and I absolutely hated them that I ended up tossing or giving them away (specifically the lip tint from Etude house—the scent and flavor were so noxiously strawberry sweet that I had to hold my breath whenever I put it on, plus it was so oily that I felt as if I gobbled on a corn cob smothered with butter when I was wearing it; and the NYX lip cream—sorry to those who are fans of this particular product, but I just hate its feel and appearance on my lips).

    • Oh, I forgot.. for high-end brands, YSL would always have a special place in my heart (or my vanity desk :D). I remember using their touche blush back in high school, long before I fell in love with makeup.

  53. Ana

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC30 – 35
    Favorite high-end brand? MAC / Urban Decay / Dior.
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Maybelline / Wet n Wild / Revlon.
    Least favorite brand? Chanel and Covergirl

  54. Liz

    Skin tone / colouring: MAC NC 30, Laura Mercier TM Bisque
    Favourite high end brand: Laura Mercier or Bobbi Brown
    Favourite budget brand: I don’t really have a favourite budget brand–it’s usually last resort if I’m feeling broke!
    Least favourite brand: MAC!!!! I think their MUAs are always overly made up and just not to my taste and I’m always buying stuff and then never using it as the colour just isn’t quite right or the texture is off. Can never put my finger on it, but I kind of feel it’s overrated and perhaps a bit cheap quality for the price.

  55. leah

    Your skin tone/coloring: NW30
    Favorite high-end brand? NARS
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? LOREAL
    Least favorite brand? CLINIQUE (HATE IT)

  56. ◾Your skin tone/coloring: medium in summer / fair in winter
    ◾Favorite high-end brand? MAC, Urban Decay, Benefit, Bare Minerals
    ◾Favorite budget-friendly brand? Wet N Wild, Neutrogena, Maybelline
    ◾Least favorite brand? Ulta, Cover Girl

  57. ■Your skin tone/coloring: NC15
    ■Favorite high-end brand? MAC & NARS
    ■Favorite budget-friendly brand? Revlon
    ■Least favorite brand? Probably Chanel. I have yet to really be impressed with a lot of their products.

  58. Alice

    ■Your skin tone/coloring: Neutral to cool medium tone
    ■Favorite high-end brand? Tom Ford
    ■Favorite budget-friendly brand? NYX eye shadows, Rimmel lipstick is ok, L’oreal nail polish
    ■Least favorite brand? Chanel, they are so overrated. Great packaging, but as far as quality and colors I have not had good experiences and feel like they’re just riding on the brand’s history.

  59. Your skin tone/coloring: NC42

    Favorite high-end brand? Bobbi Brown, Dior,MAC, YSL

    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Maybelline

    Least favorite brand? L’oreal & MAX Factor

  60. Your skin tone/coloring: Very pale with yellow undertones (Everyday minerals Olive Fair).

    Favorite high-end brand? Illamasqua, Makeup Forever and Nars

    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Urban Decay is kind of mid-range cost wise, NYX, Hard Candy

    Least favorite brand? Clinique NEVER works for me (except for a flirtation with Black Honey lipstick when I was younger).

  61. Sarah M

    Your skin tone/coloring – Medium/Dark
    Favorite high-end brand – Laura Mercier
    Favorite budget-friendly brand – Maybelline
    Least favorite brand – Bare Escentuals

  62. Christy

    Skin tone : light/warm
    Favorite High End: Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows, blushes & lipsticks; Guerlain foundation; Hakuhodo brushes; Vero Profumo perfumes
    Favorite Budget Friendly: I love Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara, and the Revlon lip butters are great; I guess I mostly buy mid to high end, though
    Least Favorite: Sephora house brand eyeshadows

  63. Evd

    Medium/ warm or medium dark in the summer
    High end- Makeup Forever
    I guess Maybelline lately, I’m in love with their vivids lipsticks!
    Least fave is MAC, the inconsistency is a turn off.

  64. Skin coloring: fair/yellow undertones.
    Favorite high-end brand: Chanel, followed by Giorgio Armani
    Favorite budget friendly brand: NYX
    Least favorite brand: Smashbox, without a doubt

  65. Alice

    Your skin tone/colouring: Pale, yellow undertones. MAC NC15
    Favourite high end brand: Benefit
    Favourite budget brand: Rimmel
    Least favourite brand: Covergirl

  66. Lauris

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, neutral/pinkish
    Favorite high-end brand? MUFE
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Kiko
    Least favorite brand? Clinique

  67. Katie

    Your skin tone/coloring: Neutral/Beige
    Favorite high-end brand? Tom Ford
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? MAC
    Least favorite brand? Hm…Clinique never appealed to me, and I resent them somewhat since they don’t make foundation light enough for my complexion!

  68. Your skin tone/coloring: NC20, MUFE 117/118
    Favorite high-end brand? I really don’t have a favorite high end brand. I gravitate to Nars and Bobbie Brown the most.
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? NYX
    Least favorite brand? As as overall brand it’s Covergirl. Where is the pigmentation? They make way to many bombs.

  69. Your skin tone/coloring:
    Medium, NW30

    Favorite high-end brand?
    Hourglass <3 LOVE LOVE LOVE. I also really like all of the Kevyn Aucoin products I've tried, definitely super underrated.

    Favorite budget-friendly brand?
    Probably NYX! They have such a large variety of products that are very suitable for me. I would like to say it's because the owner is a fabulous Asian woman like myself (LOL), but their products are great and they have a lot of products that other companies didn't have years ago.

    Least favorite brand?
    Never really liked anything from Cover Girl.

  70. Lanny

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC25
    Favorite high-end brand? CHANEL
    Favorite budget-friendly brand? Bourjois
    Least favorite brand? NARS. I don’t know why but it just feel that we’re never have the ‘chemistry’.