Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Your skin tone/coloring:
  • Favorite pink polish?
  • Least favorite polish finish?
  • Best top coat?

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46 thoughts on “Survey Says… May 16th, 2012

  1. Your skin tone/coloring:
    …i’m going to go the MAC route…I’m NW50 in Pro Long Wear
    Favorite pink polish?
    …not a pink kinda girl, but I’m loving that new one that just came out from the OPI Holland collection called Pedal Faster Suzi!  It’s not a Barbie or harsh pink.  Very pretty shimmers, applies nicely and girly.
    Least favorite polish finish?
    …frosts and thick metallics – only the thick ones. meh.
    Best top coat?
    …trying to get away from this one by trying a lot of others (like Zoya’s), but I’m going to have to go with Seche Vite again. 

  2. marisapayne

    1. NC25

    2.OPI Princesses Rule


    4.Sally Hansen Insta Dri (red bottle)

  3. Caroline

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light with yellow tones
    Favorite pink polish? Chanel Morning Rose
    Least favorite polish finish? Matte, it chips like crazy!
    Best top coat? Orly Sec n’ Dry. Thin formula and does not get thick 😀 (I’m looking at you, Seche Vite)

  4. R

    Your skin tone/coloring: fair, cold-skewing but somewhat neutral, very pale
    Favorite pink polish? Zoya’s Sweet! It’s the perfect cold hot pink. (I’m also loyal to Teenage Dream, if that counts)
    Least favorite polish finish? I used to be way pickier about this but now I am open to everything. I even like frosts, but I don’t love metallics and foils. I especially don’t love sheer shimmers that look foily after three coats.
    Best top coat? Nubar Diamont Seal & Shine, but the Sally Beauty house brand is a good cheap option (though I see more bubbling with it)

  5. Your skin tone/coloring: Pale
    Favorite pink polish? OPI Pink Friday
    Least favorite polish finish? Thick, chunky glitter
    Best top coat? OCC Shellac’d

  6. Your skin tone/coloring: Medium dark
    Favorite pink polish? OPI Pink Friday
    Least favorite polish finish? Mattes
    Best top coat? Seche Vite, so fast drying but kinda gets goopy towards the middle of the bottle!

  7. Skin color: NC42/Tanned.
    Fave pink n/p?: For light pink, Essie Yes We Can Pink!, For bright pink, OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia.
    Least fave n/p finish?: Crackle.
    Best top coat?: Zoya Armor.

  8. Your skin tone/coloring: Super pale, freckly with warm pinkish undertones
    Favorite pink polish?: Essie French Affair
    Least favorite polish finish?: Magnetic. yuck!
    Best top coat?: Seche Vite!

  9. gagbeauty

    Fair, cool toned 
    Revlon candy
     essie no chip!

  10. Your skin tone/coloring: Pretty pale, very neutral toned
    Favorite pink polish? Revlon’s Cotton Candy, yeah it’s scented, but I love the golden shimmer running through the pale pink
    Least favorite polish finish? Chromes. They’re so hard to apply evenly without brushstrokes unless you pay a ridiculous amount for them.
    Best top coat? I don’t generally use a top coat, the closest to one I use is W7’s clear nail polish just to add a bit more gloss.


    Your skin tone/coloring: pale with pink undertones!
    Favorite pink polish? MAY from Chanel
    Least favorite polish finish? chunky glitter bleh. It just rubs me the wrong way even with a top coat.
    Best top coat? I always used the chanel top coat but I just bought Butter London’s top coat so I’m going to test that out.

  12. Your skin tone/coloring: Porcelain? Pale? NARS Siberia is probably the easiest way to describe my coloring :)
    Favorite pink polish? My current favorite pink polish is butter London Disco biscuit. It’s a fuchsia with blue sparkles.
    Least favorite polish finish? I don’t like mattes much. They chip easily.
    Best top coat? Right now I’d have to say Out the Door Top coat.

  13. Stephanietps

    NC/NW 15
    Fave pink polish: Essie cute as a button, OPI pink Friday
    Least fave finish: matte, peel too fast
    Fave top coat: sally Hansen megashine

  14. Rachel Hirsen

    Skin Tone/Coloring: NC 15-20
    Favorite Pink Polish: I love Teddy by Butter London, but it is so difficult to apply on my very ridged nails.
    Least Favorite Polish Finish: Crackle
    Best Top Coat: Seche Vite

  15. queen_frostine

    Your skin tone/coloring: Somewhere between fair and light, pink and beige undertones
    Favorite pink polish? Uhhh I don’t know that I have one.  I have a huge polish collection, but practically no pinks.  The closest I usually get is a fuschia or a magenta.
    Least favorite polish finish? Frosts.  I love shimmery polish but frost finishes tend to be streaky and show brushstrokes
    Best top coat? I have a love-hate relationship with Seche Vite.  Haven’t found anything to dry my mani better and it’s super shiny, but I hate how quickly it thickens up.  I keep buying it because I haven’t found anything I like better.

  16. GenSobel

    Coloring: light/ med with pink undertones (NARS Deauville, MAC NC/NW 20), blue eyes, dark blonde hair.
    Fave pink: I like OPI Shorts Story and Chanel May- pink is my favorite color to wear, so there are a lot I love!
    Least fave finish: matte
    Fave top coat: Seche Vite! It is the only top coat that gives me any kind of extended wear, although, I am scared to wear it around my baby in case it chips off- it isn’t exactly non toxic!

  17. Dominique33

    Skintone : medium/light
    Favourite pink nail polish : Schiap from Nars
    Least favourite nail polish : Anardana from Nars ( LE )
    Best Top Coat : Revlon

    • Kafka

       @Dominique33  Can you explain why you didn’t like Anardana? The colour, the texture, something else? I passed on it, even though I’m a total NARS addict and love their polishes. But just swatching it, the colour didn’t impress me at all. Looked flat, dull and absolutely *nothing* like the bright, glowing NARS promo photos. Actually, I thought few of the Thakoon polishes looked half as good as those photos (and I ended up buying Lal Mirchi). Like you, I thought the Schiap was much, much prettier.

  18. DevilishDoll

    Your skin tone/coloring: I’m very pale and cool toned
    Favorite pink polish: Zoya Rory
    Least favorite polish finish: Cream or chunky glitter
    Best top coat: I never use any to be honest

  19. hwendy

    your skin tone/ colouring: tan with olive/ yellow undertone
    favorite pink polish: Leighton Denny ” three times a lady”  or chanel “rose cache”
    least favorite polish finish: crackle
    best top coat: the matte one from Chanel

  20. Marian57

    Your skin tone/coloring:  Fair/ WarmFavorite pink polish? China Glaze Naked Least favorite polish finish? Glitter Best top coat? Seche Vite

  21. kitalovessm

    This survey came at a GREAT time, as I’m back to my polish addiction.
    Your skin tone/coloring: Medium Beige in Bare Minerals, NC 37ish in MAC
    Favorite pink polish?  “loud” pink – NARS Anardana , “quiet” pink – Dior Incognito 
    Least favorite polish finish?  Crackle – I just never got into it.
    Best top coat?  For me, it has been Seche Vite.  

  22. Greenbergl

    Skintone: Light with yellow undertones
    Fave pink np: Essie French Affair
    Least fave np finish: matte
    Best top coat: Still looking for “the one” currently using Orly Won’t chip-color me unimpressed.

  23. t_violet

    Your skin tone/coloring: Very pale, slight yellow undertones
    Favorite pink polish? OPI La Paz-itively Hot – it’s the perfect hot pink and it kinda my trademark
    Least favorite polish finish? I’v never liked matte much.
    Best top coat? Don’t really have one, just what ever my manicurist uses

  24. Kafka

    Skintone : Pale olive to slight/medium tan in summer. MUFE 127 for the most part.
    Favourite pink nail polish : I’m not really a pink person for nails but if I had to choose one, then NARS’ Schiap.
    Least favourite finish: I’m not keen on anything other than than the basic, usual shiny. What can I say, I’m boring.
    Best Top Coat : No clue what is the best but I use OPI’s which is probably just average.

  25. madeange

    Your skin tone/coloring: MAC NC40
    Favorite pink polish? Currently it’s Sinful Colors Pink Fusion! Doesn’t last though, but love the color.
    Least favorite polish finish? Crackle and frost
    Best top coat? Rush top coat. Perfect for doing your nails 5 minutes before going to bed without ruining them! LOVE, LOVE LOVE!

  26. maureenmojen

    Skin Tone/ Coloring: Very Fair/Porcelain with neutral undertones that tend towards warm everywhere except my hands which seem more true-neutral or even cool-leaning.
    Favourite Pink Nailpolish: Zoya Pandora or Zoya Cassi. It probably would be a Chanel if I could afford it! I loved the look of May and others.
    Least Favourite Polish Finish: Never got into the crackle thing.
    Best Top Coat: I’ve tried both Essie, OPI, and others and been unhappy with all of them. I’m thinking of trying Zoya’s armor.

  27. Nikki

    Your skin tone/coloring: MAC NC50
    Favorite pink polish? China Glaze Pink Voltage
    Least favorite polish finish? Glitter
    Best top coat? China Glaze No-Chip Top Coat

  28. timothybcat

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair/Pink undertones
    Favorite pink polish? China Glaze Pink Voltage
    Least favorite polish finish? Caviar, if that counts
    Best top coat? Seche Vite

  29. Myriad

    Your skin tone/coloring: medium
    Favorite pink polish? Chanel Rose Insolent
    Least favorite polish finish? Glitter
    Best top coat? Essie’s Good To Go

  30. xamyx

    Skintone/coloring: Light, neutral.

    Favorite pink polish: I don’t have a particular favorite, but I typically go for nude pinks (when I’m not wearing dark, dramatic colors).

    Least favorite finish: I don’t think this counts as a “finish”, but I’m not a fan of nail designs, *especially* if it’s just one “accent” nail; I’m all about symmetry.

    Best topcoat: I don’t use a proper topcoat; I love Sally Hansen Triple Strong as both a top & base coat (my polish stays on until I take it off).

  31. berthacrowley

    Your skin tone/coloring: Fair to medium (MAC NW25)
    Favorite pink polish? OPI It’s All Greek To Me. It’s a metallic fuschia, looks awesome on tanned toes in summer!
    Least favorite polish finish? Matte. I HATE matte finish polish!
    Best top coat? My favorite is Poshe.

  32. misscheriamor

    Your skin tone/coloring: Really Pale Olive / I have yellow undertones, but pink sometime too.
    Favorite pink polish? OPI Mod About You or OPI Ate Berries In The Canaries.
    Least favorite polish finish? FROSTED! I loath frosted polishes!
    Best top coat? I love Seche Vite and Butter London.

  33. Miss J

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light/Light-Medium. I’m around NC20-25ish. I have a slight green undertone. I’m probably actually lighter than NC25, but my issue is if I try to wear a light yellow shade…it looks too pale/white/creamy. I have to go a darker shade because the darker shade tends to suit my actual undertone more. Like Kermit says, “It’s not easy being green!”
    Favorite pink polish? That’s a tough one, I love pink polish! I love brights like OPI La Paz-itively Hot and CG Pool Party, but I also like lighter pinks like Orly Artificial Sweetener and OPI Mod About You. 
    Least favorite polish finish? I hate crackles. I don’t like sheer polish unless it is for french manicure or a top coat.
    Best top coat? I have a love-hate with Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat. It is super fast drying and adds great shine, and it is also the one top coat I have found that will smooth the looks of ridges, lines, and smudges, BUT it is so thick that it just peels off my entire polish so freaking fast after a few days. :( I’ve never had this issue with other top coats. Sometimes I will be in the shower and an entire peel of the nail polish will come off and end up on the floor. Waaah, lol.

  34. mcemsh

    Skintone/Coloring: Slightly warm, light but not totally fair.
    Favorite Pink Polish: OPI La-Paz-Itively Hot
    Least Favorite Polish Finish: Matte, because although it looks cool, it chips really fast.
    Best Top Coat: Seche Vite, no contest.

  35. Liz

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC25, yellow undertones
    Favorite pink polish? either Essie’s Eternal Optimist or Skinfood PK008
    Least favorite polish finish? I’m not too keen on frosty finishes (in anything, really – not just nail polish)
    Best top coat? I’ve only ever used Canmake Top Coat, which I like enough that I probably won’t try anything else/more expensive.

  36. Chloe

    Cool toned fair
    OPI Senorita Rose-alita
    Matte/Suede (because of wear time)
    Sally Hansen Mega Shine

  37. chelsea

    1. Fair/neutral
    2. Maybe.. Essie Knockout Pout/Jessica Rolling Rose/OPI Be A Dahlia Wont You?/Orly Basket Case.. I genuinely can’t decide!
    3. I’m not a fan of ‘sheer’ polish..
    4. Nails Inc Kensington Caviar

  38. Jessica

    Skin tone/coloring: Light-Medium (NW 20-25)
    Favorite Pink Polish: China Glaze Dance Baby at the moment!
    Least Favorite Polish Finish: Chunky glitter finishes
    Best Top Coat: Seche Vite 

  39. effeffs

    Skin tone : light- medium with yellow/olive undertones (MAC NC25)
    Favorite Pink Polish: May by Chanel and Eyeko Tea Rose PolishLeast Favorite Polish Finish: Crackle / Chunky GlittersBest Top Coat: I’m currently in LOVE with Essie’s Good to Go top coat. It dry really fast and gives an amazing almost-gel-like finish to my nails. It also prevents the nail polish from chipping!

  40. effeffs

    1)Skin tone : light- medium with yellow/olive undertones (MAC NC25)
    2)Favorite Pink Polish: May by Chanel and Eyeko Tea Rose Polish
    3)Least Favorite Polish Finish: Crackle / Chunky Glitters
    4)Best Top Coat: I’m currently in LOVE with Essie’s Good to Go top coat. It dry really fast and gives an amazing almost-gel-like finish to my nails. It also prevents the nail polish from chipping!

  41. Skin tone: Very pale cool toned, a little lighter than NW15
    Fave pink polish: L.A. Girl Matte Pink
    Least fave finish: Frost
    Best top coat: Ummmm jury is still out on that one. I used to think Seche Vite but I’ve had a lot of issues with it recently so I’m currently undecided.

  42. ingerasata

    Your skin tone/coloring: Light-Medium
    Favorite pink polish: OPI Japanese Rose Garden
    Least favorite polish finish: frost, pearl, foil, metallic, holographic, duo-chrome, iridescent (couldn’t just name one lol).  
    Best top coat?: Seche Vite, but it thickens way too fast, so the one that I’ve been using lately is OPI Fast Dry top coat, which works great. 

  43. DaniArci

    Your skin tone/coloring: Medium (NC 30)
    Favorite pink polish? OPI Pink Friday
    Least favorite polish finish? frost
    Best top coat? Seche Vite top coat (THE BEST EVER!!!)

  44. Kara

    Your skin tone/coloring: NC50
    Favorite pink polish? Leighton Denny She’s In Fashion
    Least favorite polish finish? Metallic
    Best top coat? Nails Inc 45 Secs

  45. beccabear410

    Skin tone – Light
    Favorite Polish –  China Glaze Shocking Pink
    Least Favorite Polish Finish – Frost
    Best Top Coat – Seche Vite Top Coat (It gets thick fast and smells terrible though)