Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Favorite lip balm?
  • Favorite lip scrub?
  • Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color?

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106 thoughts on “Survey Says… March 14th, 2012

  1. Favorite lip balm? Jack Black Shea Butter

    Favorite lip scrub? Don’t have one! Any recommendations?

    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Urban Decay Naked, Maybelline Nude Blush

  2. Bertha

    1. Favorite lip balm: Aquaphor lip therapy or Jack Black lemon chamomile
    2. Favorite lip scrub: Fresh brown sugar lip polish
    3. Favorite MLBB: NARS Dolce Vita

  3. Aveirah

    lip balm – Bebe original
    lip scrub – regular sugar
    MLBB – Elf mineral lipstick in Rosy Raisin or matte lip pencil in Naural.

  4. Kissagain

    1. A tie between EOS and Fresh
    2. good old fashion toothbrush
    3. Nars Mindgame

  5. Lee

    Favorite lip balm? Honestly, I like old school Chapstick best without any additives. It seems to work best to seal in moisture and not wear off quickly.

    Favorite lip scrub? Don’t have one, usually just use a toothbrush.

    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? MAC Syrup

  6. Caiti

    Lip Balm: Cherry Chapstick
    Lip Scrub: Sugar and olive oil
    Lis-but-better color: Laura Mercier lipstick in Babylips

  7. Favorite lip balm? Softlips
    Favorite lip scrub? Fresh Brown Sugar Lip Scrub
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? MAC Honey Love

  8. Rachel

    Favorite lip balm? Mac Tendertones, my favorite color is Tread Gently
    Favorite lip scrub? Lush lip scrubs, they taste and smell good. (:
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Mac Angel lipstick

  9. Melissa

    Favorite lip balm – Bath & Body Works My Favorite Night Balm
    Favorite lip scrub – homemade baking soda, honey and olive oil mixture
    Favorite lip my lips but better – MAC’s Spiced Tea

  10. Kry

    Favorite lip balm? Vaseline (Yeah, gross, but non-addictive.)
    Favorite lip scrub? A washcloth? I should probably find one.
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Violette de Mad, or Chanel Lip Shine in Tazmainia

  11. Meenah

    Favorite lip balm?: Nivea essential lip balm
    Favorite lip scrub?: dont have/dont use
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color?: Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle

  12. Francesca

    Favorite lip balm? Burt’s Bees
    Favorite lip scrub? Lush
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Mac Faux

  13. Lauren

    Favorite lip balm has to be Smith’s Rosebud Salve in Strawberry :) it tastes delicious :3

    My favorite lip scrub is the Fresh scrub, it tastes good and buffs my lips very well, albiet expensive, but Ive had the same tub for anout six months now and can easily get another years worth of use out of it

    The only MLBB color I have right now but I’m absolutely in love with is the Fresh Lip Treatment in Rose :)

  14. Joanne

    Favorite Lip Balm: Jack Black (thank you Christine!)
    Favorite Lip Scrub: Victoria’s Secret Lip Scrub – thebomb(dot)com!!!
    My lips but better: MAC’s Jubilee lipstick

  15. Favorite lip balm?: eos.

    Favorite lip scrub?: Sugar and oil.

    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color?: A mix of NYX Milan l/s and NYX gloss in Plum:

  16. Dominique

    Favourite lipbalm ? Baume Coco Shine from Chanel

    Favourite lip scrub ? I don’t use lip scrub in fact

    Favourite my-lips-but-better lip colour ? Coco Shine ” Candeur ” or Nars ” Mitzi ” maybe

  17. Ana Victoria Morales

    Favorite lip balm? Honestly my haunt for the best lip balm is still going on but the best ones I have liked the most (I used them all depending on what I feel like I need at that moment, they all do something different to me) Carmex, Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm and Neutrogena lip balm.
    Favorite lip scrub? Clarins Extra-Firming Lip & Contour Gentle Exfoliator sometimes mixed with some of the lush scrubs.
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Clarins Colour Quench lip balm in number 13, Clinique’s chubby stick in number 8 graped up

  18. JEN

    Lip Balm: Aquaphor
    Lip Scrub: Sugar & Olive oil
    Lips but better: Aveda Orella Sun

  19. Becca

    Favorite lip balm? nivea pure&natural mint minerals
    Favorite lip scrub? well the only one I’ve ever used (not homemade) is the LUSH Sweet Lips lip scrub
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? MAC Syrup

  20. Lip Balm: Fresh sugar lip treatment
    Lip Scrub: Sarah Happ
    MLBB colour: NARS Dolce Vita, MAC Syrup

  21. Grace

    Lip Balm – Tokyo Milk Dark Lip Elixer
    Lip Scrub – CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Scrub
    My lips but better color – UD Paranoid lip liner with Naked lip junkie gloss, or MAC Oh, Oh, Oh! lipstick

  22. Kate

    Lip balm : Smith’s Lip Balm in Minted Rose

    Lip scrub : a coat of Vaseline on the lips and a vigorous scrub from my electric toothbrush

    My lips but better lipstick: Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Rosy Nude

  23. Elle

    Favorite lip balm? Fresh Sugar
    Favorite lip scrub? Mary Kay Satin Lips
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? MAC Hug Me or Touch

  24. Favorite lip balm? MAC Tread Gently from Shop MAC Cook MAC colletion
    Favorite lip scrub? Lush Bubble Gum
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? MAC Summer Shower form MAC Fashion Flower Collection.

  25. bxboricua

    Favorite lip balm? Jack Black in Mint or Lemon
    Favorite lip scrub? Lush Sweet Lips
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle

  26. Favorite lip balm? Lypsyl Original. I’ve been using it as long as I can remember and it’s the best I’ve ever tried! (Don’t know if you get it worldwide, but in the UK it’s in Supermarkets, drugstores and pharmacies etc)

    Favorite lip scrub? I have never scrubbed my lips! Ever!

    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? MAC Spirit

  27. Ines

    Favorite Lip Balm? Hurraw Lip Balm, Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm, Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm
    Favorite Lip Scrub? I don’t use one. I just use a damp washcloth.
    Favorite MLBB? Chanel Rouge Coco in Rose Dentelle/Egerie, MAC Lustre Lipstick in Sweetie, Clinique Buttershine in Berry Blush

  28. Jahnvi

    Lipbalm – EOS
    My lips but better shade – Jubilee by MAC

  29. Favorite lip balm? Fresh the original no color one

    Favorite lip scrub? Mint one from Lush

    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Mac Naked lip liner

  30. wendyh

    jack black
    chanel boy make my lips redder or Dior Miss Dior make them paler.

  31. Veronica

    Favorite balm? Jack Black or EOS
    Favorite lip scrub? I actually use a homemade version – olive oil with sugar mixed in.
    Favorite MLBB color? Haven’t found my perfect one quite yet. :)

  32. Favorite lip balm? Carmex/Mac Lip Conditioner/Jack Black Intense Therapy

    Favorite lip scrub? Lush Scrubs

    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Mac Deelight Cremesheen, Guerlain KissKissBaby Rosy Nude Balm

  33. Jennifer

    Favorite lip balm? Chapstick brand Lip Moisturizer SPF 15 Lip Balm
    Favorite lip scrub? Lush Sweet Lips
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Lipstick Queen Medieval

  34. Em

    Lip Balm: B.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Balm is the most hydrating lip balm I’ve ever used. It can be a bit heavy for on the go day time use though, so I keep an EOS lip balm in my purse.

    Favorite lip scrub: The only one I’ve tried is by Fresh (which I like), but I think a DIY olive oil and brown sugar mix would work just as good.

    MLBB: MAC Modesty or MAC Brave (pretty much the same color, just different finishes).

  35. Favorite lip balm? Right now, I’m using Nivea A Kiss of Milk and Honey

    Favorite lip scrub? Don’t have one. I really wanna try some though. . .

    Favorite My-Lips-But-Better color? Bare Minerals Lipgloss in nude.

  36. Lip balm: Jack Black (all thanks to you!)

    Lip Scrub: Bliss

    MLBB color: Clinique black honey; I know it’s not a mlbb on everyone, but it is on me – it really enhances my lip color without changing it. I just wish it lasted longer!

  37. Jenny

    Favorite lip balm? Either Hush Hush MAC Tendertone or (I know it’s not a “balm” but…) Aquaphor.
    Favorite lip scrub? LUSH’s Mint Juleps lip scrub!!
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Rimmel Moisture Renew Rose Blush (or something like that!)

  38. JNX21

    Favorite lip balm? – Carmex Classic
    Favorite lip scrub? – …selfmade Honey + Sugar!
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? – Maybelline colorsensational 745 Wooden Brown

  39. NeenaJ

    Balm: Jack Black Lip Balm in Black Tea & Blackberry

    Scrub: The rubber-nubbly side of my toothbrush that’s supposed to be for cleaning your tongue.

    MBB Lipstick: Dior Addict in #445 Createur

  40. Heather

    Elizabeth Arden 8 hr cream

    A warm washcloth!

    Estee Lauder Tiramisu

  41. Marian

    Favorite lip balm? Aquaphor Favorite lip scrub? Have never used one Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? NARS Dolce Vita

  42. genevieve

    Fave lip balm- christian dior rose balm (in the white case)
    fave scrub- sara happ
    fave mlbb color- chanel rouge coco shine in Boy

  43. Natalie

    Favorite lip balm-EOS for during the day, Jack Black or Smith’s Rosebud Salve for nighttime
    Favorite lip scrub-Bliss Fabulips, Lush Mint Julep, Fresh Sugar Lip Polish
    Favorite MLBB color-Nars Dolce Vita, Mac Syrup, Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait, Buxom Lip Gloss in Sandy

  44. Vicki

    Favorite lip balm? Blistex Lip Medex
    Favorite lip scrub? Lush Mint Julips
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Rimmel Asia

  45. Lip balm: Nivea’s A Touch of Milk and Honey. It smells great and it’s almost like Burt’s Bees except not waxy, and it doesn’t leave that burning sensation if you’ve split your lip recently.
    Lip scrub: Lush’s lip scrub in Mint Julips. So yummy. :)
    And I don’t even have a good ‘my lips but better’ lip color yet…sadly.

  46. Lucy

    Fave lip balm? Blistex Intensive Moisturiser
    Fave lip scrub? Don’t have one yet
    Fave my-lips-but-better lipstick? Revlon Matte Mauve It Over

  47. Romina Elorrieta

    Favorite lip balm: Givenchy Magic Lip and Cheek balm.
    Favorite lip scrub: Lush bubblegum scrub. Love it!!
    Favorite MLBB: Dior Lip Polish in Fresh Expert.

  48. Quinctia

    * Favorite lip balm?
    Jack Black (lost my blackberry one at the airport last week, my liquids bag had a hole in it!), Pop Petal Jam, Fresh Sugar

    * Favorite lip scrub?
    I don’t have one yet, I alternate between a toothbrush, using a little of my body sugar scrub, and one I bought on etsy that’s a sugar and oil scrub in a twist up tube.

    * Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color?
    I don’t really have one…everytime I have one that makes me think like that, I go into different lighting and change my mind. I have such pigmented lips, though, so if I want THAT color in my look, I’ll top it with a sheerer lipstick or a gloss.

  49. Reese

    Lip balm : Smiths Lipbalm in brambleberry rose
    Lip scub: don’t use them
    lips but better : Benefit’s lady’s choice

  50. Amy

    1. Jack Black Grapefruit & Ginger
    2. Homemade honey and sugar
    3. Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum

  51. Laura

    Favorite lip balm? Jack Black
    Favorite lip scrub? Sara Happ
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Ming

  52. Sara

    Favorite lip balm? Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine
    Favorite lip scrub? Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Maybelline Born With It Lipstick

  53. Lissa Oliva

    Tie between Neosporin Overnight Renewal Treatment and the Pink Tinge Suntints Liquid lip balm by MAC
    Sweet lips by Lush…you can eat it!
    Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting

  54. Miss J

    Favorite lip balm? – There are a lot I like, but I’m always testing new ones. I like the Fresh Sugar Rose, but I think it’s too pricy for something I will use up so quickly. Jack Black Grapefruit & Ginger is at #1 right now.

    Favorite lip scrub? – I just make my own or use my toothbrush.

    Favorite MLBB lip color? – MAC Bare Slimshine (Discontinued). I believe the Sheen Supreme in Bare Again is a dupe, so when I’m out of my Bare that’s what I’ll hit up.

  55. Ana

    Favorite lip balm? Labello spf 30
    Favorite lip scrub? I make my own lip scrub of sugar, olive oil and honey!
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Bissú lipstick (mexican brand) in #116

  56. Kristabelle

    Favorite lip balm: Jack Black…nothing else even compares.
    Favorite lip scrub: I just use a toothbrush and Vaseline.
    Favorite MLBB color: theBalm Mai Billsbepaid.

  57. Amanda

    Lip Balm: Aquafina (Yes, the water brand. I don’t think many people use it, but it’s wonderful!)
    Lip Scrub: I’ve never used one!
    MLBB: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait

  58. Tara

    la mer lip balm
    some lip happy scrub my mom has (LOL)
    hot gossip lip stick

  59. Moon Young

    fav lip balm: eos lip balm in summer fruit or strawberry shorbet
    fav lip scrup: lush sweet lips
    fav my lips but better lip colour: MAc hue, or revlon lip butter in creme brulee

  60. Favourite Lip Balm: EOS or Lush Honey Trap
    Favourite Lip Scrub: Lush Bubblegum
    Favourite My-lip-but-better lip colour: Revlon Lip butter in cotton candy.

  61. monique

    Fresh Lip balm
    i’ve only used the LUSH mint julips scrub
    Chanel rouge coco in cashmere

  62. Amber

    Favorite lip balm? Hydramax + Active Lip Care by Chanel
    Favorite lip scrub? Sugar Lip Scrub by Fresh
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Rose Quartz by Chanel

  63. Diana

    Lip Balm: Nivea Kiss of Shine
    Lip Scrub: water and an old toothbrush followed by some balm
    MLBB: Loreal Colour Riche Balm in Tender Mauve

  64. Angelina

    I don’t have one that I am in love with. right now i’m using, fresh avd lip treatment, rose bud salve, eos honeysuckle, mac disney tint toons

    toothbrush its easy!

    mac Brave, because it’s my lip color basically or mac a perfect day

  65. Melissa

    FAVE LIP BALM- currently Tread Gently Mac Tendertone
    FAVE LIP SCRUB- homemade olive oil and sugar
    FAVE MLBB- haven’t found one yet, but my go to everyday color is Mac Hue

  66. Marissa

    Lip balm: Aveeno OR Smith’s Rosebud Salve
    Lip scrub: Philosophy kiss kiss with EXTRA sugar (i just add whatever i have on hand)
    MY FAVE MLBBLC: MAC Kinda Sexy (matte)or MAC Mocha with a bit of mac lip erase to dull it down a bit!

  67. -Favorite lip balm: EOS Strawberry Sorbet
    -Favorite lip scrub: Lush Bubblegum
    -Favorite MLBB: Revlon Lip butter Peach Parfeit

  68. Dinitchka

    Favorite lip balm? any EOS or any Burt’s Bees
    Favorite lip scrub? Homemade granular sugar/olive oil, brown sugar/olive oil or if I’m already scrubbing my face I’ll use the face scrub or my face brush
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Garsh. I don’t know? I don’t really have one.

  69. Sabrina

    lip balm: EOS or tokyomilk dark lip elixirs or lately Badger Balm cocoa butter lip balm
    lip scrub: i just use sugar scrub intended for manis on the rare occasion i decide to scrub my lips
    MLBB – either NARS Dolce Vita or L’Oreal Aishwarya’s Beige

  70. eos lip balm
    chanel rouge coco shine 67 deauville

  71. Jessica

    Lip balm – maybelline baby lips
    lip scrub – LUSH mint julips lip scrub
    my lips but better color – revlon lip butter in berry smoothie is the closest one i have probably, i like brights myself.

  72. Mallory

    Lipbalm: Plain ole’ cherry chapstick

    Lip Scrub: Sugar mixed with a little olive oil. Usually I just brush over my lips with my toothbrush though!

    Favorite MLBB shade: Origins Rain and Shine Liptint in Sparkling Punch

    This lipstick is amazing. It’s sheer and glossy and smells like a peppermint patty. It feels so amazing on and gives my lips the healthiest, prettiest look out of all my lipsticks (which is a whole heckuvah lot!)

  73. Amanda

    *Favorite lip balm?
    Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment. Love it. Best stuff I’ve ever used on my lips. And it can be used on bites and burns and cuts and even nappy (diaper) rash. Love it.

    *Favorite lip scrub?
    My toothbrush.

    *Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color?
    I don’t really have one.

  74. Val

    Favorite lip balm? Korres Lip Butter – Pomegranate
    Favorite lip scrub? My toothbrush
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Naked by Urban Decay or Beige by Nyx

  75. Mariella

    Favourite lip balm: probably Avon Care Deeply – it’s cheap and really works well
    Favourite lip scrub: I only have one – it’s from Lush and my daughter gave it to me but I don’t recall the name
    Favourite my lips but better lipstick: MAC Capricious

  76. Mel

    Jack Black lip balm

    Baking soda and water

    Nars Seniorita lipstick

  77. 1. Yes to Carrots Lip Butter.
    2. Don’t use one, probably should start.
    3. Burberry Lip Cover Claret #16

  78. Favorite lip balm? carmex all the way!!!
    Favorite lip scrub? my braun toothbrush
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? mac plumful, yes I have very pigmented lips

  79. San

    Lip Scrub: Body Shop
    Lip Balm: Vaseline.
    MLBB colour: Guerlain Rouge G Gracia..(if anyone knows of dupes for this colour pls help :)

  80. Kim

    1. Fave Lip Balm: Burt’s Bees
    2. Fave Lip Scrub: Sugar
    3. Fave Lip Color: Trish McEvoy lip gloss in Seduction

  81. Wincy

    Favorite lip balm? Mac lip conditioner
    Favorite lip scrub? Sugar with Oliver oil yay!
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Clinique chubby stick in mega melon

  82. Favourite Lip Balm – EOS Lip Ball

    Favourite Lip Scrub – A homemade one with sugar, honey and water.

    Favourite my-lips-but-better lip colour – Boots 17 Supreme Shine Lipstick in Barely Blush

  83. Ruby

    Lip balm: Jack Black in Grapefruit, the original Rosebud Salve
    Lip scrub: a homemade mixture of brown sugar and macadamia oil
    MLBB: MAC The Faerie Glen, Guerlain Gilian

  84. L

    Lip balm: Burt’s Bees replenishing w/ pomegranate

    Lip scrub: Lush Sweet Lips

    My-lips-but-better: MAC Sheen Supreme in Impressive

  85. Rachel

    Favorite lip balm? Kiehl’s #1 Lip Balm (Mint)
    Favorite lip scrub? Lush Sweet Lips
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait

  86. suzanne

    fave lip balm – Buddha Balm in Mandarin orange ginger
    fave lip scrub – homemade w/ sugar honey & olive oil
    fave my lips but better – Cover Girl Lip Perfection Romance

    just found Buddha Balm & love it! have been on a search for my holy grail of balms as my lips crack & peel no matter what season. Jack Black didn’t work for me at all. CG lip perfection is the only lip color that doesn’t dry out my lips. two Revlon lip butters I have dry them badly.

  87. Alexandra

    Favorite lip balm? Mac Tendertones or Nivea original
    Favorite lip scrub? Lush – Bubble gum
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Angel 😉

  88. Ellie

    Favorite lip balm?: I have a huge collection of lip balms from The Body Shop, and I don’t really have a favorite among them because I keep losing them 😀

    Favorite lip scrub?: I haven’t actually gone out and bought a lip scrub.. I just find it a bit unnecessary when you can scrub your lips with sugar and a toothbrush.

    Favorite my-lips-but-better color?: Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey! I really only bought it because I found out it was what Liv Tyler was wearing when she played Arwen in the Lord of the Rings movies, but I am obsessed with the shade. Recently, when Clinique released Almost Lipsticks in other shades, I tried some of them, but they’re just too light, you can’t really tell a difference. Black Honey has a bit more of a visible effect, while still being subtle.

  89. Iris

    * Favorite lip balm?
    I use the lip butter from the body shop
    * Favorite lip scrub?
    My toothbrush lol
    * Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color?
    A nude shade in my NYX palette, don’t know what it’s called though..

  90. Sarah M

    Favorite lip balm? MAC Lip Conditioner Tube
    Favorite lip scrub? I don’t use one
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? MAC Midimauve Lipstick

  91. terra

    Favorite Lip Balm: Jack Black Vanilla and Lavender
    Scrub: I don’t have a favorite!
    My lips but better: Urban Decay Lip Junkie in Wallflower :)

  92. jdholdmyolives

    Favorite lip balm? Lypsyl
    Favorite lip scrub? LUSH Mint Julips
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Lorac Premiere

  93. Luly

    Lip Balm – Nuxe Reve de Miel (Honey Lip Balm)

    I’m never a fan of lip balm until I’ve tried this. My lips are SUPER SOFT AND SMOOTH even a day after I applied this.

    This is simply the best. Alos, it doesn’t have all the weird fragrance like the over-hyped EOS balm.

  94. Alicia

    Favourite lip balm? Carmex
    Favourite lip scrub? Lush Bubblegum
    Favourite MLBB? Mac’s Please Me

  95. heather

    Favorite lip balm? smith’s strawberry balm(i used it on a new tattoo, also, and it healed really nicely).

    Favorite lip scrub? never did it.

    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? MAC blankety <3

  96. Emily

    Favorite lip balm? Jack Black Lemon
    Favorite lip scrub? Soft bristle toothbrush + vaseline
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? MAC Cut A Caper <3

  97. Lip Balm: Rosebud Salve (daytime) and The Lip Slip (Sara Happ, night time)

    Lip Scrub: Sara Happ brown sugar

    My-lips-but-better Color: Bobbi Brown Black Raspberry, lightly applied with Clinique “Lip Blush” liner

  98. Nikki

    * Favorite lip balm? Carmex (the original formula squeeze tube)

    * Favorite lip scrub? I use a homemade mixture of olive oil and sugar to exfoliate my lips.

    * Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? MAC’s Touch Lipstick

  99. Barbara

    Favorite lip balm? Dior Lip Glow reviver balm

    Favorite lip scrub? Vaseline and sugar

    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? Dior Maximizer

  100. Floz

    Favorite lip balm? – Eve Lom’s Kiss Mix – it’s just amazing! Saviour of my lips <3
    Favorite lip scrub? – Baviphat's Apple Jelly lip scrub, cute and tasty :)
    Favorite my-lips-but-better lip color? – Laura Mercier's Peach Glaze lip stain. The formula is awesome but the colour is even better!