Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Favorite blue eyeshadow?
  • Favorite nude nail polish?
  • Favorite berry lip color?

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62 thoughts on “Survey Says… January 25th, 2012

  1. Favorite blue eyeshadow: The one in Eve Pearl’s The Eye Palette-Diva Eyes for a true blue (teals, turquoises and other shades of blue I have a lot of.)

    Favorite nude nail polish: Have not found one yet that looks good with my fair skin (more are too yellow or darker nude peach).

    Favorite berry lip color: Wet N Wild MEGA LAST® LIP COLOR in RoseBud, I don’t wear berry that often as it look vampy on me.

  2. Amanda

    Favourite blue eyeshadow: Urban Decay Aquarius or NARS Night Flight. ((does that count for blue?)
    Favourite nude nail polish: Sephora by OPI’s Nonfat Soy Half Caff
    Favourite berry lip colour: MAC Craving!

  3. Favorite blue eyeshadow?
    MAC- Cindy Sherman Limited Edition – Blue Candy

    I don’t use the other colored products in the questions :)

  4. MAC Contrast
    Essie Topless & Barefoot
    Still looking for a good berry lippie

  5. Favorite blue eyeshadow?
    Milani eyeshadow in atlantis

    Favorite nude nail polish?
    OPI Dusk over Cairo

    Favorite berry lip color?
    Revlon color stay liquid lipstick in Royal Raisin

  6. Laura

    Favorite blue eyeshadow? Not sure, but I love the Muppets so I’ll go with the Balm Gonzo one.
    Favorite nude nail polish? OPI You’re a Doll – but I m fair and pink – this probably is not a nude color on most.
    Favorite berry lip color? Revlon Colorburst lip butter Berry Smoothie

  7. Fitrah

    favorite blue eyeshadow: sugarpill afterparty

  8. Favorite blue eyeshadow?: NARS Night Flight & MAC Freshwater.

    Favorite nude nail polish?: Cult Nails Cruisin’ Nude

    Favorite berry lip color?: Revlon Baby Berry.

  9. Nikki B.

    Favorite blue eyeshadow? Don’t have one…I haven’t found one that I’d like to try.
    Favorite nude polish? Essie’s ‘Brooch the Subject’ from their Cocktail Bling collection. So pretty on my hands!
    Favorite berry lip color? Still on the hunt for a more purple one but so far I’m in like with Kat Von D’s foiled lipstick ‘Oh My Goth’

    • Tracy

      I agree ! OPI Brooch the subject is like foundation on my hands ! I don’t use the other two categories. I’m really more into nudes !

  10. Elle

    Favorite blue eyeshadow? Smashbox Nocturnal
    Favorite nude nail polish? Sephora By OPI, Nonfat Soy Half Caff
    Favorite berry lip color? MAC Darkside

  11. Chelle

    Favorite blue eyeshadow? Tilt by MAC
    Favorite nude nail polish? Sheer Petal by Revlon (although they’ve changed the colour to be slighly pinkier now… which is disappointing)

  12. Blue e/s: MAC Liberty of London, Birds and Bees (not true blue blue)
    Nude Nail: MAC Abalone Shell
    Berry Colour: Rimmel Moisture Renew

  13. Kristabelle

    Favorite blue eyeshadow? theBalm Risque Renee.

    Favorite nude nail polish? Jesse’s Girl Stiletto (from the Julie G collection).

    Favorite berry lip color? Hmm don’t really have one.

  14. Rachel

    Favorite blue eyeshadow- Mac Freshwater
    Favorite nude nail polish- OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy
    Favorite berry lip color- I can’t pull of berry lips, but people who can look amazing!

  15. Joan

    Favorite blue eyeshadow? MAC Thru the Night

    Favorite nude nail polish? MAC Quiet Time

    Favorite berry lip color? MAC What Joy

  16. Sarah

    Mac freshwater
    OPI Paint Your Toron-Toes Rose
    Mac craving

  17. Erin O'Neill

    favorite blue eyeshadow: MAC Styledriven

    favorite nude nail polish: Zoya Cho

    favorite berry lip color: MAC Hot Gossip

  18. Mariella

    Favourite blue eyeshadow: it’s a toss up between MAC Birds & Berries and UD Haight but I think Birds & Berries wins
    Favourite nude nail polish: I’ve also not found one – the few that I’ve tried have been streaky and not given a good result so I’ll be reading this question through to find a good one
    Favourite berry lip colour: MAC Plumful or Craving (I love them both equally)

  19. Clare

    Favorite blue eyeshadow: Wet’n’Wild Idol Eyes creme eyeshadow pencil (the fat one) in Electric

    Favorite nude nail polish: Butter London’s Tea With The Queen

    Favorite berry lipstick: Cover Girl Continuous Lipstick in Burgundy Bistro and Clinique High Impact Lipstick in Cider Berry – well, the second one may be more red than berry, but it’s a great lipstick!

  20. Mel

    I have plenty of Blue shadows but I’ve never struck up the nerve to wear any, but
    Eyes: Fyrinnae Sleepy Hollow

    Nails: I don’t own a nude polish

    Favorite Berry Color: MAC Rebel lipstick

  21. Madison

    favorite blue eyeshadow- Hijack by urban decay

    favorite nude nail polish- Alister Stella Gray Rose #209 by Priti ( i have fair pinky skin and this is perfect. it’s basically the same as my skin tone with out blending in and looking like i have mannequin hands.

    favorite berry lip color- revlon lipbutter in lollipop

  22. Marian

    Favorite blue eyeshadow? The navy color in Chanel Bleu Celeste palette
    Favorite nude nail polish? Orly First Kiss
    Favorite berry lip color? Bobbi Brown Treatment lip Shine SPF 15 in Pink Raspberry

  23. Angelina Diaz

    Favorite blue eyeshadow: MAC Contrast
    Favorite nude nail polish: I don’t wear nudes, only brights!
    Favorite Berry lip color: Still looking for one that looks good on me!

  24. Ana

    Favorite blue eyeshadow? MAC Blue Sheen Mineralize Eyeshadow
    Favorite nude nail polish? Top Cosmetics Nude
    Favorite berry lip color? Don’t have one!

  25. Jasmine Valistreri

    Favorite blue eyeshadow?
    For some reason it’s really hard for me to pull off blue shadow, but I do like to use the sparkly teal from Wet n Wild’s blue palette as a liner in purple eye looks.

    Favorite nude nail polish?
    I’m going to say the obvious here: Dior Safari Beige, I couldn’t decide if I liked it for a while, but after swatching it next to all of my other nude polishes, (and all the polishes at the store) I realized it really is the perfect balance of beige, pink, and yellow for my skin tone. At first I thought it was way too pink, but the ends of our fingers are pinker than the rest of our hands, so it really does give the effect of longer fingers.

    Favorite berry lip color?
    Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry I use it as a lip treatment actually. I used to use Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, but for some reason it just stopped working for me, so now I just use some chubby stick before bed and I wake up with soft (slightly tinted) lips.

  26. Li

    MAC Blue Candy
    OPI Barefoot in Barcelona
    MAC Bust Out!

  27. Michelle

    Favorite blue eyeshadow? – I don’t wear blue eyeshadow but I think MAC’s Parrot e/s is beautiful
    Favorite nude nail polish? – MAC Blissed Out
    Favorite berry lip color? – NARS Risky Business

  28. L

    Favorite blue eyeshadow? UD Haight
    Favorite nude nail polish? Don’t own any nude nail polish, but might buy Zoya Cho.
    Favorite berry lip color? Don’t own any.

  29. Jenna

    Favorite blue eyeshadow? In a Pixi Palette from Target. It is the perfect shimmery blue to compliment my blue eyes
    Favorite nude nail polish? Essie Sand Tropez. YES YES YES!
    Favorite berry lip color? dont really wear ALL out berry so probably revlon lip gloss in cheers. GORGGGG.

  30. Lola

    Fave Blue Eye Shadow- Contrast (MAC)
    Fave Nude Nail Polish- Canberra’t without you (OPI)
    Fave Berry Lipstick- 65 Grenade (Guerlain Rouge)

  31. My favorite blue eyeshadows are the navy blue from the Wet n Wild Blue Had Me at Hello palette and Fyrinnae Digital faerie (which is more teal)

    My favorite nude nail polish is Essie Mademoiselle. I wear it for job interviews and other occasions where I want to feel polished and professional.

    My favorite berry lip color (what exactly is berry anyways? I’m always confused) is probably Revlon SL Raspberry Bite. It is such an amazing creme lipstick formula and the color is so stunning!

  32. Tori

    blue eyeshadow: Mac’s shimmer moss
    nude nail polish: Essie eternal optimist
    berry lipstick: Mac plumful

  33. Candace

    Blue eyeshadow – Smashbox’s “Nocture”, a deep navy blue with a sheen to it. Looks great on my deep skin – not 80’s at all
    Nude nail polish – OPI’s Over the taupe
    Berry Lippy – Benefit’s “No Competition”

  34. Blue Shadow-the sea part in the MAC sea & sky mineralize shadow

    Nude Polish-china glaze, 5th avenue I think it’s called. Not an exact nude but it’s a nice pinky nude

    Berry Lip-MAC rebel, what joy!, too many to name, I think I love all berry lips! Ha!

  35. Ada

    Favorite blue eyeshadow? Urban Decay Peace
    Favorite nude nail polish? Sephora by Opi Dont Feed the Hand Models
    Favorite berry lip color?Mac Craving

  36. Lynnie

    Blue shadow: Got lots of blues but love the old Mac Haze duochrome; it’s got personality.

    Nude polish: Opi for Sephora Under My Trenchcoat; nude but with shimmer so it isn’t flat.

    Berry lipstick: a fabulous Chanel I picked up in France years ago that was never allowed to be sold in the US.

  37. heidi

    Blue e/s: mac tilt
    Nude nail polish: sinf
    ul colors vacation time
    Berry lipstick: rimmel latino

  38. Yara

    Blue eyeshadow: Urban Decay “Mary Jane”

  39. Desiree

    FAVE blue e/s: MAC Deep truth
    FAVE nude nail polish: ESSIE topless and barefoot
    FAVE berry lipstick: MAC hot gossip

  40. Lark

    Blue eye shadow? Dead heat between Nars Outremer and Borghese True Blue.

    Nude nail polish? I don’t do that.

    Berry lipstick would be on it’s way from Nars; Valparaiso is sold out at Saks and Sephora. I have great berry glosses but not a great berry lipstick until it gets here. I have a lot of faith in Christine and Nars!

  41. Brittany

    Eyeshadow: MAC Contrast
    Berry Lipcolor: MAC Rebel

  42. Favorite blue eyeshadow? Urban Decay Kiddie Pool….glitter galore
    Favorite nude nail polish? dont wear
    Favorite berry lip color? something by Dolce and Gabanna

  43. Quinctia

    – Favorite blue eyeshadow: UD’s Evidence
    – Favorite nude nail polish: Wearing a nice glitter topcoat on a bare nail? (I don’t wear nudes.)
    – Favorite berry lip color: UD Wanted lipstick, it’s subtle! đŸ˜€

  44. Favorite blue eyeshadow? NONE!!! Or maybe Urban Decay’s Narcotic.
    Favorite nude nail polish? OPI’s Tickle My France-y
    Favorite berry lip color? I just realized that I don’t have any.

  45. Jessi

    Favorite blue eyeshadow? Hint of Sapphire Mineralize Eye Shadow (I usually don’t do well with blue – this is the only one I have that looks perfect and not harsh.

    Favorite nude nail polish? In the Buff (from To the Beach in 2010) – almost looks like a perfect nude, then changes to a cool avocado shade depending on how the light hits it. I’ve worn it all summer long, 2 years in a row.

    Favorite berry lip color? I love berry colors, but my current favorite is Deliciously Forbidden Mattene, because it feels so good on and has a great near-matte texture.

  46. doris

    Favorite blue eyeshadow?
    cpb eye shadow quad 202
    Favorite nude nail polish?
    chanel nail color 507
    Favorite berry lip color?
    burberry lip cover rose wood 4#

  47. Amy

    Favorite blue eyeshadow?
    Nars china blue

    Favorite nude nail polish?
    China glaze :Dawn under dusk

    Favorite berry lip color?
    Mac most popular

  48. wendyh

    ESTEE LAUDER duo pure colour eyeshadow in Clouds

    CD camel (different kind of nude)

    tom ford black orchid lipstick(original one)

  49. Favorite blue eyeshadow? Inglot 428 Pearl & MAC Freshwater
    Favorite nude nail polish? I don’t like them. And being super-pale, I think dark or vivid colours suit me better.
    Favorite berry lip color? MAC Rebel (even if it’s a strange berry!).

  50. Anna

    Favorite blue eyeshadow? MAC Moon’s Reflection
    Favorite nude nail polish? OPI Tickle my Francey
    Favorite berry lip color? Haven’t worn one yet:(

  51. amanda

    Mac Blue Flame, by far, -e.s
    Nars Orgasm is nudish on me! -nails
    MAC Rebel -lipstick =]

  52. Maria

    Favorite blue eyeshadow? I have two MAC – Contrast and MAC – Deep Truth

    Favorite nude nail polish? Essie Topless & Barefoot

    Favorite berry lip color? Don’t really have one :(

  53. Giovanna

    NARS Outremer
    Couldn’t find one for the nail polish question
    NARS Funny Face

  54. Melissa

    Favorite blue eyeshadow? MAC Steamy
    Favorite nude nail polish? Zoya Shay
    Favorite berry lip color? MAC Riveting Rose or MAC Indigo Pink

  55. stephanietp

    Blue eyesshadow: either MACs Naval or Atlantic Blue
    NudeNailpolish: OPI samoan sand
    Berry lipcolour: Lise watier rouge plumpissimo in Berry

  56. Vanessa V

    * Favorite blue eyeshadow? Its a dark blue from a Laura Mercier summer quad in Mediterranean its a shadow and liner all in one.
    * Favorite nude nail polish? Essie’s Iced Chai Latte
    * Favorite berry lip color? Revlon Color Burst in Raspberry

  57. Cyntha

    Eyeshadow: MAC Robbins Egg
    Nail polish: Essie Topless and Barefoot

  58. Amy

    Blue eyeshadow: none
    Nude polish: Essie “Demure Vix”
    Berry lippie: MAC “Funbathing” or MAC “Oh, Oh, Oh”