Friday, May 28th, 2010

Summer Makeup: Go Blue or Go Home!

Thank goodness it’s Friday! :)  I am a big fan of blue eyeshadow, and I really do think everyone should try a totally, full-on blue (I totally wanted to say Bang On Blue!) look at least once in their lifetime, even if they never wear it outside of the house.

I will say a couple things about this look:  Atlantic Blue makes this look.  Haight gets lost in it.  I listed it, because I did use it, but I don’t think you need it to recreate this look at all.  You could also go with a cooler, pinker blush — sometimes all the coolness on my naturally warmer skin tone can be odd, so I wanted to try it with a bronzey cheek instead.  I also went very heavy on mascara, since I wasn’t going to apply false lashes, to make my lashes visible against the blue.

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Aquarius eyeshadow on the inner half of the lid and pull upwards along the inner crease. Lightly blend Dashiki eyeshadow on the outer half of the lid with the 239. Next, apply Haight eyeshadow into the crease with the 226, lightly blending outwards and upwards to fade to the brow bone. Define the crease with Atlantic Blue eyeshadow and the 226.  Blend Femme-fi eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying #7L eyeliner on the lower lash line and blending Aquarius eyeshadow underneath. Line the upper lash line with Blue Herizon liquidlast liner applied with the 208; then pat Electric Eel eyeshadow on top to lighten. Finish by sweeping lashes with Plushlash mascara.

For cheeks, apply Get-Away Bronze blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply Beachbound lipstick first, and then layer Splashing lipglass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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133 thoughts on “Summer Makeup: Go Blue or Go Home!

  1. francesca

    You’re gorgeous in blue, Christine! I’m so afraid of it… I’m NW20/25, chestnut hair, ochre eyes (yes, almost yellow!!): do you think I can pull it off?

  2. Oh, and your eyes really was enhanced by this look! They look so big, bright and brown 😀 ♥
    I so want Splashing after seeing the way you use it…

  3. DevilishDoll

    Oh wow, this is GORGEOUS! I love these blues, they look so good on you. I think I wanna try something like this, but maybe with coral lips since I don’t have Splashing yet. And plus I think Flurry of Fun would look pretty hot with blue eyeshadow. Also kinda sucks that I don’t have any of these blue eyeshadows, but I could try to dupe them with what I have.

  4. … Ok, the dark-thingy happened again! Love the look 😀

  5. The colors just made my day. Totally gorgeous!
    I also love the bronzey cheeks with it, looks great!

  6. Sureyya

    aww it looks really pretty! i love the lip combo 😀

  7. CeeBee

    Super fabuliciously gorgeous!

    So SO blue, so pretty! Love the pink lip combo too, love all of it!

    This look is ELECTRIC!


    Just curious, do you use any volumising products on your hair? I should get mine cut again but I’m putting it off!
    I need a bit more oomf! (or a haircut)…

    • Thank you!!

      LOL, no. I need more volume/lift at the roots, but I am so hair-stupid and hair-lazy that I never do anything with it!

      • CeeBee

        Heh, well that makes two of us then…

        • Oh, good! I’m not alone!

          Like I always *want* to learn… but then I’d rather do my makeup than spend a half hour on my hair…

          • CeeBee

            LOL, no, you’re not alone!
            I go to work most days with still damp hair! By 9am it has usually dried out and I put a bit of Frizz Ease in it (if I can be bothered) and that is about ALL I do to my hair…

            I will happily spend 30 minutes on my face, then it’s swipe, swipe with the comb aaaaaaand I’m done.

  8. marisa

    this is one of my favorite looks on you!

  9. Bettie Jean

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Andrea

    I absolutely LOVE blue eyeshadow! Can you suggest a few MAC lipsticks that would look good with a strong blue look? Thanks x

  11. DJ

    go blue or go home, indeed!

    the liquidlast adds are certain WOW factor & the blending is tops. I vote yay on the warmer blush, too.

    happy long weekend!

  12. Linsi

    Stunning! You look beautiful Christine!

  13. This is a gorgeous look! :) I love blue eyeshadow myself and wear it pretty much every week, I think it looks very good with brown eyes. I always get compliments on my blue eyeshadows! Today I’m wearing turquoise / bluey green eyeshadows and got a compliment earlier in Boots. :)

  14. Sara

    ahh you had eyeliner on the top lashline two ays in a row! are you okay?
    btw this (like everything else) looks pretty on you.

  15. Mm, this reminds me of how badly I need to do a bright blue look again! Loves it!

  16. lauraaaaa


  17. Wendy M.

    This is so beautiful! :O
    Wow… my mind went blank from liking it so much lol.
    You look gorg as usual, Christine! :)

  18. nicci

    wow so pretty, it really pops! it goes so well w/the pink lipstick :)

  19. You look gorgeous!!! Now I really want to run out and grab Splashing!

  20. Hilana

    You always look so stunning with bright blue eyes. Wish I could pull that one off! Nice work, Christine.

  21. Lana

    That’s a gorgeous look! I think I’m in the mood for blues…

    Also, I think I found a few typos – beachbound is peachy right? It says it’s rosy copper up above. And it says Atlantic Blue is copper 😛

  22. i love this! looks really similar to a look i wore a lot last summer using shimmermoss and freshwater 😀 very nice <3

  23. wow thats SUPER blue its gorgeous, reminds me of swimming pools in summer, gorgeous look!

  24. Nessa

    WOW! I fell in love with Atlantic blue. So pretty!! I MUST buy this eyeshadow as soon as I pass by my MAC store. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this look! I would definitely try to recreate this.. :)

  25. Julia

    Cool! Fantastic look!!!

  26. chibu74

    ooooooooooo, this is sooooooooo SEXAY

  27. Ada

    I felt blue today too! I used Talent Pool and Star by night, with Fly by Blu to line. Some days I get tired of the neutrals and need to go bright.

  28. Ashley

    That is really gorgeous Christine! And the lips look great with it, Splashing seems to be quite the multi-tasker, I can’t wait to try it with all kinds of lipsticks underneath it! And those eyes, they are certainly “bang on blue.” hehe.

    Lately, when I look at your full face shots, you seem to be glowing even more than usual! Your skin has always looked great, but you are just positively radiant looking with whatever you are wearing! Are you doing something different?

    • Thanks a lot, Ashley! The lipglosses are definitely very easy to wear and can be layered over all sorts of shades.

      I don’t think I am doing anything, LOL.

  29. Sally

    Ohh, it’s so, so pretty. I wish I could pull off something like this! How would you suggest toning it down for someone who rarely wears blues? Atlantic Blue is absolutely gorgeous.
    Nice work, Christine :]

    • Thanks, Sally!

      You could try doing more like a nude or soft brown (or even gold) on the lid and just use the blue in the crease so it’s not so dramatic!

  30. Sarah M

    Another awesome look. I love it. :-)

  31. baby in a corner

    this looks lovely but blue has such 80s connotations that i’m scared to experiment with it.

    • I totally say go for it and try it sometime when you’re not going anywhere – if you don’t love it, you can always wash it off!

  32. Blue looks are awesome! i can’t wait to go swatch dashiki and i hope it lives up to my anticipation.

  33. Roxanne

    Blues are amongst my favorites on you. Makes those brown eyes pop! I like the mascara, it gives you nice long lashes – you should try it more often :)

  34. Steph

    Love it!!! And I also love how you’ve had eyeliner on your top lash line as well the past two looks. It adds an extra *POW* to the look: I hope your poor eyes don’t swell too much, though!

    • I remove the look as soon as photos are done, so the swelling disappears by morning, luckily. My eyes are a little flaky today, though :(

      Thanks, Steph!

  35. Saira

    Pretty! I love blue eyeshadow – it’s so nice and bright! I’m wearing blue eyeshadow today as well – Atlantic Blue in crease, Suave Intentions on lid and Shroom to highlight. Simple look but I really like it.

    Can you suggest any other shades to pair with Atlantic Blue, Christine? I’ve worn it with Steamy and also Black-Tied but I find it hard to think of other colours to pair it with sometimes.

    • Hey Saira,

      I like it with neutrals like Shroom, Ricepaper; golds like Gorgeous Gold or Goldmine; coppers like Amber Lights; greens like Lucky Green and Juxt; teals like Shimmermoss; and purples like Stars ‘n Rockets!

      Thank you!

  36. Aisha

    wow,it is gorgeous. I think blue eyeshadow looks really good on you
    thanks for the tutorials, always so great:) I love that you always tell which brushes you use.

  37. Karmen

    Ive been looking for an eyeshadow base to wear, how does NARS es base hold up through the day ?

  38. I love blues and I LOVE this look so much! Awesome job, Christine!

  39. This is very pretty!
    Your eyes look amazing & I’m loving the lip combo. =)

  40. Danielle Sharkey

    STUNNING!!!!!!!! I love this look so much!!!!! Even more of a reason for me to run out and buy the new UD e/s’s lol

  41. Christy

    You look fabulous and the lip color is very complementary to the eyeshadow. I’ve go to try this, I’m usually scared off from blues I have a hard time just wearing my Chanel Bleu Celeste quad.

  42. Isheeta

    Wow what a nice look! Could you please do a video tutorial on this, Christine?

  43. Jody

    I just LOVE how Aquarius and Atlantic Blue look together. The turquoise next to the straight up blue reminds me of how the water off the shoreline looks in Hawaii and the Florida Keys. Just looking at it is relaxing :)

    (and Get Away Bronze is on its way to me today. It looks beautiful with the blues. I can’t wait to play with it)

    • They are pretty together! I just love me some Atlantic Blue. Just so pretty. It’s blue but it’s almost like violet blue but not really purple. Love!

  44. Ana

    Beautiful!!! I love blue colors, I´ll try something like that, I have brown eyes too!!!

  45. Thank you Christine! Today I was wearing deep blue eyes + pink lips, thanks to this pictures, and it is a gorgeous combo :) You inspire us 😀

  46. rashmi

    looking SEA PRINCESS …
    gorgeous gorgeous look …
    never thought blue gonna look so nice on anybody
    hey why m i saying anybody … its an insult … its YOU ..
    and who knows better then you … I SWARE
    i have never seen a gal like u who carries her hobby so well… hats off for ur passion for makeup
    i wish i had seen this many yrs back coz now m not confident enough to carry on blues
    m still thinking how to use my shimmermoss ????

  47. I SO love blue eyeshadow! I know you own Blue Calm but do you use it much? (ERGH! Don’t you hate it when suddently a word looks like it was spelled wrong, when you know it’s not… I’m sitting here thinking, “Much? Mutch? No… That’s not right. Muhch?” LOL)

    Blue Calm is my favorite blue. Just curious :)

    • I only just bought it, per your endorsement, LOL. I don’t think I have used it yet!

      And yes, that happens to me. It’ll usually be something stupid like LIPGLOSS or mascara… and you’re like, “THIS IS RIGHT YOU IDIOT!”

  48. Xtina

    This is a little too Mimi from the Drew Carey Show for me. You definitely committed to blue!

  49. love ur cheeks colour! The blue definitely makes your eyes to pop! Awesome job! I think I might try to do this look..=D

  50. Lubdunallah

    this is a wonderful look….i do enjoy it very much….

  51. Looks so beautiful! I’m scared of blues, my mum says I look like MiMi from the drew carey show. eek!

    • Thank you, Claudine! Pfft! It’s totally possible, but it’s totally possible to not do it, too :) Just gotta experience and find what works!

  52. Sylvia

    WOW! This is again beyond gorgeous. I watch a lot of guru’s on youtube, but no one makes prettier looks then you. xoxo

  53. So pretty! Hey have you tried NARS’ Bang it Blue cream eyeshadow duo? It looks kinda fun!

  54. I love blue eyeshadow looks!!!

    It’s the best colour on me – I think of brown eyes as the darkest shade of orange, and therefore, blue being a complimentary colour, makes them stand out. It really suits my skintone too (neutral-lil cool)!

    I also love how pink blush (NARS Desire) looks fantastic with blue eyeshadow because I love pink blush!

    LOVE <3 I've been missing blue looks!

  55. virgg

    u can rock any look<3

  56. Iqra

    It makes your brown eyes pop! I love the look!

  57. Very Vibrant and beautiful look. Great job. I must try SOON.

  58. I like that blue for blue eyes only.

  59. Wow, that is one vibrant look! You’re a stunning, bold lady, Christine :)