Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Mix & Match with Urban Decay & MAC

Here’s a look I did test-driving NARS’ new eyeshadow base (got a sample of it with a recent Sephora order) and new Urban Decay eyeshadows.  Plus, even though I still don’t feel like Lazy Day is a must-have (and I really thought it was going to be higher on the sell out list than it appears to be), it looks super lovely with Splashing.

How’s your Wednesday going so far?  What are you having for lunch? (Or what did you have?)

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof base as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Free Love eyeshadow on the inner half of the lid. Lightly blend Woodstock eyeshadow on the outer half of the lid with the 239. Next, apply Psychedelic Sister eyeshadow into the crease with the 226, lightly blending outwards and upwards to fade to the brow bone. With the 239, apply Woodstock eyeshadow into the lower crease and then blended towards the outer corner and lid. Blend Nylon eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying Honey eyeliner on the lower lash line and Free Love eyeshadow lightly patted below the lower lash line with the 219 brush. Finish by sweeping lashes with Plushlash mascara.

For cheeks, apply #6 aqua cream on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116. Highlight softly with Sugarbomb with the 165 or 131.

For lips, apply Lazy Days lipstick first, and then layer Splashing lipglass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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174 thoughts on “Summer Look: Mix & Match with Urban Decay & MAC

  1. Wow I really like that eye combination! I tried Honey with a pink/purple lid but it turned out really weird. But this is really gorgeous!

  2. cute!!! pink and purple are always a match

  3. Michelle

    i’m sooo loving this! will try this look today! (of course, without lazy day yet — can’t wait for my order to come in!)

    thanks christine! :)

  4. starr

    gorgeous look! and i love the lippie combo! i agree lazy day is dupeable but i want to get it over angel as there is no frostiness :)

  5. lily

    i LOVE the cheeks and lips especially ! :)

  6. Love the look! Especially the lip color! It’s a great combination. I really like how you added the touch of gold on your lower lash line as well. :)

  7. shontay

    Very pretty, Christine!
    I was never interested in putting the MUFE aqua cream on my lips or cheeks. You’ve changed my mind.

    and Oooh, I am sooo looking forward to your review of that Nars primer. Oh and don’t forget that Korres liner! LOL

  8. Cynthia

    Great look. I LOVE the lips! I was going to get Lazy Day, but am looking at Angel instead, as it’s permanent, and I won’t have to worry about backups. I am definitely getting Splashing though, maybe even 2! Do you think Splashing on top of Angel will look similar?

  9. Beautiful!! You look gorgeous in this colours! :)

  10. I’m really liking all those ’60’s themed eye shadow names, haha! Gah that Woodstock colour is so pretty!

  11. Jasmine

    Splashing is very pretty!

  12. LNU

    LOVE this look! Its really pretty on you, and the blush is gorgeous!

  13. Kristen

    I have to buy all of the new urban decay colors..

    This look is beautiful!

  14. Steph2

    I love the look of Lazy Days lipstick paired with Splashing lip gloss Christine! Hmmm. I may need to pick these two up.

  15. Megan

    Very pretty… you think that Free Love is similar to Expensive Pink?

  16. I really love this look. I am glad I ordered the Lazy Day Lipstick.

  17. Diana G

    This is a really nice look Christine. I can’t wait to hear what you think about the NARS eyeshadow base. Also, what do you use to fill in your brow?

  18. kristie’re killing me! I was iffy on getting Splashing and now I see this gorgeous look on you. Arrgh it’s back on the list!

  19. Ricci

    You are amazing with blending.. You see I wear glasses , so If I blend , you wouldnt beable to tell lol so I do a wash and foil.

  20. That whole look is so fantastic! I love your cheeks the best! Well done Christine.

  21. This is GORGEOUS! The colors you chose for your eyes remind me of Sugarbomb blush, just darker lol 😀

  22. t_zwiggy

    Wow, gorgeous!

  23. Marjan

    You look gorgeous =)

  24. Elysia

    those colors look really good on you. I love the lips, great overall!

  25. Natalie

    Splashing is a really great summer color. I am falling in love with the UD liner, its a really pretty colour for the waterline/lower lashline for summer.

  26. Celeste

    i love how you have color on your eyes, cheeks, and lips but it doesnt look tacky. this is a beautiful look and i love the lip. i already have the lipglass but i need lazy days!

  27. Wow that is such a pretty eye look! Although I think I might use some eyeliner on the upper lashline. But I like this look since it’s colourfull, but still pretty wearable.

  28. ooo i had doubt about ordering splashing but now…. :)
    it looks so pretty !

  29. Oh wow, I absolutely love the eyes! :)

  30. Nadine

    OMGOMGOMG! So pretty! I use pink & purple together, but never with melon! That is SO GORG! If I wasn’t at home sick I’d try that right now!

  31. Anna

    You look smashing!
    I absolutely love that blush on you.

  32. SusyLovesMac

    LOVE IT! You are amazing with such great talent :)

  33. SusyLovesMac

    any ideas for a great mac dupe for “free love”?

  34. Abril

    You look very pretty Christine!

  35. wbwrightMakeupArtist

    the look and YOU are fab! Thanks for the look-sy at the new UD colors. Can’t wait to get mine…

  36. aida

    Love the eyes…wow!

  37. CeeBee

    Gorgeous! Very summery indeed!

    I might have a go at this but I think I’ll use a slightly peachier or more coral blush…loving the lip combo! Looks similar to Chantecaille’s Petunia lipstick topped Dior Addict gloss in Empire Pink that I had on yesterday! :-)

  38. Hay Mich

    Those colours are all so pretty together. Pinks and purples are my favourites!

  39. I have to say this is one of my fave look from you. The pink and purple looks so divine on you. And lips…OH! :) Very pretty Christine!

  40. Stacey

    You look like candy :)
    I looove Woodstock eyeshadow, just fabulous.

  41. SiaM

    I like this one a lot!!!!!!!!The transition of the colors is beautiful and you look so gorgeous…I have to say I didn’t wear pink lips until I saw one of your looks with pale pink/lilac lips and I am hooked with the pink lips….This lips look just perfect =) ♥x♥x♥x♥

  42. Luisafer

    Love the eyes!!! looks super cute!!!

  43. baby in a corner

    this is pretty, i don’t have the exact eyeshadows i might do something similar with the colours i have

  44. jessicab

    lazy days & splashing looks amazing on you! it matches your skin tone nicely :)

  45. Tatyana

    I love all of the products that you used individually, but I am not feeling this combo at all. Tooooo pink, I mean, tooooo pink, like a cupcake or something.

  46. Wendy M.

    Looks so pretty Christine!
    Almost like at dusk. :)

    I love how Lazy Days and Splashing look!
    But I think they’d look pale on my NC35 skin. :(

  47. Ruby

    This is so beautiful…Ive got to try this now :)

  48. ilmy

    Very very beautiful!!

  49. Kerri

    Stunning combo!

  50. Catherine

    I always love when you do gold eyeliner on the bottom :) I really need to try it out on myself.

  51. wow i can actually see a difference with that NARS base! colors look smoother somehow :)

  52. lauraaaaa


  53. Christy

    This is really gorgeous, note to self must get that lipstick and gloss.

  54. Shirry

    Ooh, I LUV this look!

  55. Lauren

    cute look! really bright and perfect for spring/summer :)

    have you done a review on the nars smudgeproof eyeshadow base? i’d really like to know how you like it compared to soft ochre paint pot and UDPP.

  56. Jazz

    yep im gonna do my version of this for my grad party on Saturday … will definitely be getting that pink from urban decay via sephora tomorrow

  57. Kathy

    Gorgeous! I think you may have inspired a lemming in me to get these eyeshadows now. Haha!

  58. Fairy Magic

    this is one of my FAVVVVV look ever
    u look so beautiful…

    PLEASE post a Video tutorial on this one PLEASEEEEE

  59. amy

    Oh la la la I love the combo of coral, pink and eggplant. It is gorgeous I am debating if I should get Splashing lipglass, it is very pretty.

  60. babicsek

    This look is sooo cute on you:D

  61. Looovvveee the lips!

  62. Joanna

    I LOVE THISS SOOOO MUCH. i think this is one of my new favorite looks. just love how the gold liner looks on you. i need to get that eyeliner!
    by the way, what is the best really really really dark black eyeliner that doesn’t smudge that you know? all of the ones i have seem to smudge easily. and i’ve been looking for a really black one.
    thankss <3

  63. Riki

    These colors look gorgeous on you!

  64. Michelle

    this is a gorgeous look!

  65. Caryn

    gorgeous look!! How does Lazy Day compare to California Dreamin’? I didn’t get a chance to get my hands on Cali Dreamin and was hoping it was similar enough to calm down my obsessive collecting haha.

  66. DevilishDoll

    So pretty, I love it, Christine.

  67. Sarah

    OMG! It’s such a pretty look!!

  68. Amy

    I always think that Sugarbomb looks great on you :) I’m excited to try out that lip combo for myself.. I’m planning on getting both that lipstick and the lipglass :)

  69. Jody

    I’m so glad you did this look! When I saw your swatches in the previous post I knew I would love Woodstock and Freelove.
    The three together are POW! Gorgeous. I love how Woodstock looks even with your eyes open.
    MUST GET WOODSTOCK! (and Free Love, and Aquarius, and… oy vay)
    Love Honey with it.
    I am going to have to wear this tomorrow, with some subs I have.

  70. rashmi

    wow sweetie looking so tempting ( m saying what ur boy wanted to say)

    what did he had in desert today????
    do tell me will wait for ur reply
    great job as usual
    m lucky to bought the lipstick n lipgloss

  71. This is such a beauuuutiful eye look! I totally want to buy those three UD shadows now so I can dupe this!

  72. Vale

    I really like this one! It looks stunning on you!

  73. Rosie

    This is so pretty and like a nice toned down bright look. I’m totally jonesing for the new UD eyeshadows but have to wait for a real paycheck next month :(. That peach e/s is to die for!

  74. thats a great look, really girlie! my lips are so red whenever i put pink on them it looks so wrong, but i bet a tinted lipbalm like the toon tints ones would work though? (like the daizy one)

  75. Salvinia

    That pale pink lip looks stunning on you!

  76. Petra

    Wow, Christine, as a fellow warm toned girl, that lipcombo looks GORGEOUS on You… I can’t stop looking at it! Love the whole look on You, btw, but that lipcolour, it takes it to another level! :)
    I’m so happy I bought Lazy Day, for some reason I find I can pull it off really easily, which is pretty hard for me (sadly, because I adore baby pinks).

    • Thanks a lot, Petra! I almost used Fun Bathing, because it’s the only lipstick I haven’t used in a look (and I think it would be fine in the look), but SO glad I did Thrills instead. I gotta wear the crap out of it before it’s too old to wear any more, LOL.

      So happy about Lazy Day for you!

  77. Pink blushes look so good on you! You should wear them most often in your looks :) This look makes you look so fresh :)

  78. Josi

    i bought 2 pigments from urban decay 😀 😉 I really like the colours and i want to buy more xD

  79. chibu74

    love the color combo…pink and purple is my fave combo…love the look

    splashing is so darn pretty

  80. Lizet Luna

    Lights always pretty, this harmony of colors makes you look so good!
    Just wow =)

    It is a shame that Mexico was not able to get UD =( only on the black market and exorbitant prices.


  81. Carolina

    Where are you pulling all these AMAZING looks from? I’ve been following your blog for 2 years and you still wow me. Twice in one day. :) I’ll just stare some more at the pictures, kthanx.

    • LOL! When I am stumped (usually I just try to create a look based off of new products, so I usually find those colors come together a certain way!), I browse the archives for looks I did that I didn’t love!

  82. Amy


  83. derri

    OMG perfect! i wouldnt change a thing! love it

  84. Rabia

    Hi Christine!!

    is there a MAC dupe to UD free love???