Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

If you’re living in a naturally warmer climate (cough, California!), it’s easy to confuse spring with the beginning of summer as blue skies dominate and the sun shimmers down. But whether you’re jonesing for a touch of summer in your life or are already breaking out your booty shorts, bronzers are often turned towards for a subtle, sunkissed glow that is an earmark of summer and fun.

1. Flirt! Bring on the Bronze Bronzing Powder ($12.00) comes in two shades, Foxy Bronze and Golden Minx. What I like about both shades is that neither is too dark, which makes it easier to go natural rather than overboard. I loved Golden Minx, just because it is a really great shade of peachy-bronze that is perfect for summer. The packaging is interesting and unique (slides out, flips up), but I found that I felt a bit like I could easily break it.

2. Face Atelier Ultra Bronzers ($30.00) have three shades, ranging from a medium bronze to a deeper color bronze. Face Atelier uses micronized pigments wrapped in silicones to make a bronzer that lasts longer on the face and doesn’t emphasize fine lines or wrinkles. It is incredibly soft, smooth, and it has decent buildability. It is also meant to be moisture, heat, and sebum resistant. I personally found it wore well throughout the day with noticeable fading.

3. Cover FX ‘Bronzed FX’ Bronzing Powder ($28.00) uses “micro-nutrient” technology, which is Greek-speak to me, but it is wax-free, oil-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free. What I really liked about this line of bronzers is that it comes in five shades, but not all of them are just “bronze” colors. They have Garnet and Pink Topaz, both which look like blushes with golden sheen. Gold and Bronze are more typical of the bronzer family, while Golden Peach reminds me a lot of NARS Orgasm, with more gold shimmer.

4. Jane Iredale Moonglow & Sunbeam ($46.00) are compacts that have four colors inside them. The shades feature bronze and copper shades to be used alone, together, or in combination thereof. It is a bronzy highlighter to help warm up skin in a natural way. In case the price tag made your heart stutter, the gold shimmer is the result of 24 karat food grade gold flakes. You can use these all over, because it doesn’t contain and FD&C dyes or irritants.

Make sure you didn’t miss part one or two!

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16 thoughts on “Summer Bronze: Your Guide to Bronzers, Part 3

  1. Kellie

    I just discovered this site and have been reading it for hours today!
    I think this site is fabulous.

    A few requests, that is if you take requests, :)

    Can you give tips on how to apply liquid liner without it getting on the lashes, especially lower lid.
    I read the liner tutorial but i didn’t see about lashes.
    I’m trying to switch to liquid, i have quite long lashes, top and bottom, and i’m always hangin up on the lashes trying to do the lower lash line.

    And i’m in love with how angelina jolie does her eyes, kinda cat-like but not as dark as your cat tutorial.
    Can you possiblt do one with the liner like hers with a more subtle neutral shade shadows like she does so i can see how to properly do it.

    I’m very good with make-up, just not so much with the newer trends. need practice and how to’s LOL.

    thanks for this wonderful website!

  2. Kellie

    After navigating the site more I believe I found the things i requested above for the most part.

  3. Charlotte

    This may be a really stupid question, how and where does one wear bronzer? I have no idea how or where it would be applied. On the cheeks? All over the face? I’ve never really had much use for bronzer having spent the past 7 years in cities where it rains nearly all year round. Nevertheless, it bothers me that I don’t know this.

  4. Hey Christine,
    How do u get these images?? I mean I know they’re yours, vut what program do u use? Just wondering…xoxo

  5. Golden Peach sounds purty! I only own (gasp) one real bronzer. This just gives me an excuse to go shopping, yay!

    • I own a few, but I so rarely use them myself! I feel like I’m already tan enough that I just need to add a touch for the “glow factor.”

      Did we really need an excuse to go shopping though? 😉 Oh man, I’m TOTALLY in a clothes shopping mood this mornin’.

  6. Kellie

    Well, after spending most of yesterday browsing your awesome site, there is one look i would like a demo of if you get the chance.

    you did alot of neutrals and that no make-up with make-up look. i’m looking for a kind of combo of both, if possible.

    I’d like to see a really neutral face with pinks and beiges on the eyes cheeks and lips, with a matte lip. i know you always wear glosses but my face just doesn’t look good with a shiny lip, or really bold lips.

    i look my best in neutrals and golden pinks and pinkish browns with matte lips of the same pinks and neutrals.
    I do set my lips with a slight shimmer or setting sweeps of powders most days.

    And black eys liners are a bit harsh even tho i have dark eyes, the dark browns and soft black shades look best.

    so, basically, lol, i want you to do my type of look with your pro touch so i can acheive my best using your techniques if possible.

    Also, with lots of time off of work lately, i’ve been on the web alot and this is, by far, the best beuty blog as far as tutorials, pics, how-to’s, that i’ve found.
    and believ me i’ve looked at a ton of beauty blogs this week :)

    • Hi Kellie! I’ll definitely put it on my list of requests, but my best advice for right now is to tell you that my techniques don’t change – it’s really just the colors or products that change, you know? I still use the same kind of brush strokes and basic application.

      Thank you so much!

  7. Kellie

    yes, that makes sense.

    i guess i’d just like to see it done with the colors and look i’m trying to acheive.

    reading how to’s works for some but i’m the type of gal who likes to see it done on a face and then try to duplicate it myself.

    Also you looked so pretty in those nude tutorials that i think you’d look amazing in a full face of the golden pinks and soft pinky browns. i’s like to see it and use it for inspiration while i have extra time to play arond with make-up lately and am dying to update my techniques and application methods.

  8. Ariele

    That Face Atelier bronzer is calling my name :) Thanks for the reviews. I’ve been getting more & more into bronzers lately.