Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Brush Storage Ideas

Taking a hint from Sephora’s bead-filled brush holders, I present the way I modified it to better fit my personal style/taste. I saw these glassy, “black pearl”-like marbles at Michael’s (the craftstore), and they just were a perfect suit for me. I do wish they were a wee bit smaller, because it would make it easier to keep all of the brushes standing upright at all times, but it’s good enough for me. Each jar required three bags of marbles, each bag costing around $3.

The circular glass jars were a nice find, too, because it’s taken me a year to find them (really!)–everything else wouldn’t be as clean/simple, or the jar would be too tall/short… just something would not be perfect. I believe the glass jars were about $3, and they fit my brushes comfortably. I’d say if you used vase filler beads or smaller beads, you could definitely fit more than the amount I have.

Overall, each brush holder’s final cost was about $22 including tax. You can see more pictures!

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84 thoughts on “Storage Solutions: Brushes

  1. mich

    looks sleek and professional and just gorgeous!

  2. Andrea

    These look so nice!!! Even the small/thin brushes stand up ok??

  3. Heidi Pena

    I’m always afraid balls (of any size) are going to wear the paint off my brush handles over time. I guess by now someone would have mentioned that this is a possibility, but for what I’ve paid for my MAC brush collection, I don’t want to risk it. Maybe I’m just worrying too much…???

  4. Jodie

    This is genius! I was using the clear vase filler stuff, but this is so much more elegant and classy…and matches my bathroom! Looks like I’m making a trip to Michaels today! Thank you so much for posting this!! :)

  5. Anitacska

    They look fantastic! I need some sort of storage for my brushes too as mine are stored in a make up bag (not good I know)… You are very creative Christine!

  6. Ther

    Give KOREN some cred maybe?

    • Credit goes to sephora, because they were the first. Koren COPIED sephora, as did others. He didn’t make it, it isn’t his, credit doesn’t go to him.

    • Koren is undoubtedly creative, and he is absolutely amazing–I have the utmost respect for him. Had he been responsible for this, I would have gladly stated so. I must admit I am not much of a YouTube user, so I actually have no idea what Koren has done with respect to this concept. Knowing how inventive he is, I am sure his take is inspiring!

      In reality, as stated in the post, Sephora’s bead-filled brush holders were my inspiration. I am definitely not the first to get inspired and use Sephora’s idea in my personal life, but the credit belongs to where I saw it first and what made me want to try it myself — Sephora. To deprive them of the credit would be unfair.

  7. ohsifodfji

    haha that’s exactly how i store my brushes 😀

  8. I like your version better! The paint rubbing off is a concern for me too, but it looks cool, better than the tiny little beads

  9. Summer

    That is how I keep my brushes too, except my beads are the black like you have plus I have some pink mixed in too. Love it!

  10. *neena*

    Wow Looks great! I love all your organization ideas.

  11. Sanita

    Looks great! I store my brushes like this too but instead of glass beads I use something that looks like colored sand (light blue in my case). Also I use rectangular jars not circular ones.

  12. ..amy..

    I love how it looks with the black beads much cuter than the clear ones

  13. janet

    i did the same thing to my brushed but instead of marbles i used black pebbles found in the fish tank aisle at petsmart!

  14. alex

    wow great idea…i dont have that much brushes yet..almost getting there.

  15. Macaddict

    I have 5 small nice kitchens glasses that I have been using for my brushes and my liners. The only thing is I don’t have the beads but, after seeing this, I might stop at Michaels! Thanx for the idea!

  16. Rachael

    Did you find the glass holders at Michaels too?

  17. That’s awesome! Christine, your photos are so amazing that I could’ve sworn they were official at first. :) What kind of set-up and lighting did you use? It’s fantastic! I’m such a dork… LOL. I love good photos, though!

  18. Evelyn

    yes i would also like to know where u found the glass jars :]
    i have some beads too cuz i love the sephora brush holders, and after seeing many ppl do the same thing i decided to try it too

    another place u can get beads are aquatic pet stores, they usually have big and small beads of many different colours that ppl usually use to decorate the bottom of their tanks but they work perfectly as brush container beads too :]

    i just havent found the right containers, really hoping it doesnt take me a year to hunt the perfect one down too haha

  19. lindsey

    the whole reason i have never wanted to do a brush jar was because of the ugly little white beads. But this looks amazing! Great job Christine!

  20. reesa

    this is how i store my brushed as well. but i love your take on it (with the black pearlized beads). very nice. i will be hitting michael’s this week to check out the round glass jars (mine are square). thanks for all of your inspiration, always, christine! :-)

  21. diana

    it looks nice but i think i will stick with my color fill it seems to stand up th brushes a lot better than these lil balls lol anyway nice idea though

  22. Wilcoa

    Wow beautiful, I love the idea! I have a gorgeous pot that I use to store some stuff in and was thinking about using it for my brushes but couldn’t think of a way to stop them from falling to the side. Love the pearled marbles!

  23. I’m currently using rice grains, but it looks like I need to stop by Michael’s soon!

    • anna

      HAHA! I thought I was the only one doing that. But I stopped cuz I got paranoid the rice would ruin my brushes, that and the rice was too dense for the thickerr hand brushes which were hard to shove in. I’m looking for small beads now

    • Rengirl

      I use rice grains as well. I started doing this about a year ago – Sephora was my inspiration too. I mainly use rice grains instead of tiny beads because I have 2 small kids and if they were to get their hands on my brushes, not too much harm done if they swallowed the rice grains.

    • Ohh, that’s a smart idea, Catherine 😉

  24. KaylaK

    Ohhh that looks nice! I have been searching for a way to store my brushes ..hmmmm I think I’ll make a trip to Michael’s this week !

  25. Haha that’s soo funny because I just went to Michael’s yesterday and bought more of the marble beads with the small silver fillers (the ones I believe Sephora actually uses) to fill in the gaps.

    Here’s a picture of what it looks like:

  26. Shyradynne

    Very pretty!
    i want to go out and look for these now haha
    thnx for sharing:)

  27. steph

    i just ordered a brush holder with the clear plastic beeds from It’s cute but very young looking. It would be better for a teenager. Now i kind of want the one Christine has put together. I might be switching…. thanks for the great ideas!

  28. Carrie

    Can someone explain to me why there’s the idea of having the little beads to hold the brushes up? It doesn’t seem necessary. For years I’ve just stored mine upright in a glass jam jar, and my brushes are surviving fine. And the cost is free, or, at least, I just paid for the jam I ate! I can’t imagine spending $22 to hold my brushes.

  29. oooh black marbles, very sexy haha

  30. lisa

    love the black marbles i may want to get some of those myself!

  31. BaDKiTTy

    this is such a cute brush holder.

  32. Andrea

    Love it!!! Thanks for the idea!

  33. ice

    I love the brush holders! very elegant and classy!

  34. Pizzicata

    Thanks for this useful, clever tip!

  35. Bernice

    wow i really dig this

  36. civa

    hi Christine, the jar looks like a perfect size and beautiful!
    I have a question though, do you have double-ended brushes?
    If so how do you store them?
    I haven’t find a better way to store them than just lay them in the drawer, but I really don’t like the feeling that they’re just “thrown” in a drawer if that make sense.

  37. Julie

    you said each brush holder costs 22 dollars, but u also said 3 bags for each, which would be 9 dollars 10 with tax, then 3 dollars for the jar. so thats only 13 maybe 14?