Monday, January 5th, 2009

Stila’s Precious Pearl Collection definitely got a lot of buzz from you guys–namely the stunning palette encased in a “mother of pearl” kind of case with six lovely shades of eyeshadow. Can I just say that the promo photos didn’t do the palette justice? The Precious Pearl Palette will be available this February for $40, and it features the following eyeshadow colors:

  • White Gold Soft creamy white with gold shimmer
  • Soft Pink Pristine light pink with pink and white shimmer
  • Mid-tone Pink Neutral pink with warm undertones and pink shimmer
  • Gold Deep gold with yellow and gold shimmer
  • Green Intense mermaid green with blue and green shimmer
  • Deep Blue Dark navy with black undertones and blue shimmer

Too often, promotional images tell one story while swatches/actual photos tell another story–one that’s disappointing. This is certainly not the case with Stila’s palette for spring. The palette itself is prettier in person than it is in the photos, especially because Deep Blue is so much bluer and brighter than the promo photo made it look. But you know what really makes this palette awesome? It swatches like a dream! The shadows are smooth, velvety to the touch, and each shade is well pigmented. There is no chalky mess here; no misleading colors. Colors are true to appearance, and I think this bunch of colors offers a nice palette for the spring season.

White Gold is a gorgeous creamy white shade with gold shimmer. I bet it would look stunning all over the lid or as a highlight (though darker skin tones may have to use a light hand so it doesn’t look OTT). Soft Pink is a frosty purple-pink shade; kind of reminds me of MAC’s Pink Opal, but deeper in color. Mid-tone Pink is really that: a medium pink; a little subdued and has less frosty shimmer and more of a nice sheen. Gold is a bronzy antique gold shade, very color-rich with the same soft sheen as Mid-tone Pink. Green is a soft greenish color with gold sheen and shimmer. Deep Blue is a rich navy blue with an almost purple-blue sheen, lightly shimmered.

All in all, Stila’s Precious Pearl Palette is a delightful surprise and a great way to kick off spring. I love the textures and color pay off of every shadow, and each color is one I can see myself using. They didn’t waste your dollars by throwing in a boring or unusable shade–and they didn’t make any of them chalky or poorly pigmented. Well-done, Stila! Color me impressed.

What do you think? Has the palette continued to live up to your expectations? Is this going on your to-buy list or are you passing?

Check out close-up photos and swatches of the palette!

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52 thoughts on “Stila’s Precious Pearl Palette Kicks Off Spring with a Bang!

  1. Melanie

    OMG! I totally need this palette. I love all the colors!

  2. the pigmentation reminds me of last year’s MAC Metal-X collection for some reason. Wow Stila ante it up this time. I think I’m going to have to pick this one up!

  3. kat

    It looks beautiful! But… like I said about the hello kitty palettes I only buy neutral or warm colour palettes.. :( The green and blue make this one unjustifiable for me again, too bad!

    • The green is pretty warm, actually, with all the gold shimmer ;P

      • kat

        Yeah I know but today, for example, I was wearing green so I tried to bust out my green eyeshadow but I ended up just smearing it off and replacing it with brown (and barely being on time for class haha!) I just… don’t use blues and greens. Even when I try, I can’t make them look right!

  4. these are lovely…but i m broke…:(..whatever little is left is for blonde, brunete redhead thing….:)
    was wondering what after hello kitty?? those purple lipstick, honey skin care stuff is not so exciting…..

  5. dat gold!!! jeez…i want it now!!! i just love all shades of gold..all…hehehe!!!

  6. Wow, $40 for 6 great looking, great feeling eyeshadows sounds great! I’ll make my decision on buying after I *hopefully* see a couple looks you might do with them? 😉

  7. Wow, that is beautiful.

  8. pia

    bleh, another white, another shade of blue, which i already have and are unlikely to finish by the time i’m 80.

  9. cloudburst

    I see myself buying this – what I especially like about it, is the unusual combination of colours. You could do some interesting combinations with this one.

  10. charlene

    wow stila’s comin good this spring!!!

  11. loving it for spring!

  12. Shefali

    Gorgeous. I just got into Stila when was blowing their stuff out. I bought 3 palettes and I’m AMAZED. Their eyeshadows really are silky, easy to blend, pigmented, and just plain wonderful. They leave MAC eyeshadows in the dust…and I’ve been a MAC addict for YEARS. I can see myself definitely checking out this palette.

    • What palettes are you loving? I’d love some recs :)

      • Shefali

        Hey Christine!

        I bought the Day to Night talking palette, the Fabulous for Fall chocolate palette (that comes with a blush too in the palette, plus lipgloss and MAJOR lash mascara), and the Pretty Pansy palette (Spring Garden collection 2007).

        I’m also very impressed with their IT gloss, which I got in Sweet. I’m excited to try the new Pearl lipglosses you reviewed. They look really pretty.

  13. Gorgeous palate. Thanks for posting the swatches. My only complaint is over the pink shades; I have yet to meet a pink shadow that doesn’t make me look tired. Not quite the look I chase after!

    • Oh no! I used to have troubles with pinks, but I finally think I’ve found a way that works for me. I try to wear them with purples or golds–I find then it doesn’t look like I’ve been crying all day!

  14. Anitacska

    Oh I like this a lot. Didn’t think it was that amazing when I first saw it, but the swatches are gorgeous, especially the darker shades.

  15. Evelyn

    I’ve been waiting for this one SO LONG that I feel like imma diee! I’m gonna call Stila and see if I can put a hold on mine.. I do have gold and blue, gold from LUNASOL and blue from Inter-view from MAC but I sure don’t have any other colors! Can’t wait to bring this & Kitten home..

  16. omg so pretty! I hope it arrives in Singapore soon!

  17. I’m pretty sure I need that. Good price too.

  18. Kella

    I always wondered why you didn’t seem to be a fan of Stila… if only MAC’s shadows were formulated like Stila’s….. I think they’re to die for.

    • I’m not *not* a fan of Stila, I just haven’t tried many of their products. I don’t feel comfortable saying I like a brand or am a fan of a brand if I’ve only tried one or two products, you know? Especially when they have so many!

      I do find them to be at a higher price point than MAC, so I’ve never felt compelled to seek them out. I have tried a couple of other shadows from a year ago or so, but I didn’t like them (felt really chalky and virtually no color), so I had no real reason to buy more!

  19. yari

    I am definitely getting this…looks great for spring and summer!!!

  20. yari

    By the way… Sephora already has it!!!!!!!!!

  21. Carrie

    Oh how I wish I had money :( Oh well, I have some stuff from the MAC sale on its way

  22. Okay, even though I have 50-11 colors already, this palette is absolutely gorgeous!!

  23. I got a stila pallet last spring, and absolute LOVE it, it had the most gorgeous shades of gold and bronze for summer and the pigmentation and quality are amazing. I defiantly have to get this one as well. I’m super excited to use the blue and green, plus the white will go great with last years golds. :)

  24. Jess

    I’ve been eyeing this for a bit now!!! It looks gorgeoussss, I’m such a sucker for palettes and pretty packaging. But I’m torn between this and the Smashbox Muse palette…. trying hard to somehow justify getting both….