Friday, March 21st, 2008

SCENARIO: There is a boy I really want to impress that I see everyday when I go in to buy coffee before class. What kind of makeup/look is good to make him notice me? I want something that is noticeable to make me stand out, but I don’t want him thinking I’m superficial or wear a boat load of makeup either!

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11 thoughts on “Step Into My Shoes – Look to Impress!

  1. Erin

    I think boys are totally oblivious to all makeup unless it’s totally garish. If you were to wear gold/brown liners, neutral browns with some highlighting, or maybe caramel browns like Tete-a-tint, I bet all he’d notice is your natural beauty.

  2. farzana

    I think if u were to do a smokey eye make up and light gloss on ur lips that would make him notice.It normally works for me when i go out.I do control it on the powder or foundation.I dont wana look fake and caked so i just use a powder brush to apply my studio fix and it looks pretty natural.

  3. Chloe

    I agree with Erin. I say stick to something more natural. We girls tend to like the smokey looks (because after all they’re amazing!) but I’ve asked a few guys including my husband and even though they like the smokey look, I think they prefer the more natural approach. I would say use something that can highlight your natural beauty. On your eyes, you can use Ricepaper or Naked Lunch with Swiss Chocolate or you can even use Satin Taupe. Any light blush with highlight around your cheekbones will also look beautiful. Keep the theme through your lip color, too. When I use lighter colors such as these I feel refreshed and confident. I’m sure he’ll remember how fresh and confident you looked at that first glance! Good luck!

  4. Jaime

    Men love a fresh, dewy face with minimal makeup, a little blush, big lashes and moist, glossy lips. That’s all you need. And smile at him.

  5. Liz

    wear something that’ll play up your best feature. like if you have big bright eyes, you wanna wear a shadow, though not too much, that’ll capture the guy’s attention. not to sound narcissistic, but i have big hazel/green eyes and i play them up allllll the time. wearing UD’s fishnet makes them look more blue. but if you wear something bright on a particular feature, make sure everything else is minimal. if you rock the smoky eye and the red lip (which is overwhelming to any eye) then he’ll think you wear a boatload of makeup. I’d say wear anything that keeps his attention at your face instead of the chest. 😀

  6. Kaliente

    The ladies here have given great make-up advice, but dudes are clueless and i doubt make-up will MAKE him notice you. I say go introduce yourself and go from there! Good luck!

  7. Chica

    Like Kaliente said – guys are clueless about make up but as every boyfriend i’ve had has said – ‘i noticed your eyes’, i’d play them up.
    Smokey grey eyeshadow, dark liner and mascara, sexy but simple.

  8. Tina

    Guys really are oblivious to makeup! And all of the ones i’ve talked to have said that they don’t like makeup on girls, so I suggest you go with a natural look. He will notice your natural beauty! No need to go all out. Less is definitely more :) Good luck!

  9. Minty

    Guys are definitely very oblivious to makeup. I think that the best way to go is just to aim for healthy natural–go for a look that is you, but better. Maybe invest in a good foundation, a pretty blush, and a moisturizing lipstick with a dot of gloss. Too much gloss tends to seem a little artificial to some. Maybe try grooming your brows (nice brows frames your face wonderfully) and using a nude/taupe shadow on lids with mascara on curled lashes.

    Smile and say hi! Ask him how his day has been so far, etc.

    Good luck!

  10. Sal

    all of the above, and a NICE PERFUME! do a quick spritz before you see him. smell is the most potent memory trigger.

  11. Ceci

    What I recommend above all else is that you just be yourself. No matter what you wear, including makeup, you will seem artificial to others (which isn’t attractive) if you try to be something you aren’t.

    So with that said…

    If makeup isn’t your thing usually, just be true to that and wear the bare minimum–concealer, blush, tinted balm or gloss, eyelash tint (if you need it–otherwise, curl your lashes).

    If you do wear makeup on a daily basis (and love doing it!), experiment with neutrals. Smudge a little bit of liner (brown, if you’re fair, or black, if you’re darker) into the upper lashline (and lightly below, if desired). Try a shimmery neutral (gold, champagne, light chocolate brown, or silver, depending on your mood) applied with a light hand on the lid and into the crease along with the liner. It’s glamorous and sexy without being garish. Keep lip color to a minimum–a berry tint or gloss is sufficient.

    If you’re the funky girl who loves crazy colors, use colored liner like gold or blue applied on the upper lashline with a neutral highlighting color (champagne or bone) on the entire eye. Don’t apply the liner to the lower lashline. Keep lips nude. Or smudge a pink lipstick on (find a color that is your natural lip color pumped up a shade or two). Blot so that your eyes stay the focus. Use minimal blush and make sure your skin tone is evened out with some foundation or concealer. You’ll still have an edgy effect, just a bit more toned down.

    No matter what, have fun and just be real. Be open and outgoing. If he doesn’t go up to you right away, just introduce yourself and initiate the conversation (I think that’s been mentioned and I agree with it). And, of course, a smile is your best beauty accessory. He’ll definitely notice you if you do those little things.