Saturday, January 26th, 2008

SCENARIO: My hair gets greasy after three days, but it never did this before.  I used to be able to go five days without washing it!  Do you think it might be too warm in my room during the winter?  My hair is very long, so I’m scared to wash it too often for fear it will get damaged or I will experience hair loss (it has happened to me twice in the past).  Do you think I need to get a better shampoo, maybe something from Redken?  Help!

Situation courtesy of Zsofi!

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26 thoughts on “Step Into My Shoes – Hair Gone Crazy!

  1. M.

    How about a dry shampoo? I try to minimize how many times I wash my hair in a week, and found that dry shampoos have been a lifesaver. I like Ojon’s the best (, but Oscar Blandi has a good one too.

  2. My hair is actin the same way since a few months back, only it gets greasy after just one day, while it used to stay clean for three. It’s really annoying and I’m considering just pulling all my hair out – literally.

  3. Zsofi

    First of all,thank You Christine for posting my situation 😀

    Thank You M. for the suggestion,i thought about this before,but never had the courage to try it. but now i will look into it more seriously.

    Bjooti,it seems that we have the same problem here 😀

    i will be very happy if You dear Temptalia ladies write me some more tricks and tipps 😀

  4. Jetblack

    I have the same problem! My hair is long and really, really silky, I think it gets greasy because I (and sometimes random people) stroke it too much! Do dry shampoo’s effect the ‘feel’ of your hair? I imagine them to make your hair corse and I don’t want anything ruining the silky softness. Its one of the few parts of me I love

    • Zsofi

      Hi Jetblack!
      i don’t know how dry shampoos effect the feel of it,but it’s time to find out 😀
      i think You should try it,too.
      Congrats on the long and silky tresses! is Your hair black?
      (just because of Your name)

      • Jetblack

        Yup its long and black! I’m going to wonder about in Lush on wednesday to find out if they do dry shampoos. I’ll let you know if I try it!

  5. Tanya

    Why kind of conditionars are you using? maybe they are too “moisturising”? Silk therapy makes my hair oily in no time which drives me nuts…I really have to use a super duper small amount. Dry shampoo is also a great suggestion. In a pinch dust a little dusting powder at the roots. If I am correct you have blond hair? Dusting powders work the best with blond hair so your in luck. Try changing your pillow case more often, which wont really help cut down on the oil but will keep your skin better due to the oil. Also turn the temp down in your bedroom. Open a window and get a little fresh air (I know its cold but just for a few min before bedtime). Exercise will make the hair oily, so maybe try lower intensity workouts but for longer. Rinse your hair in cold water when you rinse your conditioner.

    • Zsofi

      WoW! Thank You Tanya for all the suggestions,You really mentioned all aspects of my problem.
      thak You for taking the time. now i take the time to answer correctly 😀
      i answer step-by-step.
      i don’t use conditioner on the top of my head,only on the lenght and ends,so this could not be the problem.
      haven’t tried a dry shampoo yet,but i will try it.
      yes, i am blonde 😀 my mom used to put baby powder to my roots when i was younger,but then i had dark brown hair. (times change :-D)
      i change the pillowcase weakly,maybe i should after every hairwash.
      i can’t turn down the heat in the bedroom ,b/c my boyfriend will kill me 😀
      yes,exercise really makes me sweat…
      i can only do the cold rinse on the lenght,b/c my head can’t take the cold 😀
      huhh… long answer… but now everything is answered 😀

      • Tanya

        It certainly seems like you have tried several options :) I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t had better luck trying to solve your problem. I hope that one or a combo of the suggested solutions from this board will help you.

        • Zsofi

          yes,i have tried many things,not just in hair care,but in skin care and other fields of beauty. sometimes i can solve problems pretty easily,somewtimes it takes years to find a proper solution.
          this problem pops up at certain life periods and than just goes away… maybe there is a connection in hormones,seasons, what i eat….,
          this board is my fave,i learnt many makeup tricks just by looking at the pics. and all that are writing here are beauty fanatics,sometimes even more than i am 😀
          it is good to have a community like this,and help each other 😀

          Beauty-Addicted-Anonymous:BAA 😀

  6. lala

    aveda products are great!!! I love the “be curly” stuff.

    check out this stuff for your oily head lol:

    too much oil in the hair can cause hair to thin :/

  7. Carrie

    My hair gets greasy after a couple days. I always assumed everyone with fine-straight hair was the same way and never considered it a cause for concern. (if I remember right from a past FOTD, Zsofi, you have that kind of hair?)

    I wash it almost every day and have not had any ill effects from this. It’s in good shape. I use a gentle color-care shampoo from Shikai (but any color care shampoo might be good as they usually have less harsh detergents) and condition a couple times a week.

    If you are worried about damage, a greater risk comes from using heat (dryers, curlers, irons) than washing. Also avoid harsh chemical treatments. Regular coloring has not damaged my hair at all, though — in fact it seems smoother and healthier after I get it dyed!

    • Zsofi

      hi Carrie!
      i avoid curlers and irons altogether since years,a new hair style isn’t worth the heat-damage for me.
      sadly i can’t avoid the dryer,it is too cold here in Hungary.
      no harsh chemical treatments.
      and the same here about coloring: everyone tells me not to color my hair because of the damage,but i noticed the same as You,it became smoother and it even has more volume to it 😀
      i read once,that this is an effect of the peroxide.

  8. Tekoa

    Goeth to the bookstore and get “Don’t Go Shopping for Hair Care Products Without Me 3rd Edition” by Paula Begoun. Its a review book that backs up its oppinions with scientific studies. One can look at products based on hair type, price range and so on.This book will help you pick the best products for your hair and condition. For example, Product Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo gets a sad face because it has sodium laurl sulphate as a main ingredient which can overly dry hair and irritate the scalp. Did I mention it has a product dictionairy in the back too? Oh yes, and a better shampoo doesn’t mean more expensive. There are some horribly expensive shampoos that are so poorly formulated, the company owners should be ashamed. Boy this is a long one!

    • Zsofi

      Thanks for the suggestion Tekoa!
      i will search this book. it sounds very clever. yes,some shampoos have very “bad” ingredients in them… maybe i shuold try some new formulations. now i use Dove, Gliss Kur, Nivea and sometimes Redken conditioner (i don’t waste it,since it’s quite expensive for my taste :-D)
      yes,absolutely agree on that one:some expensive shampoos can’t do anything…

  9. I wondered if there is something in your diet that might have changed? Have you been eating more of a certain kind of food? But I don’t think you can avoid not washing it everyday (especially long hair) and not expect it to be greasy or oily. If you’re worried about damaging effects, you could try a mild baby shampoo once in a while.
    Just don’t pull a Britney and buzz it all off!
    Hope that helps!

    • Zsofi

      LOL Tissa 😀
      :-DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD i sure won’t shave it all off 😀
      the situation isn’t that bad :-DDDDDDDDDD
      maybe i eat more fatty foods,that true. in old times i was all about veggies,but since 3 days i try to get back to that. it is much better for my body,and my hair,skin…
      now i wash every 3rd day,and it really takes a long time to dry it,so i don’t want to wash it more often.
      i have a baby shampoo with camille,now i will use it.
      LOL, me with bald head :-DDDDDDDDDDD
      it’s never gonna happen :-DDDDDDDDDDD

      • Zsofi

        Wow ,i love shoes and i like Your site!!!!!!!!!!!!
        especially the sexy stilettos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        nice work!!!!!!

      • Tanya

        NO NO NO, don’t use baby shampoo!!! Its one of the worse things you can put on your hair. Everyone thinks its super gentle for your hair because its made for babies but its NOT. The reason its for babies is becausee they tweak the PH level so it doesn’t make babies cry or irritate their eyes. However, the actual shampoo is very drying and damaging to hair. You can Google this and make sure I am right BUT I swear baby shampoo is one of the worse things you can put in/on your hair.

        • Zsofi

          hmmm… yes,i noticed the drying effect in the past…
          but what if i use it only once in a month? just put on the top of my head,which is naturally very oily?

  10. Erin

    Please see a doctor. In the case of a good friend of mine, this turned out to be a symptom of a thyroid condition.

    • Tanya

      Awsome suggestion Erin, my SO has a thyroid problem and has had some hair issues in the past. I am glad to thought to suggest this to Zsofi.

    • Zsofi

      i also saw a doctor in the past,a dermatologist, she was one of the best in the business here in Hungary.
      i went to her,b/c my hair was thinning… she suggested to cut it shorter,this was maybe 5 years ago.
      i did everything she suggested,but i didn’t cut off my hair.
      it turned out i made the right decision,the thinning has ended soon, and the reason of the thinning was that my scalp catched a cold.
      in those times every mag suggested to let hair air-dry,so i avoided the dryer…
      never do that Ladies!

      i hope my problem is not that serious as a thyroid problem…
      anyway,thank you for the suggestions Erin and Tanya!