Friday, July 9th, 2010

Smoky Eyes:  Groove with Alice + Olivia

Oh, man, that name is cheesy.  I gotta tell you:  coming up with “names” for looks can be a challenge.  If only “Blue and Violet” were creative, because I can do that no problem. :)

Happy Friday!!

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249.  Then, apply Later pigment with the 242 and a couple of drops of water-based mixing medium on the lid.  Using the 239, apply Blue My Mind (sky blue) eyeshadow on the inner third of the lid and pull upwards along the inner crease. Lightly blend Blue My Mind (blue-teal) eyeshadow on the middle of the lid with the 239. On the outer lid, apply Togetherness (violet) eyeshadow with the 226 and blend into the crease. Lightly blend Togetherness (lilac) eyeshadow on the inner tearduct and above the crease with the 239. Blend Brule eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying #11L eyeliner on the lower lash line. Finish by sweeping lashes with Plushlash mascara.

For cheeks, apply a swirl of Hang Loose blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply All Styled Up lipstick first, and then layer Going Cashual cremesheen glass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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128 thoughts on “Smoky Eyes: Groove with Alice + Olivia

  1. Ms. Jimmi


  2. Margot

    Gorgeous as per usual ! Not sure I’m a big fan of the lip combo, but that’s just my personal taste :)

  3. GG

    Those colors look great on you!

  4. deeeee



  5. baby in a corner

    Really like this! i’d a dream last night i met you and you let me look through your nail polish collection. I hope that doesn’t freak you out! (I debated commenting about it in case you think i’m a stalker!) I think its cause i was looking at the site right before i went to bed. Anyway love the eyeshadow colours would be great for a night out!

  6. Christina

    I love it!!! I am still scared to wear blue because I always feel that it’s too “cool” for me. Your eyes look so seductive, and this can definitely be worn as a daytime look ;]

    btw I just found out that you’re half Vietnamese (late, I know! Sorry ^^;;). I am too! I love how you apply eyeshadow because Ive always noticed how slightly slanted your eyes are, which is great because I always feel like with our eyes it’s harder to work with. But you always make it work :)

    P.S. Love the mufe e/l on the lower lash line. I can only wear eyeshadow there since all liners will migrate on my lower lashline ;[ Are there any dupe shadows of that violet color? Mac preferred since they have such a huge range! Thank you!

  7. Proximity

    Hi Christine – I have a question:
    when you first reviewed MUFE HD Foundation you said that it was nice, and you liked it, but that you weren’t overly impressed or anything like that. I’m possibly hunting for a new foundation sometime soon, so I’m wondering – now that you’ve been using it consistently for quite a while, how do you feel about it? Any down-sides or gripes? Did you end up loving it after all?

    • It’s good for photos/video. I think it looks better in photos than it does in person. But I’m really just trying to get through my foundations before they separate on me, LOL.

      I don’t like that it has dimethicone in it, but I’d say that’s a personal skin preference.

      When I reviewed it, I think at the end of the day, it was REALLY hyped up, and these days, you don’t hear as much about it. I DO really appreciate the extensive color range, and it has nice coverage without being heavy. It’s kind of like… it seemed as if it was going to give me flawless skin instantly, and in person, it’s nice, a good, solid foundation, but not the best ever. I’d say I have come around on it, though, and I definitely DO like it. Guerlain Parure Gold is the best I’ve tried thus far, though.

      • Proximity

        Thank you so much for your helpful and honest reply :) I think I will definitely consider the HD, but I’ll look at other options too, and get as many samples as possible 😉
        I might have to check out the Guerlain :)

        • Just be prepared to fork over BUCKS for the Guerlain one. It kind of sucks, because it has “skincare benefits” in it, which is why it’s so expensive.

  8. So gorgeous! Now you’ve made me want to buy some things from this collection. I seriously NEVER get tired of seeing how beautiful you look with blue eyeshadow and light lips :)

  9. Hilana

    Once again, love they eyes! So beautiful! I would just team it up with a different lip colour, since a pink like this makes me look like a has-been pornstar. :)

    I actually think MAC Call my Bluff on its own or teamed with MAC Cremesheen You’ve Got It would look very nice.

    What’s your call on that one, Christine?

  10. Kimberly

    Great look!! You look gorgeous! :) Later pigment is definately a keeper… do you think it is prettier than Young Punk?

  11. CeeBee

    Super sultry!

    Gorgeousness! Really liking the soft pink cheek…

  12. Dianna

    Ah, this is a gorgeous look on you, Christine! Silverish grays and blues look so good on you.

  13. Amy

    I LOVE this look. I have been trying to be ‘good’, but this gorgeous look makes me want to buy some new stuff. You look great!

  14. Absolutely stunning eye-makeup!

  15. This is very pretty! :)

  16. jessica

    Beautiful! you are so talented!! I looked at one of your old post from 2007 with Constructivistand pp I loved your step by step picture was so helpful and I did the look today and it came out great!! You should do some more of those..I loved it!!

    • Aww, people seem to prefer video tutorials now :( It’s kind of difficult to do both, so it’s generally just one or the other. I like pictures, but I am impatient, LOL!

      Thanks, Jessica! I am glad the looked turn out well!

  17. Shal

    I usually try to stay away from blue eyeshadows on my eyes but this is gorgeous!

  18. Lauren

    Is the Alice and Olivia pigment giving that look those specks of gorgeousness? I absolutely love the iridescence happening there.

  19. Wow, very pretty! How do you take those beaituful pictures of yourself?

  20. Diana S.

    Im loving this look!

  21. K7P*

    I love it!!! So glad i purchased this color, can’t wait to get it in the mail! I was wondering how it would look… =) Thanks!!

  22. Michelle

    Very pretty Christine! Love the blues and purples! Do you think Hang Loose blush is similar to the look that you get from the Azalea Blossom Ombre blush??

  23. Ada

    I love this look!

  24. Sarah M

    sooo pretty. i’m loving pink lips nowadays so you get extra points for rocking them 2. 😀

  25. Melanie

    omg i love this look it looks so good for a party i want to try it out so bad I’m trying to get the whole collection as quickly as possible cause almost all of them are limited edition

  26. Shyra

    OMG! your eyes-they are gorgeous! super love ’em! Anyway, I hope that you can help me by giving your opinion: what’s the difference between Mac’s Lovelorn, I Like It Like That and All Styled Up? Are they similar with one another? Thanks! :)

  27. I think it’s amazing how you can rock such cool-toned looks. 😀 I love the eye. Looks great as usual, Christine!

    And a total random question (apologies if you’ve answered it before in an Ask Temptalia section or other comments in other threads), but how long does it take for you to do these types of looks? You make it sound so easy! 😀

  28. Maya

    Sooo Beautiful!

    Do you have any suggedtions for blues which will look nice for green eyes?

  29. Haley

    ooooooooooooooooooo!!!! I love, love LOVE this look!!! I can’t wait for my Later to get here… damn fedex…

  30. Shanny

    LOOOOOvvvvvee this look..your amazing and so pretty! Are you going to do a video tutorial?

  31. Demie

    It’s perfect!!!The best look you’ve done!!!!Can’t wait to try it!

  32. Adrine

    I love this look! very beautiful :)

  33. Vanelle

    I love this look, the smoky eye compliments the lip so well. I am yet to find the right bubble gum pink lips for my skin tone, one day I hope, ONE DAY! *sigh* I feel bad that you have to try the mineralize products for our sake even though your skin doesn’t like it much. What’s going the be the side effects later?

    • Thank you so much, Vanelle! :)

      It’s really just the blushes – so what I’ve been doing is doing the look, using the blush, taking the photos, and then I just remove it & swap it for something else, lol. I know people want to see ’em in action, so I’m pairing everything together, but for all day wear, just switching it out!

  34. Gah, you are making me regret not buying All Styled Up! But I did buy I LIke It Like That and Go For It as soon as you posted your pics, haha!

  35. Roxanne


  36. inaya

    hey chrisitine! you look great as always. can you tell me if the By candlelight MSF is comparable to the light, shimmery side of the Happy Together duo? Should I buy both? I’m an NC35. THANKS!

    • Thanks, Inaya!

      By Candlelight is a little more pigmented, a little pinky. They’re similar in effect, so technically, you could get away with just one or the other. I like both though!

  37. Kate M.

    I never thought I would want to wear blue but the navy blue concoction really
    makes me want to try!  Gorgeous!

  38. kerry

    i LOVe this look! u are so gorgeous and cute.

  39. ooohhhh woowwww this is really really awesome! so pretty!

  40. aradhana

    love the eyes! might give alice + olivia another look…

  41. Allison

    I love this look christine! great job!! would you feel comfortable wearing this out during the day? or do you think its more of a night time look??

  42. Arlene

    I LOVE that look!! I think this will be a combo of colors that will be trended in the future…absolutely gorgeous!! And I would not line the top, it looks great as is..

    May I ask where you learned speed reading? It is a skill I would like to pick up!!

    • Thank you, Arlene!

      I checked out some books at the library and read stuff about it online – I know my mom took an actual course.

  43. Jennifer

    Blue is gorgeous on you Christine!
    I have green eyes and really can’t wear blue…Although I wear “Deep Truth” by MAC once in awhile.

  44. SUBelle

    Awww, now this is gorge! One day, I’ll have the patience to do do my eyes like that! This is so pretty.

  45. Christina

    Absolutely a beautiful look! Do you find that Hang Loose shows up enough in person on your face? In your pics it looks so pretty on you, I’m just hesitant that it will not show up on me in person. I am NW30.

    • Thank you, Christina!

      Yes, I think it does. It’s not BOLD or bright or anything, but it shows up enough on me to wear. I’m NC25!

  46. sofia


  47. rashmi

    awesome christine … i wish some day i would be able to do justice to all the mac stuff i have…
    i love how u incorporate ur each n every look …
    it shows ur love and appreciation for what u have and how much inovative u are

  48. Elise

    Christine, how did you apply the Alice+Olivia pigment Later? I just bought it and tried it on but found it was a nightmare for me to blend. thanks!

  49. inaya

    thanks for letting me know :)

  50. I absolutely LOVE this look!

  51. Nikki


    What gloss did you use? It says you used Going Casual, but the description says sheer peach..which I’m thinking is On The Scene? You said you used that with I Like It Like that before…just wondering!

  52. Mia

    Beautiful Christine!

  53. I love how this look turned out. It’s really pretty. I’m a big fan of blue-violets. I like how it ended up being smoky.

  54. Natalie

    Very beautiful and deep colors!

  55. Kathy

    You should put a video tutorial of this!!

  56. Sarah

    So fricking gorgeous!!! I wouldve used a paler lip but ahhh so sososososo pretty!

  57. Lovely look :) tbh I usually don’t like watching tutorial videos because they kind of drag on/are rambly, but I like your videos because they’re always straightforward and easy to watch!

  58. Bettina

    hmm would it be usefull to point out that blue and violet is technically indigo?

  59. ferishia

    I’m having a strange obsession for blue eyeshadow this year. I LOVE this look! I’m already checking to see if I can get the colors to replicate. :)