Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Dirty, Dirty, Smoky, Smoky Rich!

I told you I had a look at the ready using Chanel Enigma Eyeshadow Quad:)  I can’t believe it’s already Thursday.  The week went by so fast, and I feel like I still have a zillion things on my to-do list that I was supposed to have done… yesterday!

I also wanted to shout out to the lovely Stephanie & Nicole at Sprinkles @ Stanford Shopping Center, as well as Miss Olivia’s boyfriend, who spotted me at Pinkberry @ Stanford Shopping Center!  It was nice to meet all of you! :)

What’s the best part about your Thursday so far? It’s not quite noon yet, so nothing amazing yet, though I am going to go on a cleaning frenzy as soon as I hit publish on this post — and I am kind of looking forward to having everything organized again.

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply light pink-peach eyeshadow on the inner half of the lid. Apply Vert Khaki eyeshadow on the outer half of the lid, then lightly blend dark burgundy eyeshadow in the outer crease and very outer edge of the lid with the 226. Blend Grain eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone . Bring everything together by applying Cassis liner on the lower lash line and the light pink-peach eyeshadow patted below. Finish by sweeping lashes with Plushlash mascara.

For cheeks, apply Pink Exposion blush on the apples of the cheeks and smooth with fingertips.

For lips, apply Chintz lipstick first, and then layer Petite Peche glossimer for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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188 thoughts on “Smoky Eyes: Chanel Enigma Eyeshadow Quad

  1. Rae

    This whole look is just perfection on you, Christine! For once, I actually think the products you’ve used look better ON than they do in the pans — which is rare, for me! (I love a nice pressed finish.) Love it.

  2. Adrine

    LOVE IT!!! you look so beautiful, as always!

  3. Kelly

    it’s official: this quad WILL become my first Chanel purchase :)

  4. Steph

    Gorgeous! One of my favorite looks of yours so far :)

  5. Beautiful! Love the lips too!

  6. shontay

    This is so gorgeous Christine. You’ve sold me on this Chanel collection now.

  7. Annika

    Your Best. Look. Ever 😀

  8. lauraaaaa


  9. Roxanne

    Beautiful. It screams Chanel.

  10. Alexis (SF)

    Oh Christine,
    You’re killing me! Just when I thought I was going to walk away from this palette you show us this gorgeous look you created with it. I knew I was going to love that Cassis pencil, too! Ugh – I guess this may be the only Fall Collection I am buying cuz I will be dead broke after this massive haul!

  11. kcrystal

    Out of all your eye tutorials – this one is simply beautiful. The colors used goes well with your skin tone and hair. It also brings out the beautiful eye shape you already have.
    However the cheek and lip colour … I differ .. but that’s just me..
    Eyes are really quite nice.

  12. Tina


  13. Brenda

    Stunning Christine, really looks good on you. Your skin is flawless, I’d like to try the Make Up For Ever HD foundation. And I think a setting powder makes a big difference, I never wear make up without it.

  14. Geneviève

    Ooh, very pretty look, Christine! That shadow effect makes your eyes look so sultry, lol. And those lips! Somehow, I can never achieve that kind of soft, pale lip. Is it the Chintz that provides opacity/color or the Glossimer? :)

  15. Ryan

    I need to get chintz lipstick becuase my puppy is named chintzy!

  16. I’m not too sure about the colours, but nicely done as always. :)

    I can see you’re wearing some new Chanel lip stuff too, will you be reviewing them, pretty please? :)

    Best part of my Thursday is now, it’s 9 pm and the children are in bed, just going to watch the Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother now. :)

  17. This is such a gorgeous look on you! I could totally see this for evening with your hair swept up or something.

  18. This is my new fav FOTD that you’ve done. Love this!

  19. Lauren

    This is beautiful!

  20. This is beautiful and sexy. I haven’t seen you do a makeup look like this in a long time. It’s nice!

  21. Jane

    Classically beautiful. I love this. Makes me want every single product you used, especially that Chanel quad. Simply stunning.

  22. calico

    Wow wow wow! You look incredible! Love it!

  23. Michelle

    I’ve never been a fan of Chanel quads but this look is so pretty that I may have to get the Enigma quad.

  24. baby in a corner

    this is very sophisticated on you!

  25. Katya

    love this look on you – great job!!! (lol now i have try to re-create it)

  26. Carrie

    totally gorgeous…this might be my first Chanel eye shadow purchase.

  27. Marian

    Really gorgeous! I so love Chanel!

  28. LuvJ

    Sold. I’m pre-ordering the quad and a couple of the blushes, lippies and lip glosses. I have to tell hubby that Christmas may just have to be in July..

  29. Wendy M.

    I love smoky eyes and this one looks so good on you! 😀

  30. Gisele

    These shadows look great on your eyes, and the lip products are lovely on you. Unfortunately, the quad wouldn’t work for blue-eyed me, but there are so many other items in the collection that will.

    • Thank you so much, Gisele :)

      Aw, I think it would – I think a smoky eye is great on everybody. But it is a really great collection! The lip products are LOVE!

  31. Jackie

    This is superrr pretty Christine!

  32. Julie

    This look looks GORGEOUS!!! Great job, as always! :) Love your looks!

  33. Kacey

    Hold up! When were you at the Stanford Shopping Center? I’m a student at Stanford, I had no idea you were nearby! 😀 😀

    • Yesterday! :) I was @ Stript by University Ave. for a bit, and then I meandered my way to the Stanford Shopping Center to grab cupcakes & Pinkberry!

      • Kacey

        I was just there a few weeks ago (couldn’t get out much during finals week -_-) My roommate would walk there all the time for Sprinkles 😛 Lol now that I know I might see you around I’m more excited to come back to campus for my junior year 😛

  34. Jamie

    So pretty! I love this look.

  35. Gooooorgeous. An understated smokey eye, I *love* it. :)

  36. Lils

    You look gorgeous! What Mac eyeshadow colors could you replace this? Thank you for giving us these wonderful treats daily :-)

  37. Andrea

    Love love love!!!!!!

  38. vivian

    now i definitely have to get this palette!!!

  39. virginiaisforluvrs

    Does this mean that you will have swatches of the new lipsticks soon? 😀

  40. Kathryn

    This makeup is gorgeous on you Christine. The plum colours go so nicely with your brown eyes. The blush looks so pretty and soft and the lips are perfect! I just have one question for you out of curiosity: how come you never apply eyeliner on your upper eyelid (above lashes)?

    • Whenever I line my upper lash line, it causes the area to get agitated/irritated – it kind of itches, stings, and then it starts to water. The lash line and/or my lid (depending on the severity of the reaction) can swell or itch for an extended time. I try to do it periodically, but if I do it, I remove it as soon as I get photos taken, so I don’t spend the next few days dealing with the consequences. (If I do photos and remove, it usually only feels tender and a little itchy for a few hours.)

      • Kathryn

        Oh no! Does your lower lash line ever get irritated? Do you know what ingredient your skin is reacting to?

        • I don’t think it’s an ingredient, actually – I think it just might be that the lash line is pretty sensitive to being touched/bothered. Like when I do my eyeshadow, I’m not really poking and prodding around that area, right between the lashes, and all that – but for upper lash liner, it’s definitely a lot closer. I’ve tried using eyeshadow, gel liner, cream, liquid, powder, cake… brushes, pen-type, etc.

          I’ve always had SUPER sensitive eyes, and I carry eye drops with me everywhere, but yeah, the upper lash line is like a disaster zone!

      • shontay

        I personally like seeing someone not line their upper lashes. It’s refreshing and it makes the eyes appear more open, which is what I’m into. You unintentionally led me to believe I could go without lining my upper lashes. Sometimes when I do that, I feel it gets in the way and/or makes my eyes look smaller.

        • It’s definitely a matter of preference–I don’t think anyone should feel they *have* to line a certain way or not line a certain way. Just gotta do what works for you and what you want! ‘Cause you definitely can go without lining the upper lash line (or without the lower lash line, or without the water line, or even using brown rather than black mascara, even though black seems to be the standard) — whatever YOU like is what you should do :)

          I’ve gotten so used to not having upper lash liner, I don’t see anything wrong with not having it myself, but I can see why or how others would feel it’s not finished – which is why it should always be about making it your own! :)

          • Kathryn

            I just asked out of curiosity because you look wonderful without upper lash liner but I tried it and the effect was different on me, it looked “unfinished” as you said. I agree with you that everyone should wear the makeup they feel looks best on THEM not try to follow “rules.” I have smaller eyes than you so I usually line the upper lash line and just put a little bit of shadow on the lower lash line.

            • Nothing wrong with that :) If it works for you, go for it! At least upper lash liner is last, so it’s a little easier to add-in if it doesn’t work without! 😛

  41. Proximity

    LOVE it. This is one of my favorite looks that you’ve done recently!

  42. Dini

    Love the look! The colors blend so nicely and it is so pretty. Can’t wait for this quad to debut here. After you have time to wear the colors and play with the quad some more, I’d love to see more variations of smokey eye looks done with these colors…..

  43. Sexy Sadie

    Think it is quite a discret smokey eye.

  44. shontay

    Question: Can you think of any Mac dupes? I’m thinking the pinky color I can substitute with Banshee. I know Banshee is darker and sparkly, but that’s the best I can think of. Then the Khaki shadow, maybe Sumptuous Olive or Green Smoke?

  45. Brittany

    this is very sultry i love it!!!

  46. Tawny

    Wasn’t so impressed with the swatches , but this is BEAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUTiful, Christine. Sold!

  47. Dee

    Hey Christine
    I dont know if sometihng is up with my browser but the favicon for your site suddenly looks like the it just my browser?:s

  48. Kate B

    Gorgeous look and suits you very well! This does not bode well for me:P

  49. Callen

    Ahhhh SO gorgeous! You’re so beautiful Christine :)

  50. Bernice

    Agree with the 52 comments: GORGEOUS 😀

  51. Kimberly

    Loving it, Christine!

  52. Victoria N.

    I think this is my favorite look yet! You look STUNNING! I’m gonna run out and get the Chanel e/s’s! Thank you!


  53. jennise

    I knew this would be an awesome collection and seeing this look I know I will be spending some money Chanel soon.

  54. evangelia

    this is my favorite of your recent looks! very sophisticated :)

  55. Millie

    Wow, you made me want to buy the quad! Do you like it better than Beiges De Chanel? So far that’s my fave.

  56. Wow, this really made your eyes pop!

  57. Luisafer

    That look is BBEEAAUUTTIIFFUULLLLLLLLLLLL!!! love it, great job, and you look awesome!!!

  58. Yvette

    LOVE IT!

  59. Megan

    GORGEOUS! Now I want that quad!

  60. Brenda

    Very nice Christine!! I am a fan of this look. Question: i know you used Grain as a highlight, but how do you think it would work with using the peach/pink shade from the quad?

  61. makeupmagik

    I really like this! Such a beautiful, sophisticated look…now I want to try it on me!

  62. I love this quad. These ultra-rich, smoky shades are gorgeous.

  63. Rachel

    Oooh! Those lips are so pretty on you! Love it.

  64. Maddy

    My favorite look youve done!
    its beautiful and the pictures are amzing! i will totally do this!

  65. Maeve

    I LOVE this look!! I’m going to recreate it with MAC for a new twist on my every day!

  66. maryelle

    you are truly an artist with your makeup! and this color is TDF! can you please do a how-to video with this look?

  67. Hilana

    This is so hot, without looking “overdone” or as if you participate in the production of a rock video. Stunning, Christine. I LOVE this look!!!!

  68. rashmi

    you are looking super hot n sexy ….
    i have to have this collection
    i dont own any of chanel so it will be good for my first purchase
    but no b’day n annv is around so had to convince hubby hard
    thumbs of for such a look … STUNNING in every way

  69. maya

    Absolutely gorgeus!

  70. Melly

    This looks particularly stunning on you! The whole look!

  71. SiaM

    Wow!!! This is so gorgeous, classy, elegant, extremely wearable and versatile. Your eyes just pop right out of the screen, the lips are just perfect for this look too! This quad just kills me, so great for a summer’s night out 😉

  72. beautiful dirty dirty rich rich dirty dirty beautiful dirty rich.
    first thing i thought of when i saw that heading was gaga!

    but oh goodness, the look is just stunning. makes me wanna wear smoky eyes tomorrow, but i’m working absolutely all day :/

  73. Gail

    I used the quad this am & did something similar but used Vanilla from MAC under my brow. I’m at work so didn’t want to go too dark. Just love the way your eyes turned out. How do you like that pencil from Chanel – I used to buy alot of theirs & since have turned to MAC because of the price – I can get 2 for the price of 1 Chanel pencil. But that pencil looks gorgeous on you – Would you repurchase – I might have to go back to SAKS & get it. Also – I used the Rose blush – the MUA at the SAKS couner sold me on it. I have blonde hair & blue eyes. Its very pigmented but I think it looks good – Didn’t want to buy 2. Chanel is making me broke – LOL

    • Nice! Vanilla would be a good option for a highlighter with this palette :)

      I like Cassis, but it’s pricey. I’m kind of an eyeliner fiend, so if the COLOR is right, I’ll buy whatever. Cassis isn’t one of those colors that personally makes me want to race out to get it, but it is pretty.

      Chanel blushes are sooo $$!

  74. Nay

    Lindo, você é perfeita! Congratulations. Beijos.

  75. Lisa

    Dangit Christine, now I want everything. Can you tell me some caparable MAC eyeshadows that I could use to achieve this look, also lipcolor and blush, if you have time.

  76. Ashley

    Wow! Take my breath away gorgeous! This is your best look yet! I need the Enigma quad like a fish needs a bicycle, but it is mine! Mine, I say! =)

  77. Absolutely stunning! :) This is such a sultry look.

  78. Josephina

    КЛАСС !!!!!!

  79. Gao

    What a GORGEOUS look! 😀 I definitely LOVE this look a lot!

  80. mkdallas

    Really a beautiful look for you! I love the Chintz lipstick with these smoky eyes; the color seems to have a much greater impact than when it’s swatched alone on bare lips, without the complete look.

    • Thank you so much! :) Lighter shades like Chintz and such definitely work really well with heavier eyes. Sometimes without them, they can make one look a bit washed out.

  81. ChiPui

    Wow You look amazing! 😀

  82. Nina

    Gorgeous look! Will you be doing a review of the blush?

  83. Danielle

    Love it! Smoky yet subtle, and your lashes look really defined, almost fake!

  84. Michelle

    another great neutral look!

  85. Allison

    Holy smokes Christine, you look gorgeous! Especially with your hair down like that :)

  86. Kara

    Beautiful as always……….do you think these shades will work on blue eyes/dark blond hair/nc20-ish? or will they be too dark?

  87. Carla

    Hi Christine. I was just wondering… How did u purchased the collection so early? Because I’m dying to own them :) I love this collection.